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Allenwood, PA 17810
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The philosophy of White Deer Run is simple and direct: We are dedicated to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual, receives a treatment plan tailored to his or her specific needs, and is provided with the optimum opportunity to realize a full and rewarding lifestyle, free from chemical dependency.

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Horrible uncaring staff. The worst.


Addicted to narcotics in 1968 returned from Vietnam in 1970 went to WDR in 1975. Amazing program but not for the meek or mild therapy made me honestly look at myself. The place gave me the tools to ch...


The staff is full of compassion and truly care about you I recommend White Deer Run Allenwood to anyone looking for help with addiction


I'm grateful for the help and guidance in the beginning of my recovery. Thanks to one staff member I'm on the road to recovery . Thank you for guiding me and having faith in me


Saved my life! I cant say thank you enough! I've been clean for over. 2 years now.


This place allows staff to leave reviews. No DO NOT GO THERE i was left to lay in my own piss for 2 days not a single staff member checked on me. Everything they say on the intro page is a Lie. Very i...


Kind staff. But some counselors had little to no control over groups. That was frustrating. If you feel ill up there, its hard to get medical attention as they basicly post signs for when you're allo...


I went there in the winter of 2015 i was in the church-looking building, it wasn't bad at all i got to make phone calls twice a week, even from a counselor who wasn't my actual counselor let me make a...


Place is unbelievable after going through rehab 10 years rehab with family member want me to spend two days in family program just to see son unnecessary 10 years people know about it and are withhold...


My significant other entered their program as an alcoholic. He.left using Imodium as his drug of choice!. What was the point?. Three months of our lives wasted! And they are using all the profits to e...


I made the poor choice to go here about 6 years ago and I have to say this was the worst facility I have ever seen. All of the poor reviews here are spot on. The counselors seem to be either burnt out...


White deer run was the only facility that I had success I have been to 12 different rehabs got clean there in 2012 stayed clean to 2017 had a brief relapse went somewhere else relapsed within three mo...


i have 2 years sober and I know a few that work here and a few that volunteer here and they are incredible. I had to pick a place this would not be it. I would rather travel a thousand miles away in t...


The meals are horrible.The housing is dilapidated.They are understaffed. I asked to make one phone call to my 10 year old son after being there 9 days and was denied.The counselors are underpaid and c...


She thought she was going for help with the understanding that she would be treated like a human she volunteered to go. very ignorant councilors, Her rights were totally violated. She's worse off now ...


NOT the place to be if you are considering voluntary rehab ! Court ordered addicts who aren't necessarily interested in treatment / rehabilitation make up a large portion of the centers ''clientele''....


I am so sorry this facility has been able to keep the facade of a true rehabilitation center. First and foremost the entire website is a lie. The medical attention is almost a mile away. . The techs a...


First and foremost, the “counselor”, at Allenwood, that I spoke with regarding my brother’s discharge was very unprofessional and condescending. The facilities and staff that actually care about...


This place is a hole with very very very few that actually care about you. Things get stolen and fights all the time. You have to ask for sugar and peanut butter, the TV area was dirty as hell and you...


Absolutely hands-down the worst place I've ever been. My third day detox they threw me into a building where I had to do 10 groups today. The food was terrible the staff was even worse I would not rec...


Staff is horrible. Counselors are lazy,unprofessional and rude "Security" is the biggest asshole of the bunch. He treated my girlfriend like shit when she came to pick me up.. The patients do the clea...


I was happy my love one was getting the help she needed now I don't know is to regret what I did I don't know nothing about her they I called the staff and the told me there was no person with that na...


As a counselor and fierce advocate I am also a parent who has worked in both the mental health and addiction treatment services. My professional ethics and beliefs have been put to the test in the pa...


My boyfriend currently in treatment so cant review the effectiveness at this point but on other points, agree with other reviewers---no contact with anyone there including my man. Got about (3) 5 minu...


I\'m sorry I can\'t say much for actual treatment I am the spouse of an addict and so far I have recieved zero replies after leaving numerous messages. It\'s been three days and not one call email not...


They DO NOT offer the therapies they advertise! The DO NOT return phone calls to concerned family members. They run SHORT STAFFED! They do know how to bill. AVOID THIS JOINT!


I would not recommend this place to anyone. We sent our son for drug rehab and he ended up leaving 4 days later. The place is very dirty. Bathroom and shower areas are disgusting. The 4 days he was th...


I\'ll will forever be grateful to the staff at White Deer Run. My son spent 2 weeks at this basic facility in beautiful surroundings. While in detox, everyday my son wanted to leave - and everyday a d...


Terrible place when u get a dui they try to make u think u have a,problem and kept me 17 weeks for a dui due to the fact that they have to have so many people fir a group they let some go and keep the...


