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Sundown M Ranch is an addiction treatment facility for adolescents, adults and older adults struggling with substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health conditions. Treatment options include detoxification, residential care, individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, 12-Step groups, physical exercise, a three-day family program and aftercare planning.

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My son went to Sundown. Spent 4 weeks there. I reached out to his counselor with absolutely no response back. My son stopped on his way home and bought alcohol, this is how poor the program was. There...


Been in recovery 19 years now since Sundown M. Thanks to all who work there.


I went to Sundown Ranch on Oct 8, 2018. It was a very positive and Spiritual experience. Most of the staff were amazing and the Administrators was especially kind and compassionate when my bi-polar ma...


like the setting and the house managers but i HATED my counselor she was rude and did not make me feel safe or comfortable


I was there last year it was the best thing I ever did.they helped me so much and I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for them and my counselor jerry and the other golden girls been one year no...


My counselor was a bully! I was not allowed to talk about what was bothering me. I had bedbugs in my room. They refused to call my roommate who left earlier that day to tell her. They made me sleep in...


Hard-core AA-based treatment with a confrontational edge, so not good for addicts with a history of trauma. Counselors vary widely in the depth of their knowledge; some think their own life story is a...


My son graduated from Sundown almost two weeks ago and I attended their Family Therapy Weekend and I am so impressed with this program!! I learned so much about the nature of the disease of addiction ...


Sundown M Ranch was the most effective treatment I obtained. I tried outpatient therapy three times, and inpatient twice.


Loved it because they made me see things a lot clearer and how not everything you think is taking you to this place of drug use but rather an addiction that can be treated and corrected with the effor...


My son attended Sundown M Ranch. While they have the staff / patient ratio of 1/8 that is required by the State of WA, the staffing was inadequate for the youths that were there. My son was bullied by...


Great asset for our community.staff, location. waiting list


They were doing well with my loved one. They treated her mom very badly. It caused bad mothering which lead to serious problems after treatment. Effectiveness. They change the participant's relationsh...


Terrible place. Although it is clean I wonder just how good they disinfect their bathrooms as I got FINGERNAIL FUNGUS there! My son could not get outpatient there which he NEEDED because he was taking...


8 AM 3 PM 7PM I’m 17Y/O and went here last summer, I stayed at the teen facility. My overall stay was good, rooms & bathrooms are nice and well cleaned. The food is great and their is a basketb...


Thank you SMR! Today, I get to celebrate 1 year sobriety! Words cannot describe my gratitude! Keep up the good work, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. God bless all of y...


This place honestly saved my life. I am coming up on 100 days clean and sober. Today I got a job and honestly without Sundown I would wither still be an active addict or I would be dead.


Nice place,friendly staff.Treatment was not effective.Family member was there a month,got sober. Once,out in the real world,this person began drinking again after 10 days.Still paying for the treatmen...


I'm writing this review now because I loved one went into rehab recently my experience was several years ago. But after going through finding a center for my loved one based on their specific needs I ...


SunDown was non-effective for my Child. I'm not sure what the money that was paid got, they should refund ever cent. Places like this have become profit centers and have gotten away from what they onc...


Sundown saved my life and I am forever grateful for my experience there. The staff was amazing especially my counselor.


I attended the family program. My loved one learned so much and quite frankly, so did I. The program in itself is top notch.. I appreciate that there are programs available in such a close proximity w...


A family member went there and it was not good. Yes, there was a lot of intense group therapy but no one on one therapy. Don\'t expect any medical detox or even assistance. My family member was left t...


I am with my son today who has a 1pm chwck in time. The people on the phone were great and so I thought someone would be waiting to welcome him when we arrives and even know his name. Instead one per...


Really a quality program. Would recommend it to anyone. Staff professional and really know addiction inside out. Reasonable price!


I was under the impression this place was also going to aid in detox. The nurse only comes once a week. I got there Monday and was told Wednesday I would meet with the nurse that is limited on what sh...


The success of treatment is, in my opinion, based on the patient's willingness to recognize and accept he/she has a disease, learn about and accept it will always be a part of their life, that they mu...


My son was life-threatening ill with his long-team addiction when he attend Sundown the first time at 16. He was rebellious and beligerent and they NEVER GAVE UP ON HIM. The counselors were amazing an...




A very good facility.


Peaceful atmosphere. Not enough staff. Was for my son. He has been clean 4 years now. Had family counseling on site with rooms available for staying over on family weekend.


Wonderful program and people. My grandson came home and started using again.


Beautiful setting, nice gym and accommodations, good varied offerings including specialized relapse prevention. Inability to deal with serious mental health issues. Great caring people 21 day vs 28 da...


My son has been battling his addiction for twenty years. He had been to o Another rehab twice before an f d numerous detox facilities. Two years ago he called and asked for help, first time he's ev...


