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Treatment Insights

The United Recovery Project has been designed to maximize the recovery potential for clients of all backgrounds in a nurturing, supportive setting. We believe that there is hope for anyone struggling with an addiction. We provide a small client to therapist ratio in order to ensure the highest quality of care possible. We offer a safe environment where clients are taught how to effectively deal with everyday challenges, including past failed attempts at discovering solutions. Our therapists and counselors utilize a variety of treatment modalities in order to provide clients with the tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety. By understanding each client’s unique differences, our clinicians tailor individual treatment programs to achieve the highest level of wellness on the road to recovery.

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I feel like URP gave me all the tools i will need to succeed in my recovery


ive been to multiple treatments prior to this one and there all warehouse, textbook, money making oriented. this facility is real and to the point no bullshit straight up experience driving.


fantastic, healing


i had a very positive experience at u.r.p. I am very grateful for being extended a scholarship to this facility and all employees genuinely cared about me. I was able to build a strong foundation for ...


The staff and facility were great. I felt very comfortable during my stay.


I have no regrets. I would do this treatment all over again because it opened the door to a new life, a new perspective and a new ME the me that i was always ment to be.


I really appreciate the BHTs. The BHT's are my favorite part.


amazing program. program is different than all others, loving and caring staff as well.


overall my experience was great and informative. professional and helpful.


Treatment at the facility was amazing. Personal sessions once a week, and primary groups were extremely effective. Strengths: Making sure that clients have the tools needed to live in the 'real world'...


For me it really helped me get to know my true self and really dig down deeep and figure out what was wrong with me


This program has saved my life. I went to this facility feeling worthless and alone. As soon as I arrived at the facility and I started feeling better. The staff members and the owner of the facility ...


Do not go here. The luxury housing they speak of is no luxury. For the women the have 19 women in one house. Once you get in they will not let you out. They will hold all of your credit cards & phone ...


Although I did a ton of research before I decided to go... this was not the program I was told I was going to. My poor rating is based heavily on the fact I was brokered into URP which was not appropr...


All the staff was very understanding and accommodating. Strength: I would say for me the individualized therapy was the best. Weakness: The size of some groups.


Excellent. Strengths: staff, groups, individual therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, community


URP completely changed my life for the better. The wide variety of different counseling therapy, and speakers they have come in has helped tremendously with my recovery. They need more than 2 bathroom...


Community at the facility along with staff and treatment facilitators gave me the tools I need and suggestions to excel and conquer this disease. quality therapy- getting at the heart of the issues an...


It's definitly been the best treatment i've went to so far, the staff cares, they actually care about their clients. This program saved my life! Great staff, great groups, a lot of insight into recove...


Don’t go here. They hold you hostage by keeping your license & credit cards. They also try to keep you for longer than what you agreed to complete. One person still in there has been kept for over 5...


United Recovery Project is an excellent facility that thoroughly addresses all clients needs and has an excellent aftercare program.


It was a great program all the staff were amazing and helped me change my life


The staff was helpful with their experience in recovery between the techs and therapists.


My loved one went here first time for over 2 months for alcoholism, 2nd time for depression. She has now racked up over $200,000.00 in charges that WILL NEVER BE PAID BACK. BUT THEY TOLD HER SHE DIDN'...


They truly do care about us, this place is a fantastic way to get away from the daily hustle.They take you to do something fun every weekend and yet keep you busy with meetings and classes. After goin...


Very disappointed in the admissions process. We got the sales pitch on a Monday night and my son was scheduled to fly down the following day from NY. No one told us that there was no bed available in ...


The treatment offered help tremendously, the staff was amazing. the therapy and groups were great, staff was amazing. It would have been helpful if we had massage therapy and more yoga.


This is a facility that goes above and beyond to help every single patient that walks through the door


I couldnt imagine a more positive treatment facility. The staff as well as the program was extremely professional and knowledgeable on the recovery process. This is a strong facility all around. From ...


It was a fantastic experience, it helped save my life. The staff members are very caring, honest, helpful, and professional. The groups are interesting and informative.


I believe this facility is scamming family's with loved one that are addicts. Not only did my loved one now recurve the help that they promised.


I highly recommend anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction to this facility. The staff, the facilitators who run the groups, are absolutely amazing.They care about you as a client and also as a human ...


After reading the reviews online, i decided to come to this place and never before have my expectations been met as they were here. I believe this place has saved my family, my life, and my future. Th...


