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Each member of the Recovery Boot Camp staff is in recovery themselves. We understand what you are going through and where you’ve been, which gives us a unique and valuable approach to rehabilitation for addiction. Our mission is to help you learn the skills you need to overcome your addiction and function as a productive, sober man in society. We provide Residential Inpatient, Partial hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient levels of treatment for drug, alcohol and co-occurring addictions. A combination of rigorous coursework, life skills training, and team-building activities are what makes our program effective. The Recovery Boot Camp community is composed of close mentorships and relationships between peers and staff. You’ll make lasting relationships with other men in the program that encourage accountability during and after rehabilitation. Start your recovery with other men like you today.

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RBC is a great facility and was my first treatment center. I learned a lot about the steps and working a solid program to help with my life outside of the center. I highly recommend RBC for anyone str...


Really love the approach to recovery here. Dive right into the 12 Steps and get back to life as it was meant to be lived.


I have struggled with adiiction for a while and it wasn't until coming to RBC that I was able to move forward and conquer what was holding me back. The staff is great, the facility is amazing, and the...

B. F.

Recovery BootCamp was not my first rodeo in rehab. I've tried multiple different modalities for recovery, and what I've found is that the 12 step program is the only thing that truly works. The way th...


LISTEN UP! MEN ADDICTS AND LOVED ONES, do NOT hesitate for one second to choose this place to become sober! Why? It’s pretty simple, this program works! It’s hard to choose a place; the net is loa...


Tried to get sober every which way. Came to recovery boot camp and was shown a real answer to my addiction. Love this place. Saved my life


Great staff who genuinely care laid back atmosphere I feel as if I gained sufficient knowledge of the aa program and doing the steps without any of the bs that comes with other treatment centers


I have struggled for more than ten years with dope and alcohol. I tried hopelessly to quit. I try a medical approach, I tried with psychiatrist, with the church, it didn't help, but this place did. Th...


We are so fortunate to have found and chosen Recovery Boot Camp for our 21 year old son. We received education and knowledge to fight the disease of addiction as a family, as our son got the support h...


This was a great place to learn how to grow up. As an alcoholic, I avoided adulthood and had a ready made excuse as to why I didn’t achieve or succeed in things. “I’m a drunk.” Once I removed ...


I came to RBC lost and broken. I had no hope of ever getting sober and really no desire to. After a few days here everything began to change, the staff and other clients instilled a new hope in me and...


I'm so happy we found Recovery Boot Camp. My son is learning so much and his therapist. He's finally opening up about what led him to addiction which is so very important to recovery. RCB even offers ...


Recovery Boot Camp is owned and operated by professionals who know how to tackle sobriety head-on because they've all been there themselves and have devoted their lives to giving back and helping othe...


I went to alot of places before this and have never been to one that actually wants you to get better like this place. The people and staff are great here and I dont think I ever would of got sober if...


This is a great place to get sober, I have tried getting sober from at several treatment centers with no success. This place truly values your recovery and strives to give the opportunity to get sober...


Awesome facility where both staff and fellowship is serious about recovery. The people who run this fine establishment really want you to succeed and make solid progression in your recovery while you ...


For me this was a wonderful spot to land in. I was greeted with open arms, showed the steps, and learned a lot about myself. The counseling staff is solid. The BHTs were great and understanding. The g...


This place helped change my life ! I was a hopeless drug addict/alcoholic and RBC showed me that life can be worth living.


My time at RBC has been extremely beneficial in changing the way I live my life. The staff is wonderful from my therapist to the techs. Have all helped in my recovery.


Recovery Boot Camp was the fourth treatment center I was admitted to, but boy do I wish it was my first. RBC is a strictly 12 Step based program which I think is a great environment in early sobriety....


Ive been to a number of treatment centers in the past, all promised and claimed to be the best place to get well. Recovery Bootcamp showed me through classroom study, group exercises and a no-nonsense...


RBC gave me a chance to get my life back when I was broken. Rbc also helped me have a better relationship with my family.


