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At Ocean Breeze Recovery our Addiction Treatment Philosophy focuses on treating each person individually because we believe that every individual has unique challenges and specific needs. The substance abuse rehab offers 24-hour inpatient care, along with long-term residential treatment and outpatient services. With compassion, perseverance and unconditional acceptance, the professionals at Ocean Breeze provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for individuals to tackle underlying issues and break free from the chains of addiction.

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Met a lot of nice people and counselors who supported me. However, there was too much vaping and smoking, and cigarettes were incentivized. I have been free of cigarettes for eighteen years, and then ...


Took a patient and put them on the street and wouldn�t give them their belongings for 48 hours. This person was 14 hours from family and had no one. They wouldn�t even give them That I.D.


This facility is super sketchy. Had a friend that went there, she described it as feeling held hostage! If you leave against medical advice, they hold your stuff for 72 hours. Even your personal belon...


Obr go somewhere else, all they care about is ur insurance, lots of roaches, little spiders, nasty beds, alot of smoking, vaping,


I want to say that this is the second time that my daughter has been her and the staff has been nothing but professional. It has changed since she was there last time. They are constantly improving fo...


If your really in need and do not have insurance they will refer you to someone else.. They do not have the clients best interest.


Don\'t ever trust this place.


Residence accommodations were filthy. The treatment center was clean but bathrooms were a disgrace. Group treatment consisted of a lot of movies and meditation (sleeping) . I would not recommend this ...


Ocean Breeze needs to work on communicating with the involved families. Please be aware, they will shut you off and pull the HIPPA Law card on you and leave you in the dark... They also will not liste...


Personable staff, treated clients like family. Counselors were not as effective as others. My loved one would not be here today without the treatment received at OBR. I think the facility has been b...


I am forever grateful for everyone at OBR, my perspective and outlook on life has been forever changed by the care that they provided me with. The biggest help to me was my spiritual growth fed by th...


I have been to a lot of different rehab centers and the way they broke things down made sense to me. they saved my life.


Ocean Breeze was amazing. My favorite thing about this treatment center was the staff and how much they genuinely care about each and every client.


I am happy that I found this facility. The tech staff I could really relate to because they were in recovery and showed me it was possible to stay sober. My primary counselor really helped me to pro...


I greatly appreciate what OBR has done for me during my time with them. I was a mess when I came in and they gave my the tools, knowledge, and helped to motivate me towards a life of sobriety. There i...


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze was the staff and the people I met here. Everyone was always very supportive and open to listen to me. They also helped me make the right decisions even when I did...


I believe this treatment center helps you effectively identify your underlying problems and learn to deal with them on a daily basis. It introduces you into the fellowship program and you learn about ...


I loved Ocean Breeze, I believe it saved my life. The staff were very helpful in teaching me what I needed to know for when I left.


All the staff here is very personable and is always there for me when I needed it. The staff actually cares about all of the clients because they were in our shoes at one point.


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze was the variety of different groups. A lot of the groups were about being sober, but there were also groups about my own mental well-being.


ocean breeze was a very nice place with awesome staff. i would recommend it to anyone i know.


I really enjoyed staying and recovering at ocean breeze. I learned a lot and coping skills and how to positively handle hard life situations in a healthy manner. I recommend anyone in need for extra s...


loved it here at OBR, the counselors were great and really helped me to cope with my issues. The whole treatment process here was very effective.


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze is that they have a Christian Program and I like all the opportunities to fellowship. We went to the movies and bowling and went out to eat as a group and had fun...


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze is the structure that they gave me. We were taken out to meetings where some people in the Program had 30 years of sobriety. We were taken out to go grocery shop...


My favorite thing about my treatment stay at Ocean Breeze was my therapist. He helped me with coping mechanisms and accepting my disease. I would highly recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone that is strugg...


Very supportive and helpful, i enjoyed my stay.


OBR taught me coping skills and to learn how to live life sober.


After you put the work in to stay sober, you can go home and relax by the pool. Going out to eat and going to the beach were very therapeutic for me. It showed me I could have fun sober. The staff ...


it is a good place to get open. if you ever need to get clean and sober ocean breeze recovery i highly recommend to check out. it has helped me with many of my issues .


