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Treatment Insights

Our Story Having a loved one in the family struggling with addiction is both distressing and disheartening. You could literally do anything to help your loved one to overcome addiction. For us, it wasn’t much different. We sought any form of treatment that could help our son. We went from one recovery center to another and solicited help from psychiatrists. It was a strenuous and unnerving journey until we found a group of doctors who managed to understand the specific case of our son. To appreciate the efforts of the team that unshackled our son from the chains of addiction, we decided to bring them together so that they can assist sons, daughters, mothers and fathers struggling with addiction. We founded Wish Recovery as a testament that recovery is never out of reach, no matter how bleak a situation seems. Our ultimate goal is to help as many patients as possible resume their productive lives through recovery programs that focuses on nurturing the body, spirit and mind. We promote emotional, physical and mental health of patients by anchoring the transformative process to familial and community relationships. Mission Our core mission is to set the standard of excellence in treating addiction by providing world-class recovery treatment programs and facilities that creates an enabling environment for long-term recovery. We are committed to providing treatment programs that addresses the underlying causes of addiction in our long-term continuum of care. By collaborating with the community and the state, we seek to help individuals, families and communities struggling with addiction using evidence-based recovery interventions. We work with patients and families to strengthen renewed relationships and create an environment that promotes lifelong recovery. Vision To be recognized leaders in addiction recovery through application of evidence-based treatment methods. We are committed to success - for that, we have developed local and statewide partnerships that promote provision of exceptional addiction recovery services. Premium Facilities At Wish Recovery, we recognize that patients need quality and premium facilities for fast and holistic recovery. We have well-furnished private rooms that fosters privacy of patients. Also, our specialized and licensed personnel deal with patients on a one-on-one basis thus promoting individualized care. Topping to that, we have a swath of entertainment options ranging from mini golf, table football, table tennis, to billiards. The health and fitness of our patients is of great concern. We have a gym, steam room and a sauna that strengthens emotional and physical health of patients. In addition, the deluxe private suites furnished with high-end furniture and fixtures adds comfort. With a movie theatre and an outdoor BBQ, Wish Recovery gamut of luxury entertainment facilities is unparalleled. We recognize luxury facilities are ingredients for success in a patient’s recovery journey.

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Areas of Focus
Alcohol Detox

We are proud to offer a proven alcohol detoxification program that tackles the physical and psychological effects of alcohol addiction. This detox program, combined with residential care and therapy at our luxury rehab facility will help to ensure our clients attain greater independence from alcohol abuse and go on to experience lasting change in their lives. All of our rehab and detox programs are managed and monitored by our team of medical professionals.

Drug Detox

When you are in the grips of serious drug addiction, it can seem like there is no way out. That is why we have formulated a drug detox and rehab program that aims to cleanse your body, mind, and soul, ease the discomfort of withdrawal and set you on a path of lasting change and recovery. And all within the beautiful, safe and comfortable surroundings of our luxury rehab center. At Wish Recovery, we understand what effective treatment looks like and understand the value of drug addiction treatment to our clients. When you step through our door, you will be welcomed and never judged, supported and never criticized and shown new ways to live your life without drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Detox

One of the first and most important steps towards recovery from prescription drug addiction is detoxification. At Wish Recovery, we offer medically-supervised detox programs for patients who are battling addiction with prescription drugs. Our luxury rehab center is unlike any other rehab facility you may have experienced before and offers you the opportunity to recover and heal in a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment under the care of our experienced team.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Residential treatment at a luxury drug rehab center is ideal for anybody struggling to control their drinking habits and behavior and who wants to recover in a comfortable, pleasant and healing environment. At Wish Recovery, we offer programs designed for those with moderate to severe alcohol disorders and which combine many different therapies, including social support, life skills, planning for the future, and aftercare.

Drug Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one is suffering because of drug addiction, it's never too late to seek professional help. At Wish Recovery, we offer drug rehabilitation programs in a luxury setting. Our evidence-based drug addiction treatments are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you get the treatment that you need to attain long-term recovery. Our treatments include residential care, supervised detox and complimentary behavioral treatments.

Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

When your world has been clouded for so long by a prescription drug addiction, it can be hard to see any way out of your addiction or a time when you will be whole again. At Wish Recovery, we can help you to see clearly once more and to take the necessary steps towards lasting change and recovery. Our luxury rehab center is the perfect place to recover, heal and transform. Whether you are addicted to prescription drugs that were originally prescribed to solve a health problem, or you have simply fallen into prescriptive drug abuse, addiction can take its toll on your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Our treatment programs are designed to set you on a new path, a path that will free you from the hold that prescription drugs have over your life.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Think this is gonna be the last time I'll ever do in rehab. They aren't dowplaying on the Luxury word either, Great therapist, wonderful techs and the owners are here throughout the day talking to you because they really care. Quality over quantity 100%
    Mark Hunter Sorensen
  • I just completed my treatment here at Wish Recovery. Staff was very professional and I am grateful for all the help I got. I was able to look at my problems with a help of professional support staff that helped me to get really honest with myself. The food was really amazing thanks to the chef that made everything from the scratch. The owners of the facility went above and beyond to accommodate all my needs and I am grateful.
    Russ Kofman
  • Wish recovery is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in treatment. The staff is wonderful and they all go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and set you up for success. I would definitely recommend a friend or family member who is struggling to come to wish.
    Jordan Grier
  • Thanks to wish recovery I now have the tools to continue my sobriety on my own. There friendly staff and excellent facility made it an easy and comfortable transition into my new life. I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with the same demons that I was.
    Peter Farrell
  • If you are looking for a place to be loved on and helped no matter your situation this is it. The staff felt like family all of them. The chef’s food was amazing !! The 3 times a day it was served . The facility was sparking clean at all times. What started as a phone call hoping to get the help I needed, ended with me feeling better than I ever have .. also gained a new family and many friends. My future will be different because of Wish Recovery.. Thanks Michael and Staff for changing my life forever.
    Chris Pierce
  • I came into wish recovery very lost in my life and addiction. I have been in and out of rehabs, addiction, and recovery. I’ve never received as much support from the staff and my peers in another facility like I did wish. Everyone who works here does an excellent job at making you feel comfortable and at home. It definitely was a great experience where I learned a lot about myself and my addiction. I would recommend Wish recovery to anyone out there who is struggling. They really do care about all their clients and will do anything to help.
    John Norkett