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Treatment Insights

U-Turn For Christ is a residential rehab for men trapped in the deceptive, never-ending cycle of addiction. The facility in Perris, California offers a Christian Discipleship re-entry program, which provides residents with the opportunity to give back to the community as they recover. U-Turn’s goal is to teach men to be independent, self-supporting, and stable under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, becoming an asset to family, church, and friends. employers, schools and society.

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Worst place on this earth. They left me at a gas station when I new this place of dirty conditions. Pig pens next to living and cooking areas and rats and roaches everywhere. I rather be in jail. Was ...


i was treated unfairly by a hypocrite. they r mean and just yell and tell u to work harder...hardly any therapy or prayer time or spiritual work, mostly just free labor...and they condemn free thinkin...


U-Turn for Christ is a joke. I do not recommend U-Turn to anyone whether Christian or not, it is nothing more than a slave labor camp. I completed my commitment there and the only way I was able to wa...


great program the best I ever been.. my life has change 360 degree and im doing really great I work at the hospital in Sitka Alaska as Patient housing for the patients and elders .. Im happy with my l...


The director took away my mental health medication. Said praying to God would cure my illness. I threw up for a week and ended up in the hospital severely dehydrated. This is a dangerous place, consid...


I pray this place disappears. Just know you are more than likely wasting your time, Unless you are homeless and do not need to graduate the program. If you are being forced to go then make the most ...


My son just went to spend his 3rd time at U Turn for Christ in Payson, AZ. I had reservations this time not only for my son's ability to stay sober but an awful gut feeling regarding the staff. Needle...


This program is a cult... Do NOT... I repeat do NOT send you’re loved ones here! Lovers of money, Lords over the people... Liars before God and man


U-Turn saved my life though Jesus Christ. It is not so much a rehab as getting started on a new path in life. 4.5 years sober and free from the chains which once enslaved my entire life. I owe all I h...


U-turn for Christ ministry of restoration and transformation was the vessel that God used in a Mighty way to totally change my life. I thank God each for the practical tools I learned in U-turn that I...


U-Turn For Christ is an amazing place that really works. My son After just the first two months has had an incredible change of Heart and appreciates life now. The work that Pastor And his team do he...


I just finished a 2 month program thinking I was joining a 12 step program. 12 steps material is not allowed and condemned "worldly". The program is a work program with church at night. You work 9 hou...


DO NOT SEND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS & LOVED ONES HERE!!! We just sent two of my family members here and we have been so disturbed and taken advantage of. Our family members who truly want to better themse...


No counseling or therapy. Turn it god they said.


I attended U Turn for in Colorado Springs in 2017. The program is mostly a joke. They will tell you that God’s will is essentially his will and by disobeying him is akin to disobeying God. He doesn...


I went to U-turn for Christ in Colorado Springs in March 2017. It is saddening to read these other reviews and complaints about the U-turn for Christ organization at different places all around the co...


The worst thing ever it�s not a treatment facility it�s a place where you work very hard so called for the lord and it�s very sad nothing but expired donation food that�s all you get


if your off the streets and learning about GOD for the people who never knew GOD may be different then someone who knew God already. I personally Thank God for this place. better for some then being d...


My son was "treated" their. They try to pray away issues meanwhile using these people for profit to their organization.


Do not go to this place, It is not a rehab center. It is a cult, they will take your money and run.


Hi I just wanted to leave this review to anyone who truly cares. I hope this goes to right person. My daughter was recently in this program & ill say I had read the reviews & felt a bit discouraged bu...


This place should be shut down. We visited our family member yesterday (30 days into his 2 month stay) and had to take him out due to horrible conditions. Other men confirmed our fears by telling us t...


My son went to this program and others I know . You won\'t be sitting around feeling sorry for your self . It teaches God first and it also gives you the day to day living support you need .It has be...


The food is terrible, the \"pastor’s\" there are not really pastor’s, they Lord over people.. This is not a ministry, it\'s a business, they constantly threaten people and overwork them. When you...


