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Peachford understands that substance abuse and mental health issues can affect all areas of a person’s life. The rehab offers a safe and nurturing environment where clients can remove themselves from daily stressors and concentrate solely on recovery. With programs for adults, adolescents, seniors and children, Peachford is dedicated to providing each individual with the personalized care they need, as well as the tools necessary to create a sustainable program for lifelong recovery.

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I went to peachford a year ago and the doctor I had there lied to my grandma and said I said “I’m sad” but not once did I say that so they kept me one extra day. There was this little girl I for...


The staff there were very nice & caring. They always went out of their way to make sure that everyone was taking of. No they didn’t hurry up for the patients that wanted things their way or right no...


If going for an assessment, please be aware that this is a Lockdown facility. I was not aware that this was a lockdown facility and I was put in a room with paperwork. I was told that I was going to b...


This place saved my partner\'s life. He was severely depressed and suicidal. The ECT treatment over time pulled him out of his depression. It isn\'t a lavish vacation but if people apply the treatment...


This place is absolutely horrific. Our family member had a loss and made the sad mistake to drink too much alcohol and was taken prisoner here for 5 days. We had a rehab plan in place for sobriety but...


I’ve stayed at several different psych hospitals over the last twenty years and I like Peachford the best. I’ve stayed here around six times and although it’s an old hospital the accommodations ...


The assessor was miserable. There was a better way to speak to the person referring you a client.


You spend most of the day sitting in chairs in the day room coloring while staff stares at you. Food is not to great, however they did accommodate me being a vegetarian which I appreciated. There is n...


I went there it’s a horrible place to be. The staff don’t care the food is terrible. The only way to pass time is to make friends.


That is the worst possible enviroment to place a child seems to be the easiest outlet for the body ever considered the long term effect of this tupe of environment


My older brother was sent there and every time he would call at night he would be crying because he was so scared and I was scared for him after reading all the reviews and my dad would try and call t...


My daughter had 4 hickies on her neck. I get the run-around with the employees of peachford. it took me 2 days 2 talk to a higher up.


evil place. they just want your money


My child was here for a week and I feared for their safety and mental health more than I did when they were in our home. The environment is more prison than hospital, the therapy uncontrolled, and the...


I am 71 and was on 7th floor in older building. This is the nastiest, filthiest faculty imaginable. Deplorable conditions. Staff assigned to the group room have no formal training. Extremely unprofess...


My husband was recently admitted to this hospital and is being treated very poorly. They were trying to give him medication which he refused because of not knowing side effects. Well the nurse told hi...


My purse as well as several other item were stolen and not returned or replaces or reemburced. The patient advocate has not been returning my calls note is her supervisor. I was in the hospital from A...


Do not send your loved ones here! Place is so horrible and they will come out in worse shape than before!!


Please at all cost do not send your child there. While our some was there we never received any updates or calls we had to call them and they were very vague on telling you anything. Upon leaving our ...


Horrible place the staff is horrible and mean they are disorganized went to visit my daughter on Sunday first time visiting and no one checked my identity they just gave me a visitor sticker and sent ...


Was not given anti rejection medication for over the 72 hour period. Could have lost my recently transplanted cadaver organ! Doctor's, Social Worker nor Nurses cared. Med nurse was the WORST, when I w...


Very worst physician I have ever encountered was here. I can't believe she is really a doctor. She talked with me for 5 minutes and diagnosed me and put me on very strong medications that my primary c...


This place saved my F***** life, I dunno why it has 2.5 Stars, maybe because of how low morale is. Everyone seems to be counting down until the minute they get discharged when really it's a very pleas...


Spend 7 days in unit 5 with the worst staff you could imagine. Fights, bullying, and inappropriate comments were always being made by other patients, and the staff does absolutely nothing about it. Fo...


I requested an assessment for myself. I waited about 30 minutes to be brought into a room and then waited another 3 hours for the assessment. I was ignored but the staff. after abut 2 hours I asked to...


I stayed here and the professionalism of the staff is horrible. Not all the staff I should say the pharmacist and one of the barge nurses and two to three other nurses rather staff was fine otherwise ...


I'd like to thank the staff at peachford for taking care of me while I was under the care of psychiatric Drs and nurses who helped me become who I am. Food was excellent They kept me safe They...


Worst place ever! A med nurse was so unprofessional and rude! She is supposed to be a nurse, apparently she did not have enough sense to look at my meds and see that I could get it. The rooms were dis...


DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE !! If your family member is being sent here, get prepared for a long battle. My mother is in there and even though the 72 hours they can legally hold her is up, they ar...


