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Treatment Insights

Sunrise House, a treatment center serving the greater New Jersey area, uses an individualized, client-focused approach to provide patients with the best treatment plan. Group therapies are tailored to the patient’s unique experiences. The various levels of care we provide at Sunrise House range from medical detox and residential treatment to outpatient treatment and aftercare planning. At Sunrise House, you’ll participate in various types of group and holistic therapies that are tailed to meet your specific treatment needs. From trauma-focused treatment and age-specific groups to gender-specific treatment and LGBTQ+ tracks, Sunrise House can provide you with access to relevant information about recovery. You will also have at least one individual therapy session a week. Our facility has a variety of amenities and features that will help you to feel comfortable while in treatment and also help restore both your physical and emotional health. We’re located in an old convent, with historic architecture and scenic views of Sussex County. We also have various amenities, including but not limited to table tennis, an expert culinary staff, basketball, a nutritionist, a fitness center, and more. From intake to discharge, you’ll have access to discharge planners and alumni coordinators who will work to make sure you have a support network waiting for you to help continue your recovery. Discharge planning will ramp up as you near the end of your treatment and will focus on tailoring a recovery plan for where you are in the process. Additionally, you’ll have the option of joining Sunrise House’s alumni network, which will keep you in contact with the facility staff and with a national network of alumni living in recovery.

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My experience was awful. All though I was assured the facility could accommodate my vegan diet (mandated as part of my treatment plan for multiple sclerosis), they absolutely could not. The meals were...


They are irresponsible with your medical records, it\'s impossible to reach the responsible. No one else can assist you, all they do is transfer to the department where they hang up on your call. If y...


my stay at Sunrise was an experience i will never forget. it was a wake up call for me. The staff was outstanding professional people that know what they are doing . They are caring and helpful . I'll...

Robyne D.

Counselors, and staff are very caring. A lot of information obtained. Would recommend for your loved ones.


Alot of good people there. As usual the nurses were lazy, only one actually had good nursing skills. The place needs updating, especially to have at least a bathroom in the rooms. I learned alot and c...


Terribly understaffed.


the program is great


Some good relapse prevention and coping skills sessions. Facility was under staffed. Facility was filthy. Someone needs to have the health department do an inspection. Some staff members were truly co...


Horrible! I felt unsafe and scared of the staff. Could not focus on myself. No air condition in 85% of the facility. It was miserable! Not enough staff for patients. Most of the staff were hostile and...


Would not recommend this place. It's dirty, it's sad, it's not a "recovery" at all. In fact you need a recovery from this "recovery" center. Also AAC and this place do not communicate at all. They tel...


I have been to treatment before. I only stayed for the detox but in this one week, I have been changed and moved by the support and the attentiveness of the staff. I truly feel changed and more motiva...


Sunrise House saved my life. The Nurses and staff are so helpful and nice. It was an all around great experience.


Treatment Centers are suppose to help people with their addiction and most importantly help them heal. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. Besides their overall lack of management skills, misconduct,abuse of pow...


Good counselors. Poor organization not enough staff Several continuous Hippa violations Several Safety/OSHA vilolations. Health violations such as stopped toilets and sinks, only 2 working clothes was...


Facility was old and out dated.


completely satisfied with the level of care at Sunrise House, would recommend to anyone suffering to check into care there.


Staff really care but are understaffed on a regular basis - upper management needs to listen to the staff that acctually work on the floor with the clients - being that doesn�t happen you have a hig...


Overall the treatment center was great the only complaint is that the CEO is the most unprofessional person we have ever met and refuse to take even constructive criticism and would strictly minimize ...


In order to post this review, I had to give them 1 Star, however this place is not worth even 1 star. Treatment Centers are suppose to help people with their addiction and most importantly help them h...


I put in a comment just yesterday to have it excluded. Though there may have been some staff members that were helpful, there were more that did not help my son. He was there for a week, and was hurt ...


The Sunrise House in Lafayette New Jersey was a great place for me to get the care and information that I needed to move forward as a sober person. I learned a lot, the staff are great but the connect...


Many years ago I dropped a friend off at your facility. He worked the program..continued his 12 steps with a sponsor. We were very pleased with Sunrise. Sadly, 2.5 yrs ago we lost him to this disease.


Place is over crowded people talking over one another . No control . Please do not go her

I. K.

This facility is very old and not updated. They promised to give my child they help they needed to overcome their addiction. They told us they would leave free of medications, not so. They told them t...


