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Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center provides treatment in an all-female environment, for adolescents, teens and adult women facing behavioral health challenges that include eating disorders, chemical dependency and co-occurring conditions. Individualized treatment options include a blend of clinical and holistic therapies, plus daily 12-Step practice to foster long-term recovery.

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Timberline Knolls was not the place for our daughter. She has been diagnosed with bipolar, BPD and anxiety. IF you are considering Timberline Knolls I recommend doing your homework thoroughly. Communi...


Our daughter was a resident at TK in the spring of 2020 during the COVID pandemic. We were very nervous about sending her there due to other reviews and incidents that we read about in the news. We ar...


Absolutely terrible ineffective place. It’s a farce


I attended the PHP program only, so this isn't based on the lodge. My counselor was the best counselor I have ever had. The groups were great for processing, but there wasn't too much focus on learnin...


I went to timberline in a desperate attempt to heal myself from the symptoms of ptsd, panic disorder, and bipolar that kept resurfacing and corrupting my life. My mom and I put so much trust and faith...


This is a place for girl/ladies who have eating disorders. That is what they focus on 90% of the time. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction this is not the place for you to go. The food here is ser...


My daughter liked it there and they were good in many ways, but they were very short staffed and they did not help with discharge planning. After her therapist changed because she left TK, the new the...


My adolescent daughter spent 5 weeks at Timberline Knolls Residential Center this summer, 2019, for anxiety and debilitating depression with suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and self harming. Timbe...


I had a terrible experience at Timberline Knolls. I was a patient diagnosed with an eating disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. Nobody cared about me during my stay. The food was horrible. The staff was cold....


I was a client here in 2018. Although my main therapist and my dietitian were incredible people, I had the most miserable experience otherwise. The Lemont campus is a complete disaster. There are thin...


Considering Timberline Knolls? Oh Demi Lovato and kesha have been here for recovery? Run. Go anywhere else. This place seems pretty awesome on the website (don't get me started on that). At best we we...


This is a horrible place! My daughter spent 2 mos there. The lack of communication was unreal! While in residential, I could not get one doctor to ever call me. There was never a question of a release...


My name is ****. My daughter is at Timberline Knolls, a facility licensed under SUPR. She was admitted for care regarding her OCD symptoms and suicide attempt. I made it clear she does not have an eat...


Please do not send your child here. NEVER! If you are an adult, fine. Check yourself out.What is on website is horribly deceiving. ITS like a little detention center. I went for 2 days..EVERY horrible...


I loved it though they need to let the patients walk outside more.


Our daughter was admitted for psychiatric problems that Timberline Knolls (or TK as they like to call themselves) said they could handle. The nursing staff are wonderful. I cannot say enough nice thin...


I was verbal end emotionally abused at Timberline Knolls. Staff were unobservant and did not provide the care they were required to provide. They used a restricted unit and psych wards as punishment.


TK was absolutely traumatizing and triggering and was not helpful to my mental health recovery at all. They were highly understaffed and inexperienced, along with there being way too many teen girls (...


Staff was subpar. Art therapy, meetings. Staff, supervision, equal treatment


Quite a joke of a treatment facility. I would never recommend to anyone sending themselves or a loved one here. Trust my words. They need major help in all areas. Be careful!


I was just going through the motions before I went to TK. Now I'm really on the path to recovery. It's not a vacation. It's hard work. But it's worth it.


I just left TK, and it was possibly the worst experience I’ve ever been through. I came in for an eating disorder and mood. Let me say, that they do not have the right to say they treat ED. The nutr...


This place was absolutely pitiful. I attended there in 2016. Numerous things have happened to me there. I was put on CO2 (close observation level 2) for reasons unspecified; I never had a history of s...


PLEASE DON'T GO THERE! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY'RE ABOUT! If I could give it a negative review I would. I'm a 34 year old woman who has been diagnosed with borderline for 16 year...


Timberline Knolls was the biggest mistake that we could have made. They did more harm than good. They blatantly lied to me on their level of care that they could provide. The nursing staff was complet...


Timberline Knolls is a great place if you can get past the first couple of days. I arrived and they forgot about me after doing all the physical exams on me, and once I got sent to my lodge they told ...


I went to TK for depression, bulimia, and substance abuse. Due to my eating disorder, my heart rate was low and I often felt fatigued. The doctor’s and nurse’s were well aware of this and that at ...


Their program is very helpful, however the beautiful grounds and accommodations shown in the pictures were not part of my experience. Not sure where they are... but in 30 days I never saw them. I was ...


