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Our philosophy is one of holistic healing. Our addiction treatment center focuses on strengthening the mind, body, spirit and the emotional well being of an individual. We believe the disease of chemical dependency centers in the mind, therefore “our thinking” must be changed for successful recovery to take place. Although the body may be damaged by substance abuse, we know it can be healed through a combination of medical & naturopathic detox, nutritional therapy and an individualized exercise program. Meditation and yoga help reconnect the mind and body, as well as increase the feeling of emotional wellness. Working a 12-step program leads to a spiritual awakening that delivers fellowship. Through our holistic drug and alcohol dependency program, our clients gain physical, mental, and emotional tools to live a purposeful and fulfilling life in recovery. We at The River Source provide our patients with a world-renowned holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit wellness. We know that getting help for yourself or a loved one can be costly, and that is why our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, along with a quality program, which addresses the needs of the whole person at an affordable cost.

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The staff at the facility are genuinely caring and want to see you succeed. I was on the verge of dying of drug addiction and because of the River Source I am now 1 year clean and sober. Thank you for...


Tomorrow is my 90th day of sobriety and I got out 59 days ago. Riversource and the staff saved my life and showed me why I want to be alive


Everyone here is very accommodating and friendly.


Excellent staff who truly care about patients, fulfilling activities, and groups. Tons of support!


Staff is supportive and River Source has comfortable therapeutic accommodations. Meals were great.


I appreciate the floor staff and the medical staff was very attentive. I recommend this facility for anyone who really wants help.


The River Source met all my treatment needs. The staff was very friendly, kind, and helpful. The treatment I received was very beneficial and the 12 step program helped me tremendously.


Fabulous facility. I could not have been happier with my treatment and my care.


This was a really spiritual experience for me. The staff was amazing and I would recommend this treatment center to anyone whom is feeling broken as well as whomever needs support.


My goals and expectations were met through counseling, Big Book Study, and connection with higher power. After care was very beneficial to think about what I am going to do after leaving here. Having ...


AA meetings, lectures were most beneficial for me.


Yes, my goals were met and expectations for treatment. my goals were to learn more coping mechanisms, learn about my addiction and disease and my borderline personality disorder and I did all of that ...


Yes, I wanted to make sure that I completed at least steps 4, and 5. everyone was really helpful and I even learned how to do laundry.


Yes, I love how I was learning how to work through the steps and ask for help.


Yes, I have been here before and this time was able to expand on the knowledge that i had previously gained on a much deeper level. More 1:1 conversations, The counselor was awesome.


Yes, I found my higher power here and I have the had that before.


Yes, I learned a lot about myself and the Big book.


yes, and then some. When I came in I really didn't believe that i would actually get clean. Now I have such a different outlook and see recovery as not only something that I want but as something that...


It's a good fellowship and I really like the staff and my peers. And the massage and exercise and yoga are nice.


I got what I wanted out of the program and did what I came to do.


I am at my fourth step and have a sponsor. I am started this with great desire.


I feel like this was helpful to get my mind right and to heal and feel like my time was used well.


I attended 30 day residential program. Traveled out of state and did extensive research on this facility. I was very disappointed in the staff and care i received. For the money spent and the picture ...


I learned more about my disease and myself and gained tools


My stay exceeded all my expectations it really helped me to get excited about my sobriety


Yes. I just feel I was explained the steps and worked through them and found a better understanding of myself and how to continue to stay sober.


When I first came in I was expecting to just get sober and was not expecting to get as much tools and education that I did. i did not really know what a 12 step program was. I am happy with what I got...


Staff was wonderful and easy to work with. They were always there when I needed something and very supportive. I got a lot out of group therapy and was thrilled with the sisterhood that we have here.


very interesting and got into the groove of things within the first week. My stay was fabulous.


It seemed like it took forever, but it is a work in progress


My experience at The River Source was positive. I learned a lot about my disease, and the recovery process. Staff were very knowledgeable about recovery process.




Very educational, I felt safe and nurtured. the Staff was very responsive.


It's been quite an experience. this is the first time I have been given any options or feedback on what is best for me.


Everyone was really welcoming. Expectations and guidelines were explained and enforced.


This has been the best facility I went to. very thorough on doing the the first three steps which are very important the emphasis on sponsorship and getting connected which is very important after lea...