Horrible ,horrible place . The staff treated my daughter horrible. The staff doesn’t care. Please please do t send your family here .


My daughter was admitted to Peachford on 09/21/18. We were told a nurse would come back and take us to the unit and go over the treatment. The nurse cam back 4 hour latter and handed me some paperwork...


I was on unit one. The staff is irresponsible. They took me very suddenly off of an SSRI which is known to cause SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS. Then put me on 300 mg of wellbutrin. I witnessed nurses and MHAs y...


I loved it. The dual treatment is effective. The staff was helpful. It can be a little intense and felt overwhelmed until i realized that the staff is very loaded with documenting things and are obser...


This place is the worst facility I have ever visited, waiting area was nasty, patients keep coming in but nowhere to be placed and were left in the hallway. Long wait to be admitted (over 6 a/ hours)....


Please take yourself or loved ones somewhere else! This place is awful! The flashlight every 15 min is impossible to sleep through even with meds...not only do they flash the light, but also bang on t...


I cannot believe the way there billing office is run. When I was checking out they said I may owe money which I already had talked to my insurance company and my deductible had been met and my zero ou...


I didn't have the choose to where they were going to send my daughter after she went to the Dr on a 10 13 call they said pea chford and I read the reviews and they were all so bad I was scared to deat...


The worst place ever. Do not leave your family members ever.


Horrible facility. Unprofessional. They care about billing your insurance and could care less about their patients. I’ve never seen such rude healthcare professionals in my 48yrs. They way I was tre...


This place is terrible. Please don't go or send friends or family there


I thought the staff in 2016 were great except for one member who was terrible and I hated personally. The food was all greasy and probably not healthy at all.


Very disappointed in how my family member was treated. Was told on admission that the "medical" problem could be handled. But then the patient was transported to another hospital to take care of the "...


The staff is amazing in the detox unit. They are so sweet and kind. They go out of their way to help you in all areas. my doctor twice and he is so wonderful. If I could find a sobixone Dr in my area ...


It took 4 hours to get checked in because the staff waste time in the process. They are for the most part uncaring and impersonal to the needs of the family. Little or no urgency.


This place is one of the causes of my PTSD the food was the only thing good about this place the nurses were grumpy and easily irritable the coping skills they taught were ineffective the negative dem...


I was a self pay client. Right off the bat Dr. was rude and let me know that I wouldn't receive the same level of care as those with good insurance. It took him 3 days to order meds for acid reflux so...


If you send your loved one year you need to be thrown in jail for life. Spent time here, they also mixed up my medicine and tried to make fun of my condition. I hope this place gets shuts down.


This place is terrible, service is bad. All the staff walks around like they are doing us a favor. We are the reason why they even have a job. If you are going to this place escape and run in the ambu...


My mother, a spry healthy 72 year old woman. was in need of assistance in grieving the loss of her son and husband. We came for help at the referral of her primary care physician. She was h treated li...


Absolutely the worst "hospital" in have ever encountered. More of a holding cell. My son saw a doctor at most 5 minutes a day. No way to assess anything. Refused to speak with me about his issue. Said...


My sister wad placed there in sr unit. At visit found very pleasant! Staff was very nice and helpful. Place was beautifully done. My sister said she feels same. The place is wonderful and the only com...


My son was an in patient for several weeks. I have great praise for the treatment he received and the help they gave him. However, the business office is another situation. I made a payment plan agree...


I DO NOT RECOMMEND PEACHFORD HOSPITAL. I was admitted for inpatientand my experience there was AWFUL. The staff is not accommodating whatsoever, they treat you as if you are not human. I would like to...


This place absolutely made a difference in my life.


Check other hospitals prior to admitting your child here. You will rarely receive feedback. No return calls and if your child does not want to attend therapy, they are left alone.


I took time off from my job to stay at the facility from 08/12/2017 to 08/22/2017 for mental health reasons. Upon my arrival on day one I attempted to give my case worker and doctor the FMLA ( Family ...




The doctor told my husband who has been 1013'd for 5 days that if he doesn't take Seroquil (which is NOT prescribed by his primary doctor) that he will not get out and he will commit suicide if he doe...


This is the WORST PLACE!!! My child was admitted on a Friday. I called to speak with a. Doctor regarding her wellness I NEVER got a call ! In believable they called and told me she was ready to come h...


Proactive family deeply involved in our child's wellbeing. This hospital will not return calls. My child has not attended therapy sessions as staff states they cannot 'make them go'. You will not hear...