I was in adolescent treatment at Timberline Knolls for five weeks. I was hesitant to go, but I was in a downward spiral in my life and I needed help. Wow. Timberline Knolls saved my life. The therapis...


Treatment was good for my loved one but the staff is not professional in handling insurance and communicating to families with regards to covered days resulting in large costs being placed on families...


Do not send your child here! They released mine with less than 5 hour notice. I had not aftercare plan on place. My daughter stated in a family session she was trying to get thrown out and they still ...


I'd say this place has no idea how to treat girls or women with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). I have ASD. I stayed for 4 days until I could get signed out by a dr, and nearly the whole time I was ...


DO NOT LEAVE ANYONE YOU LOVE HERE! They are completely unable to protect/provide for anyone needing actual mental health treatment. They bilk your insurance and, I'm convinced, are in cahoots with the...


This facility really only treats young women with eating disorders. I am a middle age alcoholic and they had no idea what to do with me. I ended up leaving after a week because I was getting absolutel...


Management was horrible! They have no clue or experience in treating residents or employees like humans. The turn around is unreal! The manager and her management degraded me and others. Continuously....


The family therapist didn't understand Borderline Personality Disorder (focused almost exclusively on medical compliance, when the actual treatment for BPD is DBT and there are no medications specific...


This place is shit and the staff doesn't properly know how to deal with its patients.


My 16 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder was a resident at TK in 2017 until I removed her after a two week stay due to incompetence and uncaring staff. One evening...


We had a terrible experience with Timberline. Our daughter was at the facility about 10 when the insurance company made a peer-to-peer review. Timberline promised that it would appeal any decision t...


They should not advertise themselves to be able to treat anything other than eating disorders. My daughter went for a mood disorder in which she was exhausted with trying to deal with on her own. Sh...


They care for your first couple of weeks. Then if you\'re having a difficult time and not \'getting better,\' they get annoyed and start treating you like a lost cause or an animal. I was moved from m...


Tk changed my life! I am so glad I went. It was very difficult and scary! I suffered with PTSD , depression, anxiety and OCD. I have been on several medications and hospitalized before. I had rel...


TK is a decent place to recover if you are ready for it. I was not ready for recovery at the time, so it was not very helpful. The staff were amazing, at first. It was a very welcoming environment unt...


I was there for my eating disorder and mood problems. Although I wasn\'t treated for substance abuse, I do agree with what other reviewers say - this place was heavily focused on eating disorders and ...


I have been relapse free from self harm behaviors for 7 months. TK saved my life. I would go back in a New York second if I feel unstable again!


TK saved my life and I am forever grateful for that. I now have been months free from my eating disorder and months free from self harm. They really make sure you know your skills before you leave!


If you are seeking drug addiction treatment I recommend you go somewhere else. My experience was absolutely horrible. I have an addiction to opioids and when I called, I asked if they would provide me...


Absolutely wonderful environment. I loved it so, so much. Every minute I spent there. The staff is carefully cultivated to only include people who truly care about the residents. Not once did I feel l...


I attended TK for 3 months to address my eating disorder. The experience was great I loved the fact that family was so integrated into the program. I left without an eating disorder and it has stayed ...


Strengths: DBT, trauma therapy, eating disorder treatment, mood disorder treatment, addiction treatment, the treatments and therapies are inclusive of family and the staff is amazing!! Also there are ...


Kind well trained staff, wonderful programming, beautiful setting, fair rules, and many activities. Doesn't accept many insurance options. Out of the 15 hospitals and residential facilities I have bee...


Low resident to staff ratio, spiritual options available, excellent programs and support. Cost and financial assistance were downfalls.


Staff was great but location was a downfall.


handling co-issues and the staff were strengths of the facility, but a little lax on the medical care. Totally worth it. It will change your life if you participate.


Great staff, beautiful facilities . So insanely expensive! Highly recommend it if you can afford it.


Strengths: Primary therapists knowledge. Weaknesses: Too many group meetings not enough onebon one. Good for stabilizing clients in crisis


Fantastic staff, help is available 24/7 therapist, doctors, nurses, or just someone to discuss your feelings or nightmares. Doctors and staff are receptive to your suggestions about your individual ne...


I had a horrible experience at TK. I\'m anorexic, bulimic, alcoholic and a trauma victim. DONT go if you\'re just ED. You will be ignored. If you\'re an introvert, you will be ignored. Staff to patie...