Ocean Breeze showed me a lot of love and support. I was guided through my recovery here. The staff members really care about everyone here.


The staff is wonderful!!!!!


The staff is easy to relate to because they are all in recovery. I recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone that needs the tools to recover.


Extremely disorganized. Clients are promised things through admissions that cannot be accommodated in the facility. Staff is extremely unhappy which is noticeable by the high turnover rate of employee...


The Ocean Breeze clinical staff helped me to get over my grief. They helped me to get over my anger with God because of the faith based program. My favorite tech said I was \"41\" along with my morni...


Ocean Breeze recovery has definitely saved lives. The support & love given there by the workers are beyond words. For anyone wanting to make their lives better, it is the place to go.


This place was very nice the staff was very understanding and the people I met were awesome.


OBR was the right choice for me as far a first treatment center, the ingenuity of the staff helped me to open my ears and way of thinking and truly give the idea of addiction and recovery an honest co...


The staff was amazing and really helped me to deal with my issues. The location was very relaxing and helped me to stay focused on my recovery. I would highly recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone seekin...


Ocean Breeze Recovery has a very supportive staff, my counselor really helped me to deal with my issues. The Christian Group brought me closer to Jesus and helped me to develop a relationship with my...


Ocean Breeze was a wonderful experience for me. The program was custom tailored to fit my recovery. I would recommend Ocean Breeze.


the best that ive received here is the love, concern and time taken out for the education and support of the clients


I really appreciated all of the staff here. They are all very knowledgeable, caring, accommodating and efficient. I am leaving here with a re-heightened sense of self and am very excited about continu...


I had a life altering experience during my stay. The christian track as well as the staff were phenomenal. It helped me very much with the things I needed to work on.


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze was being around other people trying to get sober. The staff here was very helpful and I could relate to them all because they are in recovery.


structure program, and 3 staff members in particular. I strongly feel i accomplish my goals which was to renew my spirit,mind,and body.i have reconnected to the importance to the recovery program,12 s...


I had no clue what to expect when I got here, but the overall experience was excellent and everyone was very helpful to my recovery.


young clientele. offers varied modalities of recovery. definitely worth it.


My favorite thing about Ocean Breeze was the variety of information that was given to you about addiction and my disease. There is a Christian program here as well which helped me to develop a relati...


Ocean Breeze taught me many things about myself and taught me many coping skills to deal with my addiction. Ocean Breeze saved my life and I am so thankful for the clinicians and BHT staff.


Ocean Breeze helped open my eyes to the bigger picture in life and help me learn different techniques to deal with my situations in a more effective manner.


I give OBR five Stars! I recommend this place to everyone, life changing! My family thanks you guys too. Ask about the Christian track, as well as amazing PTSD counseling. Thank you for helping me wit...


This is a great treatment center to attend, all the staff from BHT to therapists at the center are very helpful along the recovery journey. Would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone.


I really liked the movies and dinners. I really liked all the staff. I really liked my counselor and she was very helpful in my recovery. My room was very nice and clean. I was really proud of myself ...


LIke the social aspect


OBR is by far the most supportive community i have had the chance to be a part of. the clinical staff and the tech staff are highly empathetic and professional, and went out of their way to meet my ne...


great staff and BHTs


The counselors and therapists are amazing and the overall program allowed me to change my life and perspective.


OBR Offer a variety of treatment and therapy, which was found beneficial to my treatment. I have been to other treatment centers and was impressed with OBR had to offer that was not offered at other ...


I love this place. God was really intervening in my life when i came in here. I would not be where I\'m at, or in the correct mindset without OBR.


Ocean Breeze was a gift from God. Anyone out there that wants to get clean can come to Ocean Breeze for the support and guidance to do so.


The staff and peers were very welcoming and helpful the whole time i was here.


great eye opening experience that change my life. great staff! its great they allow us to be in public places. the beach, the movies, outside dinners and arcades and bowling


I appreciated the help that I received with my addiction along with help with my depression, anxiety, anger and my eating disorder. The staff is very willing to help and compassionate. They care about...