It was great, I loved the staff- they are always there to help you. The clinical staff was also great. Atmosphere was great. Compassionate, loving, understanding, caring, empathetic staff and structur...


The treatment was excellent, the groups were helpful, and staff was very encouraging. The staff, group facilitators, and counselors were helpful beyond my expectations.


Wonderful place. awesome staff who actually care and dont look at us as a $ sign. i would recommend this place to absolutely anyone! the staff is all in recovery as well. they understand as well as ca...


The people that work here are what make this place great. Very personal, loving, and understanding.


From the moment i got there I was treated with respect and cared for like a family member. I would highly recommend anyone seeking recovery utilize URP.URP does a great job of catering to individual n...


It was very helpful and i would recommend it to anyone who is in need. A strength were the staff.


Staff is well organized and very helping. Everyone is caring very good for recovery.


Great techs. Effective therapy. Nice living facility. Caring and helpful staff.


It was good. Faculty and staff are strengths. Activities are weakness.


gained knowledge that made me understand my addiction. they truly care about the clients. more techs per person


It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions but after all was said and done it was for my best interest. Leisure activities available were awesome. most were very helpful and professional.


I got alot out of the program. Im glad that I came to this facility.The strengths are overwhelming. You get anything you want out of the program.


I am very happy,grateful, and thankful for the treatment I received.The staff is excellent.The staff and counseling


United Recovery Project saved my life. This treatment center never fell short in any area. The genuine care that each one of the faculty and staff members displayed on the daily was unreal. It was so ...


overall this is a great treatment facility and i could not have asked for more. meditation yoga food shopping. cant see the nurse whenever.


thank god i found this facility. control of clients.


Great experience, I learned a lot, it has made me excited about recocery. great staff, very friendly and accommodating, powerful groups.


I have attended several treatment centers in the past and none compare to United Recovery Project. The staff is caring, kind, and empathetic. The therapists are excellent and I have hope that this tim...


gained knowledge that made me understand my addiction. they truly care about the clients. more techs per person.


Awesome staff who were very helpful in my treatment. Group time is sufficient. Would like to see more 1 on 1 time with the therapist.


I thought United Recovery Project was a great treatment center. I have been to multiple treatments and this would by far be the best one i attended. I highly recommend this place to anybody seeking tr...


My experience was great! All of the techs were super awesome and very helpful and the groups in the center were extremely informative. Some of the strengths in this facility are all the different type...


great program. psycho therepy, group facilitators, and primary groups. music selections should be more diverse in the vans, and in the mansion.


As far as rehabs go, URP is definitely the best. I had enough time at the treatment's holistic offerings.


My overall experience was one filled with love and support. The staff was very efficient and knowledgeable.The staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring with an extensive amount of experience both p...


I feel that my recovery has a solid foundation to go home with and succeed. Individualized treatment. The therapist put a lot of effort to treating you as a person and not an illness. It is difficult ...


i would recommend this program has gave me the tools and c0urage to fight my addiction .very organized and keeps schedule like for the class to break down the steps to new comer.


Knowledgeable staff who genuinely care for clients. Mixture of behavioral therapy groups combined with clinical insight ensure effective treatment approach.Clinical staff/therapists.


I am forever grateful for URP. They saved my life.


My stay at this facility helped me tremendously, I am extremely thankful/grateful for the program and the people that work here and the over all support in United Recovery Project.


Had a great experience here. Staff are the best and saved my life and are angels. Thank you.


I was happy with it, I knew what to expect, I've been to other places. I didn't like some of the rules, but they had nothing to do with why i'm here. The over all experience was good to great.


great experience for anyone going through tough shit.


very professional and felt comfortable around staff and clients


I felt very welcomed by all members of URP. Facilitators and counselors appeared to be very educated. If you're open-minded you can learn a lot from this program and become sober.


extremely grateful for my experience


Great place. My loved one is saved bc of them!


It was excellent, very professional, kind and helpful staff. The staff members were caring, considerate, and knowledgeable. The housing is beautiful. Groups were helpful and kept me engaged.


I had a pretty good experience, after the first week i was getting more comfortable with my environment. I made a lot of good friends that helped me get by. They seem like they care and always are wil...


It was very good. Great staff.They seem like they truly care. Communication.