I have no clue where my life would be without this program! I really miss the staff and am so thankful for everyone of them! Miss ya Heath!


You turned my life around. I never thought I could experience the feelings i have now walking out of here.


staff was very helpful, friendly and I loved how everyone here is in recovery themselves.


The program works really well if you are willing to come in and work it.


I was say that I am really thankful and grateful for the staff they are always there and willing to help with anything. the whole treatment program really helped me break through a lot of walls that I...


I was court ordered to treatment however I found a closer connection to my higher power and realized that my HP brought me here to safe my life. My experience at TRS was amazing because it gave me the...


Came in scared full of denial thought I was above it all. Leaving with tools, and aware of my addiction and knowing that addiction does not discriminate.


My experience at TRS was very eye opening. I found i tot be very beneficial in understanding my addiction and finding a solution.


I really enjoyed my time here and feel I have the tools I need to stay sober.


Staff is very understanding and caring in regards to recovery. They have provided me with many options and tools to successfully recover. River Source has consistently gone out of their way to ensure ...


My experience was overall amazing. I originally came for a detox and ended up staying for 30 days.


When I first got here to River source I had no hope or faith in my recovery. I had a good attitude in getting help but didn't think I would make this far. After my first 30 days here I knew I was able...


The riversource stresses the importance of reconnecting with god, something I found to be vital for recovery. The staff is very passionate about their jobs and understanding of the struggles that the ...


Great facility, wonderful staff & councilors. The medical assistance is top notch, stabilized my high blood pressure within the first week. 12 steps groups create a strong fellowship between the patie...


I highly recommend the 30 to 90 day stay at the River Source. It has been a life changing experience for me. I did a detox at the River Source a year ago and stayed in my room and isolated. I thought ...


I am forever grateful for the River Source and their program. I was completely against the idea of the 12 steps before attending their in patient program. In hindsight I am so glad that they pushed me...


The staff was very supporting, the brotherhood that I gained from my peers was very beneficial. TRS helped me find my true self. The open-mindedness on life helped me to open my eyes on how I want my ...


My experience at The River Source was delightful. I especially liked the book studies, first step presentation, and the scheduled healthy food accommodations.


I learned a lot while at The River Source and working through my steps and being held accountable. i never thought I would have committed to my recovery and signed up for after care and sober living.


I was spiritualy lost and broken when I arrived. The River Source program helped me to find a power greater than myself. I was able to build a solid 12 step program foundation. When I arrived I had no...


I came into River Source against my will, did not want to be here at first, then as I woke up about a week into my stay, I saw something unexpected, a room full of happy people excited about recovery....


Great Program. Safe Detox. 12 Step Based, Extremely Honest Program. This Place Saved my Life and Countless Others. I recommend the River Source to anyone with a Alcohol or Drug Addiction.


I arrive at River Source a broken Man due to my alcoholism, but with in minutes of arriving I know I was a home. Experiencing the 1st step process I got a great understanding of my Powerless and Unman...


I really am grateful and appreciative to all of the staff ,members who have taken me in and given me the hope and confidence I need to make something out of myself.


My experience at the river source has had it's ups and downs but leaving I can say that I am eternally grateful.


I loved the BHt's and most of the staff here. They are very supportive and understanding while still holding me accountable.


First off I have been to several treatment centers due to my addiction and I must say that this is the best program that I have been too. When I came here I was hopeless and thought I would never rega...


My experience was good with The River Source. The staff were nice and helpful. I love them. The Support here was great. The Group therapy was good.


This place was a god send, I know it is a hard program to get into so for in a drunk moment of desperation not only did I get in but my brother as well and the admitted us both. Soon to find out that,...


My experience at River Source is definitely one for the books! The staff was knowledgeable , friendly, and a huge part in my recovery. I enjoyed the fact that 90% off the staff are recovering users th...


I am very grateful to have had this experience. I really learned a lot about myself and would definitely recommend River Source to anyone seeking treatment.


I would recommend the river source for anyone who is struggling with addiction. It is a great foundation for starting a life sober.


I decided I needed help with my alcoholism but had absolutely no knowledge of how the twelve steps actually work. I was familiar with River Source as I did a 5 day detox in 2015 and I couldn't find a ...


