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With a mission focused on freeing clients from their addictions, the Watershed approach is that drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders are treatable illnesses. Treatment—using 12-step programs and individual, group and family therapy—is specialized for women, men, young professionals and families. Peer support and relationships are also emphasized as extremely important in establishing the foundation for recovery.

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Thirty four hours after I arrived at the watershed, I had a heart attack and was rushed by ambulance to have a stent placed in my heart. I was at death\'s door when I finally gave up my addictions. I\...


I Could never thank the the the watershed ,and its staff enough for the hospitality they have given me . 5 stars across the board , not because I loved it , but because I needed it !!! I went there wi...


Watershed was amazing i def recommend it to anyone who wants to get clean stay through the whole process you will def obtain the tolls nessary to stay clean an change your life...thanks watershed !!!


Spent over 10 months in the “shed” from 2014-2016 I'm still messed up


you people are idiots. the desk personnel don't even try to do their job or read for that matter. keep getting packages refused because a patient doesn't have both last names on the package, but has t...


The Watershed saved my life. I was a chronic relapse and wasn't until the Watershed I was able toget back on my feet again and return to my chosen profession successfully. I am clean now for past 8 ye...


Been sober 5 years thank you watershed!


Spent a year there for my recovery still sober alot of things go on in life where ever your st meet good and bad people there I ess there to get sober took the good left the bad had a roof and food an...


Stayed the entire program and even though there were certain things I didnt always agree with, it was by far the best facility I have ever been to. I hear people say this is like jail and obviously th...


Changed my life. If you listen and do what is asked (even thought its not always what you want to do) then you can really have a good experience


If you love your family member do not send them to the watershed. A person should not come back home the same as they when the left home! This place need to be shut down like yesterday!!! Please pleas...


Please please please do not send anyone to this place!!!! This has been a nightmare fir my daughter. This includes Watetshed also since after they have your loved one and your money they do not answer...


I was a patient at the Watershed 3 times in my early 20s. During my recovery process I spent a couple weeks at the detox center in Boyton Beach. The Facility is clean, comfortable and a majority of th...


I completed detox with Watershed in March 2018. When I originally called, I was introduced to the idea of completing the Treatment Program as well. I stated, that would think about it and that it soun...


Awful - this place is all about the money and the insurance money they will pressure you from day one and when you don’t pay (we had insurance) what they ask - they stop returning phone calls and th...


Misleading place ever. They show you the nice picture and when u get to the true destination it is total trash $$$$$$ all this place cares about. You are so frustrated by the time you can get out of t...


This place is a place from hell. More like jail. If you need tru help please don't choose this place. Will try to convince you need more help and longer stay for money. Horrible environment and staff!


This place is a joke and if u have insurance they love u if not out on the street u go I knew a girl there they sent her out to her car homeless n God for bid if u want to b discharged they won't let ...


I've never been made to feel so much like a child....TWS should separate the women from the men and the younger people should be separated from the more mature patients. It's a bunch of chaos. I think...


Watershed is a rehab facility, not a vacation. You have to do the work to get the results. It took me 2 times, but I learned rehab, no matter where you go is what you make it. I have been sober 7 mont...


I would never send a loved one here.they should be closedown. It is false advertising. Out of approximately 80 patients I was one of a few from Florida. I wonder why? They advertise out of state and p...


This is a very dishonest place. The call center lied to me and my family: they are in a run down medical bldg far from any beach. They promised they had horseback riding on the beach, flat screen TVs ...


Great program. I had been to many treatment centers in the past and none were as structured and as helpful as The Watershed. I went through the entire program through the halfway house and am still so...


This place is the biggest joke. Went there for an alcohol problem and I was there with a bunch of kids on herion. Don't get me wrong I feel for them but it is a joke. Once you leave the watershed you ...


Great rehab! Very helpful I was in very bad shape when I came through in 2008 and then in 2016 I came back and stayed until 3qrts. If I would have went to a different rehab without a doubt I would be ...


I attended The Watershed from 2/18/15-4/30/15. That's a long time to be in treatment! And I am so thankful I was there for that long, because the staff and therapists there gave me the firm foundation...