It was good


If you are serious about living sober and gaining sobriety, the behavioral techs and staff will guide you to be addiction free. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing program and am grateful to now...


The counselors were effective and committed. The adminstrative branches seemed overwhelmed. E-mail to employer about medical was sent to counselor who was off for two days. Other patients had similar ...


You get out what you put in. Great location in the warmer months. Private rooms too!


It was a very pleasant first-rehab experience. Not at all what I was expecting going into treatment. For the most part (there are a few bad apples who are not worthy of the following praise, and some ...


The staff is amazingly supportive of every individual and often goes out of their way to help.


Overall it was a good experience, I would recommend this facility. Well diversed in treatment approach


This is a place to get sober and recover. Not some country club.


The food is not very nutritional unless you had salad everyday


Great program, great staff. You’ll get out of it what you put in.


most of the staff we great


It was okay, I guess.


The staff helped me deal with the strain of being away from home. I'm leaving after 30 days of treatment with a great attitude towards recovery and equipped to try this next step in my recovery.


Strong 12 step base program, Dedicated Caring Staff, Great group discussions, Amazing Speaker's Sharing their Stories of Experience, Strength & Hope, After Care Sunrise House saved my life

Jennie M.

I attended Seabrook House in 2008 - I would give them a 10, rating-wise. Sunrise House would get a distant 2 - and I kindly hope you would let her know that. Honestly, if I ever hear another lecture f...


This facility has just the right structure I needed to again become a productive part of society. The courses taught were very instrumental to my recovery. I can't thank the Behavioral Techs, counselo...


To the staff at Sunrise House, I am writing to you to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to you and AAC for your amazing services. I am eternally grateful for Sunrise House, it was an amazing f...


Updated To the staff at Sunrise House, I am writing to you to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to you and AAC for your amazing services. I am eternally grateful for Sunrise House, it was an a...

Ken S.

My comments hold the most water. I was self-pay 90 days from Oct 12 to Jan 12 2017. This place has made me sober, alive, and well. Take your recovery serious. Overall experience was good. Few changes ...


Nearly four years ago I spent 1 week at this facility And have been sober since because Sunrise made every effort to Set up a recovery program. They helped me locate AA meetings near me and help ...


Sunrise helped me when i was broken and didn't know if i would make it. The staff, BTs,nurses, Dr's and counselor are outstanding. I am alive and well because of Sunrise...


Sunrise House save my Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caring, supportive staff and programming were all strengths. My husband was treated there for two weeks. The support from staff for him and our family has been amazing and continues after he was disch...


...once your insurance is up they kick you out not that you would want to stay there any longer anyway this place is terrible


This place is piss poor


I would love to actually leave a review of this place but I didn\'t even get that far. after years of struggling with my addiction I finally decided to get help!! I have insurance that is in network w...

Where did

I sent a loved one to this facility, and while she survived the detox stage, and the following 3 weeks of treatment, the facility management is so unorganized and uninterested in providing quality car...


This place was good, until I was discharged. But seriously, this place will help you build that foundation, that is for sure... Anyways back to my review, my stars went from 5 to 1 when I called askin...


I find this institution to be unethical . . .taking chronic alcoholics back again and again and again for their \"hotel facilities\" and not treating the disease. My sponsee has been there at least 10...


Sunrise house was like my second home. It\'s where I got a second lease on life. The staff and facility and the programmes all were phenomenal. Because of Sunrise house my life has made a complete tur...


I think the detox was amazing by far the best detox I ever been in and I\'ve been in a few now the residential program on the other hand was a joke and I just couldn\'t do it I completed and finished ...


loved the meetings AA meetings Only 1 NA I experienced but was awesome all the speakers n organizations that came to speak were amazing!!! I was misled by American addictions center regarding treatmen...


Knowledge and sessions were a strength. Repetitive topics, facilities not comfortable Everything is delayed


Good counselors food was good Accommodations are not the best


Strengths: Staff Lectures Speakers. AA meetings a. Weaknesses: Weekend schedule Washer/dryer area I found the educational experience is good. Work needs to be done on counseling time. I foun...


Great program definitely learned a lot A weakness was that it was a little organized with the staff, lack of communication between staff I would highly recommend this place, it may not be the nicest...


Strengths: Most staff is in recovery. Weaknesses: Understaffed I came back for my second time. Highly recommend.


Strengths: Nonjudgmental staff and a true desire to help clients. Weaknesses: Organization and communication. This program opened the door to help me fight for my life. I've never once said I wanted...


