Three Rivers Behavioral Health

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West Columbia, SC 29169
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I was treated very poorly and without respect. I am a professional with a 4-yr college degree and didn't like being treated like I had a moral shortcoming. I have the disease of addiction. In three da...


The treatment at this facility seems better than other similar facilities. The patients were given chances to socialize as well as exercise. Security was a top priority here. The facility has very goo...


It was outpatient treatment and was very helpful.


Wish they had dual diagnosis. The doctors and therapists were knowledgeable. No exercise, or means of relaxation for anxiety. Cost, and ways to pay.


My loved one was in this facility for two weeks and when we finally got to competent psychiatric professionals we learned that our loved one received all the wrong medication while in three Rivers...i...


I wouldn't send my dog here let alone a kid or adult. This is the worst place I have ever seen.


Cold and dirty... Obviously run to squeeze money out of people. Genuinely surprised anyone would think of using this facility....


Dirty. Cold. Pointless activities. Obvious that this place is kept going on kickbacks for referrals from corrupt doctors. Under no circumstances trust them with your loved one. Hard to believe places ...


Filthy, cold, and full of awful staff. I\'ve never seen anywhere less likely to help people who are ill. Should be closed down.


This place is a disguise...


Gave me some stupid diagnosis while knowing my parents aren\'t educated well on mental disorders. Now whenever I behave badly they go \"BPD!\". They don\'t care about you here and most of the time the...


seaff great staff and community involvement


There were no strengths Not productive, verbally abusive, dirty, poor staff and poor accommodations I would never suggest the use of this facility- it sent my loved one into an even further downward ...


participation distance from my home wasn't the best was like a vacation


They help detox It is always cold inside. The program in the facility was very structured. Most of the counseling was done in a group setting. There was little one on one counseling at all.


Excellent aftercare program. It worked for me !@!!!!


Attentiveness Impact wasn't strong.The staff could benefit from more empathy exercises. It's inconsistent across the staff.


I was sent to Three Rivers,I had no clue where I was because I was asleep for the ride.When I woke up and found out where I was.I wanted to call my husband.They asked me if I knew the number,I told th...


I was sent to Three Rivers,I had no clue where I was because I was put to sleep for the ride.When I woke up and found out where I was.I wanted to call my husband.They asked me if I knew the number,I t...


I have personal experience at three rivers and it is horrible. You are treated like you are in jail and little to no treatment given. When you report that someone in the facility is bothering you inst...


This place is HORRIBLE. they are doing nothing to help my sister. They are a horrible establishment with horrible workers that are rude. My little sister has bad hygiene. No one is paying attention to...


My parents sent me there because I had a fight with them and lost my temper. I had a history of mental illness so my parents used that excuse but it was different. They were mad at me for dropping out...


I found everyone (staff) that I came in contact with to be professional, adept, respectful, and sincerely caring, even when it was obvious to even me, that it was challenging to do so. I would especia...


I\'m not sure where these negative comments come from but I will assume they are from folks who were involuntarily admitted. This place saved my life! I\'m a guy in his mid 50\"s who had an alcohol pr...


This place should be closed down Frisked naked No hot water Shower curtain down for three days and longer in other rooms No heat in bathrooms Bedroom door opened every 15 minutes at night, flashl...


The hospital is filthy. Bathrooms horrid. Patients ate rotten food, bc staff left it on table.. Room temperature pork, eggs, vegetables etc. An elder was ignored re:cold, I got her sweatshirt. haters ...


Mental health was a strength of the facility. Patients can't be forced to have treatment. They must come on their own accord.


It was affordable and had great connectivity. However, they needed more exercise, leisure and holistic opportunities.


The group counseling is great. I quite my addictive behavior.


They have a great success rate. I stayed abstinent for 2 years before I relapsed.


Stop drugging up your clients, they are in there for help. They drug them up to sleep all day everyday; it was useless, I had sent my sister there but now she is back to cutting herself and going craz...


It has been an experience that I don't want to go through again. However, it was a good rehab to go to. Stay off drugs, they are bad.


I believe the group meeting in the mornings was beneficial. However, some staff are too busy to listen to you and let their position go to their head. Most of the classes do give you strength to recov...


The program works for those who want it. The temperature is cold in there though.


I was very impressed that most of the counselors and aides had been through their own addictions and were more aware of how I felt as I went through the program.


It was not worth the cost! The facilities/food, etc. were disgusting and I was surprised I didn't leave with a MRSA infection. I became extremely ill after the first 7 days and became very dehydrated...


Would never recommend this place. I was severely criticized by staff in my file for following the rules. This does not help one recover.


Connected me with out patient care when I left so I could stay clean.