You will never receive a straight answer when you ask how your child is doing. You will not receive a call back from a nurse or your child's psychiatrist. Your child will not attend therapy sessions i...


Whatever you do, do not check yourself into this place and avoid going here at all costs. Protocol is completely inappropriate. A social worker here is completely irresponsible and was not reachable m...


They may have to put both front ladies into the facility themselves! RUDE! You can't ask anything without getting an attitude in return. No one tells you what's going on with your minor age child. I d...


The Counselor who attended to my son was beyond rude to me and talked down to my son. She was inconsiderate and was barking out orders like I was back on the plantation Very unprofessional and the ...


Our interview was a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. We were trying to provide about our loved one and also to get information and it was like being interrogated by the police. Ignored di...


Being in here felt like a prison. Nobody listened. They don't care about you. I was locked in a room all day and the only "treatment" I got was being asked how I felt in the morning and in the afterno...


Peachford was amazing! They helped our adolescent out and gave her the medical stabilization that she needed. They were always available for me to call and discuss her progress. We will forever be gra...


Simple peachford gave me my life back.


This happens to be the worst treatment center besides black bear in the united states.staff is disrespectful and degrading to pts.facility is so nasty, filthy there is really no words to express my st...


First of all, front desk workers. RUDE!!!! One of the workers at the front desk kept flipping the television while I was waiting to see my wife and I told her I was watching that and she didnt care. 2...


We were not impressed at all with the care that our family member received. The facility and profesionals and doctors lump all patients in to the same group regardless of need or severity of treatment...


This place is an absolute mess. They not only did not help my condition (bipolar/anxiety) it was actually worsened during my stay there...when I asked for an advil I was berated by the meds nurse beca...


Terrible treatment, food, caretaking methods, and the stigma on it is 100% true.


My child left with enormous anxiety, witnessed fights,...


OMG!!Some of the nursing staff are so cruel.. My whole experience in this facility, made me worst mentally....These people only care about money not the care and safety of the patients.


My 16 year old daughter went in for treatment for depression/suicide and was there for a week. When she was discharged, she came out with a boyfriend that the staff apparently knew about and didn\'t ...


Totally disgusting... Liar mobile negotiator was this one woman.


This facility does not hire professionals. My daughter was here for several days asking for assistance with placement of where she would go after her discharge. The social worker waited until the day ...


this place was horrifying. the food is absolute crud. the mha\'s & nurses were all so rude, with thee exception of a few. this place does not help you get better.


please, don\'t send your loved ones here. They deserve better than that unclean and unprofessional institution.


This place is a total crud hole. This is not the place to come or bring your loved ones. I am working right now from there parking lot to get her the heck out of here! This place should not even be al...


Guy yelled at me first day and then refused to help me. Don\'t recommend this place for anybody!


One of the outpatient program addiction therapist's was good.Large hospital like setting. Patients' admittance to facility ranged from voluntary to involuntary. If your are willing to put the work in,...


Cleanness patient interaction Getting supplyy to patients on a timely matter Good facility for people with certain problems other problems not so good.


Some staff is good Many victim's treatment does not have the desired result. (Relapse, Suicide, etc.) This treatment facility was less than good. Other facilities after this one seemed to have better ...


Too structured, I got sent to a mental hospital. It was boring and not very helpful


Safety for the employees Safety for the patients nasty no kindness or care from employees i lost 17lbs in a week due to not being able to eat their food. Peachford of atlanta ga is worse than a ja...


Trusting, supportive environment where patients' best interests are top priority Dated buildings, some therapists have some abrasive personality quirks You largely use other patients as support resour...


Art therapy, music therapy, dbt, cbt, able to go outside Makes you wait too long to be evaluated, locks all belongings up, staff at front are irresponsible and aloof. It was an okay experience, some o...


Number of staff, professionalism of staff. The staff was very professional and helpful. They kept us informed of our child's progress throughout treatment.


very effective, wide range of options, convenient location could be hard to find Stevie Ray Vaughan was treated here and found sobriety after being in a near-death state.


They offer a safe and nurturing environment for children, adolescents, adults and seniors to find hope and healing from emotional, psychiatric and addictive diseases, quiet and peaceful. small Helps ...


Care was good. Food was not very good.


experts and professional. it's not about the money; they are really there for you. I was very confident and motivated that they would help me through my addiction and they did; and they did.


Location Tolerance Was well kept care of also had great physician care


Clean Need more people Very clean.


