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Treatment Insights

We are you. People seeking Recovery want hope. And results. They want to know the people they are entrusting their lives to understand what they’ve been through and what they are going through now. We’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve lied, cheated, stole, broke the law, manipulated, complicated, and frustrated families, friends, and ourselves. But we also got up and tried again. And again. We know the desperation. We’ve cried the same tears of hopelessness, disappointment, and fear. But we found hope with long term Recovery. And we hold onto it with dear life. We can help you get through it because we’ve been through it. We know Recovery because we live Recovery.

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After eight years of sharing this difficult journey of substance abuse with my son i can honestly say that we have finally found a recovery program that is working, the staff at victory bay is like no...


this place saved my life. I've never been to a place that cared more than everyone who works here does.


Although the change has to come from within VBRC has shown, and given me, all the tools necessary in realizing my full potential. They have encouraged me in all the positive aspects of my life but hav...


Victory Bay treatment center provided the recovery sanctuary necessary to heal and acquire a strong foothold on the path to long term sobriety. While residing at victory Bay my 18 year old daughter re...


I am very impressed with Victory Bay Recovery across the board, starting with inception on day one when my son first went there and all the way through the treatment process which in our case includes...


I have been working at Victory Bay from the beginning and have found from the top down an overall passion for creating the best experience for their clients. From the continued trainings offered to st...


Awesome place!


If it wasn't for Victory Bay's patients, staff, and care; I wouldn't be where I am at today with 7 months and more to come. I'm am thankful for the strength and guidance they have given me to become t...


Awesome place, literally saved my life. Chris and AJ would do anything for their clients to keep them safe and to ensure they have the tools needed to succeed in recovery and in life. Along with all t...


Hands down one of the best treatment centers in New Jersey. The owners/staff truly care about your well-being and push you to be a better person each day! I would recommend this place to anyone strugg...


My son went there, he said it was horrific. There was a house full of kids who have been there in and out for months. They tried hitting me for 150 dollars a week for rent but his roommates didn’t h...


Eat food, go to crappy groups ran by whoever gets picked , go back home and relapse. They put you on 5 days a week and take your phone two weeks and then you go back to 3 days a week. The cycle contin...


House mangers were cool for the most part except the one at my house, lanky guy who claimed to Be a veteran and got off on bossing ya around.


Some of the most immature staff I have ever seen, they all disrespect each other and try to get each other in trouble and tell the clients about it. Very sad what has happened to these guys they are r...


They give us a lot of food, once insurance is up they kick you out on to the street. Place is taking a turn for the worst ... and they told me I can’t come back , thank god. They will figure a way t...


I came to Victory Bay from a Google search and it was the best thing I ever got from Google.


Victory Bay is full of great employees who genuinely care about your well being and want whats best for you. The clinical staff members are very knowledgeable and keep pushing you to be the best that ...


Victory Bay employs a wonderful staff that are all focused on recovery and demonstrate a genuine concern for the holistic well-being of all clients. Any and all personal needs are accommodated above a...


Overall they treated me as family and were very professional. They cared for my well being and I would recommend this place to anyone trying to recover and live a better life. By far the best treatmen...


I have been to numerous treatment centers, but none have been as effective as Victory Bay. From the very beginning of my stay, they were nothing but supportive. The staff kept close to me and kept me ...


i love victory bay, the staff here is amazing, they treat you with respect and truly care about your feelings.


victory bay helped me get my life together got me involved with a 12 step fellowship and helped set me up for my future great staff that cares about my and your well being I highly recommend this faci...


Best treatment center ever! With a lot of help from them and cooperation from myself I am starting to see what an improved, happy, healthy life looks like!


The Victory Bay staff consistently goes above and beyond to be supportive to clients and their families. They are professional, warm, welcoming and quick to respond to individual needs. We are very im...


Victory Bay has made my transition to a better way of life fun, educational, and an all around freeing experience. The counselors have all the knowledge it takes to guide me in my recovery. With a wid...


Victory Bay is an amazing place, with a great staff that will go above and beyond to meet its client's needs.


Victory Bay Recovery Center has a knowledgeable, welcoming staff who truly care about each individual client. The center is a safe environment that is clean, comfortable and positive. Great communicat...


Strengths:Strong Recovery Environment Cleanliness Supportive Staff Close Monitoring 12-step based Recovery Model Extracurricular Activities Weakness:Organization and Time Management My experience with...


Victory Bay has such an awesome clinical program focused on trauma and it has made such an amazing difference for our loved one (my brother). Please do what it takes for your family member as it is wo...


Staff and owner are very supportive and genuinely care about the well-being of their residents. Outside activities and meetings make for less monotony throughout the day. Housing is quite comfortable ...


I highly recommend Victory Bay Recovery Center for anyone suffering from addiction. The staff is amazing, they truly care about each client and making a difference. Victory Bay's model is different th...


They have a robust and individualized treatment schedule. The staff, especially the ownership, was compassionate and involved in the care I received. My after care planning was done far in advance and...

Areas of Focus
Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient Program in South Jersey focuses on community integration and relapse prevention. Victory Bay offers two Intensive Outpatient options: IOP-5 and IOP- 3. The IOP-5 program is five days per week and averages 2-3 weeks in length, depending on a client’s progress and needs. IOP-3 is a step down from IOP-5. IOP-3 consists of three half day group and individual therapy sessions per week. These flexible outpatient addiction treatment programs give clients the opportunity to gain and maintain stability and sobriety within their communities. While in IOP, it is common that a person will be working a part time job or going to school. IOP schedules can be very flexible, allowing each person to work their personal life around their therapy. Commonly, a person will still be going to IOP when they are a resident in a sober living home. Rather than being spit right back into life with a few coping skills, IOP creates a smooth transition from treatment to full time work or school.


This treatment is usually combined with other treatment methods or as follow-up support. Therapy and counseling along with once a week group, can help you identify the root cause of your drug use, repair relationships and learn healthier coping skills. Treatment includes behavioral therapy, group or individual therapy, and family counseling, as well as didactic educational session.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of AJ Solomon
    AJ Solomon - Co-Founder

    At Victory Bay Recovery, helping people to acquire and maintain sobriety is a true blessing for AJ Solomon. Growing up in South Jersey and graduating from University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Arts, AJ had an internship with US Senator Patrick Toomey. Then, while working for the Advance Team for New Jersey Governor Christie, he found himself struggling with addiction. He talks about how his life was saved because he attended treatment and was introduced to a new way of life. AJ credits his determination, his willingness to change his entire value system, plus great sponsorship, as big components in his recovery. It was through recovery that he realized it was the first thing that he was truly passionate about and his path for helping people was forged. As Co-Founder of Victory Bay Recovery Center, AJ now is blessed to be able to help others struggling with addiction.

  • Photo of Heather Wilson, LCSW, LCADC, CCTP
    Heather Wilson, LCSW, LCADC, CCTP - Clinical Supervisor

    Through love, empathy, and compassion, Heather’s mission is to empower others around her. Her belief is that all individuals can heal and strengthen their self-worth, while enhancing the meaning of past trauma. Heather was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and had later moved to a small town in South Jersey. She obtained her MSW from the Rutgers School of Social Work while enrolled in the Addiction Counselor Training Certificate Program. She further strived to receive her credentials as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Heather has attended clinical trainings in Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Family Systems, as well as Grief and Loss. Early in her career, Heather sought to empower individuals and families through advocacy work within nonprofit organizations. She provided evidence-based treatment to individuals within the residential, intensive outpatient, and intensive in community settings. Heather further transitioned into supervisory roles, where she took steps to execute engaging and experiential clinical curriculum within treatment programs.