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Menninger is a mental health care system for all ages, including dual disorders/addictions.

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Staff of nurses in PIC are outstanding. All professionals except one psychiatrist are solid. The program is primarily educational, intervention and therapy secondary. Lots of professional turnover. Th...


I'm an Alumnus of Menninger and although the methods are hard to figure out this place helped me tremdously. Place is super expensive but worth the money. I have also done all of my follow up visits a...


If I could give this place no stars I would. They talk a great game on the phone and when you first get there but have no ability to help your child. They simply went your money and when it doesn’t ...


Financial aid is misleading. It’s only available for the assessment... yep, ONE month!! My daughter was there 4 years ago and it was a disaster.


Excellents services, outstanding staff, and campus.


Treatment and meals were good.


I called and was desperate for help. It was about insurance. So sad.


This place is nothing but a money making machine. I was admitted there after a psychotic episode with anxiety and depression. Most of my time was spent playing ping-pong or going to a swimming pool or...


I reached out to my sister, another wealthy mental health "professional" for help after a devastating divorce/betrayal and her response was to arrange for me to attend this place supposedly on her dim...


Be advised, this place is run by a CPA, MBA not a doctor. I was quoted $525 for a second opinion. I tried to pay the bill on the way out of the facility but that person was gone. I called the next day...


Worst rehab I’ve been to. Didn’t get what I came for.


This place is great at taking all your money but when you discharge they would prefer you just move on with your life and not bother them anymore. In this regard and from the perspective of one who dr...


Doing good work with very difficult illnesses.


We had a very unpleasant experience with the Menninger ATP program and would not recommend them. Our child attended the ATP program in 2017. This program is not functioning as advertised and desperate...


My husband was admitted for severe anxiety and depression. He was there nine weeks and was discharged the same as he was admitted. The clinic did not help him at all and they knew he was not well. The...


I can answer some questions from distraught family members and patients. Menniger's has a great marketing team that makes them appear to be competent, ethical and highly rated. Unfortunaately, their n...


I received four days of outpatient "assessment" at Menninger. The cost was $10,000. The document I was give at the end of the process was largely a recount of the self-report I had given my social wor...


Seriously, that is your response? Wow. I can give my opinion on how she's doing but how could I give an opinion on how she viewed the sessions? What a ridiculous comment. But not surprising, I suppose...


As I sent my boyfriend away to this place, I was hoping they would treat him with the respect he deserves. He flew through his beginning 3 weeks and was doing phenomenal. Apparently if you do "too wel...


My wife has had multiple stays over the past decade. Her treatment has been ineffective and her destructive behavioral patterns continue, jobs lost, potential friendships ignored, and sabbotaging beha...


Menninger caused me more trauma than therapy during my 6 week stay. My social worker was the epitome of unprofessionalism and my psychiatrist harshly insisted that i take arbitrary medications without...


Unethical and should be investigated!


READ front page of the Houston Chronicle (12/4/16)! Don\'t ever send your loved one to this place. They stay understaffed on weekends so they don\'t have to pay! Unethical and most staff are uncaring ...


Intake process should be conducted by mental health clinicians. Referral process for candidates that you can not take should be improved. It is negligent to not accept someone and not work to help t...


Do your home work before you invest in the treatment here. It served as a high class re hab. Nothing but that. With out patient opting in and participating the program is worthless other than re ...


Great food and facilities, many options to do during the day, the phone policy is good to keep in contact with family and loved ones while in this facility. The doctors weren't the nicest and they did...


I stayed 1 week.Only 2 visits per week from psychiatrist, 1 visit from Social worker(she talked about her ex-hubby). I had one very bad day. The nurse was busy and couldn\'t talk so I called my husban...


what my brother says everything was nice and orderly.


Highly qualified staff; posh facilities. Expensive. Menninger is great -- academic affiliation, professional staff, first-rate accommodations and facilities -- as long as you can afford it.


Provides fair salaries but pricing could be improved.


Clean. Great staff. A bit expensive. Thanks.


Great staff and great program. Very well trained and the success rate is amazing. Cost is prohibitive. If cost is an issue, this facility is not for you.




World-class care, facilities, staff, etc. Expensive. My brother was treated here for alcohol addiction and seems recovered so far, one year later.

Areas of Focus
Professionals Program

The Professionals Program serves high-achieving business professionals, lawyers, medical personnel, entrepreneurs and other very successful individuals who are experiencing difficulty managing their careers and relationships because of a psychiatric disorder, addiction or stress.

Hope Program for Adults

Our team uses a patient-centered, personalized approach to treat people with longstanding challenges that have substantially compromised their quality of life or have been unresponsive to other treatments. Patients and families come to Menninger not only because they are in distress, but also because they are seeking a way forward after being stuck in their lives.

Key Staff Members
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    Armando Colombo - President and CEO

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    Edward Poa, MD - Chief, Inpatient Services