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What Is Behavioral Health?

As opposed to your medical health, behavioral health refers to your psychological well-being and the behavioral choices you make. It relates to your mental health and how it is impacting your life.

There are a few important things to consider when evaluating behavioral health: mental health disorders, “behavioral addictions,” and overall health and wellness.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health cannot be underestimated in understanding and treating addiction. Often, mental health disorders “co-occur” with an addiction – meaning that someone has both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. This is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis.

Common mental health disorders that “co-occur” with addiction:

Even if you do not meet full “criteria” for a mental health disorder, you may have some of the associated symptoms, which still play a role in addiction.

Behavioral Addictions

Sometimes rather than becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, people develop behavioral addictions.

  • These are behaviors that are done in excess and negatively impact one’s life. Examples range from gambling, shopping, and sex to ice cream, exercising, and video games.
  • Though behavioral addictions are not classified as mental health disorders, they are strongly connected to mental health. They are also related to other addictions, like alcohol and drug abuse.

Overall Health and Wellness

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Regardless of whether you have a mental health disorder or behavioral addiction, it is always important to consider your overall health and wellness, as this can also play an important role in addiction.

  • Exercise, diet, sleep, and social activity are crucial for maintaining our mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. When one (or multiple) of these areas are lacking, it can have negative consequences on our behavior.
  • Missing one piece of the puzzle makes it easier for ourselves to fall apart, allowing for unhealthy attempts to “fix” our uncomfortable feelings or make ourselves “whole” again – often by using drugs or alcohol.

I Have a Behavioral Health Issue and an Addiction: What Do I Do?

If you have a behavioral health concern and an addiction, it is best to find a facility that treats both. This is usually done in a facility that treats co-occurring mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

Treatment Centers for Mental Health and Addiction

You have options when it comes to the type of treatment you receive. The most common modes of treatment are through inpatient and outpatient programs, which will include individual counseling and/or group therapy.

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What to Expect at a Mental Health/Addiction Treatment Center

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Behavioral health and addiction treatment centers will address a range of needs, including: detox, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment. Therapeutic approaches might include:

Inpatient and outpatient centers might also encourage you to pursue additional outside support, like 12-step meetings, social support, private counseling, or practicing the skills you’ve learned in the real-world environment.

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