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This facility has absolutely no respect for the families who are facing this problem as a part of their LIFE. We do not clock out at the end of the day and go home, we go home to our "addicts". The co...


From the second i walked in the door i felt welcomed and safe. After meeting my therapist we figured out and individualized treatment plan that would work best for my specific needs. My entire stay fr...


I went to 3 treatment centers and after Retreat I maintained sobriety and am coming up on 7 years this August. They are a step above the rest and provide a comfortable environment to detox and deal wi...


I have been clean and sober since discharging from Retreat over 2 years ago. Retreat taught me that I can have fun and be sober. And that I'm still a worthy person, even though I'm an addict.


It changed my life. I would high recommend Retreat to another addict that is still struggling. It was a life changing experience.


The treatment was top notch. I had plenty of 1:1 time with my primary therapist, and felt connected to the support staff as well. All of my needs were met, and then some. I will be celebrating 5 years...


The staff members I have worked with in the past four years are truly driven, passionate individuals who care about the people walking through our doors seeking treatment. We strive to provide our pat...


Average. Strengths:Groups. Weakness:Professional treatment regarding depression


The treatment from the entire staff could not be any better here now I am 13 months clean and sober when I have bad days the retreat still helps me today even though I am not a patient I stay in conta...


Great therapist and plenty of open space to enjoy nature. Lots of outdoor activities and open space. Too many CAs with lack of communication skills.


Multiple activities every day, lots of different support, highly educated therapists and doctors. Easy access to a wide variety of different daily activities which help move things along. Lots of opti...


The first time I was here was in 2014 and there was a lot of groups to attend that were Informative, however in 2016 there was less talk about recovery and it was basically just a getaway to go to. I ...


I had an excellent therapist during my stay at the retreat who believed in me and my recovery. She was a great support system and one of the reasons I have succeeded. However the staff was questionabl...


Retreat was very considerate of my personal needs. I came in two weeks after a c section and needed to detox from methadone. They were very thoughtful with letting me sleep and giving me rides to othe...

Dave L

This is a decent rehab. It’s the largest one that I’ve been to (175+ patients), which makes it easy for people to get lost in the cracks. There are a LOT of younger patients there who do not take ...


The retreat was a wonderful facility. My son received great care and counseling. He left there with all the tools to succeed in his recovery process. He had followed all the steps so far and is doing...


I am reading these comments and really believe that none of these are real.. Retreat gave me and 1000\'s of people their lives back, the place is amazing, I have been to many rehabs and this is the on...


Great place


I will preface this review by saying I believe my fiance received good care at the Retreat and is making progress with his recovery. However I have many issues with Retreat, their staff, the way they ...


My wife and I chose The Retreat together for her rehab, we looked at the website and read all the info. I drove her there and waited while she was admitted,I expecting a staff member to go over the pr...


The nurses were excellant however understaffed


Would not recommend of you want to be engaged with your family member who is seeking rehab and recovery. Poor poor communication with family. No aftercare arrangements and only given less than 48 ho...


they catered my therapy toward my individual needs they also had women's 26 and older groups which separated the population according to age and I go so much more out of it


The Retreat is a financial gold mine, with care and concern for money, way before patient care. I saw a Veteran discharged while detoxing as the VA only paid x number of days. No attempt was made to ...


Lots of counseling, but only 60 days. Not long enough some people need 90-120 days.


Friendly and helpful staff. Have plenty of holistic activities. My son only received 12 days in patient. The insurance said the rehab didn't do what they should have and the retreat said the insurance...


Employees care, but managment was a downfall.


The counselors and the staff/cuisine were strengths of the facility. Weaknesses: Lack of complying with amenities that are advertised, hard to make phone calls to loved ones, hard to get a response fr...


Atmosphere, intense sessions were great. After years of struggling, this was the place that finally helped my loved one overcome their addiction. Well trained and qualified staff are amazing!


I loved my therapists. I felt very comfortable talking to them. I got to call family members often. Electives every day, along with good treatment components.


It was large and clean. They never truly addressed the problem. It was a waste of time and money. They just gave out pamphlets and workbook to "cure" you.


My husband only stayed a few days. Old facility and very institutional. They treat patients like they are constantly trying to commit an illegal act instead of seeking help.


Horrible experience. I found it to be way to over crowded. Most of the patients were in their early 20\'s and didn\'t take program seriously, which isn\'t fair to those who are there to really get hel...


Horrific experience for family no communication ! Very little hands on and after 12 days with good insurance thell send you on your way for better income


They were the best I have seen. Helped my son much better then marworth. As far as concentration on therapy, which is much needed, they were awesome. They concentrated on therapy 7 days a week whereas...


Facility is beautiful, great staff, excellent treatment options. This is an excellent facility and I strongly recommend it.


I would recommend it to anyone. It was an extremely nice facility with the best employees. I learned so much from The Retreat.


The lay out of the facility was great, along with the staff. The meals were fabulous!!! The facility was built on a hill, which was a downfall.


I did not enjoy this facility.


I loved my counselor she was judgement free! Although it was very long, they were very nice to me!


The facility itself was beautiful and the food was excellent. I thought it was weird that the clients couldn't have caffeine in their coffee. That was a bit much. They lost my jacket, and did replace ...


Our son is living with us so now we must have strict rules in place.


I wasted my time at this facility. Too many patients, most of them under 30. Did not receive the care I was expected, promised, and paid for. I'll tell u just my experience. I came to this facility ...


Just returned home from Retreat. My stay was positive and negative. The community is great and the patients really do make the best of it while there. Staff on the other hand could care less, not sayi...


The atmosphere was aggressive, chaotic and money (not patient) focused. They try to first get you to private pay even if you have insurance. I had to really push to get them to initiate contact with m...


Overall I have very mixed feelings about my stay. Some of the treatment was fantastic. Great counseling. I got pushed into trying to change my meds when that was not what I was there for. Some of the ...


This facility needs ALOT of improvement regarding it\'s clinical staff. They were often unprofessional, aggressive and controlling. We paid privately and I did not leave with any aftercare plan. Th...


This place saved my life, my first and only rehab. I was picked up by staff in the middle of the night from a different state. They were so welcoming and went above and beyond to help you get and stay...


Working with the clientel to customize treatment options. They pair the client with counselors that are compatible. I had to leave early due to insurance so the ability to convince insurance companies...


Saved my life.


Just recently came home from retreat this was my second rehab. Staff was amazing!!!! Food was great, chef came by during every meal to make sure the food was up to patient standards. Not only that he ...


Counselors are aggressive, are not caring, some are not qualified at all.


I believe that this facility works tirelessly to improve the lives of others.


Place was horrible.


it seemed that most of the patients were in their early 20's and.. Not focused at all in getting better.


Offer family counseling sessions.


They do not care about treatment, only money. $1000 a day after insurance, riduculous


This facility is great. It provides individual care. Doctors order medications per each pt's needs.


I would send any loved one to this facility. The staff are very skilled, The programming consists of a lot of different therapies that include massage, horse back riding, art therapy along with the sm...


He had to go back.


The sleeping arrangements were really nice, you get a massage, the food is really good, the nurses are really nice. It was awesome.