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Comfort and tranquility are hallmarks of the treatment program at the Darry Strawberry Recovery Center, where clients (including professional athletes) with drug and alcohol addiction get personalized care that targets the root cause of their illness. The residential program lasts 28-days, and is designed to treat all forms substance abuse, including prescription medications. Treatment is based on the 12-step model and also includes individual, group and family counseling, with a focus on empathy and personal growth.

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I spent 28 days at The BlackBerry and it was the best thing I ever did. I gained so much knowledge while I was there. I attended every group and I was amazed at how caring the staff was. They went out...


Just talked to the intake person on the phone. I am hurting bad and need help. The man I talked with was the rudest condescending jerk he could be. I can\'t believe the way he talked to me when I\'m s...


I spent 28 days at the DSRC facility in Deland, twice. The RAs were very understanding and fair, despite being underappreciated and overworked. The counselors were even more overworked and almost impo...


This program is great. You have to want it and I did. The facility was very nice and it is truly like a home away from home. There is also special groups like kick boxing, yoga both with meditation at...


I went to the DELAND, FL DSRC 3 times all in 2016... SAVED MY LIFE 2 YEARS AGO AND COUNTLESS OTHERS...! I went to DSRC 3 times at Darryl Strawberry Recovery (It was me who didn't accept their help the...


I just want to say I'm very well known there at Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center and I can tell you this several times that I have been there it didn't matter what time of the day night anytime I was...


The staff was amazing. The food here was great. The building was clean and secure. I loved this place and would recommend this to anyone in need. Plus the church was great to me. Thanks for the great ...


I recently admitted myself into the center, within 8 hours I decided to leave, but it took another 30 hours to get released. The villa staffers for the most part were very good. But I found out if you...


Great christian program on the way to an already super program. Received great care


This facility in the process of the patient being sent to a sober living handed her all medication with no direction on how to handle. Patient in coma 2 hours later and family has been pleading with t...


I loved my experience at the St. Cloud location, I feel that I need to return but I no longer have insurance, I don't what to do.


The director and medical doctor are unprofessional and do not put the needs of the patient first. They care only about the mighty dollar and the turnover. The put out without transportation or the req...


The St. Cloud facility is extremely gross and unorganized. Most of the staff is very nice but some of them are extremely rude. I would not suggest sending anyone to this location.


Staff is very unprofessional and everything on the website is not true. Very hard to achieve your own soberity, police are called everyday because of patients and staff member, horribly ran. Would nev...


its nothing like what they display.


great program if you give in surrender listen and apply the steps and tools they teach you IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT


I had a life changing experience here at DSRC. The staff and the other residents for the most part were focused on their recovery one hundred percent. I am grateful for my time here.


I like the Counselors and the Groups which are VERY GOOD. Everyone is nice and considerate. The food is OUTSTANDING and to ask for help here does not go UNNOTICED. Staff is very helpful and willing...


this was an amazing experience the staff the my counsler made me see things in a completely different light. The director is an outstanding woman aswell as an amazing rollmodel. all the people here ha...


This is a good place that really helped me with my recovery. I was here two times before and they NEVER GAVE UP ON ME. I felt that this place gave me alot of support and love. THANK YOU DARRYL STRAW...


Do not go to this place! This place is very disorganized and their is no communication. We decided upon this place based on the reviews and the close proxmentity to where we live. Everyone was friendl...


This facility is truly amazing. The groups, the counselors, the recovery aids, and the rest of the staff are caring and loving. Outside meetings are provided, church on Sunday, and interactive groups ...


Thank you for everyone who helped me


The admissions and administration were to p notch and willing to assist us any way they could and were more than fair and respectful. The staff was very accommodating as were all of the nurses; ready...


i am so disappointed in this facility. i went through the detox program at the deland center. i NEVER met a therapist and the time i spent with the MD on staff was at most 5 minutes a day---if i sat o...


the majority of my treatment at Darryl Strawberry recovery was very helpful. I would have stayed longer if my insurance allowed


I had a great experience at DSRC: the staff is compassionate and eager to help, time spent there is well structured and productive with helpful group meetings throughout the day, individual and group ...


Overall the Darrell strawberry recovery center was a good experience i learned alot of tools that i may use when i get out of here. The meetings were informative and the counselors were nice.The only ...


I highly recommend Darryl Strawberry Recover Center for anyone who is suffering from addiction. As a former client and also an alumni I was able to break free from alcohol and drug addiction. The staf...


I recently had an adult child enter this program. I have nothing good to say about this center. I am posting this review in hopes of preventing others from being scammed. Everything they promise on ...


This is a great place to go. Very clean and the program is very helpful.


I am just leaving on my journey from Darryl Strawberry and the program and facility is amazing they have helped me get on the right path. As I start my road of recocovery outside of here I owe a huge ...


Had a great experience!


