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Treatment Insights

Our treatment model integrates the latest in advanced medical and clinical sciences with an immersion in the timeless 12-Steps. This targeted approach unites unmatched medical expertise with multidisciplinary, compassionate clinical care. Origins comprehensively address the individual medical, spiritual and psychological needs of each patient with a full-time staff of dedicated professionals. Recognizing that addiction affects gender groups differently, Origins’ has created a program in which men are able to discuss the needs unique to their gender group with minimal distractions. Our gender-separate facility offers a lush and tranquil environment in which male residents are able to experience the vital process of recovery.

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If you're currently at wit's end with your (or your loved one's) struggle with addiction, with trauma, with complete emptiness and brokenness, I would encourage you to allow Origins Behavioral Healthc...


I was at rick bottom when i found origins. They took me in and detoxed me until i could function again. After that they taught me so much about my disease and gave me so much care. From the cooks to t...


Their staff are good but be very careful! They take money without regard for your implied agreement. They’re money hungry! DONT GO THERE!!!


If you are looking for a recovery experience like none other, you have to give ORC a try. I have (unfortunately) been to MANY other treatment centers and left just as sick- or sicker- than when I arri...


I truly could not recommend Origins Recovery Center more. It absolutely saved, gave me, my life. The staff was/is 100 percent commited to the clients recovery and wellbeing. It is a spiritual program,...


Money hungry, all they care about is gouging the insurance companies and you for every penny they care get. Patient care is secondary.


Any treatment success depends on timing. For my loved one, it was the right message, delivered at the right time. This program is well thought out and delivered by people who truly understand addictio...


strengths:PNP, 12 step lectures and groups, recreational weakness:Small work out facilities I loved treatment at Origins it provided me a thorough experience with the 12 steps PNP and recovery in gene...


After years of begging him to get help, I gave my alcoholic husband of 20 years an ultimatum, either he go for help at Origins, where I had prearranged everything for him to go, or I was leaving with ...


I can tell a difference in my loved one, but they don\'t emphasis copying mechanisms there besides for meditation. So, I\'m worried about their ability to handle it later on. They push their second pr...


Personal attention from a caring and well experienced staff. Origins give more information about and solutions to the disease of addiction than any place I know.


Great staff, location and facility.


Adventure therapy was good but expensive. Adventure therapy is very helpful


The counseling program is top notch. If you want to have a lifelong change in your life, this is the place to go. Top rated treatment center with the best counseling you will ever receive.


I liked the that I would get daily updates through email and at least one phone call a week to see my fathers treatment, It was a little too expensive but it worked. My father was struggling with depr...


I learned a lot about the disease and my loved one seems to be recovering well


It is a truly amazing place where the staff cares for each client, and clients are given the opportunity to connect with their Higher Power, and to heal and recover from addiction.


Strengths: Teamwork Compassion Honesty Considerate Educated Leadership Open minded Trustworthy


location by the beach was good but treatment options need to be improved, lack of clients one to one counseling opportunities, no breakfast options


committed staff, flat pillows and some mattresses uncomfortable. Many of the clients report that this facility is an improvement over past rehab centers.


12-step based, PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) center, holistic approach to treatment


Holistic care with the psychoneuroplasticity center, medical care- nurse practitioner on campus daily for all medical needs. Primary counselor experience and confidence in treating duel diagnosis pati...


12 Steps, Small and location not the best but great team and has ability to save your life


Origins addresses the underlying conditions which cause individuals to want to change the way they feel. They do not offer a band-aid approach; they offer a solution. The campus is adequate but somew...


Staff dedication, strong medical and psychiatric component, location, psychoneuroplasticity. Cohesive treatment team


Best presentation of the 12 step model and neuroplasticity treatment. Detox unit could be more comfortable. The staff is amazing and the commitment to the client is unmatched


12-step based and focus on Spirituality. Strong therapy/counseling options based on clients needs and past. Only 2 locations. Staff with strong experience and education in the field; a lot who are in ...