After many years of therapy, this is the first time I have gotten to core issue that have been affecting my life. I am now able to let others know if I need help and stand up for myself, which I have ...


Best place I've ever been too. Life changing! Staff genuinely care for the patients really want to help. Great from the top to the bottom. Bosses, staff, patients. Too hot in the summer.


This was my first experience with treatment. Overall, it was a positive experience.There are a variety of different classes provided throughout the day to accommodate different types of recovery for d...


It's truly not what they say... No ten min centering No horses the mansion hold 30 to 40 dudes you get 70 Bucks a week for food with a ten min shopping time Consistently late at bring you the cigs y...


great staff. Strengths:houseing,food,staff. Weakness:Groups.


best treatment center i have been too the staff really cares about you and the therapy does work. the staff really cares the therapist are excellent and willing to work with you and you gain the struc...


great place for those serious about recovery. Recovery. not well maintained.


URP is the best treatment I have been too. Compassion.


staff is kind and caring. caring and knowledgeable staff. techs are inconsistent with the rules, it varys person to person.


Staff and facilitators were very helpful and thorough with their topics and discussions. Staffs were very open to helping clients with personal problems, the therapist sessions were great and overall ...


Therapist was awesome!! Everyone was really friendly and helpful!! I learned a lot while I was here! I think there should be a nurse on call through out the night. Tecks should be cpr certified incase...


Techs were really nice and the therapist was cool. It's very strong in conflict resolution, therapy, and incorporating 12 step programs.The hot tub was broken, they told me thee was equine therapy.


its good to be open minded.


I have been to many treatment facilities, and this facility has everything needed to get clean and sober. The staff is genuinely caring and is a good place. I recommend this place to anyone who is try...


very Personalized, helpful, and comfortable


This treatment center saved my life. The staff went above and beyond to help me through the struggles of early sobriety and the experience I had has been second to none. I believe I have the full supp...


Overall great treatment center. w/ one on one counseling included where they get to the core issues as to why I used


URP is an excellent rehab to go to, I learned a lot in this program and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great rehab to go too.


interesting experience, gave me skills i can take home and apply to my life


it was beneficial, gave me skills i can take home and apply to my life


The treatment was great a lot of knowledge given and very relatable speakers Ray is awesome a real straight to the point guy if he doesn't get through to you you need to come back. The lead therapists...


I had a great experience, I learned a lot, and hopefully I can apply it for the rest of my life


Groups were productive Therapist was great CLeanliness of housing was not clean to my standards overall great experience


The treatment here was great. It was the best facility I have ever been to. They really care about the clients here as compared to some of the places I went in the past. My therapist Catalina was grea...


URP is a great facility


Treatment at this facility was excellent. Staff were great as well as all services provided.


staff well put together and helpful while i stayed here, a lot of good recovery information provided on a day to day basis.


very good treatment center and very helpful


the best


the staff and the therapist are absolutely amazing. my whole perception has changed. thank you so much URP!


a lot of politics




it was great i feel so much better and more motivated,cravings are still there but i now have the tools to stay sober and live a normal life


Very thourough and efficient treatment center


I did more work in a little over a month at URP than I did in a year at other treatments.


Saved my life. Great staff. Great facilities.


Excellent facility. I felt everyone genuinely cared about my wellbeing


I would recommend the program to anyone that's in need of help with addiction issues.


too many!


Best program ive been to.


the techs really care shoutout ian andy mike mark


Staff is more than just staff, they have become good friends and family.


The staff at URP was genuinely concerned for me as a person and helped give me the tools i needed for recovery.


the thing i like the most about URP is that its program oriented and we go to a lot of meetings.


awesome treatment center. helped identify and work through hardships. groups are amazing and learned a lot here about how to apply these tools in real life


as being my first treatment center it was a comfortable atmosphere where i could open up and deal the the underling issues of my addiction


The housing was really nice and I was shown the care I needed from the staff.


caring staff and plenty of therapy/groups


I enjoyed Ray's group, primary group, and the mediation groups.


I enjoyed Ray's group, primary group, and the mediation groups.


caring staff and plenty of therapy/groups


There was a lesson to be learned in every situation that was presented to me whether intentional or unintentional. The choice of whether or not I learned something from those experiences was left enti...


this treatment center is by far the best one ive been to out of the two. they staff is amazing, therapists are amazing, and the client bonds are one of a kind. i came in with no friends, and leaving w...