Ocean Breeze is a wonderful rehab facility that has changed my life! There are weekly activities off campus including the movies, dinner, and bowling. You meet with your therapist 7 hours a week and h...


The staff is great and have really helped me grow as a person and in my recovery.


Ocean Breeze has saved my spiritual well being, they have given me a chance to see Christ and bring him into my life. I am so grateful for the program and the Staff..... Thank you OBR


Ocean Breeze staff really cares about the clients because they are in recovery themselves. The staff knows the struggle I am going through. Staff was very helpful.


The staff was amazing here. They were always there if I ever needed anything. I could relate with the staff because they were recovering from the disease of addiction also.


I really loved this place and thank God for it. it saved my life and brought me closer to God


Ocean Breeze gave me the best treatment plan I could\'ve asked for. I learned numerous coping methods and other ways to keep my train of thought positive and focused on recovery. The staff was great a...


Great staff is very welcoming


this place allowed me to take a look at myself and my past actions from the last time ive been to treatment. I got a strong connection with god and met a lot of amazing people here. the clinical team ...


The staff and everyone at Ocean Breeze go above and beyond to make sure your every need is met. Amazing facility and amazing program. I recommend to anyone struggling and looking to change their life.


ocean breeze taught me self worth and understanding of others, in a community based setting.


i got a chance to really start to discover my voice and many many tools to put in my toolbox that will definiately help me in my recovery thank you so much !!!


it was a great experience


ocean breeze gives you all the tools you need to recover from addiction. the counselors are there for you for anything that you need. this place is wonderful.


Ocean Breeze Recovery helped me realize many things that i need to fix within myself but only through God would that be even nearly possible. This place also gave me a sense of self willingness and re...


Great program if you want to get clean. They definitely taught me a lot but most of all helped me work on myself.


Ocean Breeze taught me how to be a father to kids and a husband to my wife. Ocean Breeze taught me how to be more responsible.


quality staff very respectable and prompt. educational


Loved the support, the groups, and clinicians...the staff made my treatment attainable and understandable. Highly recommended.


For the most part my counselor helped me the most on my recovery and as well as some of the clients


Ocean Breeze is a great facility to help you get and maintain sobriety. There are plenty of people here to help you get the tools you need to succeed and stay clean.


the staff at OBR is amazing, make you feel comfortable, very professional and lots of off site activities.


Ocean Breeze saved my life!! I am getting over my demons and addiction one day at a time!!!


Everyone was extremely accommodating and caring, the center was generally relaxed and structured.


I love the atmosphere of the community at Ocean Breeze. They educate you on your disease and also teach you how to apply the tools and skills you\'ve learned here in an everyday basis.


I had a good stay here at OBR. I was very happy with my Counselor and group sessions. The Technicians and staff were very respectful as well as helped in opening me up to being brutally honest.


I learned a lot about myself from my primary counselor and was able to set some positive goals with him.


Excellent care from the staff. Willing to go to any lengths to assist you in your recovery. I recommend OBR to anyone person struggling with addiction.


ocean breeze recovery helped me in my recovery to learn how to stay sober. The christian track gave me a whole new outlook on how to stay sober by incorporating coping skills with a personal relations...


Very satisfied overall.


Ocean Breeze Recovery helped me stand up and start building the foundation to my journey into sobriety.


The Christian group at Ocean Breeze was my favorite. The techs at Ocean Breeze were always there to help. Ocean Breeze kept me busy during my stay here and encouraged me to socialize with others. I le...


Ocean Breeze was in my opinion one of the best rehab experiences possible. The staff was very accommodating in so many ways and felt so welcomed by everyone there. I would highly recommend OBR to a...


The Techs hold this place together. They make this place feel like a family. The clients will welcome you before you have a chance to even put down your bags. I had a chance to find myself and take a ...


Staff and Techs were extremely helpful in my recovery. Many of them were in recovery themselves and have been through the motions before. The community was loving, caring, and selfless. OBR gave th...


the counselor are amazing, the staff really helped me, living area is very accommodating


If you are serious about getting sober this is honestly the best place! From the staff to the clients I have never had a better experience.


the staff really shows care and great direction on how to remain sober.