Strengths: Staff, A.A meetings. Weaknesses: Lack of staff Meet great staff members, you definitely get out of the program the effort you put in


Strengths: Excellent staff and amenities Weaknesses: Lack of leisure time activities. I feel this program helped me a great deal toward my recovery.


Strengths: Lectures. Weaknesses: Physical activities. It was good while it lasted.


Strengths: Great lectures and staff Weaknesses: food could be better. Great group of people and staff really cares


Strengths: Good lectures. Weaknesses: Lack of communication.


10 months sober I owe it at to sunrise. I remember where I was n am grateful for where I am absolutely duu to help at sunrise.thanyouall. The male staff member I worked closely with, you were my favo...


Staff was great. Excellent program.


Counseling was beneficial, but discharge was a weakness of the facility. Check your insurance policy for coverage.


Careingaboutpeople. It wastrel tyoujusthavetostickwithit.


The staff was great. They are experienced and know what they're talking about. Discharge schedule is busy but not unmanageable. My counselor, the clinical staff, all were so knowledgable on recovery a...


ATTENTION PLEASE READ!!!! My name is Melanie, I attended sunrise house for 6 days and my entire stay there was filled with fear, coldness, lack of sleep, lies and NO help at all when it was needed, no...


Sunrise house saved my life after a suicide attempt. Since being bought out by AAC, some of the staff have left for personal reasons, which is upsetting. However, the facility itself has been updated ...

C d

Sunrise house house is bittersweet. I am so sad to see there is no longer a mother and me program. My heart is truly broken. So sad to see Medicaid and funding is no longer accepted. So many mothers ...


I was at Sunrise 25 years ago and was treated with much respect and love. I am still clean and sober today. I got my life back.


Great program


Experience and dedication but some staff weren't as accommodating as others but we always found the help we needed.


Staff was good, Individual Counseling needs improvement. Since my stay many changes have occurred including ownership.


Staff are able to relate on a very personal level with client needs and experience. Staff are very passionate about clients receiving the needed information and wanting clients to get well and stay w...


Very satisfied I've been sober since I left


The behavioral technicians and administration were amazing. They all share their story for the most part and someone like myself could identify with them very easily. They all come from experience and...


Overall a good place but needs a better holistic offering


Good staff,good meals,great community,great educational system,great lectures,exceptional tools,awesome support. Counselors don't be there when needed,some staff can be stuck up,information wise don't...


SUNRISE HOUSE IS THE WORST REHAB I\'VE EVER DEALT WITH—and that\'s saying a lot. I have a long history with addiction and rehabilitation. Over the past two decades, I have helped two of my relati...


significant one-on-one support, caring staff, 24/7 attention and support. staff are professional, dedicated, caring, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile.


They really helped my loved one and cared very much. My loved one sd this place saved his life.


The people really do care. They are patient and kind. Food stunk. Temperature was always cold. No cigs allowed. Seek care outside of your own state. It is not just about getting clean, but seeing and ...


Strengths: Hands-on approach, a wealth of amenities, and openness to working with family and friends. Results! Weaknesses: It is very expensive. A very good friend of mine with an alcohol addiction h...


Focus on loved one's addiction, counseling and treatment all day and part of evening. Not a facility weakness but insurance allowed loved one only 2 weeks. Not enough time to make a dent in his proble...


Strengths: Therapy and councilor a are amazing. Weaknesses: The decor and food. Great staff very caring.


Clean, understanding, good employees who truely care. Wonderful place, very helpful 7yrs sober thanks to them!


Never thought I\'d make it. If u need help please go here. Not a posh place , but truly there to help.Thanks sunrise


After 29 years of hard drinking I was sent to Sunrise house. On June 8th of this year (2016) I\'m proud to say I will be sober 10 years. And still attend AA meetings. Thank you for a life I thought I...


Staff members are very helpful and polite. Beds and recreation need improvement. Great facility especially the staff.


Behavioral techs being in recovery was a strength of the facility. Not being able to talk to counselours after hours was a downfall. So much of the staff being in recovery was a huge help for me.


Strengths: Good detox. Weaknesses: Phones and computers. One of the nurses was very good and kind to me.


Strengths: Individualized treatment - dedicated staff - resources and guidance Weaknesses: Years of financial difficulties as a non profit - working slowly back up. I am a staff member and have referr...