I am extremely grateful for URP and all the staff that has helped me during this experience. You all played a part in saving my life.




There was a lesson to be learned in every situation that was presented to me whether intentional or unintentional. The choice of whether or not I learned something from those experiences was left enti...


I had a phenomenal experience at URP, Tthe staff met all of my needs and accommodated me very well. They really care about their clients and see to it that we are comfortable and receiving the utmost ...


This is my first treatment and am glad I chose this program. I couldn't ask for anything more out of the program. All of my needs for recovery and living in the house were met with no issues.


I benefited greatly.




Treatment was the best I've been to would highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction


Place was awesome


Chris Doyle was amazing. He always checked in to see how I was doing. He listened and was a great Therapist. Overall the staff cared about everyone and helped as much as they could. I really would rec...


All staff was very accomidating and polite.they wil help you through problems and give advice.


excellent staff


Positive Experience


This is the best treatment center in the world. I am so far beyond grateful for URP. Every aspect of the program here is amazing.


great program


Amazing experience, the whole staff being in recovery made me feel at home. Also, it gave me the ability to be able to tell any staff member how I was feeling, positive or negative.


top notch facility and staff


I had a great experience. This is a very friendly place. Christopher Doyle is a great guy. I got to be part of the first alumni meeting.


I found the staff very accommodating and helpful in my treatment.




Wonderful program and staff that truly want to help.






very compassionate and caring on a one on on basis


The entire program is well managed and dedicated to it's clients from the top of the administrative staff all the way through the program.


Wonderful, caring staff




Best treatment center i have ever been to in my life.


Great accomadations, good treatment and food


solid learning experience, better than i imagined


This Program Was Great Overall.


Very helpful and motivating


this was my first time in treatment. i was very shy and isolated from my peers and unable to open up because i had trust issues. all that changed and i got to really find myself and get locked into th...


great staff, amazing housing, clinical staff was amazing.URP has given me hope to recover and have a happy successful life


Great staff, knowledgeable tech staff, awesome house. I have been to a lot of treatment centers and not one of them cares as much as URP does. I can feel that they genuinely care for the clients and I...


staff to client connection clinical staff and counselors living facility . living facility is great and clean and the staff cares alot about client


Counseling, Great Staff always willing to help. Best treatment center ive been to


staff, groups, outside meetings, the residence, structure. I got a scholarship to this treatment center and it far exceeded my expectations. I was very well taken care of and comfortable.


Family participation was good.


Strengths:very strong tech support Weakness:needs consequences my experience was good. get tech support


Strengths:The therapist are top notch. Weakness:The management of the living quarters should tighten up.


Groups, counselors, techs, the residence, the gym, 1 on 1s.The staff at United Recovery Project care a lot about the clients. The residence is outstanding.


the facility, the staff, the groups. the staff is wonderful and the groups were really helpful


The family atmosphere, the loving and caring staff, the groups helped battle with inner emotions, the activities showed me how to have sober fun, they helped me with relapsed prevention I did not expe...


Educated Therapist's. Great Residence 12 Step Based Needs more staff . I would definatly recommend this facility to anyone whose trying to get their life back together.


Talk therapy, the fun stuff we do on weekends, it was awesome . if i ever had to do this again it would not be as sweet as this place.


Genuine concern for client recovery and health. Had a good time with the techs.


staff is very accepting and fair, and i enjoyed my time here .i felt very comfortable, extra curricular activities were very fun and got me out of my head. i honestly cant think of any. staff is very ...


Well structured, clinicians helped me come out of my shell, great activities Clinical staff is great, the activities are fun, the accommodations were awesome, the groups were intense and beneficial


clinical staff regarding therapy specifically clinical involvement in treatment. each case's needs are met specifically to the clients issues.


The amount of employees that are in recovery themselves outweighs the number of employees that are not in recovery, and that is something I genuinely appreciate. Attentiveness is a key factor in this ...


Strengths: staff accommodations cleanliness excellent group facilitators Weaknesses: The phone policy is not well organized The caring staff. Cleanliness Comfort provided from staff and techs. Ability...


Residence, techs, therapists, staff in general were strengths Sometimes the community is not focused The residence is a huge factor in why I enjoyed my stay here. It is a huge mansion and very well ma...


Great fellowship, physically stimulating, schedule and routine oriented Poor housing/accommodations. Another weakness is that something is always broken (microwave, washer, dryer, etc.) Overall a grea...