I have to totally agree with 3 other reviewers - my husband\'s counselor NEVER returned my calls and when she finally did, she was rude, condescending and clueless. She couldn\'t effectively answer a...


I agree with a lot of the other reviews, returning phone calls is TERRIBLE! It was my understanding at Family day that family is the most important part of recovery. Well they sure don\'t show it. ...


This place is a joke. My brother was there two weeks and he was medically discharged. Upon speaking with his counselor by myself and his intensive case manager at home, they could not give us a defi...


A comfortable detox. A knowledgeable staff and alot of experience staff that are in recovery themselves. It's a large facility so there's not a whole lot of time for one on one counseling. If your goi...


If you are serious about recovery this is a good place to stay at. The detox program is very effective and all the counselors do their best to keep you happy. Its in the middle of nowhere so people ar...


Terrible is the only word to describe. ... If you're looking for a quality treatment program and you have private health insurance there are many great choices in the general area. Please be sure to s...


Was pushed through process too fast. No one on one work with steps or big book


My fiance was there for 2 days and it was not at all like she was told it would be. Communication with family is very poor, (unless the patient has walked off the grounds, in which case they did call...


I would not recomend WDR Allenwood. When i allplied they told me i was covered for 28 days. I paid 500 out of pocket plus my insurance. I was only there for 8 days. Terrible food, unfriendly staff, sh...


The food was lousy and too little. Vending machines were available, but required exact change. Neither the facility nor its staff were permitted to make change. Over 12 years of continuous sobriety.


Detox was good according to my son but no psych meds for 9 days. Be and advocate for yourself, get a phone number of someone to let you know your loved one is ok, no response in 9 days, so many calls ...


The absolute worst rehab. No structure. The patients run their own meetings. If you're lucky a counselor might run one group a day. They have the audacity to wonder why so many people leave against me...


Knowing when you were sincere was a strength. This facility is located on a mountian with a State Penn at the bottom of the hill. They provide transportation to the facility but if you screw up you a...


Effective treatment options. Integration back into society. Good overall facility. You must be serious however about recovery to be effective.


Horrible. Worst treatment center I've ever been to. They're worried more about stopping men from talking to women then they are about people staying clean and getting recovery. They're so understaffed...


Programs are effective. It is friendly, well organized and the place is clean. They could use more staff.


It is one of the only local facilities available. it is low budget, low technology and outdated. I think White Deer Run in Allenwood is a facility that has been left to decay and had little capital im...


This has got to be one of the worst rehabs out there! Do NOT go here or send your teens here! It's absolutely awful. Let's start with basics: The food is horrendous and super caloric so expect to gain...


Kind of helped my sis but they didn't listen to her


This is the first treatment center ever do not ever send a love one there they have no respect for their patience if you call to check on your loved one the counselors will not even call you back or r...


They are good at helping you kick the habit. It was also close by.


They make changes in the lives of many. 5 years ago my friend went in as an alcoholic and since he been out has not touched a drink yet.


Nailed windows in rooms shut, which is a danger in case of a fire. Bed bug problems. Over worked staff. Food most of the time was poor.


They need more holistic options; however, it was affordable and had a great 12-step program.


They had excellent staff that worked with you and were very accommodating. They had excellent counselors that helped you with specific problems you may have been having at that time. They also helped ...


They took any personal or mental disorders into consideration. They made it top priority to empower the patients. Instead of making us feel bad or stupid, we were free to talk about any issue every da...


THIS PLACE IS TOTALLY AWFUL!!!! Not a place for someone who is seriously trying to help themselves! My wife went there for a supervised detox from over prescribed Xanax. They insured me that I would b...


My boyfriend just left allenwood white deer rehab 4 days ago. He did get sober but saw counselor 1hour the 30 days there. Maybe if he got the counseling he was suppose to he wouldnt be in an abusive r...


They really work with you. It was a great learning experience


Poor quality facility.


They keep you motivated. When you have a bad day everyone there does whatever it takes to make it better. Some if the nurses could be nicer. Its a great place. Accommodations are great. They listen to...


I knew between the second or third day that this would not be a good experience but an experience marked by mental stress and exhaustion with little positive outcome due to a number of factors which I...


Generic care...Not the greatest, just average. Not worth the money...Counseling was okay, tough love type of counseling.


I made the call there on a speaker phone, with a witness. Inquired about Detox only. Information was taken, funding was approved immediately. Arrived 2 days later for detox and 5 days later was handed...


Overall, if you truly want to stop using drugs, making the call and actually going to the facility is a huge step. It doesn't matter what we, as recovering addicts think of the facility, because we'll...


Group therapy was a strength. Unisex place was a weakness. Gave options on workshops if interest


This institution is absolutely horrible. It is the aqivelent of a state prison and I\'m not even just talking about the food.I could go on and on about white deer run but I\'m going to keep it short a...


