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Establishing a support system that promotes ongoing recovery and stability is a critical part of recovery. At Princeton House Behavioral Health, we help you learn how to build and rely on such a system and to develop a variety of coping skills to prevent relapse.

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Do not go here. They do not care if someone lives or dies. My fiancé checked in there 9 days ago. We are all so relieved. She suffers from borderline personality disorder, and has a very bad eating d...


They are terrible. No communication amongst staff whatsoever. Not reliable at all. Avoid if you can.


Princeton house saved mylife once. If you\'re in crisis they will help.


Strengths include a rigorous schedule and lots of groups throughout the day. It's really cool that most of the staff is also in recovery, and the counselors are truly interested in helping the patient...


Payments Too easy for co mingleing But it was helpful.


I just finished the woman\'s IOP program. After I finished this week I started to get the anxiety and Self injurious behaviors again. I think the program provides structure and just when I start to ...


My loved onehas been in and out several times from this facility! Facility and meals are fair. Staff very nice. However, I cannot believe the poor professional service ... You would think as professi...


do not go here terrible help!!!


The staff there was terrible and the patients there were equally bad. I wouldn't say I have an especially threatening look, in fact people at my school labelled me as "cute" and would rarely even take...


Consistently high level of service.


Strengths: Cleanliness, care, diversity, intelligence. Weaknesses: demanding. Very good treatment and practice, highly recommended, has strict rules though with participation and doesn't allow much al...


Very poor holistic offerings and family participation.


Needs improvement, but had an excellent 12-step program.


The Women's Program is very... IDK what to call it.... They hate men. My wife wasn't comfortable in there. It was empowering but she said so often the group sessions were little more than make bashing...


INTENSIVE outpatient was a strength, but they pushed medication.


quality service. excellent staff / food and service.


It was very structured. They weren't firm enough. I don't have anything to compare this to.


Attentive to patients, willing to sit down and talk to patients about their problems and really listen. Tried to force patients to participate in recreational activities against their will. This facil...


The drug addict is still one.


This place got completely played by a patient and these employees are supposed to be trained professionals???? Please DO NOT send a loved one to this facility. They just want them in and out.


Just a word of advise: Do NOT take your kid or loved on there, they are *horrible* ... I can't get too personal, but my experience with them was not good at all. [poor admissions procedures]. All I...


Excellent staff. Well trained. Compassionate. The young adult program is excelling, just too short in length.


This facility is excellent for short term treatment and I highly recommend it. Please keep in mind it is strictly short term, 3-7 days, so while the patient is there it's best to meet with a social wo...


Do not use methadone, which this facility advocates for opiate addiction. They have a good medical program, but unfortunately give methadone for opiate treatment.


The first thing they did didn't work; they over prescribed medicine in my opinion. Personally, I do not think there are any strengths of this facility. Anyone I've ever known that could actually get i...


It was nice that the facility was family oriented.


Too much emphasis on drugs rehab. Not trained to manage a "mild case" of a middle aged alcoholic. Too focused on younger crowd. The psychiatrist told me to "get a dog, you're lonely." However, the l...


I heard that the other facilities where I live are not as nice as this one so I am glad I went here. I was put in the wrong group which then limited my visitors to come. The doctor put me on a dosage...


I expected to be fully detoxed from Xanax when I left. Seven days is not a sufficient period to detox someone off Xanax. The usability to cope with benxodiazepine withdrawal was a downfall. However, t...


They take the time to talk with you and your family; everyone is involved in the treatment. They are compassionate, caring, modern, and effective. However, sometimes my husband had too much free time....


They were very helpful in getting me clean. However, the food was horrible.


When my loved one checked in, some of his personal items were taken from him such as his razor which is understandable. However these items were not returned upon discharge. This was rather upsetting ...


The staff was wonderful. My only complaints were that I had roomates (who were all very nice but I would have preferred being alone since I felt like crap), there was lots of group therapy, and they g...


Seems successful for all ages. Was in area with patients with dual diagnoses & young adults (over 18). Facilities need sections or subsections for young adults--more mature H.S. kids-25 depending on...


It's the Ritz Carlton of psychiatric facilities!

Areas of Focus
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Also called “shock therapy,” electroconvulsive therapy uses electricity applied to the brain to bring about a seizure that, research shows, can be helpful in overcoming debilitating, treatment-resistant depression.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.