You guys are amazing!


First and God willing last experience in rehab, so I have nothing to compare it to but I am almost two years sober! Staff was great for the most part. Facility itself not so much (I was in Boca)


I was in the watershed for 1 yr and during that time I gained the tools I needed to stay sober. The staff helped me in so many ways and the other residents were amazing. I'm very grateful for all the ...


Great place learned allot helped save my life


This was the start of our 4 month detox and rehabs in Florida. The beginning of our nightmare. The place looks great online, however is located in the ghetto.


I am going to keep this 100% real, if you're not serious about changing your life through a program of recovery don't waste your time. This has been a life changing experience for me. I had the best t...


I gave away everything to drink. When I went to the Watershed the community was constructed to build me up to take back my will to live and build back up everything I gave away. The therapists are alw...


2 1/2 years ago i was at my rock bottom, seen a commercial for the watershed and by the grace of god i picked up the phone and called..the person who answered the phone saved where so co...


The best treatment center I've ever been to honestly this place completely changed the way I view recovery it helped me understand how important AA and NA are and how crucial it is to work the twelve ...


I visited The Watershed after having sometime clean, relapsing, and then spending years on my own, trying to regain sobriety. Their clinical team, supported by great behavioral health technicians, was...


The Watershed was my first stepping stone to a better life. It kept me removed long enough to be able to hear the message and was the spring board that got me to AA.


Most of the staff is awesome


This place seems more like it out for insurance than anything They try to keep loved ones away from family and don't give messages or add people to the list that patients ask to be... it's impossible ...


This is a very unstructured program with a rude program director. I had left to go get cigarettes and because I left without permission she (program director) took all my belongings for 4 days. Would ...


I was 19 when i went to watershed. It was my first experience of a treatment center. Unfortunately i didnt stay clean after leaving but it planted the seed and today i am sober and clean. Watershed he...


Life-giver for sure. Coming in for the first time ready to surrender and start a new life that is exactly the opportunity I was given here at The Watershed. I will be forever ever grateful for life a ...


Awesome recovery great people great staff


My loved one found sobriety at the Watershed which she was unable to do anywhere else. I am especially grateful for the resources and family support I have received. Everyone treated me with kindness,...


I am truly thankful for the Watershed. It's nothing that I had pictured a rehab facility to be. I love the staff, the community, and the amenities. I would recommend anyone in need of assistance...


I came to the watershed in 2015. A year and a half later I am still here. I am currently in sober living and grateful for the watershed everyday.


Very positive facility looking for positive outcomes!


Great program. I learned a lot about myself and how to live there.


The watershed saved my life countless times. They never gave up on me


The watershed has given me a second chance at life and I'm great full for that. If your life is unmanageable please give it a chance.


The watershed medically eased my withdrawal, taught me how to cope with things without the use of chemicals, then pointed towards a fellowship of men and women who continue to lead me towards God and ...


The watershed is a great place to start your journey to recovery. Their step down program slowly adjusts you to living sober and independent. They provide you with everything you need to get started a...


Truley grateful for being hired by The Watershed.I believe the company is sympathetic to people with criminal records for hireing and giving people like that a chance.Thumbs up for doing that for peop...


Do not quit until the literal miracle happens, like, REALLY. . !!!


Horrendous. Please do NOT send your loved ones to this facility. My ex-husband sought help here, and.. they gave him benzodiazepines and he was sent home on multiply medications. They do not get to th...


Glad you all were there to help my son.


It\'s a great program....everyone should go Through the watershed ... they really help you


This place hands down save my life... I was planning on coming down as a homeless 18yr old who just needed warm weather before the New York winter came. I wanted to AWOL after I got the free plane rid...


It\'s a great program that has a great team of staff that only wants to see the best for its patients!


Amazing program


Watershed is a great program


Joke!!!!! Only worried about when they are getting paid and not how the family member is doing after they are discharged.


I was 18 when I came to the watershed and did not know about anything that I needed to change my life. I didn\'t even have a life when I came into treatment. The watershed helped me build my life from...