Excellent medical care, licensed therapists, 12 Step Program, the food, the weight room with a personal trainer which includes yoga, and the amazing staff. The entire staff truly cares about each and ...


12 step program and amenities were strengths but expenses was a weakness. Beautiful setting to experience a spiritual awaking.


12 step philosophy and love and compassion towards its clientele but has gone through some difficult changes in the last year and staff is not trusting administrative staff.


12- Step based program


Staff is great , food is amazing but not enough beach time. It provides the help you need


The PNP center and warm family feeling was good


12 step program. PNP. Location. Outings. were all strengths. It would be good to do more fun stuff for the clients. More yoga. More relaxing things for them, because that is what they expect coming in...


Origins may be a good treatment center, they do not treat employees well. This is not a fraudulent post. Human Resource personnel are a joke and do many bad things in the way they handle employees. Of...




The AA 12 step program is not an effective solution for 90% to 95% of people with a substance abuse problem. Origins would not entertain the idea that I was just a problem drinker and not an alcoholi...


If you apply what they teach, YOU WILL GET BETTER!! The staff showed compassion for each resident. If it was about the money these people wouldn\'t open their doors to people who have nothing. They lo...


Saved my life! Amazing staff, creating a living environment between the clients. Strong spiritual 12th step approach tonight me how to live a new life. Sobriety just scratched the surface. Thank you G...


Awful. A total scam. Their program is a bunch of new-age psychobabble with a Christian spin. Most of their \"classes\" are just games where you do pictionary or play with play-doh. Their counselors do...


they saved my life. they cover just about everything to continue living sober outside of the treatment center.


This facility treats the whole person not just addiction everything about this facility is at a top level and was also able to treat co-occurring mental health issues. This was the eighth treatment ce...


My son is a changed man. He went to Origins for a short 30 days. The first week he wasn\'t feeling it but shortly after that he applied himself and it really sank in. He is such a pleasure to talk to...


I enjoyed their 12-step based program because it was very well structured. I also enjoyed that it was not co-ed; they have separate facilities for men and women. I don't have any complaints about the ...


I was given the choice to go back home or go to a rehab. I had no idea where I was going til I landed in Brownsville, Tx and driven to the Admin office at Origins....Spending my 41-st Birthday unexpec...


This program not only helps the client, but it helps the family and offers a solution to addiction. After care consisted of transitional living for 30 days, and sober living for 30 days. I've been to ...


Great 12 step facility. Beautiful area.


Our son could call us once a week. The only time we visited him was during family days and it was extensive therapy for the family as well. My son is radically changed and it has a lot to do with his...


They offer family weekends. Our son has stopped stealing from family members. This place really helped him out.


Had to pay what insurance didn't


They care. It really seemed to me that a program was tailored for my child's needs. They talked to me and kept me up to date and were very clear about what was going on. They reached my child by usi...


They don't care after your gone. It's all about if you can pay.


Very good spiritual approach, staff who really care, nice amenities. very 12 step and spiritually oriented. Best treatment I've been to (out of 6). They also connected me with a sober house where I fo...

Areas of Focus
Superior Onsite Medical Care

Superior on-site medical services contribute to Origins’ renowned reputation as a leader in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. From medical detoxification that is safe and comfortable to the treatment of concurrent medical conditions, the addiction specialists at Origins are committed to guiding you, your loved one, or your patient on the path to wellness. We match innovative and evidence-based addiction treatment practices with medical care that is headed by doctors who understand addiction. Our multidisciplinary team includes skilled nurses, psychiatrists, and medical doctors.

Advanced Psychological Services and PNP

Origins' team provides cognitive restructuring based on leading edge research on the brain’s capacity to restructure and renew itself. Headed by renowned psychologist, the PNP Center’s multidisciplinary team of professionals collaborates to find solutions to the variety of challenges in a person’s neurological and psychological development. Psychological services programs include rigorous psychological testing and evidence-based therapies such as biofeedback, neurotherapy, and sleep protocols.