Riversource was a positive first step into recovery. In my 30 days in treatment, I learned the basics of the Big Book, received a sponsor, and met other bright women that have helped me to stay sober ...


In my experience at the River Source I have learned that honesty is a very important part of recovery. My Faith in Jesus Christ has grown tremendously and knowing that if I am spiritual fit I cannot a...


The River Source was a great blessing and resource for my recovery. The staff is a bit overworked, yet they really care about you, your struggle, and your recovery. The food is better than most places...


The River Source offered me a second chance at recovery. The highly structured program was crucial for me because I had very little structure before arriving. I feel that the program not only helped m...


The river source is a great place for people who feel that they have hit rock bottom, like myself. When I came through these door I felt like I knew it all. I was shown I didn't, but working my recove...


The fellowship at the River Source was beneficial as it brought me out of myself. I enjoyed my individual counseling session with Jamar every week. The structure of the program helped me learn account...


My experience at The River Source was good. I would recommend them for the residential care. Outside sponsorship was very helpful.


I would recommend the River Source for treatment. Staff is positive and comforting to your needs. If you are serious about sobriety you can achieve it at River Source.


I feel that this place is very serious about recovery, it is a beautiful place and great sponsors and staff.


The medical care at TRS was very helpful. They really cared about how I was feeling. The groups including the step work were very beneficial. The staff at TRS is very helpful. I would most defiantly r...


My experience at the River Source was excellent. I feel more stable and that I have learned more about myself in 30 days than other treatments in the past. they pout a strong focus on step work and 12...


I enjoyed my stay at River Source. The staff was great. The brotherhood and fellowship formed between myself and my fellow peers was amazing. I enjoyed the food. Accommodations were good. I would high...


As soon as I fist stepped in to river source , I was greeted with smiles and very friendly staff, they made sure I had everything I needed , I could feel the love already and the other patient's intro...


I like the 12 step program of the River Source. The brotherhood. The sponsorship and the field trips. I would recommend this program to anybody that is suffering and wants to get help.


i would recommend the River Source the program and staff are great. The counselor was very helpful and understanding and caring. Staff can relate and understand because of their experience.


i enjoyed my stay here , the staff seem to really care about us and how were doing.


I loved River Source, the workers helped me out a lot. I hope this place stays open for a long long time because it really works and it brought me closer to my Higher Power.


i highly reccomend the river source. they have helped me so much with my issues. the program they provide is amazing and has given me a second chance at life. i am very greatful to have had the oppurt...


I was an alcoholic for more than 2 years. I wasted my college years on the wrong side of the fence and found myself in one of the most challenging situations sometime back when I was out of money, wit...


had a great experience, the program here is very unique, the step 1 process was a different approach, and i love IV vitamin therapy! the natural approach was cool and i loved that we get outings!!


My experience with River Source twice has been an amazing experience, structures, well focused on a mental and spiritual note. My oil change came with much more openness and willingness and a lesson i...


I cannot say enough about The River Source! I truly believe this facility has saved my life. The staff is amazing...the staff genuinely cares. We have had staff come in on there off times because cert...


No rehab is perfect but River Source is pretty close :) Maybe a few more groups with counselors and a different subject every time would be good opposed to basically only watching Step Ones most of th...


has been a very enlightening and helpful experienced. The staff and the program has a bunch of different ways to break the steps down so everyone can understand. They have given me the tools to live a...


The rehab is well rounded encompassing the whole person. Staff was great!


I would say my experience here has been excellent. Very, very good. I really learned a lot of things. i would recommended this place to any one seeking help.


I gained a lot of personal, spiritual strength. Physical recovery also. I learned that self pity was my downfall and learning how to respect my self and others has been a great experience. I would rec...


The staff at the River Source was friendly, caring and helpful. The IV nutritional bags were very helping during your post acute withdrawal symptoms. I would recommend anyone seeking help for their ad...


I really enjoyed being here at River Source i have learned so much and Thank River Source and especially staff for helping me in my Recovery, i would defiantly recommend anyone who is struggling with ...


I recommend the RiverSource to any and all that are suffering from addiction. The staff is wonderful and very responsive to the patients needs. The program is well constructed with the focus on mind, ...


