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  • Overall: 4.9
  • Accommodations: 5
  • Meals: 4.8
  • Effectiveness: 4.9
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12301 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Treatment Insights

Recover Integrity is an exclusive extended care treatment center for men. We are a boutique community program, providing high-quality group work, multiple individual sessions, and a theory based approach to recovery. Our thoughtful assessment criteria allow us to maintain a private atmosphere; utilizing the highest level of clinical care, wisdom-work, and fostering trust we help people recover integrity.

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Consistency, follow through, cares about clients and families following up with them well beyond treatment. Committed to recovery. New and growing, so still figuring out some pieces, but they aren't ...


Experience of clinical team, individualized treatment The clinical team at Recover Integrity is experienced, compassionate and talented. Integrity utilizes a unique model to help identify how to best ...


Extremely knowkedable and dedicated to helping their clients. Also they are very accessible and client oriented. Been to many treatment centers and don't see any weaknesses in what integrity house of...


Great environment that is peaceful, comfortable, warm and is conducive to free expression of feelings and emotions. None. All of the people that work here are exceptional caring supportive individuals...


great group and personal treatment. from top to bottom it is well run and helpful to family. It saved my sons life. he has been to other rehab center but this was by far the best and i would highly re...


Highly trained and skilled clinicians and group facilitators. The people who work at this facility are dedicated to helping the clients get better


Everything was great here.


Beautiful facility with passionate and dedicated staff. Facility is new, developing program and staff The program is male only and provides safety of gender specific treatment. Clients are assessed a...


The Staff, The treatment, The food, The personal attention, The overall facility is great. The facility is warm and the personal care that my loved one is receiving is second to none. When we have di...


Facilities, staff, location and culture are fantastic at Integrity! I can't think of a single negative. If I had to come up w one I'd suggest adding woman to the program. Integrity is a great place fo...


Strengths: Small private, all men's program, staff extremely attentive to families and the individual, sophisticated treatment, with highest level of professionalism Weaknesses: not suitable with sev...


Strengths: Clinical, spiritual, psychiatric, trauma Weaknesses: n/a The owners are hands on, making themselves available to clients. The clinicians are strong and intuitive. The program is deep. The c...


Strengths: staff are excellent, well trained, caring, committed, super professional and skilled at working with compliant, resistant and ambivalent clients; Designed to work over a long term, with var...


Strengths: Outstanding care, excellent therapists, not a large facility-they really wrapped their arms around the person. Weaknesses: None that I experienced Male only program. They really attended t...


Strengths: Insight and technique of clinical team can tailor tx to any client. Treatment team is empathic and treats members with dignity. Weaknesses: I dont have any complaints as this rehab was more...

Areas of Focus
Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a highly specific, research-validated form of therapy that can help people overcome traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. With EMDR, a trained practitioner uses bilateral stimulation, eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain as a patient recounts certain experiences and memories as a way to more thoroughly process uncomfortable, painful feelings.

Key Staff Members
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    Drs Charles and Ronnie Blakeney, Ed.D, Harvard - Clinical Associates

    Harvard trained Drs Ronnie Frankel Blakeney and Charles Blakeney, brought Harvard’s developmental model to the identification and treatment of people trapped in mental illness and addiction. They founded, and for 20 years co-directed, Berkeley Academy for Youth Development/The Institute for Clinical-Developmental Psychology. Together they have been among the foremost leaders in the field for the past 35 years, and most recently at the Department of Education and Educational Psychology, Univ. of Fribourg, Switzerland for 10 years refining the Developmental Integrity Approach to addiction and recovery; an addiction treatment manual (One Grain of Sand); two recovery and prevention-related program evaluations; and founding and implementing the Developmental Integrity Profile that assess developmental needs and strengths and guides tailored treatment in a range of recovery programs. Drs Blakeney consulting on human development includes two years at the White House Office of Domestic Policy, two years at the California Legislature, and two years as research scientists for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

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    Adam Mindel, MA, CADC-II, MFT-I - Co-CEO

    Adam received his MA from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. Adam has been a pillar in the Los Angeles recovery community for the last 12 years. For over a decade, Adam triaged the day to day clinical program of one of the nation’s largest non-profits specializing in addiction. Adam has held positions ranging from Family Director, Assistant Clinical Director, and Men and Women’s Program Director. Adam is highly sought out nationwide by programs and families as an interventionist. Adam works closely with our client’s and their families, creating a safe space for recovery. Adam and Yeshaia worked side by side for 10 years before co-founding Recover Integrity together.