Addressed issues i did not know i had, Staff was helpful.


OBR is the best rehab ive ever been to, the staff is great and the program is run very good.


I was surprised at how welcoming and accomodating the staff was. They try and take interest in each client individually. They are informative and extremely helpful in trying to help you maintain a sob...


I love all the counselors & techs. They made me feel comfortable & helped guide me to get me ready for my life ahread.


i learned alot of coping skills and found out there are ways to have fun without alcohol or drugs being used.


i really liked the staff at ocean breeze recovery.


it would be great if we didnt take 6 van trips a day.


great treatment center. all of the staff is very caring and wants to see everyone do well.


Staff was very attentive and supportive of my every needs.I give Ocean breeze 100% overall rating in my Recovery.


Good staff, great treatment plan, but Long program. I would strongly suggest this center


This place was great, the staff, the living on the beach. If you\' re looking to get clean in a safe, caring environment. This is the place, they treat you with respect and you won\'t have to worry ab...


I have been to a variety of treatment centers and OBR is definitely top tier. The level of care here is something I have not experienced otherwise. I have a great deal of respect for the administratio...


Ocean Breeze gave me a solid foundation for sobriety. The one on one sessions with my counselor gave me a lot of insight on my addiction.


Ocean Breeze is a great program all the staff really cares about helping you become a better you. This time I was able to actually follow rules work this program and in turn it made me see i was capab...


i only accepted to return to treatment for the second time if i was able to come back to ocean breeze, as from my previous experience was great and this time was even better. the staff is such a great...


ocean breeze has helped me through a lot. they supported me with all my plans and also watched over me to make sure i was okay. they allowed us to buy our own food and hangout, but when it came down t...


Great program. Caring techs, and counselors. Excellent faith based program.


i love ocean breeze forever <3 theyre the best :)


I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone who wants to get clean. From the moment I got down here (Florida) I was made comfortable and I was made a priority. The staff, from the techs to the...


very strong foundation for treatment.


It was a great experience coming to Ocean Breeze. The staff was very nice and helpful. The groups were very educational.


I liked all the activities provided to help ease back into society. They also have great therapist and techs


what i like about obr was the treatment i received and the the staff that helped me threw my weakest moments.


I liked the staff especially on staff member in particular, everyone helped me get through my journey to recovery.


Great support, caring staff, and essential education for dealing with the disease of addiction. I highly recommend OBR for anyone interested in recovery.


Place is incredible. staff is helpful. had a great experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


I love them, also ocean breeze provided a comfortable environment while treating the underlying problems of addiction


I like that you\'re out doing stuff while coming down few awesome techs too!


My overall experience at ocean breeze was very helpful. The staff was very accommodating and readily available to address any of my concerns.


I like the fact that all staff helps in everybodys recovery. I think this is very important in our recovery.


I enjoyed my time here. I appreciate the staff being so opened mined and the accommodations that were made available to me. One of the staff members in particular is the man!


I enjoyed the privileges that they allow you to have. I also enjoyed the amazing staff that works at OBR along with the outstanding Christian group!


Very unique approach to recovery, unlike any other center I\'ve heard of. The perfect place for me. I felt like a normal human being the whole time.


The program at OBR really helped me and made me even more strong and helped me realize the deadly disease that I had.


had a great time!


Great program helped me realize how unmanageable my life had become. The staff were great.


Overall excellent treatment, much better than others I\'ve been to. OBR provides the client with everything he/she needs to focus on recovery and more.


loved it.


When I came to Ocean Breeze, I was broken and hopeless. I was in so many treatments before that didn\'t offer half of the support and luxuries that OBR does. I am confident that I have the tools now...


ocean breeze saved my life.


A great treatment that gave me a solid foundation but i wish there was a little bit more individual treatment.


This was a good learning experience for me and I really enjoyed the Christian group experience. Thanks to the techs that have been through the battle with addiction I was able to fight mine. The tec...


My stay was great and would recommend this facility to people i care about. The staff was educated in every aspect and were there to talk to whatever the matter was.