My stay here was very uplifting and I learned a lot about myself and the strength that I have to continue my recovery upon discharge. I came from Connecticut to this facility because I wanted a holist...


Very awesome program, I love the homeopathic ways here with the yoga and the vitamin bag etc. Definitely the best rehab I have been to by far.


recommending my dad to come to river source. I mostly learned that im powerless to my addiction and I have no control what so ever. learned how strong a fellowship come be with my piers and to people ...


Had a very positive experience while attending River Source. I feel I was able to grow a lot in the time I was here, and I'm very grateful for the experience.


I had a wonderful experience. I learned about sobriety and what it takes to stay sober. The staff is excellent by helping me through my step work and keeping me on track when I began to stray. The Riv...


I did a Methadone detox at River Source along with Benzo , It was hard but it can be done. There was great education and intense 12 step meetings . I recommend anyone who needs to detox and learn to d...


I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to go to Riversource. It was so enlightening and life changing. I would highly recommend this place for those who really want to end their addiction...


My experience here was great. I now have the tools to be successful at sobriety. I would definitely recommend RiverSource to others.


I felt very comfortable and would recommend the River Source due to their focus on natural health and getting every aspect of your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual health in check. It is a great gr...


I would say that The River Source, from what I know about facilities that they are doing a good job. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help. My experience has been good.


The River Source gave me a safe environment to grow spiritually and unlearn lifelong habits that kept me in a vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, never really living a life that meant anything to...


Great staff, fantastic way of working the steps. Accommodations could be updated somewhat but overall I highly recommend this facility.


The best facility I've attended. The staff here is amazing! They taught me how to live again. I owe all my serenity and happiness to them and God


I absolutely loved this program I am thoughly pleased with how RiverSource structured the 12 step process and really made sure i got through to my 4th step and was very involved with my recovery and a...




Very comfortable setting. Staff was willing to stop what they were doing to help or lend an ear if you needed someone to talk to and they were very understanding. They put you through the steps and he...


The whole 12 step program, lectures and peer connection were most beneficial for me. The staff were wonderful. I always felt the I was the only one going through my issues but learned that there is a ...


very informational,helpfull I would recommend to others


I had a wonderful experience at Riversource. I found the first step groups to be most effective as well as ER. I valued that this program is suggestive of12 step programs (AA, CA) and enforces sponsor...


I recommend Riversource as a good treatment center as someones first or next time coming back. As a holistic program they focus on the well being of all patients. Daily vitamins, yoga, exercise, and w...


I loved my stay the brotherhood everyone had with one another it helped me become a person an have a better understanding of my higher power it works if you work it.


my experience here was great they really care and the program really works. I would recommend this 100% to anyone in need.


I was able to realize how hopeless I was as far as my addiction. I believe I have hope to day due to my Higher Power. My peers at TRS have helped me tremendously. If you do the Step work it really hel...


My 30 day stay at River source was my third attempt at sobriety. I was guided through the 12 Step process and taught to understand that my recovery depended on changing my lifestyle. It was the most e...


Very welcoming and serious fellowship here (serious about getting sober). Even though its a Christian program, it didn't matter I had another belief.. Would recommend.


This is a really good program and it helped me tremendously. I came in here mad at the world. I didn't think that my life was unmanageable, nor did I believe that I needed to be in treatment. What I l...


Thank you for the support and great full I went to Riversource for recovery...


i would recommend River Source to anyone with an addiction. The staff is amazing. Ive loved every moment here. Ive learned a lot of tools for when I go home. Ive gained a lot of self respect , morals,...


I loved it here! The staff here truly care about you and your future. It is amazing to have such support going through something that is so life changing. I would highly recommend coming here to anyon...


I defenitely am impressed with the stafffRiversource and the completeness of the program. I have the tools needed to begin a new life of sobriety and am excited for the future.


I would recommend River Source to any addict needing recovery! i have learned so much about the program and myself. The lady's are amazing and the stuff is great as well! The stuff and everyone here w...


it helped me get over detox off to a new start. I learn about the twelve steps, the keys of sobriety.


great place, great staff, very caring and compassionate.


I learned so much at River Source. They have many lectures and book studies and the staff really cares about your care and success.