Strengths: -Team building -One-on-one care -Loving staff -Physical aspects -Wide variety of modalities -Length of treatment -Amazing people (staff and clients) -Awesome community events that we partic...


Genuinely care about the patients and go the extra mile to make you comfortable or get you what you need. Honestly so grateful and was blown away at the level of compassion they have for patients. I t...


yoga is fire and the staff and housing is amazing and the program in general is dope no rap in the van is killing me smalls United Recovery Center is unlike any other treatment facility i have ever at...


very helpful grate program all around


One therapist is the only reason why i am still here. Two staff members run the best groups and primary with the therapist is all that really helps me in my treatment here Weaknesses: Housing too many...


they really care and take every step to get you the help that you need this treatment center is the best hands down...


Very involved and genuinely care about clients Greatest treatment center i've ever been to, staff is passionate and truly cares, groups are great and weekend activities are awesome


Strengths include staff, Housing, Groups, Therapists, Owner A weakness was that it was understaffed My experience at URP was great. I am incredibly grateful to all of the staff here.


Staff and clinicians, along with a well ran program, wonderful living accommodations, and activities. Wonderful help with finances, amazing staff, and support system.


Phenomenal staff and very comfortable residence. Also has great outside speakers and people coming in to lead groups I would recommend this facility to anyone needing help with addiction issues.


The Therapists groups and techs were great. Refer to reviews


staff is very accommodating and well trained no complaints they make you feel very at home and always get you what you need if you need anything. they're super nice and will help you with anything.


The owner actually cares and is very involved in day to day operations, activities, and BHT's are very helpful. It sometimes took too long to address certain issues I had a great experience at United ...


The staff is great and the therapists are very involved. There isnt many weaknesses. Its very clean, the staff is great, the techs are very involved but more outdoor activities or groups would be grea...


groups, primary group, the techs are very helpful, everyone is always there for you there should be more gender specific groups I would highly recommend URP, I am very grateful for the experience I ha...


one of the most caring treatment center ive ever been to that is not taking advantage of clients insurance. that truly wants to help save people from the grips of active addiction or alcoholism.i woul...


Great program with very supportive staff�


The best rehab facility Ive been to in the country. Great staff that actually cares about the clients and not just about money. Only facilty ive seen without curroptivity. Highly recommend this place ...


Staff, facilty, luxury were all strengths. amazing place with. A great experience. I loved the staff and the facility. It was a very beautiful healing place.


I'm incredibly grateful for URP


I would highly recommend this treatment center if you really want a new life. I would highly recommend the treatment accommodations and staff.


This Rehab is by far the Best one to go to in the country !!


I appreciated my treatment here I feel it will be very effective for my recovery


Its the best treatment center I've been to ever and trust me i've been to a whole lot unfortunately. This time I became open minded and willing to do whatever I have to do to stay alive and its only b...


this place was amazing hands down the best treatment center i have ever been too i would recommend this place hands down.


Staff, facility, organization were all great. Zero weaknesses. Outstanding place. Highly recommend to anyone looking for REAL treatment.


Amazing staff love them all.


staff and cleanliness were strengths. This place was the best. I am so happy that I made the right choice and came to URP. The staff was so nice and understood me with all of my chaos. Thank you all.


Strengths include the staff I learned a lot will being here. I never thought I would be able to get to the point I am right now, but through the love and support I received at United Recovery Proj...


great staff. Beautiful building. clean URP is a great facility for addiction counseling. The staff and owner really care and love what they do, they are in the business of helping people. this fac...


Hospitality, therapy, honesty, code of ethics were strengths. When searching for help in a time of addiction or alcoholism you really just need a place where everyone shows the same car...


Amenities and curriculum were great. Great facility great people wouldnt change a thing


staff, facility, program were great. I would recommend URP to anyone looking for help. The Staff really cares about you. This was my first time in treatment for my addiction and it was a...


Amazing staff. Awesome therapists. Very beautiful. Luxurious. Fantastic experience. I have been to other treatment centers before but felt like I was part of a family at URP. The staff ...


friendly staff and well educated therapists. very nice living area. when I came here I thought it was going to be a quick two weeks but I ended up staying almost 40 days and loved it. i...


Communication Therapy Groups Techs were great. No weaknesses I can think of I would highly recommend the united recovery project to any one seeking help with drug and alcohol issues. The...


great staff, great place. My stay here was exceptional from the group sessions to the individual therapy to the living environment. The staff from top to bottom genuinely cares about your rec...