RBC gave me my life back. They gave me the tools to stay sober and hope for the life ahead of me. I came here broken and they helped me piece my life together.


There literally isn't a better place in south Florida. I didn't believe that recovery was possible for a guy like me. Through the twelve steps, the educated caring staff, and the structure of the prog...


Would recommend this place to save your life. AA oriented. You have to do the work to get all of the benefits. Good staff and the counselors are terrific.


Amazing place, staff is great. Would recommend any!


This place literally saved my life and gave me a solid foundation to help continue a life of sobriety and freedom from my addiction! The housing was amazing and I would recommend this place to anyone ...


I’ve been living at Recovery Bootcamp since July 2017. This place has saved my life and given me the tools to live the life I’ve always wanted to live after multiple years of addiction: Clean and ...


Recovery bootcamp is a great place to get sober..... its a one of a kind treatment center


Special place. Not many like it. Rbc saved my life


This is a great place if your serious about changing your life.


Recovery Bootcamp was a great place to not only get sober but work on myself. I have become a healthier person physically and mentally thanks to the staff and community.


This is a great place that really emphasizes the well being and rehabilitation of the clients and works with them to comprehensively help them repair their lives. The staff is excellent and amazingly ...


Recovery Boot Camp is a superb facility to get sober at. I came here broken, homeless, and on the brink of death. They sheltered me, clothed me, and most importantly showed me a new way to live. Witho...


I came a selfish boy and left a responsible man.


You will never find a more determined, caring, hands on staff anywhere else. The team at Recovery Boot Camp really strive to make it the best environment for the clients. People are really getting sob...


Delray Beach, FL is where i started my first journey into the recovery world, I had tried to work a program on my own before admitting into a rehab and entering into a halfway house before and left to...


This place means more to me than the number of characters yelp would allow... As a result of blindly stumbling into this place, my life has been drastically changed, influenced, impacted and altered i...


I went to recovery boot camp in a hopeless state.. I couldn't stop using drugs and alcohol no matter how bad I wanted and needed to. I had been to several other treatment centers in the past and they ...


My family and I couldn't be more grateful for the faculty and staff at Recovery Boot Camp.We were like so many other families out there searching for help and praying for a miracle.When we sent our so...


I am a alumni of recovery boot camp. I came here after a few treatments over the years of wanting to be a clean and sober man i was feeling very hopeless when i came here with really no hope that this...


I believe the gentleman that come here for services receive top notch treatment and care from providers that care about their success.


This facility really stresses the importance of sponsorship and 12 steps. It has a great community where the clients hold each other accountable and call each other out if they are slacking in certain...


I�ll start off by saying Recovery Boot Camp has really hit the mark with providing clients excellent care. Being in recovery myself, attending multiple treatment centers and working for a few I can ...


RBC is a unique facility that pays a great deal of attention to the clients individual needs approaching them where they are. In it's customization of a treatment plan it remains within the paradigm o...


I have worked in the field of addiction treatment for numerous years. I am proud to call Recovery Boot Camp my place of employment.


I am so grateful to be working at a facility that reinforces the efficacy of the 12 step recovery model, because it aligns with my own personal journey in recovery. To hold Clients accountable, to arm...


I�m an alcoholic and in recovery. I have been to a few treatment centers in my past and have never encountered a treatment facility like Recovery Boot Camp. For starters, the owner is always availab...


amazing facility i have seen so many guys come through here who have tried to get sober at so many other places and succeed here and achieve long term sobriety


First off I'd like to say how proud my family and I are of my brother. My brother was in and out of rehab facilities in PA and was never able to stay committed to being sober. When the day came that h...


Recovery Boot Camp really helped put my addiction into perspective for me. This place provided me with a safe and structured program to start my recovery. The staff and other residents all held me acc...

Areas of Focus
Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Aftercare Support

Addiction recovery does not end with discharge after completing a rehab program. Facilities that offer aftercare planning and/or support work with patients to ensure sustainable recovery by helping to plan and make arrangements for transitional or sober living, help with housing, vocational counseling, etc.