Very Pleasant experience, Definetley #1 on the list for me for treatment


Thank you for helping me save my life. I am forever grateful for how Ocean Breeze helped me recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. I am especially grateful for the Christian program, and the ...


Great staff. Great therapy. Loving community.


Ocean Breeze saved my life and helped point me in the right direction. The staff and counselors were very knowledgable and really changed me into a better person. Thank You for two staff members in pa...


ocean breeze saved my life and every time i relapse i always come back to ocean breeze because its THE best treatment center of all time. the staff here is extremely helpful and they are always there ...


This place was Amazing! best I\'ve ever been to!!!


Support,structure,its not all about the money were strengths of the facility .They actually care about the sick &sufferings addict. And recovery. Holistic alternative modalities should be added to cur...


Strengths: Staff, program model, amenities. Weaknesses: Fairness, not enough emphasis on physical excercise. Thier program is well run, and very effective if you are willing to put in your own work.


Our staff is extremely motivated and our primary goal is the success of the clients. Many of us are in recovery and have been down the dark road, it let's us really relate to them and build a strong ...


A wonderful facility with great staff support and leadership.


My sisters changed in so many positive ways, but wont admit to any of it. Im sure she realizes it. She gave the folks at ocean breeze a hard time by leaving twice and she said she hates them and sta...


Strengths: group counseling, support. Weaknesses: time of visiting hours, expense. I think the employees at this facility do their best to help individuals find a new way to live. Focusing on group th...


Strengths: Comunication. Weaknesses: Staff. Good.


people were a strength of the facility. it helped.


nutrion was good but caretakers were not. It gave me a better understanding of my addiction and helped to to cope with it.


Strengths: The ability to get to the hart of a problem and make the patient realize that the real proble is within themselves and that they are the only one that is capable of conquering the demons. W...


I want to thank everyone at OBR for helping me. I learned so many life skills & how to start loving myself again. It was my first time in tretment and I was scared to go away from home. Making this de...


OBR was the absolute worst I have been to in going to various rehab places. I still have nightmares about the place, it is like prison, no phone privileges without two weeks of arrival & after that ...


Commincation with your family member is next to impossible. They promised weekly family counseling but that has only happened once in the past 30 days. I am hopeful that this program will be taken t...


This facility only wants money. They misrepresented that there were professionals there.


Ocean breeze recovery was an absolutely amazing experience. The techs are nothing short of amazing. They are the reason for my second visit here. They make you feel at home, and try to help you with e...


I have had a very hard but needed treatment.I will remember this experience forever. Thank you all for everything.


Ocean Breeze was a great experience which I didn\'t expect to help me. But it really did, and I am grateful for being able to come here and for the great staff that helped me each step of the way. Tha...


This place saved my life!!! I didn\'t think life would get better & that I would die a drug addict, but I gave Ocean Breeze a chance & am so grateful I did!! Everyone is loving, understanding & helped...


Patience, understanding, and genuine concern is what sets this place apart from the rest, in my opinion. I gained the foundation I needed to move onto the next chapters of my life. Nothing but since...


Although I was brought here against me knowing, I would rate the experience as a definite eye opener. Due to the fact that I also have a heart disease, I feel that the stay here has benefited me trem...


Such a amazing life learning experience, honest relationship learning more about spirituality, emotions, eyeopening experience with GOD and myself! Gave me my life back!


This is a great treatment center. It has helped save my life. There is a great environment here at Ocean Breeze. All the techs that work here are great people that really care and understand what your...


What a great place!


Ocean Breeze Recovery helped me more than any detox or other treatment center and helped me give up the urge to get high without using forceful methods. Very helpful and I would recommend it to any he...


OBR was awesome.


I really enjoyed Ocean Breeze. It has helped me tremendously. I'm ready for the next phase of my life thanks to Ocean Breeze.


My stay here at Ocean Breeze was very good. Anyone could help you with your problems, and everybody was very supportive.


My time here at Ocean Breeze was very beneficial. I leaned how to cope and manage my life utilizing the different modalities that were offered here during my stay. I also was beyond impressed by how h...


