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A Better Today Recovery Services (ABT) provides evidence-based treatment for those who are struggling with substance addiction and co-occurring disorders. The methods we utilize are the latest and most advanced approaches that have been proven most effective in the medical and psychological fields. Our Masters level therapists conduct individual assessments in order to develop the treatment plan that is specific and tailored to each individual’s needs. Each treatment plan incorporates evidence-based treatment strategies that will balance your program and focus you on a path of recovery and sobriety. A Better Today recognizes the necessity of behavioral and emotional shifts that were the causes of addiction and treats clients accordingly. We understand that very often, drugs and alcohol are not the problem, rather they were used as a solution to underlying conflicts. We help clients develop healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol as means of coping by conquering harmful emotions and thoughts. Services like cognitive behavioral therapy, music and art therapy, nutrition and fitness, group and individual counseling, and life skill coaching are just some of the treatment strategies we incorporate to help develop coping skill and life tools. A Better Today genuinely cares about your journey through recovery and will focus the end of your treatment on relapse prevention, developing a strong support system with family and friends and finding a sober living community in your area to help introduce or reintroduce you to a lifestyle that is drug free.

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Patrick Hu

This is my 2nd time abt, let me explain why.. Because i didnt do what was suggested of me the first time and i have learned so much from coming to abt in 2018 and then returning i. 2019. So this time ...


A Better Today changed my life. in 108 days, ABT taught me the skills to love myself, move forward with my future, live in the moment, lessen my anxiety through prayer, cope with my addiction, cope wi...


I am impressed with the staff's dedication to their clients. Family day on Saturdays is great and informative. The actual place is clean, nicely decorated and has a touch of comfort to it. pleasant co...


I arrived at A Better Today Recovery Services roughly two years ago. During my stay there I received top of the line quality treatment and was always treated with compassion and love. The living situa...


This is a great place, People that understand the situation I have gone through. Staff are amazing and always make you feel welcome and never look down on you because they have been through it. Plenty...


The people here truly care about the impact they are making. It is good to know that during such a trying time in our country where we are experiencing the opioid epidemic, there are people who truly ...


So lots of people say ABT saved my life which in itself is a pretty dramatic statement...but ABT did that for me and a whole lot more. ABT taught me how to forgive myself for a lifetime of guilt and s...


I have been having great luck with the program at this place. The staff do not coddle you but direct and guide you. You are shown how to handle problems that come up and how to take ownership of your ...


This day 5 years ago I landed in Las Vegas. To start my treatment at ABTRS. Full of hate and discontent. I learned, listened, and applied, the things that have changed my life. So today I celebrate 5 ...


I underwent treatment at this center. I do not think everyone will be happy with it but I am very much so. I had been drinking 1 3/4 to 2 gallons of hard booze a week and could not go a day without it...


Problems with ABT... short story: dishonest staff and clients, staff willing to drop off patient at airport without further transportation arranged. Total disregard of common decency. Here's the run...


This place saved my life. The treatment wasn't what I wanted, but was exactly what I needed. Have not touched a drink or drug in almost 6 years. Today I have healed with my family, am married, and get...


I have nothing but good things to say about the help A Better Today offers. The staff genuinely care and gave me the push to succeed that I needed. It wasn't easy by any means, but neither was wasting...

Previous C

All about the money, very sad because some very ill individuals seek their care and are in their care every day. Very kind individuals in their central call center. I spoke to a woman a few times that...


You kept my husband there for months -- Convinced him to stay away from his family and his wife longer and longer. YOU FAILED. HE RELAPSED THE NIGHT HE GOT BACK! FAILED!I BLAME YOU! LADIES~ DO NOT SE...


Very unprofessional. Clients are given classes for proper communication; yet I was hollered at twice by staff. Clients used prejudicial remarks and staff said nothing to them. Clients were disrespectf...


A better today recovery services helped plant that seed in my life! I only stayed two weeks to appease my family and AMA'D but they planted that seed in me and I will forever be grateful for them!


Overall a great place with some faults. AA program should be optional. Staff is for the most part great. They really do care. Individual therapy is an hour a week which was enough for me. Very nice fa...


The first two weeks of my recovery from heroin was absolute hell, I was going to leave this place a one star because screw them and their steps, right!? But I was wrong, when I went into A Better Toda...


A Better Today is more concerned with revenue than their patients. My son was told to leave immediately because the insurance did not authorize additional days. Just hours before making him leave they...


The facility itself was very nice. "Front office" - intake staff professional and seemed to be caring. Power struggle between staff and clients; clients responsible for own meals including shopping; ...