Meeting and groups were strengths of the facility but there was no gym. I think it was a good choice for treatment. It wasn't the nicest place I've been, but it was great for recovery. Being able to f...


Good behavioral techs. Too much confusion among discharge planners and insurance. Definitely not the best, not the worst but needs much improvement.


Good treatment . Little leisure time. I enjoyed my time here and got a lot out of it.


Strengths: Staff, food service,nurses. Weaknesses: In transition,some inconsistencies. Excellent program.


Sunrise House taught me that I needed to stay sober for myself first.


Welcoming, Genuine, Empathetic &Compassionate, Great Food, Works in Tandem with 12 Step Programs, Knowledgeable and Respectful Staff, Loving Atmosphere .Funding was a downfall. Sunrise House took me i...


They had very good groups for abuse/mental. It was well structured Not enough staff. I was at sunrise for a second time. It was right after a suicid attempt. I just think at the time I need more tim...


Its not really a clean place. Everything is very old and its state funded.


Continuity, supportive and reliable staff . Did not have exercise programs. If one is willing to do the work and continue the work after discharge, then program is well worth it.


Can detox a patient from heroin. Thats not easy to do. This place is usually peoples first choice. None. Very friendly and knoweladgeable staff.


All counsellors were past addicts or had loved ones that were. Not enough extra curricular. Everyone was very kind.


friendly staff. lack of activities .I have not personally attended, but know several people who have had positive life improving experiences.


Strengths: support,all different approaches. Weaknesses: none. awesome.


I am a 62 yo alcoholic female. 16 hour days (up at 5:30 a.m., up and down steps, getting written up for being 30 seconds late for a roll call (stopped to turn off a faucet someone left running in res...


Detox unit run like a jail with no guards. Staff seemed to care little, if at all about my well-being. Met my primary counselor once, then he disappeared. Food exactly like county jail. Worst experien...


The directors of the facility were great but the general staff was not.


Old amenities. 16 hour days and staff spending time lecturing us on rules instead of recovery. The counselors were good. There was no dual diagnosis.


The only other thing I can say is it has really helped me a great deal and I would suggest anyone to go there. This program really cares about dad. They are patient, very educational about recovery an...


The Sunrise Experience was my first and only rehab, I was admitted to a hospital with a .49 BAC near death. I picked up where I left off when I got out it was about 6 months down the road when I reali...


Guests who were at this facility as the result of their own decision did much better then those that were mandated.


Its a very good program and they have meetings for the family members as well. It was beneficial that the counselors are recovering alcoholics and addicts as well. However, it was only a 28 day progra...


Enjoyed the holistic offerings. The staff was very supportive!


I have not relapsed.


Helped me get and stay clean.


Sunrise House literally saved my life...the fist (place) to ever give me the hope of recovery and a plan to accomplish it. I owe my life to Sunrise House.


Had group 7 days a week.


Good place to get help.


Good group options. Worth the stay.


It's a good 30 day program...counselors are helpful and kind. Not many activities accept church and exercise twice a week.

Areas of Focus
Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness, or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier, and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Alumni Testimonials
  • The lifestyle I was living just wasn’t working out for me anymore. I just knew that I deserved better. And I just didn’t want to die, because I’d lost probably seven people in the past… two years from the stuff that’s on the street right now. And I just didn’t want to be one of those statistics. Everyone’s here for the same thing, you know, everyone’s here trying to get well and trying to get better and turn their life around. I was just tired of being tired. I was ready to live life, not just be in it. It definitely is structured, I would say, but it’s good-- It keeps you out of your head, it keeps you busy. It’s very relaxing outside because you’re allowed to walk around the building and I remember a few of us would always just walk around and kind of stop at the top of the hill over there and just look out into the valley. It’s a very beautiful sight to see, I would say. It’s like a big family here… all the staff, they actually care about your wellbeing and they want to see you succeed in recovery and in here, which to me was huge to have that support from all the staff. Being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is huge in recovery. God willing, I will never have to come back to a place like this, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back because it’s more important to make it back than to be afraid or embarrassed to go back to a treatment facility.
    Alex, Sunrise House Alum
Key Staff Members
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    Dr. Evangelos Christodoulou - Medical Director

    Dr. Christodoulou has provided psychiatric emergency services and evaluations for over 20 years. He has taken a special interest in treating children and juveniles, as well as those who suffer from substance use disorders. Dr. Christodoulou is board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and has certifications in both psychiatry and neurology.

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    Kenneth Thomas - Clinical Director