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The Center • A Place of HOPE offers authentic, whole-person care for adults with addiction, eating disorder, depression and/or trauma. With a focus on mind/body/spirit wellness, treatment plans are tailored for individual needs. Recovery unfolds in a beautiful, natural setting, away from the pressures of home, aided by the support of an inclusive community of counselors and peers. An active alumni program also helps with aftercare support and reintegration into life post-treatment.

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Matt Gandall was truly amazing and help me work through so many of my under lined issues. Katie Ferree help me so much with understanding why i was able to sleep and she asked all right questions that...


Everyone I met at the center was so nice and welcoming, the staff and the people going here. It feels like a community and a really safe place


There were 3 special people here that I want to thank. Nick, each time I was really struggling with something that I felt like I couldn\'t get through on my own, I had a session scheduled with him wit...


I went to The Center, desperate for anything that could help me, but not really believing that I could be helped. Nothing else worked, I didn\'t know what else to do, or where else to turn to. What I ...


They were always on top of things, and I\'m super grateful to them. I know sometime I was a handful, but they always treated me really well, and I respect them a lot. THANK YOU MED TEAM!


They were AMAZING. I can\'t say enough great things about Karen, Janine, Katy and Katie, and Shannon. I also loved my faith classes with France and Renee. Special shoutout to Katy for helping me try n...


Karen - thanks for being so direct and honest with me. You\'re \'style\' of counseling really resonates well with me. I trusted you from the start and your support contributed SO MUCH to my growth. Th...


I loved, loved, loved, writing class. It was soooo therapeutic. I can\'t wait to keep writing after my time at the Center. If the center were to offer actual fitness classes during the normal schedule...


I came to the Center after attempting to take my own life. I spent 6 weeks of intensive 1:1 counseling, group therapy, educational classes on relationships, nutrition, setting healthy boundaries, over...


I had tried many other forms of help in the past, but The Center has been able to help me above and beyond what I thought was possible. I will recommend The Center to anyone who needs help. It is life...


I am beyond blessed to have been lead here. I am going home to begin EMDR Trauma treatment, but am fully open to returning if I feel the need or my counselor feels the continuation of care. Thank you ...


Just a huge thank you to all of the center staff! Everyone is so helpful and kind in spirit. You have made my stay here comfortable and effective.


I think the DBT classes provided me with lifetime skills to return home with. France\'s and Justins group were particularly welcoming and beneficial


I came here as an atheist because they offered me a few weeks for free. My CDIOP therapist told me not to make my own plans for life, because “god” laughs when we make plans. And that god has a be...


I came here as an atheist because they offered me a few weeks for free. My CDIOP therapist told me not to make my own plans for life, because “god” laughs when we make plans. And that god has a be...


Fantastic. I really enjoyed the naturopathic way of looking at my health. Taking vitamins and doing the blood test put my mind at ease. I used to constantly think something physically was wrong with m...


I really enjoyed the BIB class as well as the writing & art therapy classes. I also really enjoyed the cooking class as well.


They were all amazing! Lisa was amazing at helping me with just what I needed when I needed it with her no nonsense, straight to the point aspect of things. That is something I definitely needed while...


I had a great experience with them. Dr. Shannon was great to work with as was Dr. Ogawa. Natasha was also great to work with for the med checks as well.


I really enjoyed my treatment team. Lisa & Mike W. were both amazing and knew just what I needed right when I needed it & were able to help me work through my issues while I was here.


Thank you for impacting my life for the better and I hope you truly hear my frustrations and address these issues so they don\'t happen again to anyone else that wants to come to The Center to better ...


My treatment team was beyond expectation. I could not have asked for better counselors.


Mike S., Heather, Shannon, Lois, Nick, Michelle, Natasha,James, Victoria deserve a big thank you. I am so thankful to God for these people. Natasha and Randi were wonderful and attentive to needs. Onc...


They not only help you when you are there, they help you for when you get home. I\'m all set up with counselor and nutritionist and psychiatrist and my primary for when i get home , feels great to hav...


It took me coming across the country from the East Coast to the farthest West Coast to finally find a place that has literally given me hope and guidance and most of all the ability to love myself


Michelle is great with her soft voice and understanding and let me explore several subjects, Lisa was to the point and kept you on track. Justin helped finding why i was really gambling and now workin...


The first day really ,ade it seem that I was in the place I need to be in. I appreciated the fact that there was a lot of useful information but never did I feel like it was overwhelming. I did apprec...


