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Twelve Oaks Recovery understands that the disease of addiction has many complex physical, behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual components. A successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction involves major change, and the residential rehab is dedicated to helping clients go though that transformation with support and compassionate care. In a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment, clients develop the tools to restore their lives and become healthier, happier, more productive and substance-free.

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I personally attended this facility. Individual time with counselors was minimal and perfunctory. Most patients smoked compulsively. Meetings were always interrupted by patients coming in after wa...


I called 12 oaks to ask questions about my son.All of my questions were answered in a timely manner.Everyone was nice and helpful. I would recommend this facility. My son has spent time at this facili...


Do not take your loved ones to this place if you expect them to not come home with more medication then they went in with. I did not even know that there was a such thing as an opioid maintenance prog...


Everything as far as staffing and meals were a # 1. But there were no punishment for the people that continuously disrupted everyone else's treatment it seem like the administration was only concerned...


They lie to get you in and it is a scummy place! The front office fools you making it look nice. Then if you tell your family they tell them you are lying and just an alcoholic.Please explain how peop...


I really would have liked more one on one time with a counselor or smaller group sessions. Professional counselors. Variety of options in counseling and extracurricular activities were lacking.


The treatment isn't completed yet.So far... The admissions person I've been talking with is GREAT!


I felt my stay at Twelve Oaks was rewarding in moving me towards recovery from addiction to prescribed opioids. The individual sessions from my counselor were a strong impetus to this recovery process...


This rehab is a joke. The counseling is ineffective and there is so many people the individual therapists look at the patients as an inconvenience that they don't have time for. Don't go here if you'r...


twelve oaks is such an effective treatment center. before twelve oaks, I had been to two rehabs in the previous year. after graduating from twelve oaks, I am now four months sober. the staff is very i...


This place saved my life! It is one place in the south that my insurance carrier would cover and it was a God-send! The counselors are very educated and they use the most updated information to assist...


Twelve Oaks does and always will have a special place in my heart. They saved my life in so many ways. It’s hard to believe that anyone who has left a negative review was serious about their recover...


I was just there and the place was a disaster .. The people truly seeking to get help were overwhelmed by others that were there because they had to be ,,either there from running from the law or givi...


Excellent facility and staff, beautiful setting as week. The counselors are amazing,caring and professional. The staff go out of their way to help and I received excellent care while I was there. Coun...


Rehab comes from inside the person. 12 Oaks provides a safe place with food shelter and a place to stay clean both physically, mentally and hygienically. The staff do their job and help the individual...


My daughter is there now and the staff here has saved her life, literally! She has medical complications from her addiction, the staff recognized it, sent her to the local ER which sent her to wound c...


My wife attended the program and relapsed shortly after. She enjoyed her vacation, but as far as treatment goes it seems pretty ineffective. She read off Facebook how many of her friends died from dru...


Well trained, caring staff 12 step only. Not too helpful for an atheist like me Ok for a believer


The counsellors are experienced and understanding. The other clients in treatment were fun and I felt at home there I loved it. We were able to go kayaking and swimming it's on the beach the food was ...


I was the family support for my niece and had been given full access to treatment info as status; however, when I would call no one know what was going on or for that matter how to get in touch with h...


My daughter was discharged recently from Twelve Oaks and after talking with the counselor, she indicated she was ready to come home. We were told before she started this program that she could stay l...


Excellent staff, very knowledgeable and caring. VERY relaxing environment. Food was great. I only wish they could have separated the patients who were there only to appease their parents or some judge...


Strengths: Customer service, Communication, Food. Its a great place to find help if you want it no one gives up on you unless you want them to.


I didn't attend this myself, but my dear friend who did, is in her 5th year of sobriety, so I have to believe it's strong in many ways. My friend, whom I mentioned earlier, is now a counselor and spon...


Counseling, cleanliness were strengths. Food was not good. It was a good program, decent place. A little costly, but overall ok.


Twelve Oaks was a very good treatment center and my counselor was top notch! The facilities were very nice and opened to the back bay off the Gulf of Mexico


Decent facility.


staff was genuinly caring. my experience was diffferent. it wasnt me that was a patient it was my brother. my experience was only in meeting with the people with him and bringing him in. it was pleasn...


A total tank of a place, with counsleers in the PSD program who knew nothing and the filft , like the bathrooms or the large Rats on the deck where we would eat, Rats


The center is poorly ran with the techs not on the same program as each shift. The kids in treatment are the ones that run it, not the staff. The outdoor activities are a joke and the bombing range cl...


What a joke! They tell you that they are approved and will take them for a month. You send your child there and after a week they say your insurance isn't covering them so they put them. I agree with...


Please watch out if you attend this program. They are money hungry, accepting you into the program and then hitting you with all the additional fees. The cost with insurance is ridiculous. Go anywhere...


I enjoyed this facility.


Caring staff, wonderful campus and weather. I work in the Finance department and have never been treated so I am not familiar with the treatment end.


I really want to succeed I just need to go to meetings, get a sponsor and work the program. The tools provided basically was set up for AA steps one through three. I had military lodging which was goo...


Just what I needed to get my life together. I believe they really do care about their clients.


I was a total mess when I arrived at Twelve Oaks, completely beaten down by life and my disease. I had nothing left, no hope, could not look anyone in the eyes. I left with hope, tools to face life an...


The group stuff was fine but without the assigned counselor spending time and getting to know the patient's history it's impossible to provide treatment and not fair to them or the family who paid all...


Good ground therapy for PTSD. I relapsed after two years. My aftercare consisted of counseling and medical care that I personally arranged. Did not treat pain concerns.


A 12 Step based program and my 1st encounter with such. The goal is to take you through the first 3 steps and effectively changed my way of thinking.

Areas of Focus
Intensive Outpatient

Twelve Oaks’s outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs for substance abuse are designed to provide clients with the rehabilitation treatment, education and support needed to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, while also allowing them to continue to participate fully in their lives. The Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program is 8 weeks and the meetings occur on Monday through Friday from 9am-2:30pm. The normal individualized IOP program is 3 days a week. In addition, the IOP gives process groups and a BB study.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Paul Reed
    Paul Reed - Executive Director

    Paul Reed is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over fifteen years experience in clinical and administrative positions. He began his clinical career at Miami Children’s Hospital, then progressed to Program Director and Executive Director status in several residential mental health facilities in Florida and Georgia. With senior management experience in for-profit and not-for-profit human service organizations, Mr. Reed brings with him a commitment to clinical and operational excellence at Twelve Oaks. He is proud to be a part of the unique integrated dual diagnosis treatment here, and enjoys engaging in a program that maintains a stellar reputation and achieves such success with this population.

  • Photo of Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell - MS, CMHP, CAP – Clinical Program Manager

    Chris is certified by the State of Florida as a Mental Health Professional. Chris completed his Master of Science degree in Psychology from Troy University with a primary area of focus in mental health. Chris originally came to Twelve Oaks as an intern in 2004 and has been the Program Director since mid 2009. Chris has worked in the field of counseling/mental health/substance abuse for many years and is no stranger to the field of counseling. Chris spent 30 years in the military and had the opportunity to experience various people, places, and things which enable him to easily understand the various backgrounds and culture of our clientele. Often our patients are dealing with personal conflicts and problems which Chris has experienced with others during his military career. Chris is very capable of helping patients work through their problems as they journey down the road of sobriety. Chris’ military experience also enriches us in our ability to deal with military personnel whether they are here for treatment or referring a patient to us.