U turn for Chris wasn\'t for me. I see it as a cult very controlling using the lords name in vain that\'s very sad expired food one shower for 22 women u weren\'t allowed to visit the cross without pe...


I attended and was an overseerer at the location in Northern California for 2 years. This place is not a real ministry nor are they real christians. They pressured me into joining the ministry but I l...


I was in the program in summer of 2005 the place stunk bad... They only gave me meat like 2 maybe 3 times in 2 months. U can tell the staff and pastors didnt wanna be there and didn\'t like there jobs...


Was told this place could help with my loved ones EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS, mostly in dealing with the death of this persons parents. Upon reading how some people complailned they went and had to dig hole...


Where is the love in this place? It was full of gossip and judgment. My experience there....stunk. The snitching that is encouraged there....Is disgusting and some in secret. Forcing people to memoriz...


My 23 year old son went there with Multiple additions to hard drugs. Nothing is his life was working and he was at his last rope. He tried to break out the first night and claimed it was the worse pla...

E. S.

Unfortunately or fortunately, my nephew in dyer need for intervention, was not allowed to enter the program due to the linear and strict regulation of having the $1000 \"donation\" for a 2 month stay ...


You will be surrounded by people who genuinely attempt to love you with the love of Christ. Despite all the terrible things you have done to yourself and your family. They provided structure, teach se...


I am familiar with the pa location. Do not go. They charge you for food when all the food they get comes from blessings. The director and pastor were constantly eating out and putting their garbage in...


Turn and run, they told me to come straight in from prison, yet they would not give me a ride, said they would transfer parole on phone, and that if transfer was denied that i would have to leave, and...


I entered the program in 2006 the best thing that ever happened to me. I gave my life to Christ and gave in and let the program work, I now have over 9 years free from drugs, my life and my family bac...


Yes, I do believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the only life. However, as with most of life, we also need to take the steps to help ourselves. AA needs to be a part or the recovery of all add...


Our son had tried two other treatment centers who focused on the inner-self and quick medical detox. Also, he tried a Phoenix based support group. That did not stick. U-Turn for Christ is a progra...


It was financed with a 400 dollar donation a month.


Staff was quite supportive and there was great holistic offerings within the facility.

Areas of Focus
Holistic Therapy

Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Key Staff Members
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    Gerry Brown - Founder and President

    Pastor Gerry Brown comes from a family of fifteen brothers and sisters, and is therefore family oriented. After many years of struggling with the sin of addiction, finding himself in divorce court with a Judge warning him that he was about to ruin his life, he agreed to do whatever his lovely wife Peggy wanted for him to get his family back. Peggy’s one requirement was for Gerry to attend church with her. Gerry agreed, not realizing God would get a hold of his heart and change his life forever. That was over twenty years ago. Today he is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Romoland and also the founder and President of U-Turn For Christ. His unique shoot-from-the-hip style of teaching gets right to the heart of the matter, and the meat of the Word. His powerfully unique style of delivering God’s Word will both challenge and encourage you to new levels of maturity in your walk with Jesus, as we draw from God’s design for living, and discover new insights to God’s “Truth and Love in Action”.

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    Mario Rocha - Associate Pastor

    I came to U-Turn For Christ in July of 1995, thinking I was going to stay for two months, get sober, and move on to whatever God had for me next. I didn’t know what God had for me next was to serve in this ministry, and I truly count it a privilege. In November of ’99 I was ordained a Pastor and I now serve as the Associate Pastor to Pastor Gerry Brown. Through the years I’ve witnessed God’s miraculous work in restoring lives, marriages, and families; including my own. I’ve had the honor of helping set up ministries for U-Turn For Christ in Tennessee, Kenya, and Thailand, before I was married. In 2008, I met my beautiful wife, Evelyn, and we wed April of the following year. She also serves, assisting Peggy Brown with Women’s Ministry. My hope and vision for this ministry is, if the Lord tarries, that my Pastor’s vision will be fulfilled in having a U-Turn For Christ in every State, discipling and restoring those who are trapped in the sin of addiction.