The owners and staff are truly passionate about their jobs and put everything they have to help their clients. The owners and staff create a daily space where their clients can be comfortable to...


Knowledge of Recovery and the 12 steps. They gave us clients great suggestions for our best interest. Case load was my favorite group here. just need a little more preparation for mornings grou...


housing, staff, food I have learned a lot from the staff at URP. All of my personal, medical, and therapeutic needs were met above my expectations. When I first came here I was not fully commi...


The staff is extremely experienced, it is clean and nice, and is everyone is helpful. The entire time when I needed help with anything everyone was there. They were extremely supportive and exp...


Some of the many strengths I witnessed while in this facility are the loving and trustworthy staff who bent over backwards to make me feel as comfortable as possible. The everyday groups that really h...


Management, cleanliness, staff, programs, efficiency. There is only 1 location currently. This facility is run by understanding individuals that make it their life's work to help your re...


Excellent communication. Knowledge Nothing Well organized and well trained staff. Was a family member and I feel good they were there!


Professionalism was a strength. I love to see them on a bigger place to accommodate more people Just follow all the instructions from the staff , they're very good


The staff and therapist made me feel welcomed. They helped me get on the road to recovery and taught me the skills to live. There were no weaknesses. A truly well rounded program and facility. ...


The staff and therapists were the best. They were well educated and really knew how to connect with the patients. Hands down the best I have ever encountered. I was blown away with how professiona...


Client centered Caring staff. I've never experienced such a caring staff.


This facility is extremely in touch with the true nature of addiction. The staff is by far the best I've ever seen. They are extremely friendly and personable with the clients and their families. ...


Staff is amazing No weaknesses that I can say! This place saved my life. Thank you so much for offering me a new way to live!


Staff at URP are all recovering addicts and have battled addiction at one point in there life. Amazing therapist and clinical director that are the rock of our facility. Special weekend activities to ...


Strengths: Leadership. Professionalism. Empathy. Encouragement. Education. Most importantly security. There really are not words to describe what URP did to save my life. The transform...


They truly care about your recovery


Amazing therapists, awesome techs. Weaknesses: None at all! Thank you all for your love and support. I've been struggling forever and thought there was never going to be a way out. Thank y...


Amazing, knowledgeable, and emphatic staff; the inpatient environment with 24 hour surveillance and medication monitoring eliminates the chance for a relapse while in day/night program; the structured...


The staff from the Behavioral Health Technicians to the Clinical Staff. Appropriate boundaries, ethics and professionalism. United Recovery Project has assembled a handpicked clinical and st...


Most staff and BHT's are in recovery so they could relate to me and my thinking. They were very supportive. I was very scared but very happy to finally be doing something health for myself. ...


Care Resources Accommodations Experienced staff None United recovery center is an excellent treatment center for alcoholics and addicts dealing with substance abuse and other psycho...


Excellent customer service

Areas of Focus
Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Many mental health professionals view eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, along with other dysfunctional eating patterns) as a food addiction – in that food is used in ways other than as fuel or a source of pleasure. Some, but not all, addiction treatment programs include eating disorder treatment as part of the service menu. Also, an eating disorder may be a dual-diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder with drug or alcohol addiction.

Key Staff Members
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    Alexis Ecoff, M.A., MCAP, LMFT - Clinical Director

    Alexis earned both a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Family and Child Sciences from Florida State University and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Diego. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida, as well as a Masters Certified Addiction Professional. Alexis is also a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Alexis has clinical experience working with individuals, families, couples, children, and groups and also a sub-specialty working with people in recovery. Alexis utilizes an integrated, systemic approach to counseling; empowering people to define what is not working for them in their lives and to discover the possibilities for making life work. In doing this, clients are guided towards identifying their strengths, accessing their resources, tapping into their own potential for success, and taking action toward achieving their desired goals.

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    Bryan Alzate - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

    Bryan Alzate serves as our Chief Executive Officer. Bryan has a vested passion for assisting those struggling with substance abuse, as he is an active member of the recovery community with over 9 years substance abuse free. Bryan attended Florida Atlantic University before co-founding the United Recovery Project. Bryan brings 8 years of substance abuse treatment experience to URP. It is his goal to provide a safe, healing environment where clients are given the tools needed to achieve total health and wellness.