Everyone has really helped me in major ways and in the journey to whole self recovery. One person I am extremely thankful for is MIKE S. He is incredible the way he approaches thing, his unusual and i...


Writing Class and Art Class each had special meaning to me. It was helpful to hear other residents stories in these two classes. Keep up the good work. Jeanine and Michelle are excellent teachers and ...


I can not say enough good about Janet. She is so bubbly and just really will always hold a special place in my heart. Michelle and Jeanine were so helpful in listening and just helping me nevigate iss...


Cooking class was such a good experience and a really great time doing community with the other members from the ED program.


My experience was the medical was great. I ABSOULTEY loved Dr. Owuga. She was so sweet and kind.


Very good experience here and with the medical team, they were really nice. It was overall a good and needed experience, no complaints.


Relationship and Faith classes were my favorites. The gym access was very beneficial too. Matt, Mike, Justin, and Dr. Hughes were all extremely helpful to work with too.


Even in my short stay, I feel I gained tools that will make my co-parenting relationship much more fruitful.


Very good. I felt heard and my questions were answered. Hughes and Richmond both took great care and interest in my progress throught my time here.


James: Made my first day far less scary and I knew if I had issues that James would get things handled,..he has cool suits too. Dr. Richmond: An absolute sweetheart and I felt like she stayed involved...


The medical team was pretty incredible. The classes were also incredible. The only classes that I did as electives were the cooking class and faith. Cooking class was great, I did that because I was i...


The treatment team was also AMAZING! Like everyone single one of them were so easy to talk too, so understanding, and they actaully listened. I felt like I was being heard, and validated. France was m...


cooking class with Dory has been so benificial for myself. I have learned how to cook and to enjoy cooking instead of looking at it as a burden.


Louis and Justin are amazing. Louis was able to speak to me in a way that I understood and helped me to see things I did not want to see but needed to see. Justin has such enthusiasm and energy and he...


Dr. Jantz was so kind and genuine every time I bumped into him at the Red Twig. Thanks for always saying hi!


DBT seemed to be the cornerstone of the program here and working through the handouts and worksheets have brought my understanding of emotions and how to comprehend them to a new level. Very helpful. ...


Lisa helped me through the absolute worst day of my life and her concern for me was authentic. Victoria has a cheerfulness that is infectious. France was very helpful in Faith class - I love her insig...


France and Mike S. will always hold a very special place in my heart. They helped me to have a new perspective about life and have encouraged me to live my life to the fullest and reach my full potent...


Such wonderful people. So warm. So caring. So compassionate. So safe. They quickly gave me a reason to trust them - what a gift they all are to me!


Remarkable. My words fall short. I have such an incredible amount of respect for every person on my medical team. Each one was incredibly kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. I felt that they actually c...


My treatment team was great. All the lessons and one on ones were a great experience. Though all my situations weren\'t dire situations, they did require a timely answer... I think if a note is \"urge...


I Reall did admire Nick Drake he was a really nice guy and he was there when you needed him and he always had a open ear when you need it plus not to sound weird but he got very beautifull eyes that a...


The medical team was awesome can I did realize that I wasn\'t doing some thing that could have been contribute to some things so thanks.


Thank you to Mike Stazak and Heather Taylor, they were amazing and help me learn so much about myself in just four weeks


The admissions was great. They were really patient and right off the bat they made me feel like the center would be a great place for me to go


My first day was amazing. everyone at the center was really welcoming and I knew it was truly a place of hope. And everyday got better after.


Staff were pillars in my path to recovery. I felt genuinely cared for and appreciate their heartfelt dedication to me and the other clients. They renewed my sense of hope and gave me confidence in my ...


The housing was really nice, very comfortable. Facilities at The Center are top notch, very classy. I am very passionate about my experience here. God brought me here, He has a purpose for me coming h...


Excellent and very professional team. They were friendly and responsive


Everything was great. The expectations of me before my start date could have been better explained though.


I came in for chemical dependency. I left without that dependency and I am much happier as a reslt.


My goals to come in were to stay sober, deal with past and present trauma, and help with my anxiety. I feel like I resolved those issues in the 4 weeks.


Great, outside of my first day, which was bad. After my first day I felt like they were really listening and trying to help me.


Special shoutout to the staff. Thank you for all the help! I couldn't have done it without you.


