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Treatment Insights

At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we offer personalized care and individualized treatment plans to support long-term health and well-being. We provide each client a safe space and comprehensive treatment for addiction and mental health. It is the mission of Recovery Institute of Ohio to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for our clients and their families, with an emphasis on utilizing the Twelve-Step program. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the highest quality of substance abuse treatment services while providing a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Recovery Institute of Ohio Reviews and Ratings Details

The following is based on a combination of Surveys of Alumni, Staff, Loved Ones, and Reviews and Ratings from around the web.

Reviews at a Glance

Areas of Focus
Residential Treatment

The Recovery Institute of Ohio offers residential treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and require 24-hour support. This is the highest level of care provided at our facility and offers clients access to many resources, tools, and therapies to treat multiple alcohol and drug dependency disorders in a safe, secure environment. Our primary goal for those participating in our residential treatment program is to ensure clients have the highest quality of substance abuse treatment care there is. We provide participants a safe, comfortable facility with expert physicians, addiction specialists, psychiatrists, and licensed counselors at their disposal. At the Recovery Institute of Ohio, we strive to create positive change in the lives of everyone we treat.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP), also known as day treatment programs, offer support for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in a less restrictive manner than residential treatment programs but with more structure and accountability than outpatient programs. Located in northwest Ohio, right at the western tip of Lake Erie, our partial hospitalization program promotes positive change and self-respect in each clients’ life while in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis disorders are a common disorder and can be very serious. The primary goal at Recovery Institute of Ohio is to help clients on their road to recovery by providing them with the support and tools needed to maintain their sobriety after a treatment program concludes. We provide all patients with professional care and comprehensive treatment for alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and mental health disorders. We also offer treatments to strengthen the mind and help patients rediscover who they are.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Recovery Institute of Ohio offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for those struggling with substance abuse. An intensive outpatient program is an addiction treatment program that is a part-time yet intensive recovery program designed to support school, work, and family. Through a wide variety of treatments, therapies, expert addiction professionals, psychiatrists, physicians, and licensed counselors, the Recovery Institute of Ohio provides patients with the tools they need to live in long-term recovery. We recommend this treatment program for individuals who need a transitional level of care as they step down from residential treatment and those wanting to supplement their recovery. On average, this treatment program requires participation three to five days a week for at least three hours per day.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab can be the solution for someone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our outpatient treatment program is a step down from our intensive outpatient treatment program and other levels of care. It’s an excellent recovery program for individuals in rehabilitation who are transitioning from rehab to ordinary life. While attending outpatient rehab, patients can live at home, enabling them to increase their independence during treatment, while also teaching them strategies for working through substance abuse triggers. Tools gained from this level of care can be utilized at various points in the recovery process, such as if you’re in danger of relapsing and need additional support. The Recovery Institute of Ohio offers outpatient rehab in a secure, supportive setting. Like our other addiction treatment programs, outpatient addiction treatment care is extensive and involves medication education, life skills education, nutrition education, therapy, and counseling. This assures patients have everything they need to establish a strong recovery.

Sober Living

Sober living provides a smooth transition for those in recovery who have completed a residential program. Adjusting back to daily life can be difficult for many individuals, making sober living an ideal choice for a safe, secure environment while continuing to practice what was learned during inpatient rehab. At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we are a treatment program for those who seek recovery from substance abuse disorders and/or mental health problems. Our sober living options provide clients with a supportive, sober home while they transition back to the “real world.”

