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SOBER LIVING IN CONNECTICUT Individuals and family members will invariably face challenges as inpatient treatment ends and “life” begins. At Westport House, we understand how navigating living arrangements, careers, relationships, and other important areas of life can create unexpected obstacles that may threaten sobriety. Because structure and support in early recovery can often increase the probability of long-term success, we offer three distinct levels of sober living in Westport, Connecticut. Each environment has been carefully designed to preserve the dignity and respect for the individual while acting as a launching pad to sobriety filled with new insights, living skills, and relationships with others in recovery.

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The place is a dump only interested in your money.


Thanks to Westport house we have our son back! Can't say enough!


After being in and out of many different rehabs, it was at Westport House that I learned how to live a brand new life. The staff was kind, loving, and compassionate. They showed me the way up and out ...


Having worked in this industry for years, specifically in community outreach, I know the challenges of finding quality sober living for those discharging from residential treatment. I work very closel...


Westport House has given our family the relief we needed knowing that our son was at a place that will get him back on the right track. I can't say enough about what they've done and the progress our ...


I had a genuinely amazing experience living at Westport House, it had such a cozy feel and it's a very community-oriented home. Few clients came and went and I made plenty of long time friends living ...


Westport House saved my life!! After bouncing in and out of treatment for the better part of a decade, my family made the decision to have me participate in this sober living program following an inpa...


After being in and out of many different rehabs, it was at Westport House that I learned how to live a brand new life. The staff was kind, loving, and compassionate. They showed me the way up and out ...


Overpriced, very poor care. Beware. Go elsewhere, send your son elsewhere. A true rip off.


Care at the facility is poor, the cost is prohibitively high and much better care we found elsewhere.


The Westport House is and will always be remembered in my heart as the best Treatment / Recovery experience I have ever had -- My name is Craig and I am from Delray Beach , FL . From the time I was 14...


they were dishonest and were very inconsistent with policies and procedures. mgt team was atrocious and believe was fired.


Westport House has been a great experience from start to finish; a place where the staff and my therapist Ava were extremely helpful, ready and willing to help assist me with any problem I had. With a...


i had the pleasure of working with her over the last year. She has gotten me through a relapse which was an extremely hard time for me. She assured me that this was just a bump in the road of sobriety...


I have a hard time putting into words the amount that the program director at this facility has done for my family and I over these last two years. It was a hard struggle, that took patience and deter...


I have a hard time putting into words the amount the program director at this facility has done for my family and I over these last two years. It was a hard struggle, that took patience and determinat...


The food was awful and there was never enough for everyone even though you pay 15 grand a month. IOP was okay. Don't think about leaving or they'll threaten to keep your stuff and make you homeless. T...


This place is terrible I would not recommend it for my worst enemies. The director is a all around awful man who is nothing more then a 57 year old bully you can find much better places for a fraction...


My 19 year old son has been in the Westport House program for over a year. It has been a transformative experience for him and our family. Prior to Westport he had been hospitalized a number of times,...


This in an incredibly life changing facility for young men who are struggling with addiction and who they are meant to be. The staff genuinely care about the clients and want the best for them. They a...


I work for a primary residential program in Maryland and we've referred three patients in recent months and love the result we're seeing. It's very clear to us that Westport House goes above and beyon...


Westport House is an excellent program for young adult males. As a professional, I have sent numerous clients to westport and have received nothing but rave reviews from clients and families


Excellent program with the most caring staff!


The only plus The Westport House has to offer is a professionally decorated residence located on the "Gold Coast" of CT. Other than that, they are not interested in helping struggling young adults. My...


This place is atrocious, unorganized, and unequipped to handle what they are supposed to. If you have a loved one that needs help, I would stay far far away from this organization. Top to bottom from ...


Westport house was more than responsive to the immediate needs of our son. They played a key role in helping our son regain his overall health. He is now a productive person and we see the loving chil...


Our son was in trouble. Unable to find his way in the world, he became addicted to drugs. We almost lost him. Westport House helped him find his way back. The understanding and supportive staff gave h...


Overall my interactions with staff have been positive. On my first night, one staff member took several hours to let me vent, which looking back, probably facilitated me remaining in the program in th...


If someone wants to change their life I'd highly recommend Westport House. This is a true transitional living program allowing people to reintegrate and become functioning members of society. This pro...


I felt that the staff during my stay really believed in me and it helped me believe in myself. Staying there was like living in a 5-star hotel for 8 months. I think the most beneficial part was the...


The Westport House saved my life - it’s something I say to myself almost every day, and I now know it to be true. I entered the program (with significant hesitation) at the suggestion of my rehab th...


This place is an A+ Scam. They charge on heck of a lot of money and provide nothing more than a nice looking home for rich kids. They have virtually no supervision for young men that sit around doi...


Westport house is not living up to there reputation. The place is very expensive for what you get. All clients share a room . The place lacks oversight .many of the outings change at last minute . O...