I had an excellent experience. TRS is very strong on and the 12 step. The medical department is great and they took care of my needs. The counselor and staff were very helpful. I would highly recommen...


I am very glad I attended Riversource for my treatment. Like most people I was apprehensive and the first few days were tough, but it was well worth the treatment and recovery plan. I recommend this f...


My experience her was great. The staff and treatments were really good and I would highly recommend this for anyone struggling with addiction


I am very grateful for the staff speakers, and counselors at the River Source. I have gained so much positive information and learned how to love myself again. I am fully committed to my recovery and ...


This treatment center is a life saver! They truly care and are there to support you every step of the way- literally and figuratively :) I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone that battle...


The River source has great staff with a lot of knowledge and make the experience very comfortable and worth wild and highly recommend The River Source for anyone who needs help.


I enjoyed many great things about River Source. The 12 step program has changed my life and opened my eyes to a new way of living that I had never imagined. The BHTs helped me in so many ways with und...


Very intensive program that takes recovery seriously. The methods used help to establish a firm foundation for you to build and maintain a sober life. I have seen this program work for men of all ages...


This was the first time I had gone to rehab and didn't know what to expect. I must say that the program and staff were exactly what I needed. This is holistic treatment with a focus on 12 step recover...


The Riversource is a good place for recovery. It took me a little over three weeks to actually get comfortable with the program and groups and people. at first I didn't like it at The Riversource one ...


My experience at The River Source was amazing. I have been to several treatment centers before I attended this program. The River Source was by far the best program. Special thanks to the staff.


I am so happy I got to come to this facility! I feel like it was definitely a Higher Power that was working to send me here. It was a great experience and I am grateful.


Came to River Source due to my heroin addiction. After a 30 day stay, I can say that I have learned so much about myself, the disease, and the solution. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Hig...


This program made an impact on me to change my life and has given me the tools for sobriety. I would recommend that more IV's be available for patient's in a 30 day stay. I would recommend the River S...


I can say that this is definitely the best program I have been in and the only one I recommend to anyone who has a alcohol or drug dependency like myself. I have tried every way to get sober for the l...


excellent services and has been essential in my recovery as far ass step work and the tools to maintain sobriety


I would recommend River Source to anyone suffering from addiction.


The riversource offers a very effective introduction into the first three steps and the overall twelve step program which is essential for recovery. They accommodate you in finding a sponsor and there...


I was extremely satisfied with my stay here.


I would absolutely recommend The River Source. I really enjoyed both the staff and other patients a lot. The River Source has taught me how to utilize my Big Book which is something that I have always...


In my experience with the Riversource I have learned to become more open-minded with the entire program and to listen to what my peers and staff have to say. It has helped me in a very hard time in my...


I have worked at The River Source since 2010. I have seen us expand and move with the ebs and flows of the recovery industry. All while holding on to our core values of wanting treatment to feel like ...


I was very impressed with how comprehensive the program is. I developed a solid start to connecting and developing my mind, body, spirit and emotional balance. Some things I didn't want to hear but ne...


I found the River source to be a good place for my recovery, the step groups, lectures, and 12 step meetings were all beneficial to me. I'd recommend it to anyone who is serious about sobriety.


The most beneficial aspect I can make point of is the fellowship of patients in the sense of building up or companionship between patients. Often times most patients wanted their fellows to succeed an...


The Riversource treatment program helped me to get in contact with my higher power, gave me a good starting foundation in my sobriety and the social environment helped me to relate with others and see...


I appreciated the fellowship between staff as well as the other patients however I did not appreciate the medical RN as well as no workout equipment, I would not recommend anyone to river source while...


The River Source has helped me focus more on the importance of my recovery and has helped set me up for success upon leaving. I'm grateful for their help and would recommend this program for those who...


I reviewed this facility over a year ago. I stated that The Riversource had no experience in dealing with a benzo withdrawal. I had a horrible experience with this facility. The facility responded by ...


The River Source staff are great at what they do. Very understanding and caring. I would recommend this facility for family and friends who are in need.


Helpful staff. I would recommend coming here for detox/rehabilitation. I do feel that staff needs to ease up on the tearing down to build up.


The River Source is truly a great place and an awesome program. The majority of the staff have personal experience with addiction and/or in active recovery. This makes a huge difference because they a...