DSRC was an amazing experience. It seriously changed my life, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I came here broken and deteriorated inside and I am leaving a new women. To all the counsel...


This place really changed my life. Everyone welcomes you with open arms. I would terll everyone who needs help to come here.


The treatment program was beneficial. I just wish the staff, administration, and clients were all on the same page.


First off before I begin my review, I want to address some other reviews posted on this site. Before choosing to come to Darryl Strawberry, I read the reviews posted which obviously concerned me. Ho...


The treatment here was more than I expected. The staff is caring and takes get care of each client, knows their personal history.


I\'m laying in bed at Darryl Strawberry Recovery center as I write this. This place is a chaotic mess with absolute zero organization. I\'ve so far been here for 30 days, through out my stay I have ma...


I am very glad I came to DSRC. The things I learned saved my life. I got the tools I needed to save my life and the lives of friends and family. I feal like I have a new life and can\'t wait to star...


This is a great place to get help with your addiction. They do many different groups that help with addiction and any many more life skills.


I had a good experience while at the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center. I learned about myself, my addiction, and coping skills. Administration and Staff were excellent. I highly recommend this fac...


the snacks were horrible and they should give us more food for our money


I loved it here wish I could stay longer I have learned a lot cant wait to come back for iop


This place was amazing!


Under no circumstances should anyone ever be placed in this center. What they advertise and what they provide are two entirely different things. There is no actual medical detox, which they will tel...


Earlier in my stay, I would have said it was better for younger people but as the demographic has been changing, I am more comfortable here.


When I came to DSRC, I could focus on nothing but getting home. But I\'ve come to know the love and compassion that is shown at this facility and by my brothers in Villa 83. Every experience, right do...


The DSRC center has saved my life. At first i was very sceptical,but once i followed what was asked of me for recovery, things fell into place. The staff is amazing, they have there heart into the rec...


The entire staff at DSRC were very welcoming from the houskeepers to the Directors. They have a wonderful program that taught me how to live again with honesty, love and respect in my life and the too...


Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center has changed dramatically within the last 2 months. For the BEST! I came here back in September and it was a free for all. I came back in November and it didn\'t even ...


I have a lot to be thankful for in my life now and one of them is DSRC. My fiancé convinced me that it was time that I asked for help for my alcohol addiction. Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center was t...


This place is the worst rehab I have ever been to...they only want to give you some doctor in there the only thing he wants is give you some Suboxone. I went there to quit Suboxone and he still pr...


I had a loved one attend treatment at this facility. I am also a professional in the substance abuse field. I have nothing positive to say about this treatment center. My loved one's detox was mishand...


I enjoyed my time spent here, I got a feeling that everyone involved wanted the best for me and I enjoyed the one on one time with the owners.


Had an amazing time at DSRC the staff was wonderful and my therapist. Im looking forward to my new life In recovery.


I had an extended stay here and loved every day. Theres always something new I could get out of the groups and I can honestly say that I\'m leaving here a different person. Thanks to two staff members...


This is my first and last time in rehab. I have always been exposed to addiction but never recovery. This place really taught me a lot about my disease and recovery. Two staff members in particular ar...


At first I was hesitant about coming to DSRC but after I got here I ended up really enjoying my stay. I found the groups we had everyday were very helpful and changed my outlook on life. I\'m very exc...


It was a good facility but could have had better holistic options.


... This facility is very new, and there is not a reliable schedule, nor is there a comfortable structure for those looking for a haven to recover (either detox, or learn coping skills). My advice...


I have a family member that is receiving treatment at this recovery center and I\'m lacking serioustrust in this facility.


DSRC helped me out a lot. the staff truly cares and wants to help you get clean. I learned a lot of things here, about myself and relapse prevention. The meals here are also very good. Everyone is ver...


staff is very kind and considerate, finally think I had the breakthrough I needed to get it right this time. thanks to all the staff, especially Tracy Strawberry.


I got the help that i need at the darrell strawberry program i would recommend other people to come here had a nice time


My experience at DSRC was a positive one. From the moment I arrived on campus, I was treated with dignity, compassion, and respect by the entire staff. The intake process with the staff member who hel...


My son was a resident here and am so thankful the Strawberry Center has crossed our path. It\'s been a very needed help in our time of great despair. They have given us hope again for a bright futur...


This place is a joke. When I got there to check in I was asked to sit outside for 40 minutes while they finished passing out meds. Now here is the best part. I am put in my private detox room right o...


I have had a great experience here. I\'ve been to seven treatment centers and I feel that this one has saved my life and truly changed me. I am so grateful for everyone who has come into my life on ...


DSRC helped my son admit his addiction to alcohol and set him on the path to recovery. Thanks to the personalized attention of the staff. We are eternally grateful to you all. Keep doing God\'s divine...

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.


Outpatient treatment describes all addiction treatment that is not residential. Patients live at home while undergoing rehab.