Amazing staff and techs. Mostly all in recovery and very helpful to learn from.


Im 59 years old and been through several detox centers and finally made the choice to come to Florida to detox and had ended up at a place that could not accommodate me with my medical issues. From th...


I was a client here and I was amazed with the treatment plan Ocean Breeze provided for me: the clinical staff was on target with my treatment, the techs were very helpful, the property at the center a...


The techs here are great. They care about everyone. They helped me get over a lot of things with the death of my brother and parents. I am thankful they are here.


Had a great experience and truly think OBR saved my life.


Definitely a different approach at recovery. I am very thankful and would recommend this place to any one struggling with addiction.


I received top quality care and support. I was setup with the tools I needed to remain healthy and sober. However, they said they offered more than they did on their website.


It is a very nice program. Ocean Breeze was great because the staff is mostly in recovery and they truly understand and care. They also know what they're talking about. Not to mention the accommodatio...


Ocean Breeze is a great facility. Accommodations were very comfortable. Staff is very knowledgeable and caring.


Ocean Breeze is a really good facility. I got the help & I needed. I've been clean over 4 years.


This place was amazing. My first treatment experience and the staff was really amazing. They take you to the beach twice a week also.


I've been to many rehabs across the country and OBR was the best one. Great staff and counselors.


Before I came to Ocean Breeze I was hopeless and broken. They did for me what I could not do for myself and helped me put the pieces back together. I would highly recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone stru...


Ocean Breeze was incredible! I was with a great staff and people that genuinely cared about the individuals that came here. I learned so much from my groups and individual sessions with my counselors....


An overall amazing experience. OBR helped me to get my life straightened out.


My overall treatment has been excellent and I would highly recommend OBR to anyone suffering with addiction.


I really enjoyed my stay at OBR and all those who donated their time to teaching the bible studies and christian groups. I would encourage anyone to join and enter the christian track!


I would highly recommend this treatment center for anyone suffering from addiction. It is an amazing place with such a great staff!


Great treatment center! Thank you for all your help!


Thank you OBR. Great treatment center! Helped me to start my new journey!


OBR is a really good place. They were key in my recovery.


Effective treatment center. My counselor was amazing.


Had a great experience.


OBR was great and really helped me get my life back!


The staff actually relates and cares.


I had a wonderful experience at OBR. I have actually decided to extend my time here and was only planning on staying for the first part of treatment. OBR has allowed me to get in touch with my true f...


Ocean Breeze was very helpful in aiding my recovery. The staff was helpful and supportive.


This place saved my life. Thank you Ocean Breeze!


The facility was great, the staff was very respectful. I enjoyed my time very much and learned a lot. I would recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone looking for treatment.


Ocean Breeze recovery is an amazing treatment center with a great loving staff! A place that gives you everything you need to truly start a new life! Thank you Ocean Breeze for being there always!


Thank you Ocean Breeze for giving me the tools to start my new journey in life! This place is truly amazing with a very caring staff!


Great place!


This place helped me get a new start on life!


Amazing facility! Probably one of the best in the South Florida.


I love Ocean Breeze, it helped me find myself and get a great sponsor. Now I am ready to start my road to recovery.


Ocean Breeze Recovery is an amazing treatment center. The staff are absolutely amazing and they truly care about you and helping you. They do so much for you here and they have lots of outside activit...


If you need to get over an addiction OceanBreeze is most definitely the place to go to. Everyone made me feel at home and helped me adjust to a new environment. I haven't felt better in a long time.


Great facility. The counselors were great although the eating disorder program could have used some improvement.


Ocean Breeze is a great place to come to if you are trying to get sober. The staff here is friendly and experienced. They offer many different therapeutic groups and classes to assist you on your road...


This place is a miracle. It's the only recovery that really helped me all around!


The facility was very focused on recovery; however, there was not enough staff.


I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of rehab, it was very helpful for me in the long run. I do think that the staff was rather kind and worked hard at their jobs. However, the administra...


I really like how they accepted all of us, they cared for us like family members, I never felt alone or I'll treated. The staff and the services were great; however, the location was not convenient.


