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  • Overall: 3.7
  • Accommodations: 3.7
  • Meals: 3.9
  • Effectiveness: 3.6
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1211 Puerta del Sol, Suite 200
San Clemente, CA 92673
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Sovereign Health San Clemente offers specialized mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorder treatment tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each patient. The comprehensive program begins at admission, where an expert staff conducts a thorough assessment to identify potential co-occurring conditions and accurately diagnose each patient, ensuring they receive the proper course of treatment. An oceanfront location and caring staff provide a serene and calming atmosphere where residents can realize their full potential. Sovereign Health addresses underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence based treatment modalities, as well as alternative therapies including art and equine therapy. Sovereign Health San Clemente is dually licensed in both addiction and mental health, holds a joint commission accreditation, and accepts most private insurance.

Sovereign Health Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, and Mental Health Treatment Programs Reviews and Ratings Details

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This place should be shut down. They could be commenting insurance fraud. Even if they weren't the whole place is a joke. They allow violence outside of the facility and inside. There are no repurcuss...


I am amazed by the dedication of the physicians and staff who work at Sovereign Health. From the top administration, to the very important and equally respected support staff, Sovereign Health has got...


It is one of the best treatment centers with emotional attachment and personal touch


It is a very good treatment center with all the essential facilities.The Medical staff is well trained to meet all your requirements. The treatment gave me new confidence to overcome my mental health....

M. T.

strength:None. You name it. weakness:The psychiatrist they contracted with was not up to part. Lied to me what the rest of my maximum out of pocket was on my insurance. Had to pay that up front to get...


strength:experienced staff, neat and clean , Health Environment , Excellent Treatment program weakness:extracurricular activities are not up to the mark When I first came to California I was in a sobe...


Neat and clean environment, well trained staff , excellent treatment program Meals are average I originally was trying to seek treatment trying to find something that would best suit me on a daily bas...


well structured program Accomodation I am from the East Coast and I was in a treatment hospital for a week and my case manager there had mentioned a couple of places and this happened to be one of the...


Excellent Staff , case managers are well experienced Laundry takes time I learned about Sovereign through the internet. I was currently at an inpatient program before I was here and when I was there...


Strengths: Experienced clinicians , Neat and clean Internet connectivity was a weakness. I learned about Sovereign through the internet. I was pretty desperate for some help and it is the first one...


case is handled well , well maintained center Group therapy is repetitive I learned about Sovereign through an addiction specialist in Westwood and I tried to do it twice by myself at home with Subux...


Treatment Professionals Team, treatment porgrams Growing very fast My family found Sovereign for me. I told them I needed to go to rehab and they are the ones that picks up. Alcohol brought me to tr...


The stay was really nice. The facilities that they have including this place they are all real nice. They keep you comfortable and the groups are – I personally don’t mind going to the – a lot...


Helpful staff , positive environment Internet connectivity I came to know about Sovereign through a social worker friend of mine in Hawaii. I was extremely depressed and I was dealing with a lot of ...


well organised center , hygienic poor lighting I just randomly heard about Sovereign I was looking online for different programs and this one popped up and the website looked good so we made a phone c...


I learned about it through my sister. She is a clinical psychology in North Carolina and she actually spoke with one of her former professors who recommended him. Too much alcohol, not being able to...


I am a food specialist on Amtrak and I was having a problem with drugs and alcohol and I caught my Amtrak EAP person and he got me in touch two people down here at Sovereign Health and I talked to the...


I heard about the program through Lake Arrowhead Detox Center. My mom actually did the research but she found out about the program – she liked the whole fact that they would help us find a place t...


The egos are unbelievable. There is absolutely no dialogue in supervision. They don\'t care about the life and experience that you bring into the room. The clients and co-workers are diverse and d...


Terrible place...They say they drug test but I find it hard to believe. If you care about your loved ones send them to another place.


I had the worst experience at sovereign in AZ. I went in with PTSD and Severe Depression. This place added more trauma to my life, and I was only there for 15 days. I tried to give it my all but the u...


Do NOT work here or send patients here!! Horrible administration, poor treatment of staff...Employees and patients are lied to before they come to the program.


If you are looking for a treatment center for your loved one please pick any other facitity, but not this one. My husband spent 45 days at the ft myers location during that time his counsoler called a...


They are horrible. They are taking money from parents and loved ones who want help for their loved ones. Send your loved ones to Mission Laguna not this money making facility. Wise up...


We sent our 18 year old daughter who is bi-polar and had drug addiction issues to Sovereign Palm Desert. Her psych doctor pulled her off one of her meds way to soon...This place is the biggest insur...


The staff does not communicate regularly with family. I do not feel they are as involved with patient\'s treatment as they can be, in different areas, to maximize the time the patient is there.


My son spent three months at Sovereign. The San Clemente location isn\'t great...there isn\'t much supervision. They were also not good at communicating with me. They moved him frequently between ho...


Do not work at this place!!! Horrible, Horrible company. If you have any integrity at all this is not a fit for you. I have never in my life worked for a company with unprofessional supervisors as the...


If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Sovereign is an insurance scam poorly disguised a treatment program. If you have serious mental health issues or addiction issues don\'t waste your ...


I sent my son here after constant communication and phone calls from the representative for months sometimes speaking with him almost daily. My son arrived at the San Clemente location on Apri 21st an...


I am Kari’s mother. Kari was isolating herself and practicing self-harm, she also had suicidal ideation. It took about three weeks for her to come out of her shell but now she is talkative and more ...


