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Treatment Insights

The Hills Treatment Center is dedicated to providing a safe, structured environment for individuals in a transitional phase of recovering from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. During this transitional period, we empower clients to transform their lives replacing their old feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness with renewed optimism, dignity and confidence. Our clients are given tools to begin building their new foundation of lasting recovery. Our support staff is committed to excellence while ensuring each client feels fully supported through this transitional period. Residents are encouraged to attend 12 Step meetings or group therapy sessions as well as continuing to see their personal therapist or psychiatrist. The end result is our clients begin to develop realistic and attainable goals and ultimately a new vision of life. Our goal is to replace one's demoralization, shame and guilt with honor, dignity and a sense of one's true self. At The Hills Center we help our clients gain an understanding that drugs and alcohol have created depression, demoralization and the experience of feeling out of control. As a result of this realization our clients begin to recognize that they have become powerless over their use of drugs and alcohol and have lost their sense of personal power in the process. In helping our clients to understand their primary purpose, we teach them to live with honor and dignity as they begin to regain personal power over their lives and the ability to live their dreams.

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Hills Treatment Center is a great place to seek help and to begin your journey to recovery. I highly recommend the counselors here. They have all collectively saved my life. I wouldn\'t be doing well ...


The residential treatment program at Hills Treatment Center is the best place to find your path to recovery. My son became addicted to several different drugs and Hills was the best option I could fin...


My son developed an addiction to cocaine. I had no idea how to help him without making things worse. I knew he needed an intervention and treatment, but wasn\'t sure how best to do this. I am so grate...


We sent our son here for help when we ran out of options. That was the best decision we made. The treatment and recovery has made a huge difference and we are so happy that he chose to go down this pa...


I had been struggling with an alcohol addiction for about ten years when a coworker suggested The Hills addiction center in LA. The staff gave the best care and really paid attention to my specific ne...


By the time I was ready to leave The Hills, I felt stronger than I had for many years prior. I left with the security of knowing that I would not have to go it alone. I have an after-care program that...


I am so happy that we were able to get my cousin some help. She had a major issue with drinking to excess. Her excessive and lavish intoxication often created problems that we couldn\'t understand. We...


Struggling with addiction is a rough thing. Knowing you've got the problem and the help to overcome it makes it easier to get and stay clean. I'm so glad we found this place. My family is coming back ...


Drug addicts aren\'t always the person with a needle in the emergency room because of an overdose. Hills Treatment Center provided the right path to get clean when the unexpected affected my family. W...


Alcoholism is upsetting and far too easy for a family to find being controled by. Thankfully, there are the good people at Hills. They helped put our family back together.


The addiction therapy services at Hills Treatment Center did me a world of good. I struggled for so long before I looked for help. When I was in group therapy, I didn't feel so alone in my struggle. T...


My spouse and I were in danger of losing custody of our child to my ex. We had to show proof of treatment for alcohol addiction. Thankfully there is a couple's cottage staffed & monitored 24/7 at The ...


My cousin had a lot of unexpected issues that were badly resolved. one thing i love most about them is that they are result oriented After working with this Rehab he's been clean for a year now. Thank...


I am in my third week of treatment here at the hills and wanted to write a review before I leave and begin living life clean and sober. I cannot say enough about The Hills. The staff is beyond profess...


They treated my mother with such care and dignity. The staff, program and facilities are amazing! The family program is amazing and not like all the others I have been to. Jorja and John are brilliant...


I was really emotional, depressed and suicidal when I arrived. I like that The Hills made me feel like I’m part of a family. When I came in, Howard was there, and he hugged me and said, “We got he...


I love so many things about The Hills Center! Most definitely the staff and the therapist provided by The Hills are the biggest impact on my re-habilitation. I had simply hit rock bottom and didn't kn...


“Diverse groups, attention to building a program that is working directly with my own issues, amazing attention and love from the Program Director who was brilliant. He is intelligent, he is focused...


Very helpful and therapeutic.


I had a great 30 day experience at the Hills. It did not appear that the sober living arrangements would have benefitted my recovery, so I enrolled in an Intensive Outpatient Program at home.


I found a lot of compassion and great resources at The Hills. For someone who lives in LA, they really encouraged me to strengthen and increase my current support system and allowed my sponsor to do s...




...Experience was unsatisfactory.


Very great place to start recovery,friendly staff and other clients. Constant groups to keep our mind in positive thinking,Food incredible, great views, great atmosphere what more can you want!?


This is the best center anyone could wish to go to for treatment. It really feels like a luxury vacation as opposed to most hospital settings. The pictures really don\'t even do this place justice, as...


Wonderful place. Wonderful people.


The treatment center is If you would like to get sober and stay sober come here!


I couldn\'t have been more pleased with my treatment at The Hills Center. They staff and treatment supervisors are extremely accommodating and supportive. I have been to a treatment centers in the pas...


A very knowlegable staff and caring counselors made my stay at the hill and very comfortable and productive one! Thank you!


My life has changed so much for the better - I am leaving this facility with confidence and a renewed sense of self esteem. Thank you for making me feel alive again.


The Hills exceeded my expectations in every department. The staff was knowledgeable and having been in recovery understood my needs and catered each client based on their individual needs. I can\'t ...


Staff was great, agreeable, accommodating & insightful, I was stubborn as heck & they helped show me the way outside of my self & grow into a young mature adult man


Love the meals, love the pools, love love the beds!! Feels like home here. There is always someone to talk to when you need something or are just feeling down.


The Hills saved my life. I would not be alive today if it wasn\'t for the Hills. I am so grateful and will always have a home there.


Having become quite recreational on certain hard drugs that i believed helped me with a problem with my 1985 Rock Star husband ,finally i realised these drugs were costing me a lot of money,so i check...


