Turning Point, Inc.

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680 Broadway, Suite 104
Paterson, NJ 07514
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what a cold place. ME filled out all the proper paper work and got a ride from an hour away. Upon arrival she was lied to told there was no paper work for her, which had been sent from the detox facil...


Since my daughter had been admitted to this facility she's been bullied by patients and then by staff, once she brings the issue to their attention. She is there to learn healing, coping, and skills t...


Treatment was great.


Helped with addiction, connected with a hospital, detox, etc.Not good with dual diagnosis. Staff seems to be knowlegable and have contacts with the state so good for people in jail


I am clean and sober for over 17 years now. I am now a college graduate for social science and I am trying to become an addiction's counselor.


Turning Point is the worst program to go to. They sit you in front of a television with help motivated movies....Also the director of the facilitation is the most fake person out there... Highly recom...


This is the WORST facility I\'ve ever been to. The food is like SLOP. The bunk beds are hard and smell disgusting. They \"write you up\" for the dumbest things and if you AMA or get kicked out then t...


I went here at have no dog in this race. I don\'t care or if they succeed. THIS IS THE WORST REHAB FACILITY IN NEW JERSEY!


It was affordable &had some caring staff. I didn't find their program to be very helpful for myself &people from the rehab that I kept in contact with. They didnt give you enough food&time outdoors


The only thing this place is good for is to physically detox yourself. The food is horrible and you only see the outside 4 times a day for 15 minutes at a time. The counsellors didn\'t seem to care ab...


Turning Point helped me get better.


Received county funding to go here.


Nephew is still sober after 1 year. Wait for check out and check in was too long and nobody could tell how long it was going to take while we waited. Staff seemed nice enough, personally, to those of ...


Is average in my opinion. Based in my observation. This is going back 8 plus years ago. Things might have changed Things involving family and communication with the family. Keeping the family aware of...