Excellent attention to detail and my personal needs. The facility is large, clean, and very accommodating. Enjoyed the weekend trips to the movies and Casa Grande water park, at their treat. I've b...


I found the detox to be very comfortable, and I fell like I was attended to during the whole process. I found the groups to be very helpful. The staff were all very kind and helpful. I also enjoyed th...


Staff here is great! They actually care about my recovery and helped me so much. This is the only place that I would recommend to anyone seeking help with their addiction.


The River Source helped me open up and get to know other people. The groups and the exersice time makes it a serious and fun combination of sobriety. Best treatment center ive been to and the staff re...


The most beneficial thing was the people and the groups. every group I went to I got something out of. I would recommend anyone who is seeking help for there addiction to come to river source.


The River Source program is outstanding. The staff especially is warm and caring and they are able to relate to the patients quite well. I would recommend River Source for drug and/or alcohol treatmen...


river source was a life saving program, for myself and my family. it has given me the tools and education for my disease .I recommend river source with all my heart to families in need.


More diversity or treatment (not just 12 step). Better medical attention. Better organization all around. Staff is caring in general but undeerqualified in my opinion.


i would most definitely recommend the river source because the staff if so helpful and they have a wonderful program!


Pros - The Program exceeded my expectations. Program staff are wonderful and really care about their patients. Counseling was great, Food and accommodations were good. Cons - Management of the facili...


Very good 12 step program. Very good at getting you started on the 12 steps and understanding the process. The 12 step program is the only proven method that has real results in sobriety. you also rec...


The love and respect from staff and patient's helped me through the process of being in treatment. I learned no matter how difficult it is to forgive and lets things go it's a lot better than going ba...


I was introduced to the twelve steps and AA. "The "program". I thought I was only going to detox and then just another drug treatment. Fortunately I have received the gift of a new life by getting the...


The emphasis on the 12 Step Program was good allowing me to leave with a plan to stay sober. The AC in the vans was miserable in the heat of June. Not all the rooms are semi-private like the website s...


This is the first time I went to rehab where I actually haven't had cravings my last two weeks here. This is the first time I haven't had plans to drink when I get home, or have plans to go to the liq...


Riversource has the best staff that genuinely care about the patients and their needs. This is a great place and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering with addiction issues.


The staff is great and genuinely care about your process and aftercare plan. I have learned a great amount from the 12 step program, and from the staff who have shared their experience, strength and h...


I had a positive experience at River Source. The staff was great and helpful in many ways. I learned a lot throughout the treatment. I would recommend River Source to others for treatment.


My experience with The River Source was amazing. Staff was delightful, professional and caring. The Step work, the fellowship and the wonderful staff were most beneficial to me. I would highly recomme...


I loved my stay at The River Source. This was my ninth treatment center and after thirty days I could feel the difference from other treatment centers. The days are very recovery oriented and more int...


My experience at RiverSource was much better than anything I was expecting. Though it is very regimented and repetitious at times, that kind of structure is exactly what I needed to get into a "recove...


I was very pleased with my medical detox, was very effective, only two patients per room which was good, and staff and counselors were great, overall was very pleased.


I loved my stay at the river source. Staff is very helpful and educated on addiction. The river source is a awesome program that I would suggest to anyone who is struggling from addiction.


My experience at the river source was a positive one. The staff never gave up on me. They called me out when needed. They helped me to get fired up for recovery again. They know their stuff! Bravos le...


I learned more as a patient at The River Source in my 30 days than I previously learned at another treatment facility that I spent 90 days in. The staff at TRS are very knowledgeable and they really c...


My experience at The River Source has been very helpful for my recovery. I learned a lot about myself. They walk you through the steps which for me has been the most beneficial in my recovery. I am gr...


My experience with my stay at The River Source was positive. The holistic aspect of the program was very helpful. The process of presenting Steps One-Three in the group process was great. I would reco...


I had an amazing experience at the River Source, and would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction.


My experience here has been great to say the least. The staff here really cares about the patients and try there best to make sure we are working on our recovery and doing what is best for ourselves a...


I loved this program. From the helpful and friendly staff to the services offered they even help you once you have left their facility. The river source have has been incredible. I would recommend thi...


