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The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place subscribes to the philosophy that addiction is a primary, progressive, chronic disease that affects the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our goal is to restore strength, hope, and recovery to individuals and families struggling with the disease of addiction.

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These people probably had good intentions when they went into this field, but then the business aspect of recovery took over. And it starts from the top. The medical directors are a bunch of quacks. Y...


Please be careful sending your loved ones to the Farley Center, especially if they are high risk for Covid complications (high blood pressure, smoker, diabetes). The Farley Center does not practice so...


Do not go here. There are better treatment facilities


This place was a horrible joke and a huge waste of time and money. If you actually want help- DONT GO HERE!! They treat you HORRIBLY... all of the staff. When you’re the ones paying their salary.. i...


Outstanding! Strength: How they offer practical experiences to deal with the struggle of addiction (like testing addiction responses by going out to eat, etc.).


Therapist knowledgeable. They had a Confront Group the same people were confronted every week about the same petty things. I would have been better off to have just attended A. A. meetings.


This outfit is a total fraud and an insurance milker. It should be shut down immediately. If you are a licensed professional in any field and you go there, you will be subjected to brainwashing and yo...


Only after money. Several of the patients over heard the administrator tell the staff no one leaves until their insurance runs out


Do NOT detox here. Detox somewhere that actually give you meds. Then go here for rehab, which is excellent.


This place is the exact reason people relapse. They support family involvement, meaning they support your family member creating a new family and not speaking to you. They can spend time all day with ...


I,went to the center because I needed rehab. I committed myself and yes They ask for and payment for what the ins. would not cover.It's a business, they can not give their services away for f...


If you are lucky/unlucky enough to get sent here, be assured that is is one of the better facilities, especially for professionals (who can expect a 90-day stay, regardless of what you're told). The C...


For professionals seeking evaluations. Being former addicts themselves, the staff believes everyone who comes to see them is in fact an addict. They have made up his mind about you and your diagnosis ...


I went twice. The first time kicking and screaming the second tie "Save my life." The second time worked and I am very thankful.


Excellent program. I will not hesitate to refer people here both personally and professionally.


Why do we take a love one to a rehab ? Recovery plan,continuity of care or a game plan for their recovery . After discharge from Farley's .Unfortunately they don't provide any answers's for theof th...


Counselor does not follow up with calls. He had only been there for a year, very inexperienced and rude. All they care about is money. I told them when the insurance ran out the treatment there was ov...


My Son was admitted on Monday, July 3rd for detox from opiate use and other drug use. He has social anxiety and panic disorder. He asked for help and was willing to be there to detox before going to a...


caring and astute none that I notices Saved my life.


My daughter attended treatment and is still sober. I am so proud of her. The Farley staff was patient and caring with me and my daughter. The family program was outstanding as was her counselor. The C...


The Staff are professional and compassionate. They are well trained and it shows. Money is not their objective but saving my life was. The CEO went out of his way to assure my family and I had the car...


This place saved my life. I cannot believe the bad reviews on here, but they are just that, bad reviews by people in denial. This place is great, staff is great and the treatment provided is excellent...


This is a great place to go. It saved my life. All the staff was helpful and were interested in me. The reviews must be from very sick people as my treatment was great. The comment about the CEO is to...


Please do not even consider going to this facility if you need to get off benzodiazepines. The staff have no knowledge of how to treat benzodiazepine withdrawal, which needs to be done slowly over a ...


The facility looks nice but the workers are very rude. My husband has had little to no contact with me or our children since being in there...Our family and our young children have been through an ast...


This treatment center is a model of what others should be like. Having been to another one, I can easily compare the right and wrong. They have lots of structure, they have rules to help focus on yo...


We sent our daughter here after a referral from her SAC who also told us this is where the \"professionals\" go for rehab so they must be vetted quite a bit. I am very pleased with the progress she ma...


Horrific experience - don\'t be fooled by the veneer on this place. The CEO is rude and obnoxious and has created a toxic climate in which he essentially holds patients who have few other options... ...


I was a patient there four years ago. The experience was amazing. I have been to many of the other prominent facilities around the country and this was by far the best experience I have had. The co...


Looked-through these posts. Perhaps, perhaps, some of them should have surprised me - but I was surprised! - some of them were written by seriously-unhappy people. I\'ve been out-of-Farley for over ...


Worst experience of my life. I was sent here 6 years ago and am still mad about it. Most of the staff treat the patients like petulant children. You aren\'t allowed to become good friends with another...


This place helped turn my life around.


Farley Center saved my life. The professional staff not only has the highest level of training and accreditation but also the passion and dedication to counsel the patients with the rigorous honesty n...


I read some of these comments, and am shocked. I am a two time graduate of the program - the last was 19 years ago. Is there treatment effective? Absolutely. I am still using what the taught me. I a...


Please please please do not send yourself or a loved one here! I was sent to this facility and was horribly disappointed. They like to put on a nice and professional face upfront but it\'s all smok...


DO NOT GO TO THIS CENTER. The staff is rude. The meetings and groups are a joke. There is no support whatsoever except from your fellow \"inmates\" who they do not allow you to socialize with unless y...


My sister is currently at Farley and I am very pleased with the progress she is making. She was in complete denial before she was admitted and now it is as if she is a totally different person: more h...


