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Treatment Insights

The District Recovery Community is a substance abuse and mental health treatment center located in Orange County, minutes away from Huntington Beach. At The District, we understand the impact a like-minded community can have on a client's long-term recovery and have a strong aftercare program and alumni network in place to all clients that walk through our doors. We also offer regular community and alumni events including beach days, BBQs, snowboarding, hiking, surfing, and more every month to keep everyone connected.

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Dear The District, I, thank you,the team, in effort with the progress I have made in my recovery. You provided a safe environment, scheduled group therapy, case planning and access to outside meetings...


I was a homeless junkie in Massachusetts for 18 years before finally accepting help and going to treatment. I only went once, in 2017, which I know is not a common thing. I think it's because I landed...


The District Recovery Community was instrumental in helping me achieve long term sobriety and ultimately saving my life. The groups are held with incredible facilitators and are very enlightening on t...


Gave me everything I've needed to succeed. Not only am I sober, but I can live a regular life. I've paid off all debt in collections, back in college and am happy. Grateful for everything this place h...


The district is a one of a kind program, during my time there, and in the years after as i began working in the field, i noticed that what the district does really stands out. I was at the end of the ...


I was an employee of this company for just over a year and it was an incredible experience. My coworkers were the anchor on days that the actual work is stressful. I knew that my supervisor would alwa...


This is an Amazing place to be. They have beautiful houses, they have an amazing staff all the way around that truly care about you and help with all your needs. They want you to get better and they g...


The District was a critical component in saving my life. They showed me how to live life on life's terms and be free from the obsession of addiction. The staff was very supportive and amazing. The liv...

Areas of Focus
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy is a treatment option that medical specialists use to treat a myriad of issues, including addiction, depression, PTSD, and other personality disorders. The skills you learn in dialectical behavior therapy help you to tolerate distress and negative emotions. You can also improve your ability to regulate your emotions, and be mindful of the moment. Additionally, you learn how to communicate with other people.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic therapy programs in Orange County, CA complement evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, individual or group therapy. These programs are non-medical treatments that treat the entire person: body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, practicing these treatments brings your total health into balance. These practices may include meditation, yoga, energy work, massage, and acupuncture. Some holistic therapy programs may even consist of fitness or nutrition therapy.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy is a treatment option that medical specialists use to treat a myriad of issues, including addiction, depression, PTSD, and other personality disorders. The skills you learn in dialectical behavior therapy help you to tolerate distress and negative emotions. You can also improve your ability to regulate your emotions, and be mindful of the moment. Additionally, you learn how to communicate with other people.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

All clients that walk through our doors are evaluated for co-occurring mental disorders that may be impacting their ability to heal. For anyone dealing with a mental health disorder, they will be given the tools and therapeutic modalities they need to conquer these issues.

Alumni Testimonials
  • a week agoNEW After multiple failed attempts at sobriety, and with countless treatment centers under my belt, I finally found myself at my final bottom and after a stint in detox, found myself at The District. Of ALL the places I’ve been, this place, as a whole is THE BEST! On every level, from groups, Individual therapy, case management, house managers, and staff on every tier, you’re made to feel like family here. I was pushed to be my best and given every possible support needed along the way. I went from a lonely, hopeless alcoholic, to being deeply connected in a community of people just like me, who want to better our lives and the lives of those around us. I’m so grateful to everyone at The District for giving me a model of living that I couldn’t find on my own, and for loving me and encouraging me, when I couldn’t love myself. If you want to STAY sober, and don’t know how, come here and I guarantee you, you’ll know How by the end of your stay.
    Cody H.
  • I entered this program fearful and full of doubt about getting sober and rebuilding my life. The staff at The District Recovery not only helped me put the pieces back together, but they empowered me to do it myself. I am eternally grateful for this program and community. This community was essential to my early sobriety. They helped me walk through every trial and tribulation of my recovery. Through The District I was able to set a solid foundation for my sobriety and get my mental health in order. They are overall a very well rounded program with lots of resources for every need. I would recommend The District to anyone and everyone- it is an incredible program with amazing people.
    Emily K.
  • I’ll start by saying all the staff are amazing individuals who go above and beyond for everyone here! I couldn’t have found a better place to get sober and form a bond with my brothers in recovery. The community is what I enjoyed the most and having everyone come together and helping one another in their sobriety.
    Mitchell M.
  • The District Recovery Community saved my life. Everyone from support staff to upper management truly cares about their job, the clients and the people they work with. TDRC taught me the skills to live life to the fullest while having fun in sobriety. Not only do they take recovery seriously but also show you how to have fun and enjoy life. As soon as I landed in California I was welcomed with open arms and felt at home. I only felt more at home until the day I left. TDRC will always hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved in my recovery journey. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to change their life and achieve long term sobriety.
    Krishan G.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Jack Petti
    Jack Petti - Founder

    Jack Petti comes from a unique background, having struggled with addiction from the very early age of 12 years old. Addiction grabbed hold of Jack early on as he discovered that drugs and alcohol provided an escape for him, enabling him to numb negative feelings or emotions. With a tough upbringing in a family of ten siblings and a lack of family stability, Jack grew up getting into quite a bit of trouble as his addiction rapidly progressed. Jack struggled with substance abuse while cycling in and out of boarding schools, wilderness programs and treatment centers for seven years before reaching bottom. At the age of 19, after years of living in self will, demonstrating extremely destructive behavior and shutting out everyone from his life, Jack came to the realization that he could no longer continue living the way he had been. He entered himself in a long-term treatment program in California with hopes of developing a better manner of living. Jack spent more than a year going through all levels of treatment programming and established a solid foundation for recovery. He has used his story to help individuals struggling with the same problems he once struggled with. Jack now works in recovery, taking advantage of this platform to share his story, experience, strength and hope with young adults fighting to break free of the same seemingly hopeless state of despair he once knew all too well.

  • Photo of Reese Morgan
    Reese Morgan - Executive Director

    Reese Morgan is our Executive Director, however our relationship with Reese didn’t start as such. Reese began his journey with us as a House Manager four years ago, and that’s when he developed his passion for working with others. That very same passion for helping others and watching our clients lives materialize is what motivates Reese on a daily basis to help to ensure Renaissance Recovery remains a safe, structured, and culturally sound environment for our clients. Serving as Executive Director, Reese provides oversight of all the day to day operations of Renaissance, lending support to each department whenever necessary.