I\'d recommend the hills to anyone who is looking to get clean. They have beautiful houses and a great staff. The program here really works if you work it, but at the end of the day you have to WANT t...


The Hills treatment center is absolutely amazing. The staff was awesome and the food was great at every meal. It was like going out to a restaurant for every meal. The classes are all really inform...


Excellent care all the way around. I will recommend the Hills to anyone who needs treatment. The number of clients at a time makes your stay that much more worth while. From the intake to the releas...


This place saves so many lives they are excellent with treatments staff and hospitality


A very loving and caring place....staff that truly wants you to get better.....


I\'m so happy I came to the Hills for my recovery. I don\'t think I would have been able to do it anywhere else. The level or care, staff, groups, and people made my experience so amazing. I will neve...


Very great experience. Super supportive and very attentive.


Sadly just another program geared towards making money from insurance companies as opposed to finding help finding a solution and finding togetherness through recovery. I guess they struggle with t...




I loved the hills, my stay was amazing and I owe my life to them. I thought I couldn\'t survive without drugs and alcohol and My experience at the hills showed me differently. Today I am clear minded ...


Amazing staff, great facilities, great preparation for real world sobriety


The hills treatment center is a great treatment center. All the staff is great... The counselors are fabulous, the food is good and the facially is very comfortable. I learned a lot at the hills and ...


Very nice place staff was amazing


Great food! Pool! Treatment staff are amazing!!


The Hills saved my life. I am so grateful for two staff members in particular. They are so compassionate and accomodating. I cannot express my thanks enough for them, the Hills and the staff. Amaz...


I have been to other treatment facilities for alcohol and drug addiction and never got the understanding I needed to have a shift in my thinking. At The Hills Center I regained a total feeling of self...


Amazing treatment center!


I had a great experience at The Hlls. I have nothing to complain about. The staff goes above the call of duty, the grounds are beautiful and the groups are very helpful in understanding my disease. I ...


The Hills is an amazing place. They saved my life. I have unfortunately been to many other rehab facilities as well and the program at the hills is by far the best. I would recommend The Hills to any...


My overall experience at the Hills was positive. There were times that were hard. However, I had a fantastic therapist while I was there and who I continue to see after leaving the Hills. I\'ve been s...


Amazing staff, loved my therapist\'s! still sober 6 months later!!!


Saved my life. Amazing staff and food!!


I have nothing but praise for the Hills. I was brought in just a broken mess. The staff is amazing, in all positions. Thank you to one staff member in particular and others for providing such a gr...


I think it is the fairest and high class treatment center and it is a fantastic place.


Informative groups regarding addiction; great staff which was helpful throught out my entire stay; would recommended this facility to anyone who is looking for treatment currently


The Hills Treatment Center was the best treatment center I could have come to. It was a wonderful experiece and time of healing. The staff is excellent and they do anything and everything they can do ...


My experience at the Hills was nothing short of positive. They were kind to me and able to deal with all of my difficult moments. It is well structured, but very loving. Frankly, I don\'t want to leav...


I\'m taking this opportunity to thank the entire Hills team for helping and supporting my daughter with the tools and love she has received to continue to make progress toward recovery. My daughter co...


The hills saved my life. It is the most wonderful selection of groups and top notch facilitators you could get. Every one here is very loving and caring. When I need help the Hills is the only place I...


One of the main things I loved about the hills is that it provided me with a safe nurturing enviroment where I was able to heal from a really bad relapse into crack addiction. The staff really...


I had a great experience at the Hills staff was great so was the food. Highly recomend


Very shady! This is my 4th rehab and definitely the worst. It all seems good on the outside but not a good place to go or send a loved one to. Beware!


Needs more/better marketing. Needs additional location for higher level of care. However, strengths include small staff to patient ratio, uses evidenced based practices, takes PPO insurance, has scho...


Treatment centers have become a big business. Having been involved in a 12 step program since 1987, I can say this treatment center was anything but. ... I feel the treatment center preys on the fears...


I chose to go to The Hills for five days to "detox" from a stressful life situation and to take a break from my wine. I chose to go there because it was near my job where there is often an emergency I...


A staff that actually cares,and has been thru it as well. This is by far the best treatment center I know of I work in the field and with many places this is by far the greatest.


Strengths: Staff, groups, food, environment, therapists. Weaknesses: Price. I was really able to open up and finally talk about things that I have never talked about to anyone, it was scary to do that...


Most everyone there is age 20 to 30 and have considerable experience in going back to rehab over and over and over again. I was new to this and really needed some help for PTSD - they went through all...


AA based treatment facility. While comfortable, tends to be a rotating door with many patients relapsing at least once, if not many times.


This is a caring group. It is 12 step based, which isn't for me but I will say it was successful. Good people with experience.


Serene location. Strengths: treatment options. Weaknesses: food.


Great facility; I would highly recommend it.

Areas of Focus
Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Howard C. Samuels, PsyD
    Dr. Howard C. Samuels, PsyD - Owner & Founder

    Dr. Samuels specializes in the treatment of mood and addictive disorders, love addiction and substance abuse intervention. Dr. Samuels has been clean and sober for 29 years from heroin and cocaine addiction.

  • Photo of Bruce Turner
    Bruce Turner - Program Director

    Bruce Turner has a M.A. in Marriage Family Therapy and has been working as an addiction specialist with dual diagnosed clients both in residential treatment settings and private practice for over fifteen years. Bruce’s experience includes extensive work with clients individually as well as in the group process for addiction education, relapse prevention, grief counseling, and multi-family process groups. Prior to working in treatment, Bruce has over twenty-three years experience in health care administration including Human Resources Administration and Employee Assistance Programs.