Of course I didn\'t want to go to any rehab center. I believe that it is a facility to help reorganize your day to day life as a healthy person. There are rules and regulations everywhere you go in ...


The aftercare plan and daily groups were great. Saved my life. Excellent program. Would recommend to anyone.


The patient accomodation was nice. Very nice place, nice people, and helpful with recovery.


Clean and got nice nature environment. Some staff are not pleasant. More communication between facility and family members.


Some of the staff are great but many of the nurses and at least one of the therapists seem to use their power over the patients not therapeutically but in a manner that worsens the patient\'s conditio...


Good lectures. Good food. Poor planning and poor living conditions. Counselors kind of fanatics. Some nurses and techs (drivers) veryyyyy rude.


This was the worst rehab center that i have ever been to, and i have been to 4 total. It isn\'t anything but a long term detox center. DO NOT GO HERE. The only thing that this place is good for is ...


Classes were good Staff, extracurricular activity needs improvement. Overall I would recommend this rehab, but as we all know there is always room for growth. Staff tends to favorite individuals which...


Kind staff, Wish there were more options than just 12 step program. Detox facility on site. Psych ward on site. Apts to stay in with 3 roommates.


Good program but pricy


I felt it wasn't the type of facility that was fit for me. Not enough individual focus whatsoever


Good food, good group therapy but Infrastructure needs improvement


Compassionate, creative, knowledgeable but Costly. All in all a solid program Especially for healthcare professionals. It's centrally located in Virginia. Our only complaint was the pricing and the ab...


Do not send a loved one here. They will not help you. They are just there to take your money, then kick you out before getting the help you deserve and want.


Extremely disappointed with professionalism. Son discharged due to emotional outburst within days of completion. Now back to jail for months of waiting for system that is broken at best. Phone calls...


You can tell that the staff doesn\'t care. It\'s so sad, because this place has a lot of potential, but they have lost that their mission is to help others.


Do not go here, PLEASE do NOT go here. They don\'t care.


NEVER WOULD I SENT A FAMILY MEMBER HERE! DO NOT GO HERE! The staff is rude, and they just don\'t care. They are not professional. They don\'t take into consideration that people are not rich! They hav...


Ants, ants, ants! This is a profit center, not a focus on patient rehabilitation center. Definitely a cookie-cutter approach for all issues, whether someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. At best (some...


I am a current patient. There are a few great employees. At times the nursing staff makes sizable mistakes and then covers them up, and most of the counselors I\'ve encountered are extremely rude to p...


I was the oldest person with just alcohol problems and mostly everyone else was young and had drug and assorted problems. It was truely an eye opening experience.


They assigned a therapist for me with a similar background-- we both suffer with physical pain and relapsed after long term sobriety. This place saved my life!


They are tolerant and compassionate. Visitation was liberal and supervised visits were easy to request if needed. However, elderly care is not a strong point.


They use a cookie cutter approach instead of a tailored individual one. Program has two options - one for the general population and one for medical professionals. Medical professional option is exc...


I would most definitely recommend this facility! They give excellent care and it is a great program.


A majority of the staff, from therapists to nurses, know the disease first hand and can better relate. The Farley Center gave me my life back! I had given everything up to reach my bottom and almost 2...


They have experienced counselors; however, the facility is dirty and some of the nurses are not compassionate.


It is clean, friendly and the price is worth paying. It makes a person emotionally, mentally and physically fit.


Farley only provided me with information on where to go and when. It just was confusing-- I was on two different schedules so I was doing yoga in one room and somebody pulled me out of there to put me...


My family found the place, but I decided to go because they have a program for professionals that is more rigorous ands longer than the typical 28 days.


Of all the places you could admit yourself to, this should be one of the last. The impression I've made as a former patient, using experience and hindsight, is that this institution has existed for d...


The Farley Center has some of the most uneducated, harsh staff I've ever seen in my life. ... If you want to kick whatever is destroying your life do not come here. ... Once again if you're really see...


I feel somewhat betrayed. As soon as I finished detox they told me my insurance would not pay and I could not stay. I thought I would have several weeks of treatment because I was completely incapacit...


I loved this place it it the ultimate treatment program you get classes 7x a week different counselors, games, activities i absolutely loved it. A must attend.


Three days after being there I felt wonderful. The actives were so helpful and I learned so much about why I was addicted and how to treat those problems. It helped me so much and set me up for succes...


Fantastic facility from the cleaning staff up to the Director

Areas of Focus
Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Don McCourtney, MBA, Ph.D.
    Don McCourtney, MBA, Ph.D. - MBA, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

    In January 2011, Don McCourtney joined The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place from HarborCrest Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment program at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen, Washington. For over three years, Don provided leadership at HarborCrest as the Director of Behavioral Health. Don has been with Diamond Healthcare since 2007 and brings over thirty-six years of extensive experience in the field of addiction and mental health to Williamsburg. His background includes clinical and managerial skills with inpatient, outpatient, and managed care settings.

  • Photo of John Colaluca, DO
    John Colaluca, DO - Medical Director

    Dr. Colaluca is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 1994 and has practiced addiction medicine at Palmetto since 2002. Dr. Colaluca’s background is in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. He is certified in Addiction Medicine through the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Addiction Medicine.