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Since 1976, Ridgeview Institute has been successfully treating people suffering from addiction and mental health issues. The suburban Atlanta campus offers clients a safe and serene space to explore deep-rooted issues and develop healthy coping skills and strategies. All staff members have solid psychiatric and addiction experience and are able to provide high quality care for both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Treatment is 12-Step based and open to adolescents and adults.

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Horrible place. Was sent there from er Dr. Most disgusting staff ever seen. No real therapeutic groups no real educated Dr.. Total scam case mgr is a arrogant uneducated disgusting person. Staff cares...


HELL that was my experience at Ridgeview But truly worse


Water is not freely given (I was dehydrated for a month afterwards), staff is cruel and vindictive, no outside time, in 1 room 90% of the day, only 2 group therapy sessions a day that are inadequate, ...


This was the worst experience ihave had it took a while to get in then they send you out for testing and you are gone for hours after you have waited hours about five hours just to go to the hospital ...


Just a warehouse.Can keep someone from harming themselves . No long term advantages at all.


Strengths:Experience. Weakness:Cost


The most unethical hospital I have ever been to. Most of the staff is callus. DO NOT send a loved one to Ridgeview for rehabilitation! This is NOT a place where people get better.


This place and the people there (staff and patients) helped me to learn a different way to live. This place saved my life.


Excellent staff and facility. Was treated by professionals and with respect and went into outpatient there.


Strong tread the programs, great staff, great interaction with alumi and recovery community. Strong focus on family engagement Disorganized at times A strong community where ruined is invested in eve...


Accepts medicare, medicaid, Mentally ill Lack of variety of treatment. Combines severe drug withdrawal with alcohol withdrawal, and mentally ill They were able to accept my brother, who has schizophre...


Eating disorders program and the women's clinic Young adults program I loved my time at ridgeview, it saved my life


Good lecture programs. Communication with doctor and family. I know there are HIPPA rules, but at least the doctors can listen to legitimate concerns. A little more relaxed facility than some. Snacks ...


Clean. Well staffed. In-patient and out-patient counseling. Defined aftercare program outlined before patient is discharged Not a lot of activities for down-time The programs are effective for those w...


Wasnt aware of any Didnt help rehabilitate at all, He started smoking cigarettes here, which is yet another addictive problem and which was "ok" by their standards. Just temporarily replacing one pro...


Clean. Well staffed. Good group therapy sessions. One on one sessions with doctor. Follow-up outpatient programs Can be expensive even with assistance This is a great place to start and continue throu...


Better doctor's staffed onsite to help with medication management. Staff seem to be well organized. Doctors and staff spend more time with patients. Peaceful setting like a nature retreat. Very expens...


Daily group sessions. Family involvement. Daily session with doctor. Assistance organizing follow-up care Not a lot of activities for down-time. Is expensive without insurance Caring staff. Clean room...




Felt the people really did care about it being a safe space. Schedule is not very flexible. Certainly not something I wanted to experience, but everyday thereafter I am so glad that I did.


Great inpatient program for eating disorders. Family able to participate. Like any eating disorder clinic, patients get a lot past the staff. A friend was treated here for anorexia. It was a good al...


Friendly and smart staff. Follow rules. Not enough staff Though the staff was great and run a tight ship. The effectiveness is the same as anywhere else...success is only as good as the patient des...


The facility has reasonable counseling and good medical monitoring. Some of the counseling sessions were not effective for me. I also met two women who had previously been in this facility and I just...


Group therapy Locking patients in wards. Patients should not be able to smoke at a treatment center. Even if they have outdoor spaces.


Counseling and preventive measures Visitation policy, I didn't like. Expect to follow their rules, with no leeway on their part.


Compassion One size fits all approach wasn't good.


Compassionate and understanding check in was very long My son received very good care.


The aftercare consisted of them giving me a list of 3 physicians, none that eccepted pediatrics. They did not communicate with us while she was there. Told it would take a while for her antidepressant...


He came out just as addicted as he went in. It was a horrible experience. I filed a complaint against his doctor with the Georgia medical board. Staff were extremely rude. Not helpful at all.


Affordable and worth the cost of the treatment for the quality you get.


It would be well to remember that people struggling with active addictions; and, when they are beginning to work a program to straighten out incredibly difficult lives usually cover their life problem...


Ridgview has improved so much their are new buldings since i was there before. The staff was excellent an they really care. The doctors were very good to. I would. suggest this hospital to my frie...


Excellent program, effective, promising, and patient.


staff very rude, toward family members.


Ridgeview is not the facility to use if you want to get a love one help. They DO NOT COMMUNICATE. One of the women is a complete nightmare as a caseworker, and should not work at McDonalds. They sa...


My regular therapist told me after I got at out that Ridgeview is \"one of the best in the country.\" Well if that\'s the case, the rest of the country is MESSED UP. The only one-on-one therapy I rece...


When I called Ridgeview to address how they could do better to educate family when they are involved and patient wants them involved..the staff got impatient when I got upset on phone and hung up on m...


A substandart facility in all respects. I was a patient there last year, via a 10/13 commital, and was treated very poorly by the staff, and the doctor only saw patients after 11:00p.m.. I would reco...


I voluntarily checked myself in for depression and wound up being recommended for residential treatment for drug/alcohol addiction due to a remote history of substance use. They have no effective me...


I was taken to Ridgeview for severe depression and anxiety. I was starting to have suicidal thoughts - not necessarily implementation, but I was debating different options. I accepted that I needed to...


