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Pine Grove has gained a reputation as one of the most comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities in the country. Since 1984, the drug and alcohol treatment center has been providing individuals with high-quality, cross-disciplinary addiction care that effectively addresses all facets of the disease. The facility is committed to changing lives through broad-reaching treatment options, giving each client the education and tools necessary to live a long and fulfilling life of sobriety.

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I moved to Mississippi to bring my son to pine grove the results were awesome! He got out of special education in the 9th grade, earned a diploma and a scholarship to college ,HE IS A FUNCTIONAL ADULT...


Pine Grove saved and enriched my life in 2008. I had not dealt with resentments and distorted thoughts that eventually lead to addiction, and despair. I did 6 weeks in Next Step before going to PEP. I...


Treatment was intense and very effective. Individual and group therapy was very helpful. Combined with the program therapy and the supportive program community gives me a great feeling of hope for my ...


My time at Pine Grove was the best experience of my life. Many times in life, it is what you make it. I absolutely loved Pine Grove and will forever be indebted to their treatment team as well as the ...


Went to the gratitude program for sex addiction a few years back. Cost me 60k and I don\'t feel it was worth it based on the results. Literally every person who I was there with relapsed after getting...


Pine Grove is a wonderful facility. The grounds are always very nice and clean, and the staff always have a smile on their faces! I have been employed with Pine Grove since August 2019. I have had a w...


Great experience Best 72 days of my life


This was an awful facility. I went to talk about outpatient treatment for depression/anxiety and they said I said I was going to kill myself. At no point was I suicidal, just stressed out and wanted t...


I was recently released from PGBH. The only thing good about this place were the RNs and a few other wonderful staff members. I had an incident where I got agitated with some of the staff and walked...


Be very careful in dealing with this addiction center. They misrepresented and said my insurance would cover everything but a nominal amount and then after my stay billed me for $23,000. Many aspects ...


This treatment place was a place of fear and disgrace To me. When it should not be a place of fear. The workers there are very rude to the patients. I just think this place needs to be revaluated beca...


PEP is the worse program ever. I couldn’t say it better than C. Newman in google reviews. Please don’t go there if you value your career. They don’t know what they are doing and they are super e...


My mother who is 72 years old was having a problem and her doctor had her sent to pine grove. I called the facility to find out what clothes, meds, toiletries etc I should bring. She only stayed 3 day...


I entered pine grove for an eating disorder in my mid 20’s. I am now in therapy (CPT) to deal with what I endured. I had no addiction, only an eating disorder. They pressured me several times to adm...


i can accept no phone privileges for clients the first 14 days. Absolutely no contact from pine Grove staff for first 8 days is unacceptable. This is not how to help a family trying to cope with a lov...


My wife is a severe alcoholic. This was her third rehab facility attempt (approx. 30 days at the others) and we thought that the 3rd time was the charm. Expected her to be there 60-90 days with Blue C...


Terrible place. they are more interested in filling the beds than they are in treatment. management is disorganized and dishonest.


Grateful for the staff and program, which helped my loved one not only survive but thrive. The program included a vital family week to allow the family to recover from the impact of addiction and focu...


I cannot give my PG treatment facility (specifically the Legacy program) enough accolades for helping me get my life back! I went through another treatment facility that wasn’t equipped to help me. ...


The drug and alcohol rehab is a standard 12 step 90 day deal. I am a physician and got moved over to the professional enhancement program. I was there for 6 weeks and went back every 6 months for 4 ye...


All I have to say is that the staff is very rude.


Excellent program of professionals that get to the core of your issues. The family program is difficult but the outcome brought my family much closer. I would highly recommend Pine Grove to anyone see...


Entered for eating disorder, received almost no specialized care, all treatment and therapy was addiction-based. Received outpatient treatment after leaving. Diagnosed PTSD from the experience. Good t...


Pine Grove gave me my life back. I am an alcoholic. I entered PG in 2014 with my life ready to collapse in on me because of my drinking. The rigid structure, great counseling, in house and outside mee...


Pine Grove Women's Center is the WORST! I would not recommend it to anyone! They treated me very rudely and even allowed the other patient there to treat each other very rudely. I feel like I did not ...


Horrible, filthy, dirty. PTSD was not addressed. Compounded the problem. Female patients ganged up at lashed out with counselor provocation! There was a homeless person living there that attacked ever...


Pine Grove is an amazing facility that offers tremendous treatment. The staff are all very kind and work hard together to provide the best care for their patients. I attended the Professional Enhancem...


Most of the staff are indifferent or very rude. The rooms are dorm style and very noisy and you are required to keep lights on so the staff can monitor you as you sleep. They tell you to dress in the ...


The Women's Center is inderstaffed. Patients do not participate in their treatment plans or discharge plan. Did not receive scripts or discharge plan upon discharge. Meals were very restrictive and li...


Strengths:The doctor was nice, and there were a couple of nice ladies who worked there. Weakness:This place was terrible. For the high ranks it gets, I was shocked. I was admitted to the closed unit a...


Strengths:Everything but the food. Counselors are amazing and very relatable. Weakness:the food .They lay an entire box of tools out on the table for the patients to use; and make it easy for the pati...


Pine Grove is great depending what program your going in. The drug and addiction stuff is all very good but they also treat local psychiatric and seriously mentally ill at a separate location. I can i...


I checked myself in to Pine Grove Women\'s Center hoping to receive help for alcohol abuse AND depression BUT that didn\'t happen!!! The only thing they addressed was alcohol/drug addictions and whe...


