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This place is an absolute joke!! My husband went for sex addiction, and the therapist was just a young, condescending bitch, who told him that everything was my fault! Literally. Had a phone call for ...


Horrible executive staff. Very unprofessional and deflective. Beautiful campus.


"Isolation pushes past self-hatred, guilt, and shame, to a place where suffering is just a game." The treatment was a joke. None. It's all pathetic weakness. Arrogance. Stupidity. Greed.


The eating disorders was brand new at the time and was pretty much experimental. Brand new! A learning experience for them.


They changed my life for ever. experienced counselors., gave one enough time to open up and trust people, had many avant garde techniques, great location, were not laid back and pushed you to face you...


Absolutely love this place. Saved my life! Dual diagnosis program was top notch.




great place to keep me safe and to work on several of my past issues


We have had the worst experience ever with this facility. We took my son here for help. They said they could deal with suidical in their residential, they told us nothing about a lockdown upon adm...


Total bait and switch. I went for the pain and trauma program, but instead they put me in a completely different program that was impossible to keep up with in my condition...Once upon a time long lon...


Don\'t seen your love one here.We are in a bigger mess since my son left there.No communication with family just phone tag.Was put on meds but sent home with no prescription s.No appointments set up b...


I\'m probably the only person you should trust with a review of Sierra Tucson. It was such a great experience and even though it\'s very pricey, it\'s well worth the money. I was fortunate enough to h...


I found the staff at Sierra Tucson to be highly sensitive to my needs as a patient. I was there for trauma/ptsd, and I chose ST for its blend of integrative and traditional therapies. I understand the...


You people do not know a thing about treatment...It\'s pathetic that we can not trust facilities like yours to provide the right healthcare that you \"promise\" your patients to be fooled into a mis...


The only thing healing about Sierra Tucson is the scenery. if you have 50,000 to blow on taking a trip to a beautiful place, treat yourself to an amazing vacation. otherwise be prepared to walk away ....


Horrible place!!! Seriously a waste of money and completely made me worse. Lied, made false promises, provided no aftercare or family support. The communication was a joke, my family called to talk to...


Atmosphere, Professionalism, Food and nutrition were all strengths. Financial assistance was a weakness.


Very professional, safe enviroment. Poor after care options. Sierra Tuscon was a special place that enabled me to maintain sobriety.


Multi- modal, professional, well maintained but costly. Overall very good with caring staff and good facilities


it was very nice and clean, one on one therapy was not the best. they offer family week


Effective treatment, nice staff.Not everyone is eligible to visit patients. Overall good experience


Strengths: accommodations, links for family members, structure, program for MDs. Weaknesses: follow-up was sparse. Having the separate program for MDs is such a huge source that I believe can aid in ...


My MIL went to Sierra Tucson. They told her she needed to be there for 67 days then 25 days into the program said sorry your insurance will only cover 30 days. Because of the way the information was d...


This is NOT a luxury facility. The rooms were falling apart when I was there for treatment of chronic pain. There are so many patients that it\'s easy to get lost and shuffled around. I was moved into...


This place is such a scam. When you call them for an assessment they\'ll say that \"we create an individualized program for you based on your needs.\" but that is not the case. The eating disorder pro...


Do not send your loved on to Sierra. They are more interested in your $, than the recovery of your loved one. My son came out of Sierra in worse shape than he went in. Staff promised detox, diagnosis...


they need to revaluate there priorities and make some major changes like hiring therapists that are better because I know half or the residential therapists that treated and offered support to my love...


I came out in worse shape than when I went in for depression and anxiety not directly related to current substance use.


The intake coordinators promise services to get you to come and then you are not given the services when you arrive. Their groups are too big and not useful. Lots of schedule conflicts and down time....


I went to Sierra Tucson in April of 2015 and left after a week due to their inability to schedule me for activities I could attend. You are given a colored bracelet which stands for what you can and c...


I found that there were too many negative things available to me at the facility.


The staff was caring and loving. However, it was not always the cleanest. Overall, a great facility.


Offering a wide range of amenities. Staff is friendly and seems to take interest. Nice facility, outdoor programs. I am just a loved one, not the person receiving services. From the outside, just the ...


Involvement of family was a great benefit. Everyone was very compassionate. However, they need more sexual trauma therapy.


Very holistic, strong based facilities. This facility was awesome if the patient follows the plan..


Vast array of services designed with patient's diagnosis.


Good facility, altho very expensive. Most attendees very young (teens), and really did not get the big picture, and by parent paying the bill, they did not really take this seriously.....many, many r...


EPIC Failure from start to finish; what a disappointment. I needed assistance with Drug Addiction, DID & Bi-Polar; they stripped me of ALL my med\'s and obviously I would go out of her mind. ... I am ...


I went here for what I thought was an addiction problem but through different types of therapy, realized the addiction was only a little of the problem. Here, I was able to face my demons that had bee...


If you are 18 and on the brink of youth treatment and adult treatment I would lean more towards youth treatment. I was young when I went (18) and I felt as if I was treated at times like my issues wer...


Many different issues with the people there while I was. Workaholic, exercise addiction, drugs, love, shop lifting, over eating, depression, self esteem, marriage, social skills, abuse (both as adult...


Enjoyed the holistic offerings. In addition, the staff was very supportive.


I'm clean since the day I walked in.


I went there for severe depression and suicidal behavior. I was able to also work on my eating disorder and sexual trauma. Left with many coping skills and on less or no medication at the time when I ...


One of the most traumatic experiences I ever went through. They are a very bad place these days. Used to be a wonderful facility before they were bought out. And they like to charge for services you n...


Great overall quality.


Seems very good and comprehensive and caring. Just expensive.


Excellent program.


Great setting, just expensive. Very good and comprehensive and caring.


Good place to send your loved one for help!


Had a family week with group & family sessions, and allowed for once a week phone calls. Excellent program.


Excellent treatment - really opened my eyes to alternative treatments as well as many different spiritual based practices to aid in my recovery even years later. Truly gave me my life as it is today- ...


Super place just very expensive...Worth the cost because treatment was successful. Excellent treatment in lovely surroundings.


Prescribed meds already used unsuccessfully


Accommodations and food were good...but treatment I received not worth the cost.


AA meetings were not stressed enough.


Great place...I would go again if it weren't too far away.


I was 12 years clean and sober when I entered for co-dependence and sexual addiction. Overall the treatment was very good, however the pastoral care and overall treatment of "religious" principles wer...


Although it has changed and evolved over the years, Sierra Tucson was a place where the individual is treated for their specific addiction, while integrating them with other patients to share their ex...


It was not a good value. They really tried to accommodate me, but they are into making money, a lot of money! I was in poverty entering the facility and I still am.


If you can afford it, Sierra Tucson is the place to go. I wouldn\'t have changed a thing.