I greatly enjoyed the holistic offerings provided; however, the staff was not very supportive.


My experience at Ocean Breeze Recovery was amazing! The clinical staff and techs are great! I strongly recommend this treatment center!


Great treatment center, excellent staff.


Ocean Breeze Recovery far surpassed any expectation of what a treatment facility could provide. The entire staff genuinely cares and many of them have been exactly where I was. That alone was a huge p...


The most amazing rehab in South Florida. It literally saved my life. The staff is amazing and very active in my life and the owners are great people with the hugest hearts.


Ocean Breeze is a great place. The clinical staff keeps you motivated and gives you hope in recovery. At ocean breeze I was given the tools to be successful in recovery. The residence is a beautiful b...


I really enjoyed the community and the groups that they offered. The residence was very nice as well.


Been to many treatment centers and this place provided the one on one treatment that I needed for my recovery, and provided nutrition classes to help with my eating disorders. Help me deal with all my...


I find that OBR is the perfect place to heal the mind body and spirit. I am connected to the greatest show on earth!


Ocean Breeze has helped me find a new way of life and gave me the hope and encouragement to stay sober!!


Great Place! everybody should give it a try!!!


Treatment was great and I enjoyed my stay here very much. I appreciate all of their help and concern and would recommend this facility to anyone in need of help.


It's been a great experience here at OBR. I will recommend OBR to friends and family


This is a great place!!


Thank you Ocean Breeze! (:


I recommend for anyone who needs to withdraw from suboxone away from home.


OBR was very heelpful through my struggles and helped me with any problem I had. They kept me very active along with a bunch of fun activities. It has by far been the best treatment I have ever been ...


i really enjoyed obr it is a great place that you can learn a lot about your problems and the staff is amazing and very helpful


This place is amazing the staff is so awsome and so are all the clinical staff as well. i wanna thank everyone here for all their help its been so good here im gunna miss you guys and ill be back for ...


This facility is amazing, they have helped me learn the tools to recovery and how to apply them in everyday situations. They also help integrate us back into society by letting us go out to eat, to th...


This place saved my life recommend to everyone


I wouldn't be alive to type this review today if I didn't get help from OBR. I can't say this without getting a tear in my eye. Thank you for showing me how to re-live my life. Thank you for helping...


Ocean Breeze is the whole nine yards! 5 out of 5 stars! Strengths were: relaxation, overall treatment pracitices, 12 step, they took us all over the place, 5 star restaraunts, beach trips, medical/den...


I had a very bad medical experience here and was disbelieved by staff and am still recovering. There was no compassion for me. A lot of young people, very hectic.


Ocean Breeze rocks! My husband is doing amazing! Hes working and paying his own way through treatment and getting his life back. We have 5 kids and they are getting their father back. He is a complete...


Ocean breeze recovery is a completely misleading and deceiving place. The pictures and information on their website is not nearly accurate. The actual building where the residence stay in is old, dirt...


I would like to thank the caring staff at OBR for helping me to tackle and process my addiction issues, As an addict I have been in many rehabs,10 with OBR included. There is no better place to start ...


Ocean breeze has changed and saved my life. A great place for a new beginning.


Very helpful.


My husband recently came home from this center and it is less than effective. While his time there seemed to really help there was no transition plan. Furthermore, the website has a whole tab dedica...


OBR kept in constant contact with us regarding our son, while keeping his personal treatments and conversations completely confidential. He entered that facility a broken mess, and emerged a confident...


Saved my life


Ocean breeze saved my life. I don't know where I'd be or if I would even be alive right now.


The place is great! The staff is really nice. But the pictures are not what it seems you can\'t see the ocean from your room and the rooms are not that big there are 2 pent house suites on the 6th flo...


Over all the facility is clean and up to date...They have activities on the weekends, they have people who care and they have a staff that can really relate to each patient. You are allowed to smoke a...

