Roxbury Treatment Center

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601 Roxbury Road
Shippensburg, PA 17257
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It was a terrible experience, they don't give any detox meds (methadone,suboxone,subutex) so you are detoxing cold turkey. When I left they didn't send my prescription Correctly so I had to g...


Waste of time. He also met many new friends who are also discharged and still using. Biggest Joke ever. Its more harm than good.


Wouldn\'t take me because they knew i couldn\'t stay a whole month because I have a kid to take care of there not trying to help people there only wanting your money screw this place I really need he...


It\'s Been over a year and I still have nightmares of Roxbury. I came in with slight depression on my own non-smoker and I left angry with myself and I smoked now because that\'s all there is there. ...


As a mental health patient, i was routinely ignored or literally yelled at for my problems. They ignored every physical ailment i had,told myself (and others ) that we'd have longer stays or more inte...


This is how it is. I don\'t know what heck my karma fell into to end up in Roxbury, but the hard time I served there has left me so upset. Any claim they make that they will help you with your issues ...


Dec 17 2012 was my last Drug & Drink This place saved my life and Gave me a Brand New ONE I am so ThankFull for this place and there Staff ! Today I was counting my blessing and realized that If I wou...


Good facility.


i learned at the "ROCK" stayed with me and I eventually used the knowledge as well as God to FULLY HEAL me from Alcohol Addiction.


This place was my 1st step in saving my life !! and thanks to everyone there that helped me to deal with life on lifes trems I am 19 mths Clean and SOBER !!


Amazing treatment plans and counsellors to help you. This facility was amazing. Treatment plans and counselling was effective and made me change my life around.


Strong history of success. It was far away and there was limited access. Reasonable insurance acceptance, treatment plans that work.


One of the best around. It was a little pricey. Had a indoor pool when i was there.


Quick intake procedures and was easy to get treatment. I was left out of the loop as to treatment progress because I wasn't a blood relation to the patient. Know what you are getting yourself into. Th...


Good councelling.


Inconsistent staff, some staff can wear plain wedding bands, others cant for no reason, unopened toiletries listed on things that are allowed, but staff gave issues when client requested these new/uno...


I. Was very happy with the staff. I need to come back. I messed up and started drinking again.


I would NEVER EVER go back or recommend this\'d place to anyone. Staff did not have control over patients. Did not feel safe at all. Every single person I talked to said they hated this place and how ...


To whom this concerns; There are holes in the drywall in the patient rooms and hall ways. The heating was inadequate in the community room and kitchen, including most patient rooms. In addition, I sa...


Did not like this facility.


Teaching an addict how to live in reality would be a good start. Only centering treatment on the 12 step program is not for everybody. Support, understanding and self reliance need to b taught... wh...


many weaknesses. would not return.


good Dr's on staff. receptionist very rude, long time for check out. good counceling provided.


Terrible doctorz


It was a great place; there were a lot of groups to keep you busy. However, they needed more extracurricular programs.


The program helped me stay clean for one year so far, but the place was filthy. The staff experience and food was excellent. However, there was an unfairness of how patients were treated.


I was a little hesitant at first but the staff and other patients really opened my eyes and I couldn't be happier now. The staff was great.


Very lazy, rude and inexperienced receptionists. There were good people there to assist.


I would have died without the help I received. Wanted to make calls daily, but was only allowed once every two days. In retrospect, this was probably a good thing because calls could get pretty emot...


This was the worst experience of my life. I was there for alcohol treatment and was roomed with a schizophrenic patient. I was afraid to sleep with her there. I was strip searched upon entry which was...


Three to a room. Staff to patient ratio is inadequate. Not enough time spent with the psychiatrist. I could only get ibuprofen twice per day after filling out a form. I recently had surgery and was...


I have unfortunately had to be hospitalized prior to my confinement at Roxbury. I say "confinement" because it truly is like a jail. Although I have never been incarcerated, it is just like I would i...


I believe that you will get out of Roxbury what you want to put into it. From my observation this is close to universally true. Oddly enough I found out later that my sponsor went to Roxbury as well....


They were very short staffed. There wasn't enough supervision. Not enough staff and the counseling was not effective.


Wouldn't go back.


Good food; a clean facility; stricter rules (hygiene items must be sealed at admission is one); smoking is allowed during breaks (outside); daily rec time; P.T. in mornings; military program for activ...


He is aware of his addiction and choose not to drink after leaving.


I entered this detox/rehab by choice when I was 53 years old. I drank nearly every day for over 30 years - nearly reached death 2 weeks prior to rehab. This place saved my life. I'm still in touch w...


I felt that overall the program was good however preperation in dealing with thoughts could use more.


After care consisted of IOP Individual AA/NA.


Although I relapsed what I learned at the "ROCK" stayed with me and I eventually used the knowledge as well as God to fully heal me from Alcohol Addiction.


This place was my 1st step in saving my life !! and thanks to everyone there that helped me to deal with life on life terms I am 19 months Clean and SOBER!