Alumni Testimonials
  • If you are looking for help for yourself or your loved one, look no further. This addiction facility provides the tools that you need to change your life. The staff is genuinely supportive of each person throughout the entire recovery process. I am sober thanks to their programs. I hope that my review helps whoever reads this in taking the first step to changing your life for good.
    William K
  • As a parent, I had great hopes for the treatment for my son. I am aware this place has helped so many battling with alcohol addiction, so I was very comfortable with him getting the care that he needed. The staff was very friendly from the get-go and were able to tell me what the best treatment options were for my son. Now he is celebrating 1 year of recovery this week and could only thank Recovery Institute of Ohio for that! I now have another family member going through outpatient treatment, which they say that they love! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone going through addiction.
    Mars S
  • Recovery is hard but it is worth it. This drug rehab ohio saved my sister's life. Coming here is one of the best things she's chosen to do. The rehab staff here is great! Especially the facilitators and of course the addiction therapists. Feels good for my sister to be cared for.
    Charles A
  • Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at ease with the treatment process. Recovery Institute of Ohio is truly life changing and life saving. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the experience I had at their center.
    Sean S
  • No one wants to be cut off from the world and their family, but sometimes that is what it takes to fight this horrible disease called addiction. This is the perfect place for that. I actually miss the view in the morning of the house that I was staying at because of the freeing feeling I felt every morning looking out. The staff cares and wants to help you. As I write this review, I am officially 6 months sober, have a much better and healthier life, and have been able to reconnect with my family and friends. The brotherhood and friendships that I took away from the rehab are invaluable as well. So grateful for the experience I had here.
    Michael T
  • The staff at Recovery Institute of Ohio in Sandusky always treats me with respect and dignity. If you are looking for a great addiction recovery center in Ohio, give them a call. They are knowledgeable, honest, and truly understand what you are going through.
    Roger P
  • Amazing place! I would highly recommend anyone looking for treatment to go here. Wonderful staff and an all around beautiful place. Usually people are looking forward to being done and leaving treatment but I cried and didn't want to leave.
    Autumn B
  • Great facility. You can tell that all the therapists truly care about each patient and provide excellent resources to aid in your loved one's recovery. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an encouraging community of passionate people for recovery at an inpatient facility.
    Brianne R
  • This experience is not my own but that of my husband’s, Jason. We are from Texas. Yes. He flew all the way from Texas to go to this institute. I believe institute is the wrong word because these people became his family. He spent years feeling helpless, broken, ashamed, and worthless. And turned to substances. He never knew there was help like this out there. Maybe it was a God thing that we found them - off TikTok may I add. But these people taught him how to love himself again. How to face life’s stresses in a healthy manner, approach daily situations and cope without the use of substances. This program was like a reboot for his mind, body, brain and spirit. Thank you will never be enough for what they did for my husband. His first words to me, when I picked him up from the airport, about RIO, was “RIO is the best!! I cried when I left them. I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else.” I see a light in him I haven’t seen in years. I see hope again. We got home late last night and the first thing on his mind today was getting to an AA meeting in town!!! Amazing! And then he attended a zoom one before bed. He said they truly care for you at RIO. They love you and show you that you deserve help and a future. Unfortunately I tried for 5 years to convince him of this, but I didn’t have the skills and resources RIO has. If you or someone you know needs help with any kind of substance abuse please look into Recovery Institute of Ohio. You deserve what my husband got back! Thank you RIO!
    Whitney F
  • The staff in Sandusky was absolutely amazing. They took their time to get to know each one of us and make our stay be as great as possible. The facility is beautiful and kept very clean. Made some lifelong friends in here at the inpatient treatment center and feel confident about my sobriety. 10/10 recommend!!
    Janessa J
  • The staff is great and the programs they have are super helpful. My counselor and I really connected and I felt heard for the first time in years. I am beyond grateful for the time I spent there and the outpatient help I received. I was able to continue with living my life while getting the help I so desperately needed.
    Michelle A
  • Thank you isn't enough when it comes to Recovery Center of Ohio. I attended intensive outpatient treatment here and definitely recommend. The staff was amazing, the groups were very informative and engaging. For years I refused to go to therapy and after receiving treatment I wish I could go every day! The atmosphere was always so inviting and the center was very clean.
    Aneta C
  • If you're looking for a safe place to heal and true support through your fight with addiction this is the place. I'm a veteran who felt he had no hope of ever finding peace or getting sober. Then I came to Recovery Institute and WOW I'm now almost five months clean. The staff and counselors are very caring and supportive and will find the right plan for you they saved my life I'm a better person,father, and husband because they gave me the support and tools to be the best I can.
    Tania S
  • I cannot thank Recovery Center of Ohio in Sandusky enough. My son needed help and they were there for him. He was very receptive to the outpatient treatment they set forth. While in treatment, I could see a positive change and continue to see it. He has now completed treatment and has been sober for over 4 months! If you are trying to decide where to get help, this is the place.
    Aaron S
  • The best in addiction and drug recovery! This group has a true heart for helping others find freedom. Highly recommend! Very professional.
    Tom B
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Patrick Murray
    Patrick Murray - Director of Operations

    Born and raised in Demarest, New Jersey, Patrick’s early years were spent surrounded by two loving parents and a brother who was 10 years older than him. With such a large age gap between them, Patrick often felt like an only child, which could be lonely at times. Baseball and golf were always his passions growing up. Fortunately, he was able to pursue them in college, but it was at that time that he realized his challenges with learning, confidence, and self-esteem. These challenges quickly began to consume him. Patrick was able to develop friendships with classmates and teammates, but it was on the field and the course that he felt most comfortable, by himself.

  • Photo of Jessica Kitchin
    Jessica Kitchin - Clinical Program Manager/Primary Therapist

    My name is Jessica Kitchin and I am currently the Clinical Program Manager/Primary Therapist at Recovery Institute of Ohio. In August of 2018, I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Obtaining these degrees and progressing in my life was always part of my plan as a child; however, when I started drinking regularly by the age of 12 and using drugs at the age of 16, I didn’t think my life was going to end up the way it has. Even though I attended college for education, I found myself drinking and heavily using drugs, until I dropped out with one semester left. My addiction completely controlled my life.

  • Photo of Jessica Nixon
    Jessica Nixon - Clinical Director

    Jessica is a knowledgeable professional with a caring approach to the field of addiction treatment having over 8 years of experience working in various capacities. She is licensed with the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and has obtained NCC status through the National Board for Certified Counselors. She received her Bachelor of Art in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University in 2009 and her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2014 from Nova Southeastern University. Early in 2015, Jessica became a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) with international reciprocity (ICADC).

  • Photo of Alli Rice
    Alli Rice - Case Manager

    Allison is a treatment professional with 2 years of experience in helping the addict through their most troubled times. She has personal knowledge of addiction and has obtained multiple trainings and certifications. Allison holds her CDCA licensure through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. Allison’s goal as a case manager is to ensure that all the client’s outside issues are handled while in treatment to make their stay as comfortable and focused as possible. Allison is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and was brought up with good morals and a loving family. Allison started experimenting with substances in high school.