Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights

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14525 N Newport Highway
Mead, WA 99021
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Treatment Insights

No two individuals are exactly alike; therefore, your recovery process requires specific needs that are unique to your life experiences and personality. Centered in a holistic approach to the recovery of mind, body, and spirit, Royal Life Centers equips you with the tools needed to reclaim your life. During all phases of our program, you will be in a safe and welcoming environment equipped with highly trained staff members who understand your emotional needs while embarking on this journey. During your time at Royal Life Centers, your specific needs are assessed to provide a tailored course of goals, addressing underlying wounds that have caused pain throughout your life and discovering passions to fuel your recovery. Our course of treatment offers individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to healing. In addition, you will learn applicable life skills that are necessary in order to flourish in the world. You will collaborate with our experienced clinical staff to decide what approaches best benefit your recovery and your life. The beautiful, transformative growth that takes place at Royal Life Centers is a powerful testimony to the immeasurable value of having a voice in your own recovery. Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today.

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Unfortunately I reached out to Royal life center and had a horrific experience. Staff member from the call center has represented nothing but deception from our first conversation when I was unwilling...


This place clearly has got to be a joke. We have 2 sober living home, so they call them in our neighborhood and all the van does is bump their music and speed down the road flips unturns and does it a...


First I want to say ithe detox center I attended in AZ was a gift and saved my live. Not sure if the two are associated and really can't see how they could be. I do believe all the staff did have the ...


They treat their employees like crap. The clients pretty much get to do whatever they want not sure how this place is even still running. The clients get a weeks worth of med all at 1 time, how is thi...


Stay away from Royal Life Centers! Conditions are unsafe. Accommodation are dirty. Staff on hand will not respond to concerns. Other patients control the environment and make woman extremely uncomfort...


My loved one was able to get sober for the first time in years. There is ZERO family connection. Families are excluded at all costs and treated terrible by the "counselors." The "counselors" are barel...


I recommend Cascade Heights every chance I can. I have had two of my kids walk through their door for treatment of heroin and meth addiction I can\'t speak for the food, I didn\'t eat there, but my tw...


The detox facility which I attended for eight days was beyond any expectation I could have had! My needs were beyond mad and I was treated with more dignity and respect than ever before at any other ...


As someone who had worked in the field for 25 years and am in personal recovery. I found myself looking for a quality treatment program for my daughter and her fiance in The Spokane, Wa area. I was at...


My recovery time @ cascade heights was a time I will never forget. It was not what I was expecting, a more hospital type environment but it was better than I hoped, accommodations meals transportatio...


Client education about addiction and re Lapses was a strength of the facility. However, they are still working out kinks w housing and staff. Was inpatient for 72 days for alcohol. Best thing I ever ...


I recommend this place highly because of my counselor and the rest of the staff. But there are some drawbacks: Most of house managers have minimal sobriety, have a superior attitude, complain about ho...


This treatment center's staff does not supervise patients well enough... The staff is full of friends who are not strong in recovery instead of maybe qualified people. They pay low so they can make a ...


Was admitted here after Spokane Detox, without my knowledge. We stayed in a 2 story house with a basement. Although the lodgings were not bad, the DIET provided WITH OUR OWN MONEY was horrible. They...


I walked out. 1 they do not meet you where your at. It\'s rehab not prison. They strip you of everything then build you up there way. Joke. Boys will not see girls and Vic/ver if you happen to look ...

Areas of Focus
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Process Abuse Treatment

Not all addictions involve mood-altering chemicals. The term “process addiction” describes the unhealthy use of behaviors (including eating, gambling, sexual activity, shopping, internet use, etc.) that has spiraled out of control and into the realm of addiction.