Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

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Had very good treatment there. Group sections was a strength.


I got sober and alot of unknown education,on our brains,thinking why some people struggle others don't family genes it's a brain imbalance,diesise ,and real people who have lived it and know...


Very under-staffed. I was the second of only two therapists working for one woman. After working there for one week the other therapist quit and went to work at a county mental-health. In addition to...


Capacity, area, programs were good. The facility overall was a rehabilitating experience


Sacred heart has many good qualities. However do to them treating both men and if your in a relationship with an addict you may or may not have a relationship when they come out.


This place was really great, I been to other places like Cpi and Turning point, etc ...... And this place by far was the best I been clean since 10-10-13 Thanks to sacred heart. Yes the rooms may not ...

J. C.

Treats family members well. Dirty meals consist if frozen dinners and the patients are not given enough to eat


Many different things to offer than other rehab centers.


People were great. One on one counseling should improve. Was helpful


They have a FEW good counselors. The program is not long enough for success. I saw patients walk off the grounds and later heard they were able to get cigarettes and heroin. I was visiting my son wh...


Addiction treatments, not long enough programs to work effectively needs more family involvement


Can bring kids, good place but to many addicts


Great counselors. Unfortunately it's the only place that will accept state funded insurance and while the staff is nice, it's not a serious taken place


When visiting my loved one the education received was impeccable! This facility was difficult to get in to when a friend tried to with no insurance


Sacred Heart saved my life. I learned so much there about addiction. I love the staff there they are excellent.


Strengths: Counseling, food, support, for the religious the church, the classes. For those people who want recovery it's an absolutely wonderful place to be. Weaknesses: For a place that's for profit ...


It was a great facility.


My daughter has been here and she detoxes and then leaves before treatment is completed. ...


Many of the workers have been through there as a client. Each day is set up to keep clients busy. Goal oriented focusing on solutions. Outside meetings twice a week. If you want to make a change for t...


The nurses were horrible I hope the hire better caring nurses. I love that children are welcome to stay with their mothers and that the counselors were experienced,


It was very clean. However, there were too many people there at once and the price was nuts.


They have great information classes dealing with your substance abuse issues. I feel that don't have enough classes for the alcoholic. I had great experience there. They are very informational. If you...


It was a great facility.


GREAT therapists. The phone call rules are too strict/ I felt that people need to talk to family and friends while getting treatment. There were also too many people.


Positive group activities..recharge Sundays. I know of several persons including my loved one who went through program successfully. So they must be doing something right. All of the people I mention ...


It was 2008 when I entered Sacred Heart so my memory is slightly fuzzy on some details but when I look back at my time there I actually miss it. I have nothing but fond memories and feelings and the s...


It's great and it has everything you need to recover in an inpatient facility. The boarding /beds are old and musty. The rooms are all musty in the sleeping areas but the rest of the rooms aren't. I h...


It was a generally great facility but with only decent family participant and cleanliness.


The staff was wonderful and I will be ever in their debt. The day to day activities were fair and helped me immensely with my recovery and educated me on addiction and the steps to work the 12 step pr...


I enjoyed the family participation.


I benefited from the facility and felt there was a lot of consistency.


Didn't address the mental issues.


30 days is detox, not rehab. My son needed long term care, but insurance would only cover 30 days


If you are serious about freedom from your addiction this is the place to go. Sacred Heart saved my life! I have been clean for quite some time & very grateful for this facility. I have my life bac...


They make you aware just how tricky this disease is and don't 'sugar coat' anything, letting you know this is a challenging but simple program- we(the addict) complicates it! If you truly want it and ...


I attended the first time only 3 weeks. I relapsed after 2 1/2 months. The second time, I stayed 6 weeks, and it has been 5 1/2 months with no relapse.


Everything was as if we were a great big family. Allowing the 2 hr after session 30 minute smoke breaks were a great chance not to be overwhelmed plus interaction with work on our own, taught by the C...


It was a very brief slip and I went back to meetings right away. Otherwise sober 6 years now.


My daughter is responsible for her own recovery, but I support her recovery with listening and love when she needs it.


They do both treatment and detox. The treatment didn't fall short, but the willingness of the patient. My friend completed detox and felt they didn't need any additional help.


As much food as you can eat. Positive atmosphere. Fun. Was set up with intensive out patient care when I left. Any institution that aids recovery is worth what it costs


These people treat you well, know what they are doing, but it is a tricky, difficult disorder to overcome. Longer stays might help, but I'm not sure. An Addict has a lot of work to do on his/her own t...


On her 1 year anniversary, they sent my daughter a darling hoodie jacket! She wears it with great pride!


Perfect place for me and my kids. WE were able to stay together as a family and get better. Best thing I ever did.