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Treatment Insights

Wilmington Treatment Center makes it a point to meet clients wherever they are in their journey to recovery. The residential rehab treats drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, with a combination of evidence-based methods and 12-Step principles. Armed with the knowledge that addiction is a treatable disease, and that individuals need to open up about their issues in order for treatment to be truly effective, the highly qualified staff creates a compassionate, supportive and nurturing environment that’s designed to make clients feel comfortable.

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I recently attended WTC as a patient May/June 2021. The new \"Detox/Rehab\" building that everyone goes to first is in great condition, decent facilities, but the staff does not seem to put much effor...


WTC saved my life! The staff were great, the accommodations were new and nice, and the food was delicious! Great program to jump start your recovery journey! I miss it sometimes and wish I could go ba...


Here is my opinion. I was there in march 2020. Detox was ok. A lot better than other lock down institutions. My meds were administered fine and i met with a counselor, nurse, and medical professional ...


I have been to rehab a few times a few other places, unsuccessfully. WTC is on another level. They took the time to understand me and listened to all my concerns. The facilities are brand new and simi...


Glad someone else seen how they operate. I worked there and it was an embarrassment. I never seen a room mopped in my 3 months. Old vinyl mats and they ran out of clean sheets and blankets all the tim...


Wilmington Treatment Center has played a huge role in changing my life. Their facility is an amazing place that has taught me skills to make me the better person. I don’t know where I would be witho...


This establishment caused one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. My boyfriend and I drove 5 hours to have him not be admitted into treatment. A staff member did not run the insurance and ca...


Wilmington Treatment Center was a nightmare. The following is only a short description of my experience. I could go on for pages. During a move from California to North Carolina I ran out of the medic...


The epitome of where NOT to send your family member. No appropriate discharge plans or outreach to facilitate and decreased opportunities for relapse. Just an insurance processing center for whatever ...


Wilmington Treatment Center was a nightmare. The following is only a short description of my experience. I could go on for pages. During a move from California to North Carolina I ran out of the medic...


Very unprofessional facility. My wife who is a patient at this facility and had an altercation with another patient who was her roommate the day prior. In which she addressed to them she no longer wan...


I spent six nights in their detox and rehab program. I returned on Saturday because I could not bear another day in the filthy construction site. Ants in my room and I had to clean the bedroom mysel...


This place didn't treat my daughter in-law who happens to be pregnant, for 24 hours. They didn't even give her a blanket. How do u promise to treat someone in this condition, and not treat them for a ...


I went through the doors here for the first time in October 2016. I stayed 21 days. Went through detox and PHP. After completing the program I went back home, then relapsed. I came back to WTC again i...


Wilmington Treatment Center saved my life !! Thank you for all I was taught. I was so very impressed with the way I was understood by staff. I was able to express myself freely and come to grips with ...


Place was dirty, majority of the non-professional staff was rude, I was never given a schedule nor went through initial orientation. In the short time I was there, I was never engaged with staff that ...


WTC has saved my life. The counselors go above and beyond.


This place is a joke! All they are after is your money, insurance money and the tax payers money. Please don't fall victim to this place. They should never be allowed to apply or except any grant, sta...


Terrible experience. I was astounded at the lack of professionalism and knowledge of addiction some of these “professionals” actually had. They do whatever is necessary to maximize profits with li...


This place is a joke they are only concerned about the insurance money.. Patients don't get their meds for their physical conditions administered. My husband is a diabetic and they didn't give him his...


Please do not go here or take a member of your family if you care at all for them.I spent two and a half of the most god awful days of my life at this facility and I am being kind calling it a faclity...


If u care about your love ones don't. They are all about money. I worked there 3 months and never seen a patient s room swept or mopped. When there was a discharge the only thing g done was clean bed ...


This so-called “treatment center” was absolutely awful 😡. I’ve never been treated so poorly in a place where I was charged so much for being treated poorly 😡. I hated this place! Not only ...


I attended for 35 days in 2015, hopeful about their claimed specialization with military and veterans, dual diagnoses, and the availability of EMDR. It's a large facility that seemed to take all comer...


WARNING - I put my cousin in rehab here for drug abuse (meth mostly). I was told he would not be allowed contact with family for the first 2 weeks while we worked the program. Starting on day 2, they ...


Marginal treatment and facilities, overcrowded, understaffed. But, Sobriety can be had here if you want it!


Horrible! Do NOT send your loved ones here. Its a disgrace that they are even open.


Get it together.