The Riversource was my first inpatient treatment for addiction and it exceeded all my expectations! Everything from the staff to Lectures helped me gain the tools needed to stay sober in life! I would...


Riversource is a great program if you are really truly done with drugs and alcohol. This is not a vacation and you do have to put in some work, as is with everything in life you have to work for what ...


The staff here has been there done that. They do not baby you through the steps and they hold you accountable for your actions. If you are tired of living through the pain of addiction then the River ...


I love the river source program. It has taught me a lot about my addiction and has taught me that as long as I don't take back my willingness and keep trust in my higher power that my god will keep me...


This place has saved my life, Ive been to many treatment centers before and I can honestly say The River Source is one of the best Ive been to. I would recommend this place to any friend or loved one ...


My experience was good and fulfilling. i feel that I got a lot out of The River Source, mentally , physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I would honestly recommend The River Source to other addict...




The experience here has given me great tools and excellent support for my needs in recovery.


The River Source has been a good program for me at this time in my life. It has a variety of treatments, most all of them are mandatory. There is a very heavy emphasis on the 12 step AA program with m...


I am so happy i came to river source. I have gained alot of knowledge about myself in the time i have been here. I will never forget this place and what ive gained here.


My experience with being at The River Source was really hard during my 14 years of Methadone use and my detox as was severe and PAW symptoms were hell, however as I reflect back I am able to acknowled...


My experience at The River Source met my expectations of having a nice facility, being comfortable along with the amenities that were offered. This is the first time I had worked the 12 Step program a...


My experience at the River Source was great. Very educational. I learned about my addiction, that it is a disease not a fault. My experience with the 12 steps was good. I would recommend The River Sou...


Excellent Detox program, followed by extremely useful daily meetings and events. All staff are interested and involved, and speak from experience in addiction. I would highly recommend this facility t...


found that I am not an individual you have everthing you need to be successful


After three years of sobriety I found myself t the Riversource and I am so grateful I made the call. Garret was compassionate and let me know their was space available for immediate check in. Arriving...


I would recommend TRS because of the knowledge I received that has helped me address my alcoholism. I feel that I have received the tools that are necessary to remain sober. Not only did I received th...


This program puts an emphasis on the big book and step work. It is a good program for individuals interested in a twelve step model for recovery.


The River Source is staffed with excellent people who really care about what they do. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they may need a change.


I enjoyed my time at River Source and feel that I was provided with the proper tools to maintain my sobriety. I am leaving feeling good and happy.


The Riversource has changed my life. I came here broken and leave here sober and on the right path to recovery. The staff here really cares about everyone. I would recommend The Riversource to anybod...


this is a very good treatment center I would recommend this rehab to my friends and family


I would highly recommend The River Source to other people for the fact that it separates the men and women to allow more focus without distractions. The food was amazing and I had a comfortable bed wi...


a very huge thanks to the RiverSoure. very helpful staff that have been in the same place< I highly recommend to anyone searching for a beautiful and serene life. Many thanks for everything RiverSourc...


The River Source helped me to understand the disease of addiction and also I learned the importance around building a fellowship around the program. I would highly recommend TRS for rehabilitation nee...


Yes, I would recommend The River Source, all of the staff, nurses, and doctors have been awesome. I felt that all of my needs were met. I feel that the structure of the program is where it needs to be...


I loved the river source . The river source changed my life. I recombined choosing the river source for treatment.


my experience was very great where the staff is so great where you come first in there eye there care about you so much where they do anything they possibly can help you with you problem with feed bac...


Good place to get sober!


The River Source helped me realize how mentally and spiritually sick I was. Once I started getting more in touch with God I also realized how I couldn't rely on my own direction in my life, He needed ...


I learned lots about my self and where I need help. Having Bravo as a facillator in groups was tremendous help. The whole process was very clear. I would recommend The River Source to anyone seeking h...


River Source and Staff saved my life and have provided me with tools to continue on a healthy path. The holistic approach was amazing. I highly recommend looking in to this program, the accommodations...


All treatment expectations were met. All of River staff have outstanding and accommodating. Dietary and nutritional needs were very good. I would highly recommend The River source to anyone who is see...


Highly recommend. Staff is courteous and professional. Excellent facilities. Plenty of food and snacks, you will never be hungry.