Everything was great.


Beautiful and clean housing, individualized treatment, caring staff I never wanted to leave! I had the best experience at A Better Today Recovery Services. My intake was a breeze thanks to one lovely...


Strengths included Aftercare, Caring staff, spacious housing, provide treatment that makes sense I did not see any weaknesses! My 90 day stay with A Better Today Recovery Services was one of the best...


All amenities were broken. We made our own meals. Staff was mediocre at best. I\'d look somewhere else. Thx


I am happy to say, today I am clean - A Better Today showed me another way to live. To one staff member in particular, you never gave up on me, thank you.


Great staff, awesome treatment. Alumni coordinator takes us out all the time to meetings, bowling and stuff. More staff due to popularity. My addiction has caused many relationships to flop for me. Ge...


The love and support I\'ve experienced here is one of a kind. One woman in particular, You Saved My Life! I got clean at the Scottsdale Arizona location and everyone was so great and understanding. Th...


They care about each individual and their road to recovery. The homes are comfortable and bring all the amenities you would expect from home and some even offer pools, which is nice in the Arizona sum...


Treatment Plans: My treatment was personalized based on length of drug abuse, substances being abused, and co-occurring disorders. Responsiveness of Staff: My detox was difficult for me, but the nur...


They give you the tools and the information you need to survive in the real world and learn how to live sober in society. It is located in a nice area not crime infested or and the facility is very n...


Had chemo while at ABT was not treated properly & wasn\'t allowed to rest. Also menu at RC needs to be more nutritional I gained 70lbs while there


ABT saved my life, the place was unbelievable, I had been to other places in the past but the way the staff actually cared was the most helpful of all. I wouldn\'t be where im at today if it wasn\'t f...


Very professional help and support. Helping clients even after your treatment is over with.


I am an alumni of A Better Today and their program was absolutely wonderful. Out of the 5 rehabs that I have been too, I never encountered such a caring and compassionate staff. The therapists were am...


A Better Today saved my life. As a long time addict who bounced from one program to another and struggled to maintain anything close to long term recovery; ABT gave me the opportunity to discover the...


My daughter admitted herself to ABTR. She was placed in detox although that was not the issue and was discussed thoroughly in our conference with ABT personnel. She received NO services, yet we were...


I'm glad I went. However, previous comments about some of the staff, particularly ones who did not have an addiction problem, are right on point about them being condescending and treating residents l...


Horrible experience. I hardly know where to begin. Of the myriad of complaints, one of the biggest was the lack of time that clients get with their therapist. Clients get only 50 minutes once per week...


I had a very poor experience with this company. I have worked in mental health and substance abuse for 17 years, and my graduate degree is in counseling psychology. I unfortunately found myself on the...


Don\'t waste your money. This company does not care about it\'s patients. Some of the staff members are good hearted and give 110% to ensuring patients receive the most they can get out of services pr...


My experience as an alumni have been truly negative. I spent over 90 days in their care and my treatment days were helpful, I learned tools and how to start my life differently, I have almost three ye...


It was an unbelievable experience. I went to Family Day every Saturday and learned about the disease. My brother after 8 different treatment centers, is now a year and 4 months clean.


Horrible experience. I only spent 3 days I. Detox. Supposed to be 30 days. Moved to apartment, broken washer and dryer. They only allow so many clothes. So u wear dirty clothes. Told me there would be...

Areas of Focus
Individual Therapy

At A Better Today Recovery Services, individual counseling is viewed as a foundation in effective and long lasting addiction treatment. Dedicated therapists make time to explore the root of your addiction and how best to help you over cravings and triggers come. Life coaches prepare you for the ‘real world’ when all you have known is drug abuse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

For many addicts, thinking positively about their future is a challenge. The guilt and shame of their drug abuse makes it difficult to comprehend a life without the use of substances. Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a treatment strategy helps focus the mind and alleviate some of the negative thought patterns learned in active addiction. Relapse is an unfortunate reality for some and with CBT’s relapse prevention, our clients can have confidence in saying no the next time temptation stifles their sobriety.

Group Counseling

A Better Today provides group therapy to help those suffering with addiction. Surrounding yourself with peers that understand the struggles and strife involved in substance abuse is important for the healing process. Emotions can be overwhelming in treatment and having like-minded people to vent, cry, and laugh with is all part of the process ABT can offer.