Alumni Testimonials
  • My name is Ryan and I went through the Recovery Boot Camp program last August-October. When I first came down to Florida for help, I never knew what to expect because I always refused to actually get help from a place. I came down here addicted to heroin and alcohol. I always thought that I would be able to do it MY way and when I admitted to RBC I was able to realize that doing it MY way was impossible. Completing their PHP, IOP and OP program 100% saved my life. Every morning from doing a daily reflections read to Recovery Dynamics and talking with the counselors who were also in recovery helped me really understand my disease. Every person was more welcoming and non-judgmental than I ever expected. I have been to a few IOP/OP programs in my past but none can compare to RBC. Rabbi Mark helped me understand more about AA than I would have ever thought being 2 months. I live my life today how RBC taught me and continue to work the program of recovery that was suggested to me. Thank you Recovery Boot Camp for saving my life!
    Ryan L.
  • I couldn't have asked for a better place to get sober than Recovery Boot Camp. I feel like I got my life back. The faculty and groups were great at helping me build a solid foundation for my sobriety that I feel I can take with me anywhere. It is the only place I would go, as well as the only place I would recommend to anyone who wants to get sober and stay sober.
    Garrett H.
  • A little over ten years ago, before RBC was RBC and simply known as Healing Properties, I made my way into the notorious courtyard for the very first time and a program of recovery and long term sobriety was sparked and influenced by Tim and the community. It introduced me, a drug addict and alcoholic who was lost, desperate and hopeless, into a way of life that I couldn’t have imagined at that time. I stayed sober and in contact with Tim and this community throughout that time and when I unfortunately relapsed after 9.5 years, Tim, the staff and the new look RBC welcomed me back with open arms. Here I was hopeless once again. But when I walked through the courtyard this time, I knew I was home and hopeful and the same feeling of ease and comfort that sparked my first introduction into recovery was renewed, even more so with the new environment.
    Curt E.
  • Recovery boot camp helped me develop the skills to turn from a hopeless heroin addict into a hard working productive member of society. The staff was especially helpful pointing in a positive direction with work, emotional skills, and basic life skills. I would definitely recommend recovery boot camp to those suffering from the disease of addiction.
    Conor C.
  • I was a resident at Recovery Boot Camp and I can tell you this is a great place. Really helped me and they are on top of you as far as going to meetings and doing step work. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a solid place to go for recovery.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of
    Tim Schnellenberger - CEO

    Tim has owned and operated Healing Properties Sober Living since 2002. He purchased the facilities at Healing Properties and began his work in sober living and rehabilitation as a way of giving back and helping others the way he had been helped. Tim has helped dozens of men find recovery and sobriety through the effective 12-step process and “Big Book” coursework used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Photo of
    Lauren Tynes, LCSW - Clinical Director

    As Recovery Boot Camp’s clinical director, Lauren is responsible for aiding in the development, implementation, and overseeing of all clinical programs at our Delray Beach facility. Lauren graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s of Social Work and a Master of Social Work. She is an active Licensed Clinical Social Worker through the Florida Department of Health. Lauren has many years of experience participating within interdisciplinary teams to ensure the highest quality and continuity of individualized client-centered care in for-profit facilities and federal government agencies servicing the mental health, substance abuse, and veteran populations. Since early childhood, Lauren has experienced passion for helping people. As a firm believer in truth, Lauren is often times confronting clients with what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. Lauren enjoys helping clients daily with the use of comprehensive and individualized clinical interventions and will continue to ensure the highest possible quality of care with innovative processes provided by Recovery Boot Camp’s program with an overall focus on the health, well-being, and growth of our clients.

  • Photo of
    David Zaiff - Lead Recovery Dynamics instructor & Executive Administrator

    Healing Properties alumni, David brings years of administrative and operational knowledge to the Recovery Boot Camp. Growing up in New York City, David struggled with addiction for several years. At Healing Properties, he learned about sobriety and helping others. Through his ability to multitask and efficiently prioritize all administrative tasks, David is a key member of the team at Recovery Boot Camp.