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Wrightsville, PA 17368
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Treatment Insights

The Ranch Pennsylvania’s approach to substance abuse and mental health treatment is flexible and individualized. Located in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, the residential and outpatient rehab believes that addressing underlying issues is a vital part of treatment, and that all aspects of a person’s life should be explored. The facility draws upon traditional, medical, experiential, and adventure-based therapies to help clients heal physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The Ranch Pennsylvania offers both 12 Steps and 12-step alternatives like Refuge Recovery so that clients can find a sustainable method of recovery that’s right for them.

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I did 2 weeks residential then 4 weeks PHP I was at the Ranch 1 year prior. Honestly they saved my life literally. There was drama in residential the community. Frustration was the high But you need...


I was there in Sept./Oct. of 2018. Horrible experience. You see the website and you and your loved ones think you are going to receive top notch care. Not so. The “detox cabin” is disgusting. I...


My husband was here for 3 weeks of mental health. Awful place!! Poorly run. Sent us 2 other patients medical records after we requested his. Communication was awful.


don't go here people have sex in detox. The RA'S know more than the therapists. they promise they will call you weekly for a month--they don't. strengths are yoga and the RA'S. weakness is people havi...


I just left The Ranch PA. No they do not have horses . But if you let that stop you from going you are making a mistake. The cabins we lived in were clean and at max 10 ppl in a cabin it was never ful...


We arrived at the Ranch and was greeted in the parking lot. We were desperate to find a mental health facility for my brother who was extremely anxious and depressed and in need of help. We could imme...


This place is all about the money. They do not care if they discharge you into a bad situation. Period. I was discharged within 8 hours notice. They told me my insurance ran out at 9am and I had to be...


we recently used this service for our daughter who like so many others has struggled with addiction for a long time. she entered in an uncooperative manner with her family who remained her major suppo...


I am only writing this review from the family perspective. My husband has been at the Ranch of Pennsylvania for the past 3 weeks. We have a 6 and 9-year old who obviously was very distraught as this w...


This place was fantastic and superior in each and every way to other facilities . I also went Whitw Deer Run.. and in comparison it was terrible. Anyway, the Ranch gives you all the tools you need and...


This was recommended to us by one of the better hospitals as a place for my adult son to get help with his mental health condition and to keep him away from alcohol and marijuana...he had been clean a...


My son was treated at the Ranch. Horrible experience. They claimed to be expert in dual diagnosis treatment. Not true. They only focus on addiction and do that in a very "scared straight" kind of way ...


Great program, saved my life. I attended The Ranch PA 2 months ago and haven't ever felt more alive. Through hard work and dedication to the program, I can honestly say I finally feel liberated. I rea...


A 62 year old was assaulted and "group" feedback was there was not supposed to be socializing between men and women. I'd have waited up to 45 minutes for meds while I listened to nurses socializing...


Most unprofessional place I've ever encountered. First of all, all lies over the phone before I went. When I got there nobody explained to my husband what to expect. They basically told him and my dau...


Family friend attended here for 3 weeks and shared how unhelpful the experience there was. He shared it was only beneficial for the few days of detox, but after that it was extremely boring and a de...


Terribly run....Programs advertised are not available. Insurances don\'t pay for full treatment do clients are forced to leave before treatment complete or pay out of pocket. If client wants to leave ...


save your money. 90% relapse rate. Usually your insurance doesn\'t cover all costs. Just a scam to get money!


SAVE YOUR LOVED ONES FROM THIS PLACE: First off, the only ones who \"act\" nice are the people working on getting that money. From the start they lie BIG time on their cost vs what insurance pays a...


The staff is amazing, life changing outcome. I will never forget my amazing RA\'s. One staff member in particular was priceless. The Dr. is top notch!!! Unforgettable experience. Thank you for everyth...


Listening and working with you to get through your problems. You get out what you put into the program. If you work hard and focus on your recovery the end result will be positive. I know this for fac...


Certain staff that still remains. People with good sobriety or good knowledge in recovery A lot of people from the beginning left and it is the same as when i was there august and september of 15. It ...


Intensive outpatient treatment for 3 months and recommendation for daily AA meetings as well as individual therapy indefinitely.


Great staff, many of which have been through the program, are in recovery, and can relate at many levels Upper management was very strict and sometimes disorganized This experience was no doubt much...


things to do effectivness were nice. cost was high. my friend was very pleased with his time there, it seemed to work


Like with all treatment options BWL only works, if the patient is willing to do the work. BWL, I hear, isn\'t like other rehabs. I have only been to one official rehab and BWL was it. Even though I\'v...


I spent 30 days there.this was my first rehab so I can\'t compare....I can say if you don\'t put in the work it won\'t work the was not easy I have a new life because of the people at bw...


This place went downhill fast. BL says they have all these great therapies, but when you get there and give them your non-refundable payment, you find out they have almost none of them. Everybody wan...


While I did detox from addiction while there, my mental health badly deteriorated and I now need much more intensive mental health treatment.


This is great program and I highly recommend that anyone seeking help to go to Brightwater for treatment. The staff truly care about you and try and meet your needs as much as they can.


I would highly not recommend you send your love one to Brightwater Landing. I cannot express enough my disappointment in this facility and the fact that we were misled on what they could offer. The...


BWL is not what it\'s made out to be. They are not an extended facility if your loved one needs that their extension there is just a repeat of their first 2 or 4 weeks, no advanced care. My loved o...


My daughter spent 60 days here. Her first 30 were so helpful that she chose to extend another 30 to work on all of the issues addiction brought to her life. The counselors were very good and the str...


While I think Brightwater landing is a good facility for addiction, please do not let them tell you that they are a facility for the treatment of anxiety and depression. Their main focus is addiction...


WOW! This is an amazing life saving facility, and by far the new GOLD STANDARD! I recently had a 31 day stay here and all I can say is unbelievable. This ALL STAR TEAM of therapist and clincial staff ...


I hate working here. It is so gross and being a housekeeper its even worse. Clients can be filthy and there are not mattress pads.


This is not what it looks like. The practice is backwards and the place is filthy and not up to code. Clients run rampid with little supervision.

Areas of Focus
Addiction Treatment

Clients receive comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse that addresses the underlying issues that fuel their addiction. A blend of traditional, alternative and adventure-based therapies and a focus on relapse prevention helps clients tackle their issues from many angles and obtain skills to succeed in recovery.

Mental Health Treatment

This treatment facility is specially licensed and staffed to treat clients with primary mental health issues like depression, anxiety, trauma and personality disorders. Mental health conditions can occur with or without a substance use disorder.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Christopher Davis, D.O., CAADC, Diplomate of ABAM
    Christopher Davis, D.O., CAADC, Diplomate of ABAM - Medical Director

    Dr. Davis is board certified in addiction medicine, a member of The American Society of Addiction Medicine, and a diplomate of The American Board of Addiction Medicine. He completed a four-year pediatric and internal medicine residency at Geisinger Medical Center where he was the chief med-peds resident in his last year. Dr. Davis has served as medical director for several treatment centers and has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.

  • Photo of Marie Nixon, MA
    Marie Nixon, MA - Executive Director

    Marie has over 20 years of leadership experience in addiction and mental health treatment. Marie holds a master’s degree in community counseling and has special training in business administration. She has served in roles such as CEO of behavioral health programs and other executive positions. Marie has worked with various client populations such as people with acute psychiatric disorders, sex offenders, veterans, active duty military and geriatric clients.