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Treatment Insights

The Schick Shadel Hospital provides substance abuse treatment for men and women. Schick Shadel’s approach is not 12-Step based, but relies instead on controversial aversion therapy or counter conditioning. The ten-day program is designed to create strong feelings of physical discomfort and repulsion associated with the addictive substance.

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Schick Shadel changed the trajectory of my life and was the catalyst for the love of my life finding himself again and breaking free from the shackles of his addiction. My (now fiancé) was in the thr...


I don’t understand the #3 ratings on Schlick hospital for alcoholism. I went to Schlick December 1981 and have never had another drink. I went to a different facility for a month and started back dr...


I was on staff for 6 years and always had favorable interactions with both staff and clients. Staff were experienced and knowledgeable, it was an aversion therapy treatment program and clients were ta...


location was great. Weaknesses included: digging deeper into why, expense drained an already impaired family by the drinker...son been 3 times and still no success, getting divorced, been fired, basic...


Paid $18,000 cash and then they requested $1000 more 4 months after leaving for only 10 day treatment. Medical Detox a joke, lay in bed for 3 days miserable. Not effective, drank after 10 months sobe...


I was at the end of my rope, my demon was alcohol... I was desperate! It was either Schick Shadel or suicide. For me what they said about fixing my problem was exactly what happened, I was cured!! No...


It's an effective treatment. Cost way too much. Treatment is effective almost 4 years sober but it is very expensive


Provides a lot of group and one on way in order for you to succeed. The cost is slighltly expensive but it is well worth it to get the type of help that they offer


Great staff, clean facility. Location was an issue. The traffic/driven into Seattle is horrid. Changed my brothers life around. Highly recommend.


It seemed well run and to have a good program but I have nothing to compare it to. My brother went through treatment so I don't know much about it.


Support and caring were strengths but Food is not the best. They did a great job at helping and talking with people and helping overcome addictions


Well trained staff. Wish it looked less like a hospital. The counsellors and staff allowed for an open and honest environment. It was a comfortable place to share and come to terms with addiction.


Counseling was a strength. Relapse tendencies were a weakness. My relative recovered and is a nuisance to everyone now


Counselors and staff were well qualified and facility had a lot of amenities. The experience was great but she was just not ready to give up addiction.


Staff was very qualified and helpful. Also had great amenities.Facility was not successful in treating my aunts addiction. I believe this is a good facility, my aunt was not ready to give up her addic...


There courtesy cleanly Ness and willingness to help you. Counselors do not have enough experience treatment was short not enough information on specific addictions that. The experience was OK staff wa...


The treatment was a strength but it was costly.


Seems like it has worked with good follow up. My cousin just finished treatment and has failed three other treatment facilities. This time seems different and she is doing weel


Targets specific addictions but Costly. Worked well, but is not affordable for everyone


Friendly staff, needs more attention to detail. A place that really works


Kind Staff, It helped a lot with my relatives addiction problem and getting them on the right track.


My wife went twice. We spent $36000. First time, she stayed sober for over a year. She relapsed. Second time she wasn\'t sober for a month! She just went through the motions. Told yhem what they...


My state of mind going in was... There was nothing more important to me than sobriety. Most people were in the same boat, they were motivated and single minded in their reason to be at SSH. I fou...


The greatest people are the nursing staff/treatment staff. They have to deal with a lot a furious pace. The head guy is very pompous. Walks around head held high, very prudish and almost scoffing. Pri...


This place wAs far better then most out. There. The. Food was can you can have the chef cook something for you. There\'s always fresh fruit & love the coffee/soda bar. You share a room with...


5 years sober. There is no better way than this to break free from adiction


There is a basic reason why Schick Shadel only has one facility in the country left (in the eighties they were n to only in WA, but also in CA, TX and FL - No Longer) - essentially, because their pro...


Have had multiple experiences with Schick Shadel and many other rehabs, unfortunately. They do have a separate detox unit from their 10-day notorious program. I did the full program several years ago...