I honestly feel like Pine Grove is a hack establishment. I have had one friend and one family member recently go for suicide attempts and both times, when I asked them how the therapy was going each o...


I was forced into treatment one time... I stayed there two days no individual accounts and nobody cared about you the only thing anyone ever cared about is keeping their routine to their satisfaction ...


excellent, compassionate care. I was given the tools to leave and stay sober for a year now, and it has not been an easy year. No hospital environment is perfect, you will never like everyone you come...


Left after three days. I have private insurance, which paid for 80% of the bill ($7000). I hope my insurance followed up. At least half of patients were on Medicaid. I\'m sure they must bill Med...


I went to Pine Grove in may for opiate addiction. Having no other rehab experience to judge it by, I liked it till I left an went to Copac. The counselors at Pine Grove are hit an miss. Two of the ...


This place is a complete joke. They claim to be a dual diagnosis facility but have no idea how to approach a patient with mental illness. A psychiatrist was supposed to follow up on my blood tests wit...


Family Program was strong. Weak documentation practices, inexperienced therapists, minimal mental health support, lack of communication with family on tough cases. The food is completely unhealthy. M...


Routines, accountability, counseling were all great. Cost, liberal visitation policy were some weak points. Insufficient research in after care recommebdatikns


My doctor barely spent anytime with me. Some of the staff was rude. I could hear patients yelling at night. Then, three days after I got out, I felt just as bad as went I first went in. It was not a b...


It is a nice enough place but not reel helpful. The staff seems to care but I have been to places where the staff knew more things to help you. The doctors do not spnd alot of time with you at all. I ...


After looking at various programs for a loved one, we decided that a 90 day program was best. The 30 day programs don\'t work. If you are an addict, you are not the best judge of your treatment needs....


As a professional I feel my treatment there was more about building s case against me than being therapeutic. I was lied about by people I trusted had my best interest. My state\'s medical board no lo...


Horrible,staff is rude, pretty much spent the whole entire time there coloring in the tv room with other patients. I got more therapy from other patients than I did the actual therapist. The staff was...


Do NOT believe the advertisements. Substandard care during the detox process. Unqualified staff, uncaring nurses. In the event I do relapse, I will definitely be more particular about where I go. I w...


Good food and service just the staff needs to be more interactive and needs to have the cameras removed because they make me uncomfortable. So far so good.


Very good program


A good facility but did not have good holistic offerings.


Strengths: staff, hard working, clean. Weaknesses: don't know if rehab works. a very good rehab hospital, one of the best.


clean, good people, great staff. don't know if treatment works. i think the people being treated must want help.


Their strengths are they are friendly and helpful to a point . they are strict and that is exactly what someone needs in this situation .Their weakness is if you are coming in to get clean of one drug...


It was clean and the patients were in a secure facility. I can only speak to the credentials, professionalism, empathy and effectiveness of my loved one's therapist. She was ill-equipped, unprofession...


its discreet, good facility, does good job overall


The facility really helped my aunt. We were able to keep in touch with her and the treatment has drastically improved her life.


This place is a scam! Run as fast as you can. Their family week is a joke. I wish I had every penny back that I spent on this place...


Mixed feelings having been in treatment in both the Gratitude Program as well as the Professional Enhancement Program. Many of the counselors are excellent and I gained a lot of self knowledge both fr...


My states medical board not longer uses this program for their physicians. I was personally lied about by staff. Many horror stories from people that have been patients.


My seven year old son is there and already I've been denied to speak to him even if he has spoken to his other siblings and grandmother. I don't trust others in taking care of my kids not even Pine Gr...


Pine Grove helped turn my husband\'s life around. The sex-addiction treatment program was excellent- they know what they are doing. However, the PEP program was truly instrumental in taking his reco...


Personable, approachable staff members. Need to improve their follow-up after discharge.


Good organization, with personalized services to give a better chance of addicts finishing and following the therapy. Caring staff and environment. A downfall was its distance from my home.


This center is very professional and the staff is super helpful and smart! Faculty is super nice and the center was very clean. The price is a little steep and treatment lasted too long.


I just feel like there is no compassion. They just want to get the person out asap. Whether treatment is successful or not. The staff is nice! That is about all I can say.


They could use more holistic interventions and more family involvement.


I honestly believe Pine Grove saved my life. I don't think I would be sober today without my stay there. I didn't have any negative experiences with the facility, programs and staff. Pine Grove taught...


I went in sober, but looking for healing from trauma. I was skeptical about how much I'd be able to gain and I am glad to say that I was surprised with the benefits and results of the program.


very good experience with patients I referred


Fantastic value proposition great staff and a solid facility. Strong sense of community and working together while focusing on the individuals needs. Highly recommend.


Don't go there. Too religious.


Great place to send a family member.


This place is very expensive but one of the best in business and the best in the region.


It seemed like they over diagnosed our daughter, and said she had more addictions than she did instead of focusing on the main problem(s). They were very negative and limiting.


Good place to go get help.


90 day required stay, too expensive, counselors dictate decisions to medical staff. 12 step only. Does not follow evidence based


Family week was amazing. Key to long term success. Perfect for adult professionals. Saved my partner's life.


Pine Grove helped save my life but I know of many that relapsed or died. Most of the young ladies were there because of family member not because they were ready.


Food at the Women's Center was terrible and very restrictive as far as options. Hospital food. No outside food was allowed. Phone privileges were too restrictive. Maximum of 40 minutes per week.

Areas of Focus
Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.


Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.