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Providing substance abuse treatment programs for adults, Rosecrance - Harrison Campus offers evidence-based, 12-Step focused programs such as medically monitored detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care and recovery homes. Treatment programs feature individual, group and family counseling, education, spirituality and team building. Rosecrance – Harrison Campus also offers treatment programs for co-occurring mental health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder.

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my social worker could not even spell compassion correctly. they charge while providing inadequately experienced staff lacking quality credentials. They also recommended me to a person for my outpatie...


You have to want to be there in order for the program to work! My counselors were amazing! But you cannot force someone to go and think they will be “cured” however I have been trying to get ahold...


Strong cult mentality gong on here. I was lied to over the phone before checking in; the lies & attempted brainwashing continued throughout my stay. Patients are forced to electronically sign document...


The receptionists who answer the phone calls are VERY rude


Stuff was rude expect for one who was very helpful the nurses zero compassion do not go there if you have health issues they not equipped to help people with poor health they gave me a hard time when ...


Excellent.Clean. Highly trained staff. Not accessible to people who can't afford to pay for their own treatment or don't have excellent private insurance. However, even the daily copay with insurance ...


Great accommodations and food. Most of the staff very caring. Didn’t care to hear about the personal lives of the staff. Especially the “woman” who looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I’m sure...


Rosecrance CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I am SOOOO GARATEFUL for this wonderful place! Wonderful food, amazing staff, awesome environment. I would recommend it to ANYONE!!!!


I went to rosecrance after I left the nurses refused to give my vivitrol shot, they told me to pick it up for my doctor since I was no longer a patient. I got there and was told I cold not pick it up ...


I had sent my daughter to Rosecrance after numerous failed attempts in our home area. Within 2 weeks I noticed changes taking place. The staff is compassionate and thurough. They are there for the rig...


Supervisor is a mean person the employees alot of unfair treatment with the schedule purposely.......


I can't think of any strengths. Way too strict. Counselors are walking textbooks. Staff are power tripping. Volleyball was fun.


My 39 year old son went in for detox and rehab for alcohol and Xanax abuse (he has a prescription). He has also suffered from depression over the years. Unfortunately they don\'t handle dual diagnosis...


Profit machine void of compassion. It\'s bad enough that so many in treatment are there strictly for legal reasons or to emptily satisfy another. No dual diagnosis, no individualized treatment. AA/NA ...


Effective treatment at a great facility.


It was good.


Clean, nice family programs Some counselors are inexperienced with addiction even though they have a certificate/degree in drug and alcohol counseling. Family weekend was always nice and informative. ...


caring counselors.. it's a good place for people with no money or insurance


Great staff Nice area and surroundings. Some of the other people there. Some upgrades are needed I would recommend this facility to those who do not for you Chicago is the right choice


One on one time and Group councelling were great. No outside interference Family not allowed to be seen Got me clean. No frills. Clean and great amenities.


kindly staff and good envirnoment


They told me I was too high functioning and Rosecrans discharged me


Nice facility with easy access The facility is good but it all depends on what the patient wants or how hard he/she trys A good facility but the patient must want the benefits and that is not an easy ...


It has more than one location and is easy to get to. It seems to have a lot of recurring patients. It's treatment program doesn't have a lasting affect.


Staff our knowledgable. Friendly. Clean center. Person has been there three times already. Whatever they are doing is not working. The person was rarely even able to use phone. I think the addict ne...


Lovely grounds but the staff and beds weren't great. Research other facilities as well


It was local for us. They have heavy case loads Long wait to get help.


Quality of program was high...Im still sober 6 years later


That we have a facility like them in our area. To over booked that they cant take people. My husband went their and they weren't much of a help.


Maintenance and education were nice. It was kind of expensive. Open, and comforting environment, with well educated staff members.


It was obtainable for a close relative who had abuse problems and was in a correctional facility. Possibly followup could have been better. The facility was fine but unless the person really wants hel...


Well-trained, professional staff. Long waiting lists. Not enough inpatient beds available. Rosecrance is a great place to go for Treatment.


very good staff and treatment facilities


the staff was good...the location wasn't good but it's a great facility


group counselling sessions were good speakers from afflicted people and families was kind of a weakness good group and one on one counselling


They were caring and the staff was very helpful


Staff are professional, have Master's Degrees in Counseling. They care about people. Waiting lists to get in were long. Go to groups, be serious about your treatment plan, don't give up. Have a good ...


Let close family and friends in for meetings - upbeat environment, positive people and different options for treatment Kind of crowded They made me feel very comfortable and not ashamed. I almost did...


The communication was good here.


Counselor to patient ratio is great-enough staff to treat all clients issues More funding is needed for those who don't or can't pay for services This is a very clean and modern facility They offer a...


PLEASE READ!!! RESEARCH IT AND GO ELSEWHERE IF POSSIBLE!!! I hoped I would never be writing a review like this, I\'m not that kind of person. I am so disappointed in the Rosecrance Rockford Facility a...


Terrible experience. Asked to see doctor several times, but did not. Kept busy from 6:00 am until 10:30 pm. Do not have 5 minutes to yourself. Did not meet primary counselor for 4 days. Secondary coun...


Terrible experience. The staff does not work professionally with family and patients. The managers gave us 1 hour notice at 8 am in the morning to come get our son. The reason given was his foul langu...


The staff was good but the facilities were a downfall. Good care, great staff.


Knowledge base of the staff was key to my loved ones recovery process. As the parent I was not always informed as I'd like to have been. My loved one had double issues, addiction and mental health con...


Caring staff. Waiting list is too long. Excellent group counseling programs. Counselors are very qualified and trained. I highly recommend this agency.


Keeps you busy all day is a strength. A weakness of the facility was Or off campus activities. More professional Dr. Exams to address any problems that you may have. The psych doctor was exceptional t...


The doctor was good. The conselors and staff were weaknesses. The conselor I had was rotten for ine thing she only learned her job from books she never ecpierienced going thru an addiction like some ...


Do not come here. I was admitted on a Saturday morning and no doctor was available until Monday. I desperately needed benzodiazepines for my severe alcohol withdrawals. The nurse ignored my pleas for ...


Good education. Good experience overall. They do a poor job at helping you believe that you can do this the rest of your life.


The conditions of the facility were great but the staff were terrible!


Kind hearted people. It was very helpful.


The leaders were good. Also, the cost was not bad. However, the staff was a downfall.


They make you as comfortable as possible. I felt as if they actually really cared about me as a person. Everybody there was very friendly. The staff was nice. It was clean and organized. They have out...


Good reputation and good counselors. It did not work for my brother; however, this was not their fault. He did not want help.


The food was good but the people at the facility were a downfall.


It was fair. Need to do more research to understand treatment offered.


When I was there everyone was very courteous, and treated the patients like normal people. The Facility was clean and the staff broke down exactly what they had planned for treatment. Probably through...


Most of the employee are in recovery, which was wonderful. I myself had an amazing counseling experience from a great counselor.


They were very knowledgeable but they could have had better visiting rules.


The overall quality was excellent. However,t here were too little 12-step meetings.


It is the go-to facility for everyone I know who needed to attend a rehab center. All of my friends who have attended were not healed. It is a good facility, if you are going to be serious about your ...


I appreciated the support for my problem, but they really should work on the food issues. Some of it was borderline inedible. The staff was decent but the food was very poor quality.


They are very well trained on the different problems associated with becoming sober. They also are very consistent with their treatment. I wish there were units that separated women of different stag...


Effective and you gain a lot of education on addiction and the process of different stages you go through. Need more beds for medicare and medicaid. After 7 years I'm still sober.


Please don't take your child here! although the facilities, surroundings and food here is top quality the adolescent substance abuse treatment is terrible. Our son didn't meet his primary councilor ...


Had great staff.


I stayed for 37 days, where I got into a routine that did not include drugs or alcohol and that was very helpful to my recovery. I also attended aa and na meetings and got the tools needed to continue...


Didn't really work. Not for my age group.


Love the staff and councilors, locations were calm and nice.


Not the best services.


Weekly family classes and updates offered.


Was a unit tech for 11 years and have CADAC, know the disease and saw how professional every one is and saw results.


This place was perfect. It was beautiful also with a gorgeous Japanese garden to help them find peace. The staff was amazing. They held family weekends for learning about rehab.


Our son has relapsed several times.


Too expensive. Services, in my opinion were all-around substandard. Often desired services were already filled or simply inadequate.


The woman's program is very structured it goes from 6;00am to around 10;00pm they keep you focused when in the groups and the food they offered was really good. This one offered many programs that wer...


Very supportive

Areas of Focus
Residential Treatment

Adolescents who are assessed as needing a highly intense level of care in a residential setting, due to a moderate to serious impairment from chemical use, are admitted to the Residential program. This program is located at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. Here you will learn about the disease of addiction and receive the tools needed to live a drug-free lifestyle. Patients experience a treatment day that includes school, recreation, experiential therapies, art, educational lectures, process groups, recovery meetings, 12-Step groups, life skills (food prep, cooking, meal etiquette), coping skill groups and individual and family counseling.

Intensive Outpatient program

The Intensive Outpatient program focuses on recovery skills while you stay in your home environment. Topics of lectures and groups include coping skills to prevent use, relapse prevention planning, the disease of addiction and its impact on an individual and their family, recovery management skills, anger management, using sober support, thinking errors and the effect of drugs on your body.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Betty Bartos, MS, NCC, LCPC
    Betty Bartos, MS, NCC, LCPC - Director of Community Recovery Integration and Support

    Betty Bartos is the Director of Community Recovery Integration and Support. She is a National Certified Counselor responsible for oversight and management of long-term adult mental health services, including case management, residential, psycho-social rehabilitation and dialectical behavior therapy. Bartos has been with Rosecrance since 1990. She earned her B.S. from Slippery Rock University and her M.S. in psychology, with an emphasis on community mental health, from Western Illinois University.

  • Photo of Philip W. Eaton, MS
    Philip W. Eaton, MS - President/CEO

    Philip Eaton was named President/CEO of Rosecrance Health Network in 1982, but his connection to Rosecrance began in 1971 as a young social worker. His understanding of the roots of Rosecrance and his vision for the future has set the standard for the organization for more than 25 years. Under his leadership, Rosecrance opened Northern Illinois’ first chemical dependency treatment center for adolescents and Illinois’ only licensed recovery homes for female adolescents. Eaton holds a Master of Science Degree in Community Mental Health from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Trinity College.