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The detox made me sick, and they don’t allow u to use the phone. Meanwhile, the counselor lie about things to your family and use your “sickness” as a crutch to manipulate your family. This plac...


I just recently finished my recovery stay at Willing Way Hospital. I am so blessed to have this opportunity. The Doctor is amazing and well educated in the disease of addiction. The Counselors are exp...


Significant disparities in quality of treatment patient received based on which counselor and if the patient admitted has dual diagnoses or only substance abuse. Admission and Discharge staff, Main co...


Tough strict program. Strengths:Friends. Weakness:Too many to list.


This program saved my daughter's life. The people are very caring and do an excellent job. Their primary focus is the well being of their clients and it shows in everything they do. I was very impress...


I went in to willingway on my own and was promptly treated with dis respect by the doctors and some of the management. Most of the nurses were sweet and caring and i do appreciate being around them. B...


Excellent detox/unit 1 experience. Inpatient treatment was degrading at best. Counselors tended to be judgmental and insensitive to patients feelings, especially John W. I would not recommend this tre...


I went there to get off Xanax (which I\'d been on for 6 years-prescribed ), because my son was addicted to heroin and Xanax and I did not want any drugs around my son. I wanted to stop taking it imme...


no sleep is a sadistic way to detox someone old man john mooney used phenobarbital and lots of it now its thousands for no meds and talk do not wast your money under new management


We interviewed several treatment facilities for our daughter both on the west and east coast with the criteria that treatment had to involve detox as well as an established meaningful long term treatm...


Do not put your loved one at this horrible place.


Parents Beware. Prior to making my decision as to which facility my son would attend I was inundated with encouraging phone calls . After selecting Willingway ,I submitted a checkand my son was aske...


One on one counseling, friendly atmosphere, counselors well trained, personable, excellent food. If you listen,follow the programs and get a sponsor you will succeed.


Relatively small -- personalized treatment and service -- Southern food (if you like that type) -- attractive campus Focuses more on alcohol addiction than on other types of addictions -- those with m...


Compassion and understanding. Great effort and help where needed no mater what conditions


Meetings, group sessions, one on one help. Expensive place. This facility is one of the best for alcohol addiction treatment. It allows attendance to local AA so after care works. It involves the fami...


Great location and people. I did not receive treatment from the center, but my aunt did. She'd become a heavy alcoholic after her divorce with my uncle, and it had gotten bad. We finally got her to go...


7yrs later and I\'m still haunted by this place. My stay at WW was arguably one of the most traumatic of my life. My family and myself were manipulated and lied to from the moment I walked in the door...


Willingway is a very expensive treatment center for the privledged . The detox program is excellent but the recovery program needs some fine tuning .. The program does not treat each patient as an ind...


My dad\'s been sober for eight years after being released from here. I have nothing but gratitude.


Bad Place .. This facility belongs on 60 minutes. Hardly no long term sobriety. The staff is mainly people who have been through Willingway. The counselors have been through the unit. The Doctors ar...


Willing Way was a joke for my loved one. We warned the staff how manipulative she can be- very smart and knows the "right" answers to get by. We were very upfront with her counselor that the letter sh...


Best people, best treatment program, proven results.


Excellent week long in house family program involving individual and group counseling


My wife was a patient at Willingway-Statesboro. She went in on the premise of voluntarily getting off of prescription pain medication due to a surgical procedure. She never abused her meds and only to...


An overall great facility.


I have been to many rehabs. This is the one that worked for me. 12 steps program is very thorough. You leave there with a comfortable feeling that you can continue in the outside world Nice calm ...


When I check in my brother, I was very excited because this facility had a lot more to offer than others. The people are kind, it is clean and has many benefits such as the amenities and surroundings....


This facility prefers to have the family involved and this is a very good idea. We know what is going on and how to accept it. Very well maintained and people from all over come to this facility. It...


I like their treatment philosophy. It's NOT about holistic medicine, exercise, or dieting. It's about getting the addict to focus on the REAL problem (addiction) and their role in the their own recove...


Overall the my experience at Willing Way has lead to me feeling that I have overcome my alcohol addiction - I was a bit disappointed by the individual counseling I received but the group sessions and ...


This place was / is first class, definitely worth the cost.


Of all the people I went to Willingway Hospital with... 0% stayed sober through the next year. 0%. I was keeping track of over 20 people I was in that rehab with and NONE of them stayed sober. One of ...


Professional, compassionate, supportive treatment. Staff is very well qualified and credentials are excellent. Years of experience unsurpassed. Nationally identified within the field as one of the t...


I spent 5 weeks with these wackos. ... The group sessions are sub par. I stayed sober for 5 weeks after I left the place.


...These people stole my soul and I was unable to leave my room for a year b/c of the fear they instilled in me.... I was depressed, wanted to die and they kicked me out on the streets. My story is ...


Operational for decades, have had several clients benefit from treatment at Willingway Hospital.Many of the couselors are in long-term recovery and understand addiction's triggers and set-backs. Howev...


The staff is past patients and they understand your condition in a compassionate way. They make sure you do not suffer during detox and they teach coping and life altering skills that course correct y...


Briefly, this program seems to focus on beating people down (take away all meds, stop psych drugs cold turkey,..., no contact with family or friends other than snail mail, no visits for a month, priva...


It was awesome to be educated on the disease of addiction as well as given tools on how to stay sober. I was given an opportunity to concentrate on learning how to stay sober...no interference from pe...


You can't put a price on sobriety


This facility focuses on the disease of addiction and is a complete abstinence program of ALL drugs and meds. They focus on the client's needs. The counselors are in recovery themselves and that made...


This facility is first class and a very strong program and I recommend this facility to anyone who suffers rom a alcohol abuse . They don't mess around with the people that they treat!


While very costly the care and compassion is overwhelming for the patient and family. Offers a lot of family and patient support.


They helped out my partner and did an amazing job. I think Willingway is an amazing rehab center, they don't drug you up to get you off of other substances. They have nursing staff to assist with your...


Our son has been clean for 2+ years. I went for his last 5 days of treatment for Family week and was able to attend all group sessions and meet with his counselor!


I spent over 50,000 dollars at this facility...I am in debt, so they can continue to run a fear based cultish like facility.