I enjoyed the art classes and writing group, as well as DBT and Issues. I found group therapy to be very helpful


The Center has really helped me grow and learn about myself. My time here has taught me the importance of focusing change on Myself, living in the Present, accepting Life as it is. I can't change life...


Thank you for providing me with the incredible opportunity. I was only here for a short time, but during this time I feel I am leaving with a sense of purpose and acomplishment that I did not have bef...


I went a couple of years back. Initially I found the place to be helpful. I loved the small town, the psychiatrist, the program, the food, and a few other staff members. The second half of my stay tho...


Where do I start... My wife of 15 years has suffered depression for about half that time. For the first few years SSRIs helped. But the past 2.5 years things got far, far worse. Culminating in her bei...


It’s so strange to be in control of me & my mind. I have never lived in the moment & fully in my body the way I do now. I am blessed to have healed in this way. My mind calm, clear. My heart in peac...


The friendly approach of the team at The Center a Place of Hope is a good part to the healing process. I was suffering from anxiety and they were able to reignite passion in my life. I can now loo...


I came to the Center looking for answers four weeks ago. After arriving at the Center, and after confessing my hesitancy to trust people in general, I was asked by my Counselor, “Why do you trust me...


The "Place of Hope" is just that! It is a place that brings hope to the hopeless! I am a Pastor is the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area and for me to have a professional educationally and hands-on trained...


The entire team was really helpful and outstanding. Admissions helped with travel and getting my insurance squared away. My medical team was great and was instrumental in getting me off most of my med...


The staff of The Center are top notch. Very caring, understanding, non-judgemental, and know just what you need. The housing is great, with beautiful views. The meals are all delicious. I wouldn't go ...


The Center is fantastic. You will receive top notch care from proceeds who really care about you and are highly qualified. The atmosphere of this place is welcoming and inclusive. It is a great healin...


OK, I have nothing but fabulous things to say about The Center. I can say each and every staff member truly cares about their patients. Beginning with the initial admissions team conversations, the pr...


I went here for free the first time for 2 weeks and since it was the only real time anyone ever explained my eating disorder to me I overlooked the fact that they are a christian rehab and I do not be...


Thank you for creating such an amazing, compassionate and robust program! I had an undoubtedly positive experience with my treatment team and their professionalism, knowledge and compassion were su...


The doctor and his staff are all incredibly well trained and care deeply about those they work with. I couldn't recommend them more highly. Great work!


Very effective, life changing program.


Great experience and affordable.


Positives: Amazing staff, first-class facilities, nice living accommodations, great program, nice small town on the Puget Sound No Negatives, but "Others": It was a bit chilly in the winter. No sur...


The approach to wellness using whole person care is what separates A Place of Hope from other facilities. It helps produce lasting results relative to other approaches. A Place of Hope is highly recom...


I came th The Center because I wanted to know how to deal with peer pressure with social drinking and build my low self esteem. Admissions was just amazing and answered all of my questions with patien...


The Center is located in a really beautiful setting. I could walk to the water every day, which was a true blessing. The staff is incredible. They really care and go the extra mile to make sure you...


I can tell you that the management team at The Center truly cares about it guests. Their faith shines through their service. It us uncommon to be cared for by people who genuinely have integrity, comp...


I had the most incredible experience at The Center. For the first time in my life I felt properly understood for all my struggles. They took everything back to its roots and showed me how to make last...


Strengths: Experienced, trained staff, lots of options concerning treatment, Weaknesses: Only one meal a day provided, discharge exit process support, post treatment support. Facility is unique in th...


From the moment I contacted The Center, each person was so gracious, kind and professional. They took the time to understand my personal situation and developed a program that was tailored just for me...

Areas of Focus
Process Abuse Treatment

Not all addictions involve mood-altering chemicals. The term “process addiction” describes the unhealthy use of behaviors (including eating, gambling, sexual activity, shopping, internet use, etc.) that has spiraled out of control and into the realm of addiction.

Holistic Therapy

Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Gregory Jantz
    Dr. Gregory Jantz - Founder

    Early in his career, working with individuals suffering with eating disorders, Dr. Jantz uncovered a disconnect in treatment options available to people who were hurting. His work revealed that often patients suffered from depression, addiction, and other disorders. As a result, he found himself compelled to dig deeper, developing a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that would care for the whole-person instead of the just the symptoms. His “whole-person” approach to care changed the treatment world. Today it is credited with dramatically improving the effectiveness of treatment for those suffering from disorders.