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Located in central Arizona, Sedona Sky Academy provides residential substance abuse and behavioral health treatment to girls ages 13-17. The rehab offers a unique, therapeutic boarding school experience, combining a strong academic program with top-notch care for anger, anxiety, depression, relationship choices, learning disorders, substance abuse and poor self-esteem issues. Each girl is given the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment that’s caring, supportive and focused on her mental, emotional and physical needs.

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I sent my daughter here a few months ago the staff has neglected her, they didn’t show her any emotional support she complained that they focus on all other kids, they didn’t focus enough on the o...


Please do research on Outpatient programs before you consider inpatient. Many residential treatment centers are only here for your money. I endured severe psychological and emotional abuse at Sedona S...


It’s crazy because all the parents think it was an amazing experience for their children, but I’m reality, we were all too scared to tell our parents what it was really like. All we wanted was to ...


This boarding school had malicious intents. They gave no to little care to any of the patients, and only cared for their parents money. I was a student who attended this school for mild anxiety and tr...


Sedona Sky is not a rehab. It’s a place for teenage girls to get therapy for many issues facing them. My niece is attending And the therapists are amazing and the communication with families is Beyo...


My step daughter went here not for addiction but to reconnect with our family and to help her with depression and school anxiety. She did not stay for the entire program but she received the help she ...


I worked at SSA as an overnight mentorin 2016 while searching for an internship for a Master's Degree in professional counseling. Staff and management was extremely unprofessional. When I inquired for...


This place hasn’t gotten better whatsoever over the years and has traumatized me and made me feel worse than before I got there. They don’t care about the kids all they want is money that they get...


I went here. The food was horrible, it was chronically understaffed, the environment was toxic. The “education” system was awful; classes weren’t engaging and made me school-related anxiety wors...


This school strengthened my addiction to drugs and made me more mentally unstable. The schooling here is a literal joke. All the teachers are very nice and good people but there are often 3 classes go...


Sedona sky academy was the worst year of my life. Not only did they restrict the food intake of growing girls they also belittled and mentally injured me as a student. The residential director is aggr...


Abusive and neglectful program run by unlicensed staff.


I attended Sedona Sky Academy in 2018 for 8 months until I got pulled. I cannot put into words how traumatizing and dehumanizing this program is. I felt as if myself, and the other girls there, were t...


this school saved my daughter's life and got her on the right track. Absolutely priceless in my mind. At the time, it seemed scary sending her off to a place i did not know, but it was a godsend. Afte...


I am not going to say this school is torture. As much as I want to, I won’t. As a student at S dona Sky Academy, by the way is named such because you can see the sky over Sedona, I was treated terri...


I was a student who went through this program, not a parent. My parents eventually pulled me from the program. This boarding school was corrupt, traumatizing, and more concerned about getting what the...


I was employed for this school for years. I wouldn\'t recommend this school to anyone if you care for your daughter please seek out another treatment center. The kiddos are very restricted and \"fun t...


We researched therapeutic schools for our daughter for some time as we knew she needed help we couldn\'t provide at home. We contacted several schools a year or so ago to start the research, but we we...


Unbelievable staff and place! So thankful to everyone at SSA! Because of them we got our daughter back.


I was employed by Sedona Sky Academy from early 2012 till 2015 before moving on to finish up a PhD in Phoenix. I can say that the program is well thought out and designed specifically for girls who ar...


Hello, my review on Sedona Sky Academy. Overall the treatment techniques using horses was eye opening. Not being around horses before I didn\'t realize they are emotional animals like people which mak...


They were recommended by our family therapist who had experience with them with other clients. Their faclities are nice estate style homes which are comfortable and clean. The therapy component was mu...


This place is awful. I was sent here for many reasons, one of which was depression. I had never felt more depressed and suicidal in my life than when i was there. The academics were a joke. My parents...


this place is the worst place I\'ve ever been. The equine therapy is crud. Literally. Half my time there was spend scooping horse poop in the 113 degree heat. The staff were very untrained and didn\'t...


I was in the program from 2011 till 2012. All that was one of the most hardest parts of my life it was such a gift and it made me the person I am today. The staff is so supporting and loving and they ...


Sedona Sky is very proud of it\'s nationally recognized model of clinical excellence and it\'s intensive family work. We have achieved 100% college placement for graduating Seniors. We have also wor...


This school is the worst place to send your daughter. She gained over 98 pounds in 8 months and her resentment toward me grew. While she was there several incidents occurred where she didn't feel saf...


This facility is very punitive. Students are not treated therapeutically even though this is supposed to be a therapeutic boarding school. Therapy staff are entry level and not equipped to deal with t...


High quality of clinical care, strong academic program and transitional planning.


The program offers a strong clinical approach to address the co-occuring issues related to substance abuse as well as a strong equine support program. We build strong relationships between the client...


Strengths are the multiple modalities, care of the staff, level of support for students and focus on the family. However, there is poor internal communication among all departments.


Our facility effectively treats both substance use disorders along with a multitude of co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety family discord, oppositional defiance and more. I w...


Downfalls include: not enough trained staff, dismissing qualified staff, salary. However, it was a strength that they have horses at the facility.


The family work we did in the workshops was very helpful in healing my relationships with my parents and being able to have a relationship with them again.

Areas of Focus
Individual Therapy

This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.

Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Tammy Behrmann
    Tammy Behrmann - Founder

    Tammy has 25 years of experience helping teens make changes to last a lifetime. In 1996 she moved to Arizona where she was integral team member in founding and opening her first successful Therapeutic Boarding School. Then in 1998 she realized her own dream by founding a nationally recognized Girls Therapeutic Boarding School in Lake Montezuma, Arizona. She is the founder of a Ashcreek Ranch Academy in in Southern Utah.

  • Photo of Paul Ravenscraft
    Paul Ravenscraft - Admissions Director

    Paul is a seasoned Admissions Director with 15 years of experience connecting families with the perfect therapeutic program. He has served in some of the nation’s leading therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers across the country including those in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah and Arizona. He specializes in a team based, collaborative approach to finding the perfect fit and therapist for our clients. Paul is a graduate of Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. When Paul is not working with families to ensure a seamless transition for their daughter you can find him at home in Tempe, AZ with wife Shelly and beloved dogs Winston and Wendi