Clean, friendly, efficient. Professional, friendly and solution oriented facility.


therapy and rehab food overall was good, done what was needed


Professional Staff Waiting area could be nicer Nice facility, clean


Do notsend your family members here! I was A patient, all they want is your money, they don\'t care if you get better. I almost lost my mind there! It is no help once oh ever!!


This place is a joke! Money is the only thing this place is concerned with!!!


I just left this heck hole. Calling it a treatment center is a joke. One bathroom for 40 women to use during the day. The nurses never came out of their office. Most of the staff were very rude with t...


i came there last year after a suicide attempt. i was lucky enough to get there and immediately got hooked up with a great Psychiatrist. The staff was very professional and very nice. the cafeteria is...


It has been about six years since I was in Peachford and I am still trying to get over it. .The whole place is geared to drug rehabilitation which was not my problem. The staff was extremely callous A...


Peachford Hopsital in Atlanta, GA was the most unprofessional, unsupportive, uneffective \"jail\" one could be associated with. The assigned doctor was disguishing, and prescribed the WRONG medicatio...


this is a no bull. For therapy they do trivial pursuit and karaoke. food is alright if you like fresh from the freezer. no sign of therapy anywhere. in any form. the VA sent me here.


If you have Anixiey Disorder this is not the place for you. You will get worse. Go to a private psychiatrist or therapist. The mixed group therapy is not appropriate for Anixiey


Run! A family member is there and I am appalled. Had a family meeting, they asked fluff questions, but could not or would not provide me with any information about what treatment had been administered...


My first cousin is in Peachford. I live in Toronto, Canada. I tried leaving him this message: Happy Birthday, yesterday, as Dec. 7th is his Birthday. Staff refused, and the same today. A hospit...


This place kept me a total of 209 hours when I was a voluntary check in. Also, I had thyroid cancer removed shortly before the admittance during assessments and when I meet the doctor and the medical...


This is a place to be when you are in need. They are swift at getting people in, but they are understaffed.


They have caring employees who you can tell like helping others in their time of need. My daughter was brought there when she was involved in a situation/time where she was "cutting" herself. They hel...


This facility was doctor recommended. They provided family visitation and classes.


It brought up things that I had bottled up for years.


The group and individual therapies were great. However, there was not enough time devoted to individual therapy with physician. The staff was excellent but I would recommend more quality time be sched...


It is an overall good facility. They have good food. However, some of their non-clinical staff members are rude.


They're always there to help you with anything.


I felt that they pressured patients to take medicine, those with a mental illness or not. Only strength is that the facility was clean.


Detox was great to feel healthier, but if I just went to detox and not the PHP aftercare program I would of already relapsed. They saved my life. They were understaffed and some of the employees were...


Terrible experience, would never repeat. There was a lack of respect for patients.


The staff was terrible, too busy flirting with other staffers than doing their job.


This was just the beginning for us with my son. Not sure what to think, seeing this was the first time we had to deal with something like this and so there for we were new to all this


This was a scary lonesome place . Poorly staffed...Was the worst experience of my life. It was a meat market. You had to be there to know how bad it was. I was terrified.


There are too many people with too many different problems all trying to be treated in one place.


Would never go back.

Areas of Focus

The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps – the first three of which are situational, the next four addressing the practical issues created by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on making amends for hurting others. Steps 10 and 11 involve a deeper examination of the previous steps and the final step is focused on helping others avoid and recover from addiction.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr.Asaf Aleem, M.D.
    Dr.Asaf Aleem, M.D. - Medical Director

    Dr. Aleem is the Medical Director for the facility and oversees all clinical services for the hospital. In addition, Dr. Aleem has served as a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Emory University, Department of Psychiatry and as Assistant Professor for Wayne State University, Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Aleem received his medical degree from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. He continued his training with an internship in psychiatry at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, Winnebago, Wisconsin and the Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Aleem is board certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, Georgia Physicians Psychiatric Association, Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the American Geriatric Society.

  • Photo of Eamon Dutta, M.D.
    Eamon Dutta, M.D. - Adult Inpatient Service Director

    Dr. Dutta is responsible for the clinical supervision of the Adult Services at Peachford Behavioral Health System. He received his early psychiatric training at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. He completed his Residency and Fellowship training in General and Geriatric Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York. Dr. Dutta is board certified in general and geriatric psychiatry as well as addiction medicine. His practice focuses on acute psychiatric stabilization, crisis management and intensive outpatient modalities. He has teaching affiliations with Moorehouse School of Medicine and Georgia Health Sciences University. He is an active member of Georgia Psychiatric Physician Association and American Psychiatric Association.