The Plymouth House

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It was for alcohol rehabilitation, fourteen months later I am still sober and am active at AA meetings. The entire facility are reformed alcoholics and treated us with the understanding of having been...


The Plymouth House is a spiritual retreat dedicated to focusing on the 12 steps of recovery. It's not anything fancy that deals with DBT or CBT or emotional therapy. It's just recovery as laid out in ...


doing the 12 steps has completly changed their life, they recommened no meds which was the best route, my loved one has been in recovery for 4 years he has led at least 10 others to recovery using thi...


Counselors need to improve. Food was great. Fitness and leisure activities were above average. Counselors and owner are condescending egomaniacs.


All employees are in recovery. Great experience, they were able to help more than any other program


they really care, one on one counseling was good. they are strict in recovery and believe that they have the best recovery rate


Staff, 1:1 partnership, support, follow up, community, and ability to help you get into aftercare, were all strengths. It's not big enough.


Rural setting, experienced and compassionate staff, excellent facility, effective family interaction with staff of people who can share experiences and recoveries, strict adherence to the rules. Loved...


It's described in their literature as a 12-step retreat, & that's exactly what it was.


The Plymouth House is a "hard core" 12-step program. My contact their set up a continue treatment in Portland,ME. Once in Portland my treatment continue for 8-months.


The staff is in recovery themselves, which was a beneficial aspect of the facility. However, not everyone is ready for the 12 steps. It's life changing... I'd go back but I hope I never have to.


This facility excels in all areas. I cannot say enough good things about it. However, a weakness was the cost. It does not take insurance due to the fact that it is a spiritual based program and does ...


Wrote letters to a loved one who has lots of time to write! They are supportive and have great policies. I felt the fact that they use 12-step was a weakness of the facility.


It's a well disciplined facility which is what the guests need


There are no licensed counselors and meetings with counselors - it is all twelve step meetings and classes. You do the 12 steps out of the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous while you are there. You can...


Taught me tools to stay sober.


Staff are all in recovery and just outstanding and caring. They have all been there and know the journey well. Almost 5 yrs sober with their help.


My son learned the skills he needed to function without drugs. He started work on the 12 steps, and continues the work today. At 16 months sober, he is the person he always dreamed of being. Compare...


Excellent staff, sober community connections. Excellent program with thorough after care recommendations. Family meetings offered.


This facility is well kept and in a tranquil area. Although it might not have the bells and whistles of some expensive rehabs, it was a pleasure to stay there. The staff are recovering addicts. Their ...


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