Areas of Focus

If you are looking for the highest level of care, Ocean Breeze Recovery offers an intensive and residential-based inpatient program that will give you the structure and attention you need to address your addiction issues. Clients in our inpatient treatment program will receive quality mental and mental health care, support, and supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our residential-based program will allow you to live in an apartment-type setting which is controlled and closely monitored and supervised. This secure environment will allow you and all of our clients the time you need to focus on addressing and overcoming your substance abuse issues for good. In this distraction-free environment, you can totally immerse yourself in a wide variety of intensive drug treatment services focus on the most important person…you.

Intensive Outpatient

Once you have successfully completed inpatient treatment, you will be able to transition into an intensive outpatient treatment program. Outpatient treatment provides the essential counseling and services that are needed to keep you motivated in working your plan of recovery, but in a more relaxed and independent atmosphere. With our intensive outpatient drug rehab programs, the staff of Ocean Breeze Recovery Center will prepare you to gradually transition back into your normal life and routine. Through continued therapy, life and coping skills training and relapse prevention education, you will continue to learn and hone these essential skills as you start living your day-to-day life.


What if your substance abuse issues are mild and you don’t require the structure and attention of an intensive drug treatment program? Ocean Breeze Recovery Center also offers outpatient treatment services that will allow you the time you need to focus on restoring the balance you need in life while having access to valuable and helpful drug treatment programs. For greater flexibility, our day rehab program allows you to take part in counseling sessions and treatment during the day so you can return to your home and family in the evening.


Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is not a singular event in your life. In reality, recovery is a lifelong process and in order for you to have the best chances at long-term success, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center offers those recent graduates an alumni program that provides the extra support and encouragement you need. Our alumni rehab program offers you the opportunity to meet with fellow treatment center graduates for weekly support groups and will provide you with other related programs to all of our graduates in order to help you stay on track. Additionally, our alumni programs feature a variety of social events such as picnics, formal dinners, and sports outings so you can form new friendships and support networks while keeping your connection to Ocean Breeze Recovery strong.

Alumni Testimonials
  • The rejuvenating part of program for me was the beach and pool, bowling, taking walks, going out for lunch, getting my hair and nails done and shopping. I am so very grateful for the opportunity of recovery at Ocean Breeze. I am sober, happy and healthy as I hand my will and my life over to the care of God every day trusting that everything will fall into place when it is time. Thank you OBR.
    Kristy M.
  • I am really excited about what happened for me at OBR. I have been involved in another residential rehab program in the past and I feel the groups and classes at Ocean Breeze were far superior. I got a lot of information and guidance from everyone there. Participation in AA was great and I realize now that I must continue to be involved in a 12-step program where I can be held accountable and be around other recovering alcoholics. Thank you Ocean Breeze!
    Glenn T.
  • Before I went to Ocean Breeze I knew nothing about AA, journalism, or meditation. Now they are all a part of my daily life in recovery. The most important thing I learned during my treatment was how my mindset, behaviors, attitudes and negative beliefs all fed into my alcoholism. Ocean Breeze gave me a lot of tools to help me start to change and manage all these parts of me which are extremely helpful now that I’m home and back at work.
    John W.
  • My experience with Ocean Breeze and all of the staff there was incredible. The concern, the level of care and the learning and growth I experienced really took me by surprise. I never knew treatment could be so much fun and I was very grateful to spend so much time by the beach. The staff of Ocean Breeze truly inspired me to do whatever it takes not to return to the misery I was once in.
    Daniel B.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Antonio De Filippo
    Dr. Antonio De Filippo - Medical Director

    Dr. Antonio De Filippo is triple board certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Addiction Medicine and is a leading mental health authority in South Florida. Dr. De Filippo’s extensive experience includes senior executive positions at many local Institutions including Spectrum Programs, Archways Community Mental Health Center, Susan B. Anthony Community Mental Health Center, Miami Behavioral Health, and the Broward County Health Planning Council. Dr. De Filippo is currently the CEO of South Florida Psychiatric Services. He is also a speaker for several major pharmaceutical corporations and is frequently requested as a consultant and trainer for national medical advisory meetings. Dr. De Filippo graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and received his medical degree from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. He returned to Miami to complete his residency training at the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctor De Filippo is currently an adjunct professor of psychopharmacology at Nova University Medical School.