Thankfully I can say that I have remained sober since March 19, 2018, when I finally admitted that I needed help with substance abuse and prescription medication. It was at Wilmington Treatment Center...


I have worked in many facilities for addiction. I have recently sent someone who is a loved one to this facility and I can assure you this place is not equipped to deal with someone who is coming off ...


Over all I owe a lot of my sobriety and life to the staff. Once I was ready the second time I was there they gave me the ability to deal with life with not resorting to alcohol for help. I’m almost ...


The facility is pretty bare bones. One main factor for people choosing this rehab center is the fact that they allow smoking. I have been here several times and the staff has always been helpful. Than...


It would take me too long to type. Honestly I'm not sure how they are in business from nutrition to staffing it's just so wrong.


Horrible place I think it's all about them making money the staff was horrible as well


okay facility with moderate effectiveness. great location and variety of activities. very little follow up.


Upon admission they take your valuables (wallet, driver's license, identification cards, bank cards etc) and hold them for you in safe keeping so you can't leave. They even take your suitcase for the ...


"I started here with a phone call at home after withdrawing 4 days in my bedroom. they stated they would pick me up in an hour. I was hesitant because I had no money but I got my stuff together and we...


This place is a joke. While there visiting my husband before My children and I could see him they made me sit through an hour and a half of this elderly lady giving me and other visitors her life stor...


My son stayed here horrible experience. They took $1500 to get him in and stated take rest of whatever insurance would pay. After 10 days insurance didn't want to pay the questioned my son at all his ...


My stay there was awful .From the cafeteria to actual counciling this place was always unprepared an always placing the blame on anyone and everyone instead of admitting that they were the one who was...


Horable experience. Doctors are non-existent. Therapy is non-existent. This place should be shut down.


My daughter arranged on her own to attend Wilmington treatment center. They stated she could attend the 30 days and would accept what insurance paid if she came up with $1500 which she did. After 10 d...


I was a voluntarily patient at WTC back in March and April of this year. Like most people trying to kick an addiction I really didn't want to be there. I was a tough cookie to the staff and made every...


This facility is full of way to may people that have visited at minimal of 3 separate occasions. There is no organization or proper treatment there. Nothing offered to hydrate properly sick folks. ...


My son went to Wilmington Treatment Center. He signed the necessary papers for us to contact him and for us to call for updates. We were not given the STEPS necessary to do this the proper way, so w...


Our son recently completed detox/rehab over a 30 day period. Overall, the experience was a positive one and he continues his recovery in a local residence program. Small groups and medical/professiona...


Families beware. I brought my daughter to this facility for treatment. I was very concerned that she would leave treatment and I would not know. She was there voluntarily and she is over 18. They ...


My daughter told her husband that she called her girlfriend because the counselor told her to do it


Structure of day, staff was excellent. More exercise options, yoga, meditation classes This 30 day program was excellent at handling the detox process the first week, patient was well-informed as to ...


There was no waiting list at this facility. They need to have a person in the housing area at night to supervise behavior of patients This was my first experience with this type of facility and it was...


How can this play be rated more then 1 star? I went through there twice in 2015 and it was a joke. It needs to really be shut down. Every corner is cut to improve profit margins. The counselor to pat...


Very courteous and supportive to the patients. They allowed patients to call and have visits with anyone they wanted regardless it that person was the one who helped them get their supply of drugs. My...


On site AA and NA meetings. Onsite chapel church services, experience healing with music, leisure activities, and yoga. Discharge planning and help getting into a sober house. Lots of staff are in rec...


Insurance covered it. Needs more than relying on aa. It did the job and gave help I needed


no computers or a lot of after care they set strong standards that every one takes time to parpisapate in group discussians


Well trained, clean, pleasant. Not up to date with technology, somewhat understaffed. A good center that helped me a lot. I would recommend this center to those in need, for sure.


Understanding and compassionate. Disorganized. Great experience and very understanding


The facility was convenient to our family and relatively easy to gain admission to. The counselors did not have ample time to devote to individual needs. For the cost of treatment, food was just so-so...


Being able to talk without worry. Not enough one on one time with counselors. They offer you what you need and it's up to you as to whether you use the tools or not.


People were nice


they focus on cour problems. no church sevises for all denomanations on sundays. more informed on the classies you need to attened let you no before hand not on a bourd


They have 30 day rehab plans. They need to have weekly drug test performed in a manner that can not be faked. The family member stated how drugs was still being used without the center knowing that i...