I am reminded everyday of the amazing, care & concern that The Watershed extends to people who come through their programs. The alumni staff that I come in contact with are a constant reminder that t...


I would recommend the Watershed for anyone who faces this horrible disease. It has inspired our whole family.


I have my life again thanks to the therapist staff at The Watershed. They gave me the tools and coping skill i needed to live a happy and healthy life again. My family has there son back. My brother h...


TWS started my journey in recovery. I was miserable, depressed alcoholic. TWS offered therapy which I never thought about, I found there were people just like me and going through some of the same iss...


I loved the watershed, it was a great program. The staff was encouraging and a lot are in recovery so I always felt accepted. Their after care and follow ups after you leave are unlike any other progr...


I came to The Watershed in Nov of 2010 a broken woman. The Watershed\'s Treatment Team thought me the tools I needed to stay clean and sober. I owe my life to The Watershed, they gave me a whole new ...


My loved one is now 4 years sober!


I am so thankful this place exists. My life has done a complete 180 all because of the amazing staff... I would highly recommend this to anyone in need.


I have been in the watershed treatment program for 1year and i have been through some ups and downs....i havent always been the perfect client but not everyone decides to seek treatment at their best....


The watershed changed my life. I reluctantly made the call over 4 years ago and never looked back. The staff and others really make the difference. They genuinely care about the struggling addict or a...


The watershed facility and staff has helped me achieve the sobriety I have today. Their detox facility is comfortable and accommodating, however it is very much still a hospital setting. Which I find ...


The best recovery center in south Florida!


I absolutely love The Watershed. Not only do they have some of the most amazing, kind, caring, understanding staff members I\'ve ever met in a facility, but out of the 4 times I have attended treatmen...


made the call to The Watershed & checked in to the facility about 3 months ago. I have been sober ever since & am very appreciative to the staff, personal & peers that I have met on this journey. Tha...


The watershed saved my life and gave me a foundation to build a strong recovery. I am forever grateful! Just celebrated 4 years in October !


Program is great facility\'s are ok. Overall great it saved my life.


What an amazing blessing the watershed gave to our family and my sister who struggled with addiction for years. She attended several other rehabs in the past that never seemed to help. The structure a...


The Watershed pretty much saved my life. Simply put. When I was at my lowest point in my life and considering the ultimate, The Shed brought me back to the man I was years ago. I surrended, shut my mo...


I Love The Watershed


I was granted an opportunity to enter The Watershed in 2012. The expert staff at The Watershed aided in saving my life. The clinical team was able to help me cope with my anxiety without the use of s...


I came to The Watershed in 2012 after countless attempts at \"28 days stay\" state run facilities. The Watershed\'s full continuum of care allowed me to not only learn the tools and skills I needed, b...


I\'m an alumnus of The Watershed. In 2011 I came to get sober. I wouldn\'t have been able to overcome my compulsive heroin addiction without the help of this treatment center.


The staff are taken advantage of. Employees may accrue time off, but management denys scheduled time off except for their scheduled days off, which does not seem to be in line with company policy nor...


I went to The Watershed in April, 2012, after my mom searched for a rehab for me and found this one online, since it\'s advertised everywhere. She was told on the phone that it would be a 14-28 day pr...


We were looking for a rehab for our son called with questions about the program they told me so many positives also said they were in network with my insurance they would provide the plane ticket 9 da...


consolers. rooms and food were good, has great grounds for visiting and walking


nice rooms, excellent care, nice people. was pretty pleased with the treatment my close relative got. They are there to help you recover. Everyone was nice and friendly and listened when you needed to...


Friendly staff


Excellent communication. I was in constant communication with staff and the follow up and support was wonderful


the staff genuinely care about the individual patients. before my admission i was lost. i had sunk lower than i ever thought humanly possible but with the help of the staff and treatment program at t...


Number one facility in the country.


They were readily available. However, their re-occurring intake was a weakness.


Their family program was great. The watershed staff was very supportive of any questions or concerns that I had. However they had poor housing for aftercare.


Counseling with family via the phone was great. They were unable to schedule a phone session after 5 with both parents. The program is what they explained.