My daughter was I the day program for three weeks for treatment of anxiety and drug use. She received counseling,but very little psychiatric intervene. She may have spent 45 min total with the psychia...


Don\'t waste your time!!!!!!! This place is only concerned about money!!!!!


I personally attended RI after a suicide attempt and the first time I had a very good case manager. The second time I tried to go back I was put on a 4 week wait list so a girl who didn\'t like me cou...


The best rehab facility in this area, competent physicians and staff, pleasant peaceful surroundings. RV gives you the tools to take control of your problems; the rest is up to you.


These people are so unprofessional. I couldn't believe some of the staff there. This is not where you want to try and be helped at.


They have good nurses and counselors. However the officers were disrespectful.


Staff is generally competent and knowledgeable. Facility is modern and well-maintained. Program has enough diverse options that makes it fairly easy to identify what "path" to take. Doctors are overbo...


The staff is amazing! They have an awesome aftercare and doctors. However, you're mixed with folks that have severe mental issues and that can be scary.


It was a clean facility but needs much improvement.


It was a good facility.


They need better holistic offerings and counseling options. However, the facility is very clean and they have wonderful family participation.


Therapy options, supports, facilities, staff were all positive aspects of the facility. Thank you Ridgeview.


Dual diagnosis care is good. I went to this treatment facility for a five day detox and entered post care with AA after release. meals leave much to be desired.


My brother in law was treated for alcohol and drugs. He was there 30 days. He came out as a participant and believer in the AA program and has maintained it in his life today. Excellent caring staf...


This place saved my life. I would recommend Ridgeview to anyone seeking help. I was an IV crystal meth addict, addicted to prescription pain pills and alcohol. This place gave me all the tools to h...


The facility was very clean and the lead counselor was excellent.


An overall good facility.


Treatment is effective in keeping someone sober. However, the facility can be boring. I didn't like it.


The place keeps you sober but can get boring at times.


During admittance, I (the spouse) was left out of the process. I was told we were pre-certified with my insurance and I ended up having to pay the full amount and I have not seen a claim or reimbursem...


Going to Ridgeview was a life changing event for me... I would recommend it to anyone in need...


I was never a patient (inpatient) here, but I have had many positive experiences on an outpatient basic and have also benefited from free support groups they have offered. Although not all the women I...


Has pulled me from that deep dark hole of emptiness and despair twice, eight years apart. Would never go anywhere else. Thanks to all the employees that gave me a calm smile when I needed it.


The detox and IOP was very good. After Care is run by an individual who has no formal training as a CAD, only 25 years in AA. The Alumni Group, which is also run by the person in charge of After Care,...


I am a registered nurse who sought help for anxiety and depression at Ridgeview Institute. I drove myself there and checked in at the front desk where I was ushered back to a room. I was told I woul...


Very nice, got along with everyone. However, they treated me like a child at times.


Great center if you're willing to take the first step to get well


It is supposedly a world renowned place, very comfy and easy going pace. No real consequences except for your own shame or somebody informing the staff about your abuse of the program...It was very e...


After care consisted of nurse's aftercare group, affinity drug testing


Supportive staff.


They arranged outpatient program for a month for me once I left.


If needed would go back.


They said they had special programs geared toward older adults and there was no such thing. They did nothing but house our mother for a month. Useless.


Our son was clean and sober for over 25 years, married with 2 daughters. Very active in his 12 step programs. We went to 12 step program meetings for quite some time with him. Unfortunately 3 years ...


Didn't help me.


They saved my life and quality of life.


Great experience for all age groups


helped me out.

Areas of Focus
Adult Addiction Detoxification

All of the therapies — available on an inpatient, partial, or intensive outpatient basis, depending on the patient’s needs — work together to treat the disease of addiction and to cultivate strategies that can lead to a manageable, addiction-free life. The treatment team helps patients address issues related to their addiction, manage cravings, learn tools for recovery, and develop healthier relationships with others.

Dual diagnosis

This track is designed for patients who have a psychiatric disorder co-occurring with an addiction. Ridgeview provides treatment and tools for the patient to work toward recovery from addiction, as well as to manage the psychiatric illness.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Steven M. Lynn, M.D.
    Steven M. Lynn, M.D. - Director of Adult Addiction Medicine and Recovering Professionals

    Dr. Lynn is the Director of Adult Addiction Medicine and Recovering Professionals Services at Ridgeview Institute. A graduate of Wayne State Medical University in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Lynn completed his psychiatry residency at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been in private practice and an attending psychiatrist at Ridgeview Institute for over 20 years. Dr. Lynn is board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. He is also certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Dr. Lynn has assessed and treated hundreds of professionals with substance use and psychiatric disorders. He has worked collaboratively with many licensing authorities throughout the Southeast and extensively with the Georgia Medical Board and the FAA. Dr. Lynn is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. His office is located on the Ridgeview Institute campus , 770-333-1755

  • Photo of Steven Lee, M.D.
    Steven Lee, M.D. - Program Director for Adult Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization

    Steven Lee, M.D. serves as the Program Director for Adult Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Services and Young Adult Addiction Services. Dr. Lee is a graduate of Medical College of Georgia and completed his psychiatry residency at the William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute, where he also served as Chief Resident. He has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University since 1982. Dr. Lee is board certified in psychiatry and has worked extensively in addiction medicine, particularly with adolescents and young adults. Previously, Dr. Lee was Medical Director at SummitRidge Hospital and has held other medical leadership positions in the Atlanta area. He maintains an outpatient private practice, (770) 452-0270