Strengths: The fact that all counslers are recovering addicts. Weaknesses: Patients can leave at any time. They dig deep and get to the root of the problem. To help you have an understanding of your a...


Family oriented. Not enough medical. Would recommend


Counselors applied themselves to helping patients. Discharge and other procedures not to high standard. My brother went to their youth treatment twice, his counselor was phenomenal but the administra...


Cleanliness and experience were weaknesses of the facility.


Staff is very caring and willing to go the extra mile to help their clientele. Need more activities scheduled. The staff is very fair and understanding.


Group oriented. Not enough one on one. My son stayed there rated about a 41/2


a rural atmosphere. lack of holistic methods. my close relative attended only because it was court ordered


Sundown M Ranch taught me how to live without alcohol and got me started on a 12 step program. I celebrated my 8th year anniversary in February. I truly owe my life to those Advisers who walked us ...


Don\'t go here. All they care about is your money. We\'ve been trying admit a relative for 4 days. Fully covered by insurance and they won\'t admit him. Always a sales pitch.


This is a little long, but it is information I wish I would have had before sending my child to the youth facility. He was there twice and relapsed after both times. While he was there, some kids were...


Was very affordable compared to other treatment centers. Miracles happen there.


I am now sober.


I really enjoyed the facility.


It was an overall great facility.


Family involvement was great; it was a wonderful 3 day stay, groups, lectures, meals with patient, joint sessions.


My family member really liked it there and is now drug free. The counselors were wonderful.


If a client is really determined to make this work, it is great. Not much or any follow-up, so many clients relapse soon after release. The staff is well trained and very good with the clients. Not t...


The facility focuses on the patients behaviors and recovery. It was a great place/


I was a supportive family member for my nephew along with his mother. My nephew may live. He would surely have continued to be very unhappy and had a very short life or ended up in jail without the he...


Treatment was excellent. Medication line sucked. A little understaffed...a management person had to be present for the non licensed staff member to administer your medication which caused delays. W...


Comfortable atmosphere both patient and family; good accommodations for family; staff seems very competent, success rate for our needs are great and worked well for us with no relapse, built stronger,...


It has a reputation of being physically far removed from the stress of urban life. In the 1970's it was a renowned choice for treatment. I think that the counselors are now too young and less car...


My husband had a positive experience there. It was a great facility where my spouse learned valuable tools for life & handling stress.


Sundown was a warm welcoming facility, and I felt I was not so alone trying to help my loved one.


Helped get placed at sober living at discharge. It helped my family understand that addiction is a disease of the mind. Also had family days which had a one to one answering any questions the family ...


Not helpful


Kept me clean & sent me to an Oxford house


I don't have anything to compare it to because this is the only facility I've ever gone to, but I am still sober after almost 9 years, so I think it did something right. They instructed me how to go a...


Program is very supportive of the family and the patient. The mental health aspects can come into being addressed in aftercare. The most important aspect is getting off the chemicals long enough for ...


My daughter entered treatment at age fifteen for drug addiction and has been clean since graduating program she is 19 now. The program included myself and any family members who could take part in edu...


Without expensive insurance you cant find a better place !


Including the patients family in the process was a tremendous plus.


Heard other people talk about how good it was. It was great.


Rehab is a big money scam. They could care less about you. They want your $$$. Would not go back.


SunDown was a wonderful treatment program. The counselor I had didn't sugar coat things, she gave it to me real... I've been sober for almost 4 years now, and I believe the structure given at SunDown...


It saved my life. I went in a very sick person, they built me back up and I liked myself again. I felt that they really cared about my addiction and how to help me look at myself


My counselor was only a counselor in training that was going through a relapse herself. She left us after the first two sessions and never came back... I have been sober now for 9 years, through AA. ...


A great & caring program.


very affordable and based on 12 step program


Sundown offers a great program. The facility is nice, food was good although it was mainly comfort food, and everyone who works there was so kind and a lot of them had been in the program. I really...


i had the tools to change, and a strong AA connection. The facility is beautiful, the food is fantastic, and the counselors were all great. I wanted to stay forever.


Really helped me out.


Sundown was the life changer I needed, I would have been a statistic if not for Sundown. My whole family attended.


The treatment was inconsistent, my personal counselor very distracted and not accommodating, not enough leisure activities and lack of spirituality. I was personally not satisfied with my overall stay...


Among the best for any price, but absolutely unbeatable for the price they charge.


Offered family weekend and education.


I was initially very skeptical about how effective a 21 day program could be, but they did an awesome job and they were very much focused on aftercare which I also thought would be the key to long ter...

Areas of Focus
Out Patient

Outpatient treatment describes all addiction treatment that is not residential. Patients live at home while undergoing rehab.

Intensive Out Patient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.

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