Counseling on the phone with family was great; however, it had to be before 5, which was a downfall. Sadly our daughter relapsed within a few weeks.


Couldn't go to work for days and didn't want to stop drinking but KNEW I had to stop. They made certain I was given accommodations to a transitional living. I promised myself that after 10 yrs. of abs...


My insurance never payed them. Said I didn't require that level of rehab. They never billed me. I have been sober over five years and I learned a lot about people as well as myself. When I first arriv...


The facility was not the way that it was described to me over the phone. The place was a lie. The staff was rude, liars, the building was not how it was described over the phone as it is in real life....


The staff was friendly and inviting. I would not recommend-- never, not patient friendly, it was like being locked up in a prison. Aids had to know where you were at all time, used walkies to let each...


It was perfect for me.


It was overpriced. It looked like it was on a beach but it was on a canal.


It was a nightmare.. I was told there would be accredited group leaders, while in detox there was not. I was told there would be massages, yoga, exercise, acupuncture, there was none of this. I believ...


It turned his life around in one month. But family counseling by church, and psychological counseling through justice system have been involved in continuing recovery. He is about to enter the job cor...


Doctors and counselors gave me progress reports throughout my husband's stay.


It seemed like they just wanted to make money. Young assistant staff with minimal experience, no education, recovering addicts themselves. They were more interested in punishing patients by taking pho...


Despicable patient and staff care. Everything from patient care, to ethics, to terrible working conditions, are horrible. Clients were run through there like cattle. It is all about the money there an...


They provide therapy sessions for family. Overall, they had the best people to provide therapy. I would recommend that anyone with an addiction problem seek help immediately. And if it does not work t...


They wanted him to stay apparently forever. Most of the counselors are former patients. There appeared to never be an end to the program. He left the facility. When he called to go back they charged m...


They made sure I had an immediate aftercare plan.


They said they could handle my medical issues and could not I was charged for full treatment but I was in the hospital more than I was there. My aftercare was counseling at a place that advertised dai...


The counseling and AA was great. However, family and family contact was a weakness of the facility.


The food is good and plentiful. That is about it. The admissions team lies to me. They frequently "lock down" wards for misdeeds. It is a rehab factory with very little individualized care. This was n...


The staff members and detox unit were great. It seemed like the only thing they had to offer was 12 step related. However, my overall experience at watershed was great.


My daughter did extremely well because of the helpful staff. They always kept us updated and she seemed to be very happy during treatment. She said the detox was dirty. Due to the fact that my daughte...


Inpatient was helpful and the small groups were good. However, there were too many people after inpatient and all they cared about was money. Places should work more on treating the person instead of ...


They are well organized and structured. I have been there a few times and every time I've been treated great.


It was very nice and clean. They are good people. However, they rush you to participate while you are still detoxing.


Amazing intervention procedures for patients wanting to leave when it gets tough. Good support. Separation of men and women in detox program was nice. There was no acupuncture or anything like that. I...


The connectivity is great but they need to offer more holistic options.


We dropped my son off at the airport and they made all the arrangements for getting there. His life changed for the better right away as did ours. He was ready to change his life and they are helping ...


Compassionate and caring staff. Excellent communications. Facilities are second to none, modern technology savvy and they have a well organized game plan. A weakness of the facility is that it's in Fl...


It was an overall good facility, but it was not very affordable.


The focus on the after treatment work program was great: getting back into the job market, learning about the financing etc. I would like to see more of a holistic activity and physical activities. Ov...


Good doctors and nutritionist. They did not understanding that every patient is different. I feel more time should be allowed to the client and not be forced to be brain washed in to the aa fellowship...

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Christopher Crosby
    Christopher Crosby - CEO

    Christopher Crosby has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs since 2004. As one of the original founders of The Watershed, Mr. Crosby has worked in addiction treatment for over 30 years. Originally trained as a nurse, he has worked in most clinical areas of treatment as a behavioral health technician, crisis intervention counselor, detoxification and psychiatric nurse, group psychotherapist, and interventionist. He transitioned from direct patient care into administration and business development over a decade ago.

  • Photo of Dr. Michael Slifer
    Dr. Michael Slifer - Medical Director