The Del Ray Recovery Center

140 Northeast 4th Ave, Suite#D
Delray Beach, FL 33483
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Treatment Insights

The Del Ray Recovery Center helps alcoholics and addicts find the strength and support they need to overcome addictive behaviors and live a sober life. Located in sunny and warm Delray Beach, the drug and alcohol rehab offers a comfortable and tranquil environment to begin the journey of recovery. Individualized treatment plans and a five phase “step-down model” allows clients to move through treatment at their own pace and in a manner that best fits their needs. A variety of holistic, traditional, and alternative methods are utilized to provide a well-rounded treatment experience for each and every individual.

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Areas of Focus
Aftercare Programs at The Delray Recovery Center

As treatment comes to an end and individuals leave the campus, true recovery in daily life begins. This is the vital time when an individual begins incorporating the new, healthy lifestyle strategies and routines into daily life. Recognizing this crucial challenge in an individual’s recovery, The Delray Recovery Center’s Aftercare provides unmatched support as the individual leaves campus and integrates back into daily life. Our Aftercare program consists of a variety of continuous care activities for lifetime support.

Health and Wellness Program

Health and wellness are critical foundations to overall well-being. At The Delray Recovery Center, we employ enjoyable, beneficial programs and activities such as: therapeutic massage, supervised gym workouts, softball, basketball, and group sports activities.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Jennifer Lundgren
    Jennifer Lundgren - Primary Therapist at The Delray Recovery Center

    Jennifer Lundgren, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), is a Primary Therapist at The Delray Recovery Center. Jennifer conducts group counseling as well as individual and family counseling sessions. She employs art therapy and creative discovery, motivational interviewing techniques, and solution-based cognitive behavioral therapies such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) as well as the more existential Gestalt. Through these methods, Jennifer helps clients center on changing and healing internally, rather than focusing on external situations and events.

  • Photo of Dr. Darryl Appleton, M.D., D, ABSM, ABPN
    Dr. Darryl Appleton, M.D., D, ABSM, ABPN - Medical Director

    The Delray Recovery Center’s triple-board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Darryl Appleton, recognizes that many individuals with a history of substance abuse or alcoholism attempt to self medicate in order to manage underlying problems with depression, anxiety, and/or trauma. Frequently, such underlying problems need to be dealt with therapeutically prior to addressing the more tangible and discernible substance abuse. The Delray Recovery Center is prepared to work with each individual to address these underlying problems through multiple treatment options. In fact, The Delray Recovery Center is one of the first treatment centers to offer the new, ground-breaking rTMS magnetic stimulation treatment designed to target and treat co-occurring disorders without the use of psychotropic medications.