I enjoyed my stay here at the river source I had fun learned new things about myself and made new friends I would defiantly recommend river source to some one who I know who needs help with there drin...


I have been to many treatment centers, some that were long term and some that were around 30 days, however, I have never had such an incredible experience like I did at the River Source. In a short pe...


Being a patient at The River Source was a a life changing experience and would recommend those with addition problems to seek this facility out. Very beneficial.


River source changed my life. i was in treatment prior to river source, and i didn't receive even 25% of the knowledge in 4 months as i did in 30 days at river source. they made my stay absolutely ine...


When I first got here I desperately wanted to leave, but I can't say how glad I am I stayed. River source is exactly what I needed


I would definealty recommend the Riversource. Great Staff, and a positive atmosphere


The staff was wonderful and the classed were extremely beneficial with information that was provided. I feel that I have the tools to stay sober. I would highly recommend The River Source to anyone ne...


Staff is very accommodating to every need. Always willing to talk in private about things you are going through that you don't want to share with the whole group. The experiences of going to Home grou...


River Source has exceeded my expectations of all prior treatment centers. Their focus of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional approach is one of a kind and has proven success.


I'll recommend River Source because I'm sober and got my life back. Staff members' knowledge helped me and guided me to understand 12 step program. I learned how to stay sober and happy for the firs...


I came into this treatment after being around the rooms of AA and being to several treatment centers ,I felt as if I could not learn anything more and that I was doomed to die a death from my addictio...


i loved my stay at river source. i learned a lot. and would recommend it to all i could help. Thanks Janice Olson


My experience at The River Source facility was a amazing experience. The different aspects of what others recover from and the treatment was all comparable. What was most beneficial was the activities...


I had an awesome time here at The River Source and would highly recommend that people struggling with addiction come here for treatment if the are serious about getting clean and sober


It was a great facility all around.


Great staff that have experience. A program that can truly reach a person who has struggled to get sober in other programs. It is a little far outside the Phoenix Metro Area (about 50min), but this ca...


I am so thankful for the wonderful staff and program at River Source! I came into treatment full of desperation, self delusion and fear. With the help and guidance provided by this facility, I am grat...


The River Source was a life-changing experience for me. It has been amazing to witness how invested their entire staff is in each and every patient in the center and truly wants them to succeed. The s...


I feel that my experience here will help me through out my life. This place gave me the tools I need to get through my sobriety and work on staying clean and sober. thank you.


I had no idea about the term “Co-occurring.” The doctor at The River Source said that my colleague is a patient of Co-Occurring. They have highly experienced and caring experts for all such proble...


Let me tell you about how great The River Source was for my aunt. These people really understand recovery. From the moment I called in they were asking all the right questions. I know because my wif...


The place is not as advertised. Half the population would be a start. I left in about 48 hr.. they wouldn\'t even call me a cab. I had to walk in the heat with suitcase. All those wasted thousands, no...


Staff\'s the best!!! very helpful and accommodating. very grateful to have chosen this facility.


I had a great experience at The River Source! I attended the 30 day In-Patient program. I feel great about my recovery and would recommend it to anyone looking to get on a path of sobriety!


Upon arriving at the River Source in Arizona City, AZ, I was emotionally and spiritually void. I was broken, and believed I was unfixable. Going through my treatment, I was taught the pathways through...


The Riversouce might be a good rehab facility if you are already detoxed. But going there to be detoxed is a mistake. Detox clients are mixed in with the general population and have to wait hours for ...


Omg, worst experience ever. Staff? What Staff? With close to 60 people there, their staff consisted of people with only a year sober, and they were either horrible or indifferent. Actual professional ...


Enjoyed the holistic aspects of the facility.


Enjoyed the extracurricular activities and holistic inclusions. In addition, the staff was very supportive.


Awesome treatment, and wonderful service.


This place was truly terrific and lived up to their website and other descriptions. Very tuned into health and well being i.e. eating well, yoga, etc and right on it in terms of getting into underly...


I benefited from the yoga, massage and vitamin treatments. The first step process was mainly used to break a person down. It was a very negative experience. I did not feel empowered at all by the m...

Areas of Focus
Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.


Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

Key Staff Members
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    Zach Lynch - Executive Director

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    Chance Love - Outreach and Marketing Director