It was short term. I have been to 4 treatment centers and I don't believe any of them works, including this one!


It is well known; however, it was $10,000 and did not work.


They have a nice, caring staff. However, they have an unpleasant treatment program. I have no personal experience. All I KNOW IS WHAT SOMEONE TOLD ME.


2 years today since I had a drink. This place has the best program.


Treatment worked so far. Needs more after release counseling. This is for drastic rehab. It is difficult but so far it has worked.


Short and efficient program. Not sure of the outcome yet.


Caring staff and great lectures. I had a great experience overall. However, they had poor follow-up communication after leaving the facility.


Had a hard time finding what made my husband tick, therefore was not successful. It just didn't fit our situation.


My cousin went to treatment here, and he's been drug free since.


Overall, pleased but would like to see more sessions to involve family and how things should change once the person comes home and resumes normal life. It was an effective treatment.


This was my fourth rehab. I've now been sober for almost 4 years. Love Schick Shadel!


Not a 12 step program, education and counseling is excellent, aversion therapy. It worked.


By far the best place to go when you want to quit ruining your life. I was treated for heroin and meth and weed and now have my life back. I'm free from any craving of heroin and my kids couldn't be a...


I spent two weeks in SSH. Before getting there I had to drink or I would have died. I wanted to stop drinking, but I was too physically dependent on it to quit. I was drinking a half gallon of whisky...


My fiancé went here for a meth addiction and left with a meth addiction. Except, now he was sickened at the thought of smoking it.


After trying to quit on my own for 6 years I spent 10 days plus the follow ups here and havent had even an urge to drink since. Its been 1 year and 2 months but the demon has finally been shut up. T...


2 years after going to Schick Shadel Hospital I am still sober and smell of booze makes me physical ill. Now here is the deal, the program works and I am greatful, but don\'t expect any support after ...


I do not respond well to aversion therapy. Aversion therapy isn't for everyone - choose the treatment regimen carefully.


Did not help my daughter and I disagree with the forced aversion therapy approach. The program is based on strong aversion therapy. The staff are great though. She was drinking and suicidal again wit...


It seemed to get our friend clean.


It seemed to work


I thought it was a great facility. It works.


Felt safe at Schick Shadel. Helped me get clean.


While I did check myself I wanted desperately to leave for several days. This place saved my life. The food isn't the best, there wasn't yoga, but I left clean and sober.


All they want is money.


Aversion Therapy is used at Schick Shadel Hospital. My life was changed the moment I walked through their front doors. It has been over 6 1/2 years since I seaked treatment. I have moved forward every...


They did an excellent job with taking away my urges to drink so I could move on and fix my life. They went a direction I was looking for and took my craving away.


Successful treatment comes from the individuals understanding and commitment to change

Areas of Focus
Alcohol Detox

Schick Shadel’s treatment program provides patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the addiction withdrawal period. Physicians certified in addiction medicine direct the detox team, and experienced, registered nurses provide compassionate and supportive care for patients.

Drug Detox

Schick Shadel’s treatment program provides patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the addiction withdrawal period. Physicians certified in addiction medicine direct the detox team, and experienced, registered nurses provide compassionate and supportive care for patients.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Elaine Oksendahl
    Elaine Oksendahl - Director of HR/RM/PI

    Elaine joined Schick Shadel Hospital as administrative assistant to the CEO and chief of staff. During her tenure, she has held several positions including performance improvement coordinator, JCAHO/DOL survey coordinator, privacy officer/compliance officer and associate administrator.

  • Photo of Paula Fisher
    Paula Fisher - Director of Counseling

    Paula earned an undergraduate degree, a counseling certificate and a master’s of business administration from the University of Washington. A graduate of the Schick Shadel Hospital program, Paula joined the team as a counselor and has more than twenty years of clinical experience in the field of substance abuse.