The Oaks at La Paloma

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Memphis, TN 38114
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Treatment Insights

Located near midtown Memphis, Tennessee, La Paloma offers residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment for men and women, as well as comprehensive care for co-occurring mental health disorders. Personalized treatment plans and a low staff-to-client ratio allow the facility to truly get to know each client and create tailor-made programs that target each individual’s needs. A highly experienced staff utilizes evidenced-based treatment methods and creates a recovery environment that fosters compassion, transformation, freedom and inner peace.

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Nightmare is the only fitting word. The living facilities are old and dirty, you see each doctor once for maybe 10 minutes in your whole stay. The staff are extremely unprofessional and really don\'t ...


Less than 24 hours after returning from this facility, my spouse was drinking. We identified that my spouse needed more psychiatric help than the typical addiction recovery. This was their third tim...


This place stinks! They say it\'s going to cost you a set amount, then after you get there they say \"oh by the way you will have to pay extra for labs\" Then you get sent to collections because the ...


Most of the counseling staff are in recovery or has first hand experience with addiction/recovery. Difficult to change Doctors. This facility was just what I needed! You have a team of Doctors, counse...


My father loved the exercise programs. I barely got to talk to him. It was like he was in jail. We live in Minnesota and he went to La Paloma in Tennessee. He was only allowed on the phone for a few ...


Strengths: Dual diagnosis, and the love they show from the top to bottom. Weaknesses: Need more exercise eqipment. If you really want help this is the place!! The staff Cares and they show it. This p...


My daughter was treated in summer 2015 at this facility. The care she received was good, staff was understanding. Business office was to file insurance and for reimbursement for me since I paid $27967...


Great staff working together to assist the patients. Employees care about patients. A downfall of the facility was the easy access to the outside world.


A benefit was the ease of contained psychiatrist. However, they need better follow-up on patients. Overall, it was a great facility.


Although my spouse was drug free for over 5 years he was really depressed. They were billed as dual treatment but had few trained counselors and very limited interaction with the trained staff, which ...


Had the opportunity to visit in May 2015, after the renovations. Love the new courtyard and the fire pit!


Just went to the grand re-opening, what a beautiful renovation. The Blue Door recording studio, art room, nature trail and new fitness center are really inviting and will no doubt lead to increased e...


Horrible facility with nothing to do and you are treated like a child.I felt they pushed too many medications as well.


Buyer beware. When you get to this center the financial rules change after you are admitted. ... I left because the place was so dirty and so cold. It would have made me deathly ill. They do not tell...


The doctors are not involved with the patients. They diagnosis at in appropriate times. They don't know how to identify, much less treat, a near fatal allergic reaction. My daughter's life was in dang...


Care is very patient-centric....(Pursue) integrated model of treatment; everyone has a different recovery program and we allow them to see all types of recovery programs.


Very loose in its discipline...My daughter went in twice and relapsed...


The picture of La Paloma,was NOT accurate. It was in DOWNTOWN Memphis, next to the factory district. The OLD building was cold. EVERYONE had to do chores, even though we paid for treatment. Very s...


Great staff, most all are addicts/alcoholics. They know and understand.


Overall I thought this treatment was exactly what I signed up for. I met with my psych doctors twice a week, my therapist almost every single day and was able to have a bunch of time to figure things...


While the quality of care was above average the facility could definitely use some work. Also...I would be very hesitant to trust them with my private information.


This facility is a farce. The staff is poorly trained and the daily classes/workshops have unskilled facilitators. Counselors meet infrequently with clients and meetings with the psychiatrist who moni...

Areas of Focus
Intensive Family Program

Individuals receiving treatment are encouraged to invite loved ones to participate in the La Paloma Intensive Family Program, during which time family members are provided comprehensive addiction education, counseling, group work, and more. While the Intensive Family Program takes place over the course of one weekend, The Oaks provides a number of opportunities for clients to work on family related issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a therapeutic technique used to address the inner thoughts that drive an individual’s behavioral patterns and actions. By addressing pre-existing thought patterns, individuals work to alter unhealthy behaviors and achieve lasting sobriety.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Kyrstan Anderson, LPC-MHSP
    Kyrstan Anderson, LPC-MHSP - Director of La Paloma Outpatient Services

    Kyrstan Anderson joined the La Paloma staff in 2007, where she created and implemented a powerful curriculum, which focuses on understanding one’s diagnoses through education and insight into how co-occurring disorders impact individuals cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually. As director of La Paloma Outpatient Services in East Memphis, it is Anderson’s goal that each outpatient client is able to define who they are and rediscover their own goals and potential in life before leaving the program. Her approach includes the belief that through increased knowledge and awareness, clients will develop whole wellness and healing that will dramatically increase their quality of life and create the opportunity to succeed in all areas.

  • Photo of Paige Bottom
    Paige Bottom - Chief Executive Officer

    Paige Bottom joined Foundations Recovery Network as the CEO for La Paloma Treatment Center in Memphis, but she has been committed to the field of addiction and mental illness for more than 18 years, beginning with her work with adolescents diagnosed with both psychiatric and chemical dependency problems.