Intamate setting, safe with beautiful grounds providing and enjoyable experience for young men to recovery from addiction/alcoholism. High staff to resident ratio. phase transitional living with respo...


Focus on young men. Encourages independence and full participation in recovery. Strong therapy programs and AA opportunities. Staff awareness of residents struggles; good support to work thru issues...


Food is top notch, very clean and comfortable environment Not much to offer mid career aged clients If you are worried that rehab alone isn't a going to help you stay sober, and are between the ages ...


Tasty, nutritious food; experienced program staff; strongly encourage family involvement; good case managers; fun sober recreation activities; emphasis on mental and physical fitness; strong supportiv...


Mission statement, staff kindness, facilities, extracurricular activities were good. Communication was poor. My son entered the care of Westport House in 2014 after a strong recommendation from his th...


Sending my son here after he completed a 30-day inpatient program was worth every penny. The staff was very welcoming, and they consistently treated my son and I with respect. In fact, many of the sta...


Easy access to a strong network of recovering men and women. Beautiful facilities, plenty of extracurricular activities, and staff members who go the extra mile.


Terrific Recovery setting for people of all ages. Located in a great area Plenty of support for all who reside there Very positive environment Sometimes difficult in differentiating all clients a...


Nurturing and educated staff, strong family component and beautiful facilities.


Positive support, structure, effective communication, see clients as individuals, able and willing to adapt schedules and support accordingly. Healthy, clean living environment. Focus on addiction r...


Individualized treatment plans. Focus on gradual reintegration into all areas of life. Compassionate and experienced staff Diversified rec activities. Tuition can be challenging for all to afford The ...


Wonderful sense of community, Always willing to adapt based on client needs and advances in addiction treatment.


Committed staff, operates smoothly, friendly, effective. Communication can improve. Great location and very knowledgable staff. Awesome place to work at and to be able to watch those afflicted with ad...


A waste of money and a scam. All it is is Turning Point but I\'m Westport...a sober house with soon to be iop...for 9k a month...give me a break...my friend went here. The staff is a joke, the rooms a...


Supportive lifestyle to maintain sobriety, peer support, specialized staff, individualized treatment plan, Staff is available to answer any questions or concerns at any time.

Areas of Focus
Extended Care Sober Living for Young Men

Extended Care at Westport House is designed to support the recovery process for young adult men as they transition from a higher level of care – typically inpatient treatment – to an independent sober living environment. Extended care blends the transformational power of experiential activities, physical fitness & recreation, and local recovery community immersion with outpatient clinical services to establish a supportive environment in which young men can develop the life-skills and practical experience characteristic of individuals in long-term recovery.

Structured Sober Living

Sober Living at Westport House is a supportive residential community designed to help you navigate early sobriety, identifying challenges and sharing successes — while successfully reintegrating into the workplace and other commitments. It offers an opportunity to continue the work initiated in addiction treatment or extended care, continuing to address underlying issues while receiving support from a community of like-minded peers. For young men in particular, one of the greatest benefits of sober living at Westport House is the sense of community and connection. Sober living at Westport House is appropriate for individuals who have completed extended care or who may be new to recovery and have yet to fully ingrain the skills and habits indicative of a sobriety-focused lifestyle along with a local network of like-minded peers.

Key Staff Members
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    Albert Samaras - Executive Director & Founder

    Al has close to 25 years of experience building and growing organizations with a focus on healthcare services. He excels at managing complex environments and is a recognized leader in developing innovative and effective addiction recovery programs. Under his stewardship, Westport House has grown from one location to three and is recognized as the standard for structured sober living in the northeast United States. Prior to founding Westport House, he served for five years as Vice President of a long-term addiction treatment program where he was instrumental in its transition from a local residential recovery program to a nationally recognized provider of treatment services. Before his own experience with addiction and recovery, Al spent over 15 years in executive leadership and business development positions at HealthSouth Corporation and SourceMed, Inc. He studied Marketing at the University of Maine and majored in Management Information Systems at Central Connecticut State University.

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    Danielle Meldon, RCP - Program Director

    Passionate about her purpose in life, Danielle oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations of our sober living facilities, including staff management and client programming. She continually seeks opportunities to improve our services to ensure that clients receive a high quality, individualized experience during their time at Westport House. Danielle is a dynamic leader, both in the local recovery community and at Westport House. Her incredible passion stems from over a decade of personal recovery and extensive experience working with individuals suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Before joining Westport House, Danielle spent over five years at Turnbridge in New Haven, CT, where she served as a Program Director and was instrumental in creating and developing a long-term treatment program serving young adult females. She began her career in addiction services at MCCA in Danbury, CT where she served in several direct care roles in their long-term residential and outpatient services departments. Danielle is a CCAR-trained Recovery Coach Professional and will complete her Certified Addiction Counselor training program in 2018.