They didn't keep them long enough. There was not any follow-up. When they went back to drinking I called the counselor but I never received a call back. I called because they broke their neck after dr...


They were recommended to me by family. The treatment and accommodations were great.


They do have a few caring staff members and it is a smoke friendly facility. They have old buildings and they need more nutritious food. It is an overall good treatment facility!


They are out to make money off insurance companies. Stay away.


The staff is pleasant and seem to care. However, physical activities are lacking and grouping patients by age would be helpful.


The staff was good and well experienced. However, there is a lack of follow up.


Strengths include: cleanliness, treatment effectiveness, counseling, physical fitness. The location was the only downfall. I think it is a great place.


The medical doctor was great; however, they need to fill the idle time between sessions.


A friend went there are made a full recovery from his addiction. The staff is great.


The medications they provided were beneficial. However, there was too much free time during the day and it was way too long.


Great place to go for treatment of substance abuse. The staff and employees were great.


The staff was excellent; they really care and they really listen with no judgment.


The facility is clean and well-maintained. The food was alright though, not outstanding. There were not enough counselors on staff to provide the one on one therapy that patients need. There also were...


The counselors were well trained and caring; there was great one-on-one care.


Other people have had good experiences at this program. Son had "new counselor" and didn't feel she knew a lot. Counselor for family program was awful. However, they kept my son for two weeks and got...


Overall effectiveness of counselors was good. Met good people and they were honest about their situation. Price was an obstacle. Overall a good experience, from 1 to 10 it was about a 6.


At the time I was there the staff had a strong TA staff who had direct experience with addiction - it felt supportive and I hope that has developed into a more formal peer program. The Medical directo...


The staff was extremely supportive and they had good holistic offerings.


They helped me get aftercare. It worked for me-- I started the 12 Steps.


This place is all about the money. They do not care about the patients well being. When my son was discharged tried for weeks to have his medical records released so he could continue treatment elsewh...


The rehab facility was clean. The food was so so. It is a group oriented approach. I wish there was more one on one time. This treatment facility relies heavily on the 12 steps. I believe this helps m...


Son went for wrong reason and did not follow through after leaving.


The Utilization Review Department falsifies information to the insurance nurse so the patient can stay longer.


It was a truly great facility.


WTC is not a 5 star resort like some of the other treatment places you can go too, but what it lacks in amenities (swimming pools, fitness room) in makes up for in people who care about getting you th...


All the patients and facility members made you feel extremely welcome. Was an extremely easy facility to feel welcomed and comfortable at.


They offered assistance with half way house.

Areas of Focus
Operation Recovery

Wilmington Treatment Center considers it an honor and privilege to serve our active duty and retired military. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality care to those who are willing to fight for our freedom daily. Group sessions with only active duty or retired military. Comprehensive, multidisciplinary, individualized treatment plans. Cognitive Processing Therapy, pharmacotherapy and adjunctive services to manage combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seeking Safety a best practice model for the treatment and PTSD from childhood or other non-combats types of trauma. Dual Diagnosis treatment with coordination of care between the medical and clinical staff treatment includes individual and small group sessions to specifically address symptom education and relapse prevention related to both illnesses. Introduction to local AA/NA meeting both on site and in the community. Monthly AA meetings brought in to the facility by active duty and retired military from local military bases. Monthly presentations from Military One Source and the local Veterans Association to inform of services. Strong encouragement of command involvement through visiting their men and women and phone consultation. Family involvement through engagement in the on-site family education program or through phone consultation.

Young Adult Program

At Wilmington Treatment Center we recognize that the patients 18-26 and their families have needs that are unique from the other age groups we serve. As a result we have created a team approach to addressing these needs. The team includes the therapist, recreation therapist and discharge planner as well as our medical and nursing staff.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Kimberly Pettit
    Kimberly Pettit - Director of Admission

    Kimberly began her employment with Wilmington Treatment Center in October 1996 as the Financial Counselor for our patients. Through her years of service she has worked in several departments including finance, clinical and utilization review. In October 2010 she was blessed with the opportunity to become the Director of Admissions. Kimberly’s experience allows her to bring her own unique brand of passion, enthusiasm and warmth to prospective patients and their families.

  • Photo of Pam Stalls, LCAS, CCS, LMFT
    Pam Stalls, LCAS, CCS, LMFT - Director of Counseling

    Pam has been working in the substance abuse field since 1994. Since that time she has had the privilege to serve people with addiction in inpatient and outpatient programs as well as in non-profit and for-profit organizations.