I thought someone dropped me off in the pits of heck. While I was detoxing and so sick they brought me into a meeting and were grilling me on how I was gonna pay. All while I was detoxing off of 6 mg ...


I have been to this facility twice. I have been clean and sober for two years now. Just like anything else that comes with the territory you get out what you put in to it. This facility is very nice a...


....what a joke. I would never go there again.


Just want to say that i have been at white deer run twice in my life, they are very caring and try there best to help you, they have a new program there that i loved so much and helped me in so many w...


Staff is mostly in recovery so they are knowledgeable about what the clients are going through. Teaches structure and responsibility by having a set schedule throughout the day Not enough counselors f...


Help one anther was a strength


It was ok...i Xeroxed while I was up there which is what I really needed before anything


Not a very kind place


My husband was here and had the absolute worst experience of his life. No one on one counseling except 1 time in the 12 days here was there. Mail never gets in or out in a decent time, not to mention,...


Treatment was based on medicating and abstinence. It was draconian in nature and lacked any holistic therapies. They had zero family involvement and discharged my sister without contacting family or ...


Worst facility ever! Counselors are horrible, no communication skills at all. I called this facility for two days straight and no one ever answered the phone. Dirty, dirty, dirty! Meals were terribl...


It was the worst 28 days of my life..i was uncomfortable all day with the seating. It was too crowded..by the time everyone (up to 50 ) women get done with introduction every hour..your bored to tear...


It was an alright facility. Could use improvements.


My experience there has been traumatic. I left AMA due to this. I am still clean and sober.


Some good techs, and helpful people. Somewhat feels like jail more than treatment. Groups where helpful


Help me when I need help


good counselors, good place to go if you want the help


good counselors, not enough activities


I don't think it is all about the rehabs programs its if you want the help or you don't that makes the difference


Damaging, discouraging, dirty.


Great councilors and off a great step down program. Expensive and needs more activities I felt they were very supportive with the families


The facility is made up of several unites or buildings which you must walk back and forth to throughout the day. The weather can be a problem or hassle. I feel the groups are too large-you don't get e...


Poorly run system. ... The lack of passion from their counselor, the lack of responsiveness and caring are what will shut this place down. A close family member attended. We have since removed the...


It was a decent facility.


You are able to keep your mind on other things than using.


Easy for anyone to get in the program. Left my son leave while still on in his right mind. Other family member had great experience at different program White Deer Run has many locations. They have a ...


Family bonding, Not long term but Great place


The food, staff and rooms were excellent. However, there was a lack of personal liberties. It helped somewhat.


White Deer run was like a resort with AA meetings Counseling and interaction with other patients all in a beautiful setting in the Mountain's I didn't want to leave!


Place does not sugarcoat tough love! Sink or swim. Can't put a price on something that saved your life!

Areas of Focus

The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps – the first three of which are situational, the next four addressing the practical issues created by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on making amends for hurting others. Steps 10 and 11 involve a deeper examination of the previous steps and the final step is focused on helping others avoid and recover from addiction.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Amy Ruiz LSW CAC
    Amy Ruiz LSW CAC - Clinical Supervisor

    I am the Clinical Supervisor of the Men’s Co-occurring Disorders Unit. After obtaining my Bachelors in Social Work at Bloomsburg University in December of 2001 I came to work at White Deer Run in January of 2002 and have been here ever since. I began my career at Allenwood as a counselor on the Women’s Co-occurring Disorders Unit and pursued my education and received my Masters in Social Work from Marywood University in May of 2005. It was then that I was promoted to a supervisor and worked on the adolescent unit until my recent move to the Men’s Unit. My experience here at White Deer Run has been primarily with patients with co-occurring disorders both on the women’s and the adolescent units. Dealing with addiction is never easy and it becomes more difficult when struggling with mental health issues. I believe that we need to combine the treatments of both in order to have the best chance of recovery. I love working with people and to be able to see them reclaim their lives by providing them with the proper treatment and support.

  • Photo of Brianne Shreck
    Brianne Shreck - Supervisor of the Women’s Co-occurring Disorders Unit

    I am currently the Supervisor of the Women’s Co-occurring Disorders Unit at WDR of Allenwood. I came to WDR straight out of college as a Counselor Assistant. Since that time I have acted as a counselor, the lead counselor for the adolescent unit, the facility lead counselor, and now supervisor. I received my BS in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and my MSW from Marywood University. I am also a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Addictions Counselor. I cannot measure how much I have learned over the years at this facility. I am grateful for the experiences my co-workers and clients provide me on a daily basis. To see someone enter treatment who is hopeless, broken, and overwhelmed and watch them grow to someone who sees they have a future, can utilize personal strengths they never knew existed, and who is able to feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments is both rewarding and a testament to the work we do at this facility.