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Real Stories About Alcoholism and Recovery

While growing up, my father had only two rules: I had to tell him where I was and I had to make sure I didn't get caught. Continue Reading

At first, I didn't realize I had a problem - and once I did, I felt like it was too late. Continue Reading

The only thing that made me feel better was another drink, which led to dozens more throughout the day. I was trying to die by poisoning myself with alcohol. Continue Reading

I spent several months beforehand trying to moderate my drinking; I failed miserably. I was completely panicked and felt defeated. Continue Reading

I didn’t mourn over my father’s death, nor have I ever shed a tear. I simply do not know my father. Continue Reading

I was hopeless, alone and afraid. I had no where to turn. I couldn't stop drinking...no matter how hard I tried. Continue Reading
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