My daughter had bulemia, trauma, and became an alcoholic. She was sent here by Anthem, but when insurance cut off, she was released and went hysterical at the airport. She did not improve and actually...


If your child\'s main issue is an eating disorder, DO NOT send them to TK. My daughter was only 16 yrs old and was allowed to \"be\" vegetarian while in treatment and my daughter was never a vegetaria...


I was at TK for over 2 months. I have severe bulimia. I am from Canada so my parents paid $30K a month for me to be there. I found that introverts got the short end of the stick, its hard for me to ar...


So I know a lot of people have questions about timberline knolls so I just wanted to write a review for others to know. I’m first going to mention that the days are long. You are expected to be up b...


Don\'t even waste your time with this place. The staff is rude/mean. Everything they tell you on the phone to get you there is the exact opposite. Your suppose to meet with your team of doctors with i...


Worst place I could have ever sent my daughter.


They have well trained clinicians and they deal well with insurance. However, once insurance payments are cut off, you are out the door no matter how sick, unless you pay up immediately. Wish they cou...


Caring and supportive staff and awesome art therapy room. Not a lot of choice for counseling. It's pretty expensive and they don't work too hard to get insurance to cover the stay. The programming is ...


It was welcoming and supportive. I really felt like I had a family and people I could trust. I just wish there was more space and better food selections. It's a great facility and they work with you ...


It was uncleanly. However, the food and staff were great.


They are kind, caring, compassionate and truly hope to help their patients. The center really cares for its patients, they try to help them move past the guilt, shame and sadness they carry with them....


They truly care! They are equipped to handle what comes their way! They just need more staff at times. It is a beautiful place and very kind & wonderful staff!


The fact that TK does NOT focus on extracurricular or leisure activities is a strength in my opinion. You're there for treatment, not relaxation. There are chances to go on outings & definitely down t...


This facility costs about $1000/day. Doctors are curt and rude. When the doctor changed my meds, it took 5 days for the nurses to implement this change. When I asked for information on the new meds,...


Faith-based treatment is optional; eating disorder program; many types of group therapy; residential facility.Very good therapists/professionals; women only facility. However, there was a small exerci...


My sister went there for treatment of anorexia. It was too religious of a facility.


I loved that it was all girls and that they treated multiple issues not just substance abuse. I made amazing friendships and got to work on all the issues in my life. Sometimes I wish I had stayed lon...


This place claims to be a treatment center for girls/women with eating disorders. I felt this was not true. I also felt that the staff didn't treat my daughter with dignity. I was never kept in the lo...


I believe that Timberline Knolls is a great facility for girls and women as they really care for you as an individual. The only concern that I had was that they focused on DBT (Dialectical Behavioral ...


Went for alcohol, eating disorder, depression, self harm, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, ptsd. Helped me out.


Timberline Knolls truly helped me save my own life. I was able to use the tools I learned during treatment to get back on track.


The experience was phenomenal & I love my treatment team.


I did learn many coping skills while at TK and my therapist helped me with my issues. I know if I hadn't gone I wouldn't be 1 year in recovery now. I don't regret going. I think Timberline Knolls is a...


Great staff-so helpful. Highly trained, passionate.


Not into the 12 steps


Overpriced and poor communication between staff. Wouldn't go here again. Nutrition is off.. They do not take patients needs seriously. Some doctors are good, others are not. Mine talked to me for hone...


Timberline Knolls is a fantastic treatment center. I felt completely safe and taken care of. A wide variety of treatment types is available (individual counseling, group sessions, art therapy, DBT, et...


TK saved my life. I hated the thought of treatment, but if I hadn't gone I wouldn't be here.


Self-empowerment, mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care, interpersonal effectiveness skills, spirituality are all things you will gain from treatment at TK.


Helped find sober living facility.


No relapse


It was a wonderful experience


They are in it to make money


Everything about this treatment center was top notch! They have a beautiful facility and wonderful counselors


individual plans for each woman. Sent my daughter there for her eating disorder.


Although I still have a long way to go, the facility really saved my life.

Areas of Focus
Creative Arts Therapy

Writing, making art or engaging in theater can be deeply therapeutic for people working to recover from addiction. Many facilities offer one or several forms of creative arts therapy as a way to help patients learn to express their feelings in productive ways.

Equine Therapy

A form of animal therapy, equine therapy involves visiting, working with and sometimes riding horses as a way to create a metaphoric relationship that leads to life-altering insights.