Alcohol was my drug of choice and I didn’t seek help until I was facing six years because I got in a car accident under the influence. They chose to sentence me to six months of treatment and that e...


I have gone to this program and yes it is a little crazy however there are people that do care !!!! I would want what I do now if it wasn't for those that did care! At every treatment u will have your...


I attended this facility and was gravely disappointed. They do have nice homes to stay at, however the treatment center is complete chaos. Everyone passes the buck to the next person who does nothing ...


My son was in desperate need of help. To say he was on death\'s door is putting it mildly. He was beyond fragile. In the time he was there he was not given a bed that would be his for his stay [he mov...


I have bipolar disorder and also PTSD as a result of a motorcycle accident. I found the Sovereign staff to be very friendly and the program is very well run. My therapist enabled me to open up and bec...


This is a HORRIBLE facility. I notified the better business bureau and found out that there has been multiple complaints about them. Luckily we got my sister out of there and into another facilty. I ...


This is by far the worst treatment center in the southern California area. It gets far worst... this place is a dump and the homeless use it only for shelter to get off the street. SOVEREIGN don\'t ...


Strengths: Houses are nice. Weaknesses: Inexperienced Mixed mental health and addicts. I wouldn't recommend. They lost my daughtets charger to her laptop and still have not replaced it


Worst place I have ever been. They lie and tell you it is like staying at a spa and taking a vacation with beautiful homes on the beach, a personal nutritionist, trips to the gym/beach, group outings,...


this was by far the worst treatment facility i have ever been to in my life. Just know before sending a loved one there that it is nothing like they present it as. There is no gym 3 times a week, no...


Your post [Mark] gives me epic hope! Thank you!


It works if you put in the work. It was a clean facility with staff that seem to care. However, the food and group sessions need improvement.


They have the ability to treat underlying mental health conditions. The facility has dedicated teams of professionals who do amazing work with patients and their family members.


I am a heroin addict, have been for many, many years, and also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, with flashbacks and dreams and nightmares. I deployed to Iraq two different times. Addiction ...

Areas of Focus
Dual Diagnosis/Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Equine Therapy

A form of animal therapy, equine therapy involves visiting, working with and sometimes riding horses as a way to create a metaphoric relationship that leads to life-altering insights.

Alumni Testimonials
  • “Everyone was patient and gave me extra hope and I’m so grateful for it. They really get you thinking, and sometimes it cuts pretty deep, and that is exactly what they are supposed to do. They are helping us every step of the way and they are always there for us no matter what kind of day it is. I’m very, very, very thankful, 100 percent. The staff have all been great, and filled with positivity no matter what. I’m so grateful for that because it has helped make my total experience wonderful.
  • Unfortunately, I do have experience with other treatment centers and this is one of the best that I’ve been around. The staff is incredible. The groups are very informative. But, also, kind of friendly – they don’t bore you to death – they talk about very applicable things for anybody who is looking to recover. It’s just great, it really is – I actually enjoy coming here.
  • The experience has had a tremendous impact on my life, because it gave me coping skills and learned how to implement them in my life. It is not a superficial program. The groups run by the therapists and counselors didn’t just skim the surface, they really went in-depth. It is a spectacular program if you really want to get sober.
  • I’ve learned a lot of skills, like meditation, which is sort of easy to do in class, but to carry it with you when you leave is a whole different ball game. It’s just what I needed. If you come here and you are sincere about wanting help then the people here can help you, no question about it.
  • The administrative and medical staff and the house managers have all been fantastic. My therapist is great, she helps me think about my thinking. I feel like I am given direct one-on-on attention, not only during scheduled sessions but any time I need it. We have a great psychiatrist and counselors, too. There is a lot of wisdom and experience that has been shared.
  • I was comfortable here from the moment I arrived. It’s a perfect mixture of education about addiction and mental health, and group therapy. The housing was perfect for me, too, staying in a house, especially coming from a hospital setting. I have more freedom, but yet there is accountability.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of
    Anthony J. Mele, Psy.D - Chief Clinical Officer

    Dr. Anthony Mele, a licensed psychologist, brings almost twenty-five years of clinical expertise and executive leadership on both the provider and payer sides of behavioral healthcare. Dr. Mele’s wide range of clinical expertise includes: the assessment and treatment of co-occuring mental health and substance abuse disorders in adolescents and adults, the use of telehealth to manage chronic medical conditions, and the development of non-pharmacologic interventions for individuals with cognitive impairment. Dr. Mele is a frequent speaker and trainer in these areas.

  • Photo of
    Monica Powers, Psy.D. - Director of Clinical Development & Training

    Dr. Powers earned her doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix. She did her internship at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, where she ran the Healthy Way L.A. program. This program provides mental health services to the underserved population in Los Angeles County. Dr. Powers continued her postdoctoral work at Sovereign’s Los Angeles facility. Under Dr. Powers’ guidance, Sovereign’s Los Angeles facility has grown to meet the challenges of a vast metropolitan area. At present, Dr. Powers is transitioning from her successful tenure as Group Program Director to training incoming directors and clinical supervisors at other Sovereign locations. - See more at:

  • Photo of
    Kathleen “Karunya” Morgan , LMFT - Program Director

    Kathleen “Karunya” Morgan is the Program Director at Sovereign Health’s San Clemente Facility. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy and a Master’s Degree of Science in holistic wellness. She specializes in trauma and inner child work and has worked in the behavioral health industry for over 8 years as a primary therapist, structural counselor and clinical manager. At Sovereign Health of San Clemente, Karunya is responsible for overseeing all programs offered at the facility and leading the clinical team that works with our patients. - See more at: