River Oaks Hospital

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1525 River Oaks Road West
New Orleans, LA 70123
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I had a loved one there for 30 days she got liquor and I feel like she was using the whole time she was there I know for a fact she was having sex there in the men's dorm how did that happen I payed o...


Has problems


I was detoxing from benzodiazepines and opioids and River Oaks is one of the ONLY places to provide medical treatment to help you get through detoxing as pain free as possible!!! Some of the staff cou...


Staff was a strength. Rules should be revised. Friendly


treat all ages but not singularly focused. This was a friend that went into the facility. It was a few years back. What I do know is that she hasn't backslid, and she's quite successful now, so they m...


They had excellent counselors and an awesome minister, both are easy to talk to and express concerns with. This facility also has a great art and music program that is incorporated in treatment. Could...


accommodating but rude staff, cheap


I was in treatment in the Trauma unit for 4 weeks. The treatment team was outstanding. The caliber of staff was amazing and genuinely cared for each patient. I felt safe, secure, and knew I was in g...




It fairly a-ok but I had no idea I had signed my rights over them which I was not informed by them about this. If you admit yourself in, you should be able admit yourself out when you feel you are rea...


This hospitial saved my life


He overdosed when he got out. No one every asked family to get involved in rehab.




RO Unit 3 saved my life! I have been in close to 15 hospitalizations in 25 years, with little success, and believe me, I've tried hard to get well. No one can get well in 8 days (the usual psychiatric...


My young adult son was admitted to the Compulsive Behavior Unit. Insurance paid for him to stay a little over a month and I just know that he was quite distraught when he couldn\'t stay longer. My son...


This facility has been around for a long time. They encouraged all of us and never gave up. I recommend it to anyone in need of help. The staff was good, it was a clean facility and everything was rea...


They are very effective at treating the patient like an adult not with contempt and making the patient understand they are fully invested in their recovery. I was very impressed and pleased with how e...


Family planning, visiting hours, the program and treatments were all positive aspects of the facility.


Certain staff members treated me like family. They talked with me one on one when I was struggling, even if they were not my counselor. Even when I wanted to give up I was given repeated methods to st...


I have complex PTSD. This was a first for me. The staff know their stuff.


Not recommended- River Oaks' staff includes counselors fresh out of school with NO experience who don't have any idea what they should be doing in treating psych/ bi-polar/ addictions.

Mother of

My young adult son was admitted to the Compulsive Behavior Unit. Insurance paid for him to stay a little over a month and I just know that he was quite distraught when he couldn't stay longer. My son ...


Ridiculous amount of money for care received.


This center I was in for a full month last year in 2013 around July and it was a godsend! I was suffering from everything possible. The treatment staff was increadable understandable they were availab...