Health and Fitness

Many who have abused drugs know that your health and physical well-being are not top priority during active addiction. A Better Today teaches you the importance of a balance nutrition and encourages staying active and fit. From weight lifting to yoga, this type of therapy focuses on regulating hormone releases, mediation, and stress management techniques that are beneficial to your mind, body, and soul.

Alumni Testimonials
  • I have struggled with addiction for a long time, I have been through multiple treatment facilities and never was able to find success in sobriety, that was until I went through A Better Today. There is no treatment facility that can cure you from the disease of addiction, there is no cure, but ABT gave me a fighting chance. ABT gave me the tools I needed to utilize in order to recover from active addiction. They also introduced me to anonymous programs which is the greatest gift I've ever been given. The staff is very knowledgeable, very caring, and very sincere. When I was there, I had a therapist and a life coach, I met with each on an individual basis for one hour a week, and they helped me immensely. ABT saved my life and saved the life of many others like myself. I would recommend ABT to anyone I know that is struggling with addiction.
    Adam H.
  • It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to reflect on my time spent and experiences gained while at A Better Today Recovery Services. The following may not represent how I felt or perceived my journey upon discharge but is truly a reflection of my 514 day journey thus far. Today I am very grateful for being willing to make a change in my life. The journey commenced with the initial contact with the intake staff, Rob and Cory. The willingness to fulfill my needs that these two men demonstrated was unparalleled. Matched with their ability to instill a sense hope in me, I was able to become more comfortable with the thought that there is a better way to live.
  • Amazing facility with amazing staff. I went through 3 other rehabs and none treated me with the love and compassion as ABT has. They treat me like family and got me to open up and address the core issues. I finally have hope!
    Chris N.
  • I went through A Better Today's residential treatment program and would highly recommend this program to anyone with an addiction and a will to change. The incredibly warm and caring staff made my experience at their facility amazing. They gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to stay clean and sober long after I left their program allowing me to build a full life that I never thought was possible. My parents got their son back, my sister got her brother back, and my friends got their friends back and most of all I got myself back. They truly care about each and every client and they changed my life in a major way. I highly recommend A Better Today if you or a loved one are looking for help.
    Levi H.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of
    Mark Anderson, Psy.D - Nevada Program Director

    Our Nevada Program Director, Dr. Mark Anderson, is a licensed Psychologist in the states of Nevada and New York. With over 20 years in the field of Psychology, Dr. Anderson has had the pleasure of working in several different settings. He has run inpatient hospital units, taught graduate students at Hofstra University and Fordham University, and has been part of the Mt. Sinai University system where he served as the Associate Director of Psychiatry Residency Training. He was the only Psychologist in the country to serve in that type of role, as it is typically filled by an MD Psychiatrist. Besides the field of Addiction, Dr. Anderson specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as PTSD, Panic Disorder, and OCD. He has published several papers in scientific journals addressing issues related to anxiety disorders and has given several lectures and workshops at national conventions as well. He is delighted to be part of our ABT family, and looks forward to serving our clients and their families.

  • Photo of
    Michael Carlton, M.D. - Medical Director

    Michael Carlton, M.D. has over 25 years of experience as a medical practitioner. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and returned for his MD from the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona in 1990. He completed his dual residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and his Fellowship in Toxicology at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He has published articles in the fields of toxicology and biomedicine, crafted articles for WebMD, and lectured to his peers on medication assisted treatment. Dr. Carlton was a medical director of Community Bridges and medically supervised the medical detoxification of over 30,000 chemically dependent clients annually. Dr. Carlton focused the beginning of his career working in primary care and found his true calling in addiction medicine. Upon receiving his Addiction Medicine Certification in 2002, he dedicated his experience and knowledge to helping those who are suffering from alcohol or substance abuse. Dr. Carlton has worked in private practice, outpatient and inpatient detox programs, and supervised medication management for addiction treatment. Dr. Carlton started with A Better Today Recovery Services as a Medical Director sharing his knowledge of illicit drug detoxification and medically managed drug treatment with the dedicated staff at A Better Today. As a Medical Director for ABT, he supervises the quality of our medical care, oversees clinical peer reviews, and establishes medical and behavioral health treatment guidelines for conditions for clients. “If I was not doing addiction medicine I would not be as happy. As a primary care doctor I never saw people actively change, those who have diabetes continue to have diabetes as they never change their diet. For heart disease, very rarely did my patients change their lifestyle to better their lives. You do not see people really changing. In addiction medicine, the client’s actively change their lives and practice the skills learned in treatment to maintain sobriety. People really do change their lives to get better, and I love seeing that. “ - Michael Carlton, M.D.