Tully Hill

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5821 Route 80
Tully, NY 13159
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I really enjoyed my stay and felt the program helped me immensely. being older did not feel out of place and younger people where very respectful. Staff was a great mix of recovered alcoholics \ drug ...


I feel that the admission process was long which was unnecessary There are definitely areas for improvement but the program has worked for me so I can't complain.


Learning sessions were repetitive...nothing more than counseling and groups....no communication between day and night staff...nurses were awesome....most staff were in recovery...promote aa and na whi...


Treatment was good.


Ge erally very good rehab with a high success rate


I couldn't stand it and sa no improvement. Saught alternate treatment facility. Strength: It's got a nice building that's very clean. Weakness: Staff treats you horribly.


they understand the problem and treat it. Strength: counseling


I think the stay should be longer. My loved one had a great experience, but longer stay would have made a better result. Strength: Clean, professional staff. Weakness: The inpatient stay is too short....


I feel that motivational speakers,lectures focusing on self improvement would enhance positive reinforcement. Strength: staff do not belittle residents. Weakness: food did not accommodate people with ...


I'm sure it's no worse than any other facility. It isn't a vacation it's rehab.


It did me right I jus felt like I was in jail as far as being told what n where to be at all times with no relaxation time


Tully Hill is 2 hours from our home and has an excellent reputation in our area. Tully Hill ex-patients with whom I have spoken say the food is outstanding and that it is easy to gain weight while the...


son had been in other programs, this one had the most impact on him in terms of tx.


Mixed feelings.


Did out patient


Too expensive


Was there 6 months. Groups all day everyday.


Tully Hill is a beautiful facility in a beautiful setting and the program uses that to provide a very positive atmosphere and encouragement. Your days are very structured starting with a very positive...


Worked. IF I go out it'll be my own damn fault.


My experience at Tully Hill was one of the worst experiences of my life. I entered the program as a dual-diagnosis after years of heavy marijuana use, cocaine use, esctasy use, and severe benzo (Xanax...


Not ready to get sober


It was a thirty day program. No smoking. Professional staff. Attended classes, seminars, workshops everyday. We also had excercise classes. Two SINGLE sex AA meetings per week and one open AA meeting ...


The staff was friendly and invited the family into a side room with a counselor who asked us how we felt about our family members addiction...no other place had done that. One thing that was requested...


Positive for me


Tully Hill is a God send! Strengths: organized and well run with good follow up care. Weakness: cost.


While not everyone wanted to be there, they (the staff) did the best they could.


one learns the perils of addiction. Strength: good policies


medical staff assists in withdrawel. Strength: insurance accepted. Weakness: follow up.


was nice that family could come to some meetings and give support...felt good. Strength: great staff


During my stay at Tully Hill I felt they were very professional as a whole.I personally do not like "peer feedback"as to my strengths / weaknesses.Leave that to the counselors. Strengths: case managem...


more family support should be offerred. Strengths: nice phusical plant and accomdations. Weakness: sometimes a crappy staff attitiude.