The Lovelady Center

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7916 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35206
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The best! I was in a 45 year addiction to alcohol now I've not had a drink in 6 and a half years. this Faith based program putting God first in my life helped me to win my battle over addiction.Highly...


Well.....they get good money torun the place. Food islop like in Prison. Bed bugs. filthy, everyone comes and goes as they please. I dont know who is writting all the possitive things but HELLO. It...


Ok so i am a current resident of the lovelady and feel that this is a great place for some but when you have people that are still struggling all the lovelady wants to do is to tell u to grow up and d...


This place needs fixed.


I have visited my daughter there and can say, first hand that the facility is nasty. Dirty, bugs and rodents. I was told that the facility receives foodstamps for each person but yet the majority of...


The work with you, but they keep you from doing things and do not let you communicate with outside people but for certain times. Of you want to leave without seeking treament they don't try to change ...


I can say i was there for quite awhile. Very Christian based, that is for sure a PLUS. Met some wonderful women there. The women that made mistakes, non positive drug screens but other, were kicked ou...


The love and support during and after the program is outstanding. The facility also alliws children. This facility is for women and children and they also assist with other issues a person may have du...


Strong faith based, wonderful counseling, job training, education offered. They just need more financial backing, and a bigger facility.


i thought this was a place for help


The facility is a faith based facility. It feels like you are a prisoner there. I just think that there are a lot of ways to help an addict that were never covered while I was there.


Strong faith base. Highly recommend it, it has brought me to God! Of course, there is always room for improvement.


The marketing was good; she is still there.


Wished she could have stayed; she was there 30 days. I felt as though there was insufficient security and feel like there should have been better rules. On mothers' day we got to visit, only because o...


I was given a lot of respect and the staff was very supportive.


They offer the help you need if you want it. They can help you find a job.